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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Darkness: A Fantasy in Two Voices

Smiling as I walk up to her and whisper into her ear, "Raise your skirt...a flush covers her cheeks...We are in a bar in the hotel lobby. It is barely dark enough for her actions to not be conspicuous. She reaches down and lifts the hem of her skirt...high up on her thighs, up over the cheeks of her bottom that now wink out from beneath it. "Hold it like that and walk over to the corner....stand in the shadows there and wait for me..." She moves slowly, so as not to draw undue attention to herself...My eyes watch each of her steps with a passionate delight... .. there in the shadows...a tall blonde with a skirt now so short that her fingers tremble while she holds it up...an obedient submissive she is, obvious to A/anyone who grasps the significance of her collar that she is a prized one..... This is what happens when W/we meet there in the shadows...*smiling*

my heart beats in my ears, my eyes locked on You, warm aching desire spreading through my belly and legs in anticipation

standing quietly, watching You approach with slow steady moves, Your eyes dark with lust, the sounds of the bar softening into a blur around U/us....You reach me and with a nod of the head, i obey an unspoken command to spread my legs a little wider and begin touching myself...Your body blocking the view, i reach between my legs and touch my humming clit, stroking it very slowly, eyes watching You smile with amusement

You lean in and whisper "fuck yourself a little with your middle finger" and i moan an imperceptible moan, inserting a long slender middle finger, sliding it once or twice in and out....You move closer, standing to the side of me very close, as though W/we are just talking...i take my hand away from my pussy......You slide Your arm arm aroun my waist it seems but actually You reach behind and pinch the soft crescents of exposed ass cheeks, then Your own long middle finger finds my star and slides in...."not a sound" You whisper as You push slowly into me

You tell me to slide my skirt up just a little more...not enough to show any pussy but enough to be very provocative to the several men at the bar who are watching U/us..and You stand there, Your body close to my side with Your finger still up my ass and You say, *be very still while i play with You my little bar lut*.Agonizingly slow strokes in and out of my ass until You feel my distress....i lean to Your ear and beg, please take me somewhere and make me cum....but You laugh and continue doing what You want to do, not what i want....withdrawing Your finger makes me suck air and then You pinch all over, reaching under to the very soft and tender lips, pinching and tickling until my wetness is alarming

my face flushed with heat, my legs trembling, fingers gripping the leg of Your pants, the other scraping the wall behind me...my lust so deep and wild but suppressed in this public place

You suddenly stop, You stand in front of me, You smooth my skirt down front and back and You say, "go back to your bar stool now, this was just a little taste ...."

Seated at the bar, I watch you trying to adjust to the reminders of your arousal without me there, but off to the side watching..always watching. Finally, I come to collect you without an exchange...simply tossing the money for your drinks on the bar and leading you away..placing a short jacket over your shoulders, topping again in the shadows and cuffing your wrists behind your back. We reach the restaurant now and I read you to a booth. It is slightly difficult for you to sit and I stand very close to you but do not interrupt your struggle to sit down.......

I know that you are hungry because you have not eaten since this morning and it is after 9 pm now. The waiter puts two menus in front of us and I see the slight panic and longing in your eyes to open it and inspect the selections. He returns with a bowl of breadsticks and rolls. I smile and part your thighs, inserting a breadstick deep into your pussy...whispering...hold it there....then I break a dinner roll in half and place a small piece up to your lips. After a few moments I reach down and shake your breadstick........swirl it around and withdraw it ...slide it under my nostrils like a fine cigar then bite and chew it luxuriously...

shuddering with embarassment mingled with desire at the sight of You calmly, slowly chewing on the breadstick that was just in my pussy.....ohhhh my perverted Master...i can't help but laugh and admonish You....Keats....You mustn't...not here...*glancing around the fine restaurant, sure that W/we will be kicked out*

Your eyes twinkle with amusement.

deliberately You run Your finger over the fancy bud of soft butter on the table, dipping a tiny mound of it and leaning over, as if You were saying something intimate to me, You reach down and smear the butter between my legs, high up my thighs, ticking my labia as You do.

