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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Discipline and Captivity

I shall walk with a gaited step
with hunter's eyes and a killer's breath
The lady rides on me ...close and wet
A light-skinned woman
with a knife at her belt
and her thighs squeezed around my neck

Sometimes we slash and suck
Sometimes she purrs me to sleep
Sometimes she tries to drown me
Sometimes I cannot eat

I shall walk with a gaited step,
trembling at her touch, waiting for it...
She tells that I must be very quiet.
When I hurt, she laughs and mocks me
and each night, for a time, she cries.

Sometimes my face is steamy
Sometimes her face pale white
Sometimes she lies back smiling
Sometimes she pumps all night

I shall walk with a gaited step
a gelding's mind and a human head
She will whisper and stroke me to dream
cover me like a net with a wave of soft sound
hold me against her ice, spin my body around

Sometimes I am hollow
Sometimes I echo and moan
Sometimes she feeds me until she bleeds
Sometimes she leaves me huddled up alone

When I walk, I shall walk with a gaited step
She needn't use the crop, I shall not forget
She will seem gentle, shy and inviting
I shall see no way around her and smile at my lack of choice

Sometimes she gives me my body to eat
Sometimes I am cold as stone
Sometimes strange lights flash by me
And sounds roar out of control

Author: Ken

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