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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Your Master

When I am your lover, I'm crazy
To wear expensively soft suits,
And possess powerful, well-shined engines
That make you think me as beautiful and dangerous
As the consuming time

Your Master dreams of you in the night, and in the morning
With those dreams in his heart, he listens to the magic of music
That has secretly become yours and his

Your Master longs for the feel of your lips everywhere
And yearns to show you the rich darkness that will bathe your senses
With enlightening chills and heat

Your Master needs to check the tightness of your restraints and the progression
Of your breathing as he brings you to every edge that he knows
And lifts you over each barrier with the lightness of a teasing feather

Your Master needs to have you empty your heart into him
And lie back in the circle of faith, knowing that there are no rules
That the two of us have not created

Your Master needs you to relax with the submission that can make you soar
Like a wild creature that is timeless in her need and to kneel as you fly to him
And crawl as you let go of all pretense and civility

Your Master needs to cherish you while he unleashes himself upon your body
with the intensity that we crave

Your lover is your Master who whispers to you of things that are forbidden
By all the world and food for our delight

Author: Ken

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