i cannot move...but my nipples immediately stiffen and poke thorugh the thin fabric of my dress...and You laugh at my discomfort

the waiter returns, averting His eyes from me...i'm sure He knows something is going on...i keep my own eyes lowered as You speak to Him in soft tones..ordering for U/us....i hear something about another room... pasta...and salad.. and my mouth waters because i am very very hungry.i wonder how i will eat with my hands bound behind me like this.

and then the waiter returns with a folded card, saying to You, "to the left, one door down" and i realize W/we are moving. the waiter leaves and You slide out the other side of the table, coming to me and lifting me to my feet....my shawl slipped over my shoulders and over Your arm so none of the other patrons can see i am bound

you have ordered a private dining room for us...it has a door...the room is softly lit...a single table....two armchairs near a fireplace....windowless and gleaming in deep rich colours like the inside of a lush jewellery box

i nod happily when You say this will be more comfortable...but you refuse my request to unbind my wrists...i will feed You..as much or as little as i want to, You say...and my stomach rumbles

the food arrives...fragrant bread and tantalizing sauce..tender pasta..ohhh i am starving ...beg for every morsel, You instruct and so it begins...please Master....a bite of bread; please Sir....a taste of the carbonara sauce; please Master, some wine: relentlessly You torment me...sitting back luxuriously enjoying Your supper while i beg for every bite

often You tease....allowing the sauce to drip down my cleavage...taking an ice cube and inserting it in my pussy...opening my dress and pushing another breadstick in me, feeding me my own scent when i beg for bread

the waiter is discreet. The secrets of these private rooms are written only on the walls and then in invisible ink.

at dessert You speak quietly once again with the waiter, a young attractive man with an obvious bulge. He nods in silent agreement with whatever You said and
looks at me closely, differently...and my face blazes with colour for the unspoken agreement the two of Y/you have reached makes my senses tingle.

W/we move toward the chairs and you notice that one of them has a kneeling board in front of it. I lead you in its direction. When you kneel down I reach behind you and unhook your cuffs, but only for a moment as you are recuffed in front....your hands to the board...low and to the sides so that you are still quite unable to reach your mouth...and then my fingers undoing your gown...leaving you quite exposed from the rear...the dress pulled over your head and in a pool at your feet.

The waiter arrives with a bowl of freshly washed vegetables. You can feel him staring at your exposed nakedness. I tell him, "Bring the cognac and chocolate in 15 minutes." He nods.

When he leaves without a word I stand and move to the fresh vegetables. The carrot with the top left on is taken and inserted slowly between your cheeks, into your star and then deeper into your ass, the green top of the front brushing your cheeks lightly. I push it firmly in and whisper, "Spread your legs and hold quite still, my sweet carrot top." The cucumber is large and long...I lay it on the kneeling board in front of your downcast eyes. "You know where this is going, don't you?" I watch you close your eyes and nod.

The color deepens on your cheeks as the door opens and the waiter enters and sees you thus exposed with a carrot in your ass and a cucumber laying in front of your eyes. He smirks at you as he puts down the dish of chocolates and the glasses, and the cognac. "Thank him for his service, willow"

I see that you are unable to speak and I stand...reaching down and smacking your left cheek and your right cheek with my open palm. "Please stay until she is able to thank you appropriately," I say.
The firelight dances in the room. You are elegant thus exposed and opened in this fashion. There is silence and the occasional crackle of wood as I watch you struggle for words.

I lower my face to your ear. "I love you, don't disappoint me."

aghast with embarassment at being exposed so lewdly, face flaming from self-consciousness ...my face stinging from the slaps to my cheeks....i know my discomfort will not be relieved until i thank the waiter appropriately

He stands there calmly although a bulge is quite evident and smiles down at me...waiting as You have asked him to...

i gather my strength, a voice in my head admonishing me..saying 'you are your Master's pride and joy...act like it", i lift my eyes to You first and then the waiter and in a soft, clear voice i begin my thanks... "You are a fine waiter and i wish to thank You. As You can see, i am my Master's possesion and He has chosen to decorate me this way...thank You for Your kind discreetness."

He laughs. "My pleasure," He says."It's a fine ass you have...especially like this" and after meeting the approval in Your eyes, He reaches over and fluffs the feathery carrot top, tickling the soft tender undersides of my cheeks.

A surge of lust races through me.

i hear You say to Him, "W/we were just about to fill another hole when You arrived with the cognac and chocolate..perhaps You would like to assist?" another laugh from the young, burly waiter and He says, Absolutely! iclose my eyes and feel the lust and excitement coursing through my body.

