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Services Overview

At Dungeon Magic, we are truly committed to excellence - not as marketing hype, but as a personal committment to the needs and satisfaction of our Members and Clients. It is through superior service that we are able to provide the most enjoyable environment. Our philosphy is simple - do the absolute best job possible, period.

We have three types of services at Dungeonmagic:

  1. Free - you bring food/drink to share - we accept NO money.
    • Play parties
    • Education
  2. Free - you bring blank media (i.e. CD-R for photos or Mini-DV tapes for video) - we accept NO money.
    • Photo and video shoots for personal use
  3. Not for profit - you cover your own costs - we make NO money.
    • Play Weekends
    • Weddings
  4. For profit - we make a small profit on the following professional services:
    • Web Design
    • Web Hosting
    • Photo and video shoots for website/commercial use

NOT Available at DungeonMagic
(and NEVER will be!)

... ProDom(me) for hire ... Sub for Hire ... Sex for Hire ...

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