Your hand reaches for the cold cucumber lying in front of my eyes and Your voice in my ear whispers, "He's going to have a little fun with you...be a good girl for me now"...and You chuckle a deep throaty chuckle, shaking the carrot that is deep in my ass, sending little shock waves through me

the waiter is breathing hard, so excited by this unexpected good fortune...He asks "can she take this?", a little wary of the thickness of the cucumber and You reply..."of course, but grease it well first." the words jolt me, my body trembles with excitement, i think i am so wet He won't need to oil the cucumber.....and i moan very softly, almost to myself, in anticipation

Ahhhhh..she is begging for it, i hear You say. more than a moan nicole...beg a little..with words...and i cry out softly, quickly,oh please fuck me...please...fill me up...You squeeze my nipples approvingly

He obliges, slowly steadily pushing the cucumber inside my cunt, watching my ass quiver as the walls of my pussy contract around it and tremble...ohhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddd....yesss...oh please, i groan and He begins to slide it in and out steadily, His breathing growing more ragged as he watches my ass strain for it and relax into it....

she likes this doen't she...i hear Him say to You and You laugh, replying...oh yes, she is a fine young slut....i barely make out the words as my body rolls with the strokes, each one bringing me closer and closer to exploding

He moves the cucumber faster and faster it slides in and out of your cunt with ease. I see you losing yourself to the rhythm and then..."stop now, please," I say to him firmly. "I'm not sure that she will be allowed to earn the privilege of cumming at all tonight, but I am sure that I don't wish her to cum right now." The waiter lets go of the cucumber reluctantly and takes a step back. My hand reaches for it, grabs it hard and thrusts it deep into your pussy, so much harder than he had been fucking you with it, holding it deep in you shaking it hard until you moan very loudly and I hear you say, "please, please.."...and then it is removed, slid out completely. I see the wave of disappointment cross your face as you have been emptied without release and only the carrot now still in your ass.

"Please get the first item that I left with you" I tell the waiter. He moves from the room.
"Stand up, nicole. Bare your breasts." I watch as you move slowly. "Tonight you will learn how to serve with an aroused elegance that you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing."

The waiter returns with a small wooden box. In it there is a delicate serving tray large enough for one glass. There is a strap and two small chains that are attached to the sides of the tray. I pick it up and show it to you. "It's quite ingenuous actually. Watch." I place the strap around your wait and buckle it. Each of the chains has a nipple clamp attached to the end and slowly, delicately I stroke your nipples until they stiffen. Then I attach the chains. They extend to the outer side of the tray and balance it. I watch your eyes as they widen with anticipation. Then the tray is released to hand down from the chains that are attached to your nipples. Finally, the glass of cognac is placed on the tray. "show me how well you can walk this way, nicole. You must be careful not to spill a drop."

Ohhhhhhhhhhh......Your fingers rolling my nipples until they stiffen...that familiar sharp deep pain that wafts away to numbness as the clamps are attached...my eyes never leave You as You prepare my body for service....willing away the shyness....

the waiter laughs as You reach between my legs and dip into my cunt, saying, "I want you aroused"....and then You move to a comfortable chair to watch...the waiter, Your willing accomplice, places a brandy snifter on the tray - a beautifully thin-edged glass with a heavy stem...the weight of it stretches my nipples and a soft moan escapes from my throat...aaaahhhhh a very nice start, You say.....

te waiter pours three fingers of brandy into the glass and once again the weight pulls my nipples even longer...my legs tremble and You warn me...."be very careful nicole, not a drop is to be spilled, not a ripple in the glass...present Yourself now..."

i gaze at You, sitting there so comfortably, Your long legs stretched out lazily, a smile dancing across your lips and i am filled with love....this wonderful game you have devised makes me smile too and i breathe deeply, determined to be perfect....

the waiter surprises me by reaching behind and smoothing His hand over the curve of my ass, tickling the undersides with His fingertips...it makes me laugh and the tray jiggles...ohhhh...please stop, i whisper.....

slowly i begin my approach, holding my tits as high and as tightly as i can to keep the small tray steady...it works....the edge of the tray rests firmly on the flat muscles of my abdomen and when i keep my legs from trembling and my breathing strong, i make it to You...proudly....slowly, steadily with my back straight and the muscles of my legs working overtime, i lower myself to my knees in front of You and offer up the brandy...laughing softly

"She presents well doesn't she", You say to the waiter and He replies, "They would love her upstairs ..."

You watch me give the waiter a deadly sharp look at the mention of upstairs and see his face go pale. He drops to his knees immediately and bows his head. "I'm sorry, Sir. I forgot that I wasn't supposed to make any references at all. Please forgive me!"

There is a long pause. I reach for the glass that is on your tray and lighten your burden momentarily, lifting the glass off and sipping. I look up at the curiosity with which you gaze at his prone position. I swallow and answer softly, "No, you aren't to be forgiven. Stand up."

He rises slowly, his face still pale, hands trembling. "Nicole, take his cock out of his pants." You move to him, trying so hard not to spill the drink. Carefully you reach down and unzip his slacks and are surprised at the stiffening in his cock. Slowly, gently you take it out so that it hangs down the front of his pants. "Now, you'll report upstairs, just as you are," I say softly.

The look of panic is unmistakable but simultaneously your hand senses a hardening of his member. "Please, Sir," he says , "Anything."

My eyes are cold and face impassive. "Do you wish to compound your transgression?"

"No Sir."

"You may return when you're allowed to come back."

"Yes, Sir."

I notice the smile turning the corners of your mouth. Our eyes meet and there is recognition of the smile. You watch my eyes slowly move down to the tray and look down yourself, settling on the unmistakable droplet of cognac that has spilled.

the smile on my lips fades and is replaced with a look of horror as i meet Your eyes fixed on the spilled droplet of cognac. ohhhhhhh....i draw breath and hold it for an endless moment, my brain racing to distract You from the indiscretion....

Master, i say with a soft voice, the waiter was aroused....He has a wonderful cock....*trying to tempt You*..

yes He has, You say calmly, perhaps i should have had Him stay

i smile, thinking i have succeeded in changing the subject and i continue, oh yes Master, perhaps....i believe He took a liking to You

sub, You say coldly, do not presume he would have been allowed near me

the cold sharpness of Your voice chastises me and i begin to tremble...Master, i plead softly....i meant no disrespect

Ahhhhh, you meant none little fool, You reply, but it is there nonetheless. That, combined with your inability to hold this tray properly, warrants you punishment. You laugh as You reach to remove the tray, pulling the clamps from my nipples roughly, and You say hotly...did you really think you could distract me from the droplet my sly young

i drop to my knees, my forehead to the floor and i begin to beg....please Master, allow me to try once again...it was so new...i was taken aback by the waiter...and the excuses tumble from my lips....to no avail.

No my careless little sub, You will be punished but not here....upstairs...where Others might enjoy Your torment...

The trip upstairs is not made in a long winding staircase as you might imagine...but in an elevator where you stand against the back wall as the doors close and you realize that the elevator is covered floor ceiling and walls with mirrors. Looking down you can see up under your skirt and the nakedness of your legs and sex, exposed casually from beneath send a surge running through you.

Then my hands on your shoulders and the sleek slide of your zipper down your back...the click of the leather cuffs locked around your wrists and then your ankles.. and then the quick attachments that spread you wide and high in the elevator ...You look around and see your nakedness from every angle, projected and reflected in the mirrored light.

The door of the elevator opens after you are naked and all eyes turn toward you. Men and women in black-tie and evening gowns, served by naked men and women on leashes crawling to and fro balancing trays and glasses...the eyes all turning to you ....the door opened and locked open and then the blindfold slipped over your eyes and fastened behind your head.

"you wanted to come up here, and here you are," I say and then walk away knowing the sound of my steps as I walk away.

ohhhhh i whisper urgently as You fasten the blindfold, "Please don't leave me....." but as quickly as the words are spoken, the sound of Your footsteps walking away are heard....and i know i am at the mercy of this gathering and You

an image of myself bound naked, blindfolded, stretched wide and high in this mirrored elevator flashes through my head...an involuntary jolt of something passes throough my pussy. for a long time, i hear only the sounds of the party...the clinking of glasses, the soft murmurs of conversation, laughter....my arms burn from being held high...i try to hear Your voice among the crowd but all the straining and concentration yields nothing but the general buzz.

then suddenly, a voice startles me...very close to my ear...not Your voice...a thicker, accented voice..."You are a lovely sight," the voice says...."Your Master says I may sample"...and before i can digest the meaning of His words, i feel a thick rough finger sliding through my pussy, then pushed deep inside me, held there while He grunts, "Tell me you like this."

shocked...and yet my body responds involuntarily...pulsing against His finger...i choke out an ashamed reply, "i like it" He pulls His finger from me and laughs..."Good slut" He barks...i hear Him suck His finger and He says, "Too bad...I am allowed only one sample"... i feel a rush of air as He walks away, breathing hard as only a heavy man does.

i feel sick, but i also feel the wetness gathering around my opening

a second One arrives shortly afterwards...no introduction, no words whatsoever, just two hands squeezing my breasts first, then pulling my nipples, twisting them cruelly, a mouth sucking them and then a slap to each breast.

my head is beginning to swoon...but there is a third and then Another...each of them performing one act...the most invasive is the latex-gloved finger that explores my star.....

just as i think my legs will give way, You are there...unbuckling the restraints, smoothing my hair, removing the blindfold and kissing my eyelids....cooing words of praise and instruction.... "The night is just beginning my purebred slave.....

Leading you from the elevator now, tugging gently but persistently on the chain attached to your collar, we reach the center of the room. I have left you blindfolded so that you must take each step forward based completely on trust. You are guided to a chair and are seated quietly. The feel of soft leather wrapping around each of your ankles takes you gently from your reverie. My mouth is close to your ear when I whisper, "Open your legs wide, willow."

I watch for your compliance, and smile softly at the grace with which you part your thighs. I then call for the waiters to come over. While they stand by waiting, I slide cuffs onto your wrists, then your thighs, and finally a belt around your waist. My mouth moves again to your ear "You are going to be our dessert cart this evening."

Quickly, chains are fed through all of the O and D rings on your various places of attachment and you are raised in a seated, splayed levitation. When your breasts are at mouth level the waiters begin adorning them with clamps and very light chains and dishes on which mounds of whipped cream are spooned. *You'll need to use your vaginal muscles for the next part," I whisper gently and stroke the side of your face lightly. Your thighs and ankles are hoisted and spread and bent so that the tray handle that is inserted into your pussy can hold the plate of berries only with an exertion of muscles clamping down to keep it parallel to the ground. Any relaxation and it will slip down and drop the berries. Forks are placed in one of your hands and spoons in the other. Napkins are stacked on your thighs. A silver tray of sugar is inserted handle first into your mouth.

"My sweet dessert cart is ready to be used. Please tell me if she in any way displeases you."

I take your blindfold off so that you can see yourself and those approaching to eat off of you.

your words in my ear, soft but insistent, "Open your legs wide willow" send a shock of desire through me. slowly I part my long legs, fingers lingering on the soft tender flesh of my inner thighs, grazing the delicate skin with my fingertips, running my fingers over the pouty lips of my pussy and softly petting my pale mound. I smile at You as You watch me....it feels so wonderful to see the approval on Your face.

A dessert cart? i am shocked out of my dreamy state. eyes wide, questioning You silently as the chains and clasps and attachments are quickly administered....and when You say i will need to use my vaginal muscles, i begin to tremble. Oh Master....what have You in store for me and why do You display me so?

your soft stroke on my cheek only confuses me...such a gentle loving gesture to accompany such debasement...a human dessert cart oh god.....! tThe handle of the tray slides into my pussy and i clench it obediently, knowing i must concentrate hard to keep it steady...but every clench makes my clit swell and the need rises in me as quickly as i will it to go away. oh such a misbehaving, hungry pussy i have...it constantly betrays me.

my face flames at the insertion of the sugar bowl handle into my mouth...eyes begging for release from this small humiliation, but You look so pleased i know relief will not come. besides, You instinctively know what You're doing. clenching the handle with my teeth and mouth helps me clench the tray with my vagina.

but i don't want to see myself...and when You remove the blindfold i avert my eyes from the mirrors which surround the room.

"Well, well, well what a sight You are," a voice booms. "Look at me. " i raise my eyes and encounter the Man to whom the voice belongs , the voice i remember as the first of those that approached me in the elevator...the voice that inserted a thick, stubby finger in me and laughed a greedy laugh. He is a short, stocky One with leering eyes and fat lips. He taps the trays of whipped cream, the ones attached to my nipples, sending little jolts of pain through my nipples directly to my pussy....i clench the tray in my cunt and my clit swells...tiny beads of perspiration form along my hairline. This is going to be very difficult.

"Offer me some strawberries," He commands and i know He wants to see me move. i look over at You standing very still watching and listening...Your slight nod is a stronger command than this Lecher's voice and i know i must do as He ordered....

carefully i lift my ass a little and push the muscles of my flat belly forward, offering the tray to Him with my pelvis....He likes it and laughs, rubbing the growing bulge in His crotch with one hand while He grabs a strawberry or two with the other...thick thumb and forefinger crushing the juice out of them crudely. "Good slut," He says and walks away.

my body aches with exertion....drool trickling at the corner of my mouth from clenching the handle....eyes imploring You....but others arrive...nonchalantly sampling from the various trays...talking and laughing...i am nothing to them but a human object..and that makes me remember my place as Your slave...You seem proud of Your property even when it trembles and winces from all the tugs and pulls....

the waiters in the room, all of them male, some of them naked, some of them in leather chaps that expose their genitals, all of them collared and available for leashing, look on with amusement........

...And when you think that you have finished, when you are sweating from the exertion of holding the now empty tray of berries in your pussy and your breasts ache from the pull of the whipped cream receptacles, I have you unhooked and whisper gently into your ear as the blindfold goes back over your eyes, "You were the one who was so curious about what was up here, and now you will be used in ways that you have never been used before. You aren't finished serving the dessert and coffee."

A phallic gag is then pressed between your lips and you feel the wet tip of a brush on your breasts. Two naked subs are kneeling beside your standing body and are patted you clean and fresh with soft,moist towels. All traces of the berries and the cream and the sugar are removed. I tilt your head back and kiss your neck just above your collar. "You are more beautiful to me tonight than you have ever been before, willow."

Then your blindfold is removed again and two carafes are placed. one into your right hand and one into your left. "Since you will not be allowed to speak, the members will know by your signs. The will twist your right nipple for coffee and your left nipple for tea. These two boys will crawl beside you. They are milk and sugar. The two males subs go down on their knees and a tray is inserted into each mouth. one filled with sugar cubes and a tiny spoon. The other, far more difficult, filled with a beaker of cream. You are to present and wait quietly until you are acknowledged."

The feel of my crop smacking against your ass is the signal for you to begin your round of service. "willow, when you return, this tray of pastries will be inserted into your ass with the phallic handle. You will crawl to each guest that has ordered coffee or tea and offer, with your asshole perfectly parallel to the ground so that the tray is presented properly. I am telling you now because you must remember who has asked for tea, who coffee, and who nothing at all. You do not wish to know what will happen if I am embarrassed by a mistake while everyone in the room is watching." Then the blindfold is again removed and with the words coffee and tea painted on your breasts you start off.

grateful for the release from the trays, I beg You when Your face is near..."please Master could W/we leave now...." But before the words are finished You are pressing the phallic gag into my mouth.....

i struggle to accommodate the gag while the subs clean my body with soft warm cloths...they feel wonderful....i can't see them but I hear their soft murmurs and sighs as they minister to the task of erasing all traces of sugar and strawberries...one of them puts her nose to my navel and inhales deeply..it sends a thrill through me...and she softly whispers, "she smells clean"

i blanch when i hear Your instructions ...nooooooo my mind shrieks, i can't do this and the sight of the two male subs...servants....sends fear coursing through me.....the coffee is bad enough but the pastries! oh Master...an anal presentation like that!....and not to make a mistake?!!..my mind swirls

the smack of the crop brings me around and my inner voice warns, "Do not disappoint Him."

i begin...my eyes search for the friendliest looking spot in the room...a small group of two men and two women...with a deep breath, chin held proudly, breasts high and tummy flat, i move toward them as gracefully as i can move...ignoring the mirrors in the room....a tall blonde, gagged, moving like a sleek cat

as i approach, the group turns and watches...one of the Doms holds His hand to shush His sub who giggles, a rude act that sends flames to my cheeks....He tells her to fetch Him a coffee and she walks boldly to me...disdain in her eyes...it hurts

she looks at my breasts and cruelly twists the 'coffee' nipple...hissing 'whore' then smiling innocently at her Master...my teeth clench the gag and I feel my jaw hurt.....my hand shakes when I pour the coffee into the cup she holds out

seeing that none of the O/others wish anything else, I turn slowly and look for a more hospitable situation....standing there alone except for the subs at my feet, a great feeling of humiliation washes over me...and I bow my head for a moment

suddenly You are behind me,, Your voice in my ear..."you will not fail Me willow, I expect Your training to shine through this difficult moment..." tTears gather in my eyes, tears of gratitude for Your encouragement and I carry on....moving toward a second mixed group...

the group halts its conversation as I near T/them. i stop and with the nod of my head first to one carafe and then to the other, i offer T/them refreshments silently...one of the Doms circles me...running a cold finger down the curve of my back to the top of my ass....coming around front He slides His middle finger into my slit in one long fluid movement and with the other hand, parts my legs a little wider...."Hold those coffee pots very still" He commands as He begins to explore my cunt with the fingers of both of His hands...spreading my lips wide and flicking my clit with His thumbs...my legs tremble and my hands begin to shake...i am so afraid I will drop a carafe, i spread my arms wide, away from Him, and He laughs, taking the gesture as a sign He can go further....He grasps my breasts and fingers my nipples which have become very stiff, my body reacting involuntarily to His hands.....

i turn and search for You, knowing You can't be far...i find You but You are in conversation and my eyes meet the One with whom You speak..begging Him silently for Your attention.... You turn and see me...standing there..arms held out straight, the carafes weighing heavily in my hands, while a Dom has His way with my body...both of His hands massaging my breasts, His knee bent up, grinding into my cunt.

there is no mercy in Your eyes...in fact there is a faint smile curling Your lips, but You walk over and rescue me anyway....telling Him I will come back later and serve Him a pastry...and You lead me away.

taking me to a corner, You remove the gag and kiss my mouth back to its normal shape...feeling the wetness between my legs and laughing, You say, "you can't
help yourself can you my little slut...you're as wet as a ripe peach...." and i lean into You smiling with happiness at the nearness of You

The service takes a very long time and when you finally return to me I can see that you are exhausted. Your nipples are swollen and very hard, your ass has been clenching the plate for a long time and has been made to be raised and lowered. The plate has been shaken and vibrated by the collection of people.I can see the sense of satisfaction on your face at having been able to keep it all straight.

"willow, you almost got it right, but look poor girl, there is one lemon tart left and I counted out an exact number. You've forgotten someone." During the pause I see you hang your head and begin to cry. I move close to your ear. "You'll never know if you really did forget someone willow or if I put an extra on the plate." Then I Take a step back and say rather loudly, "Hoist her back into the air with her legs spread."

There you are suspended like some levitation magician's assistant. Spread wide on the chains and the sling, your knees pulled up against your chest. "Bring out the dancers." The 4 naked subs advance to the center of the room, each wearing masquerade masks and holding a dildo. The music starts from no where and the spin like dervishes around you. stopping to insert their dildoes and then take them out in single strokes over and over again. You can feel the beat of the music increasing and my eyes glowing...

totally exhausted...unable to focus...unable to do anything but yield to the constant plunging of dildoes into my cunt...the beat of the music pounding in my ears...the whole room swirls around me...no pain, no pleasure, just the feel of hands pushing things into my cunt and sucking them back out.....

my eyes find Yours... they glow selfishly...and i think You are a devil.... a bitter bile bubbles in my gut...i am convinced You tricked me with the extra
tart....and the voice in my head says "i hate You"... there is no strength in me to will the voice away

When the dance is finished the stage area empties to soft but appreciative applause and you are left suspended, spread, alone with a single spot light shining down on your pussy. Then I walk onto the small stage area followed by another submissive also a slender blonde but with very long hair. At my command she kneels between your outstretched legs and begin to lick your pussy like a cat. I stand watching your face and she licks you steadily, gently. After a time I snap my fingers and she stops instantly, her mouth just a half each away from the flower that she has licked open so delicately.

"Now her clit," I say softly without looking at her, all the while gazing into your eyes, my own half closed, a small smile tugging the corners of my mouth.

She takes your little bud slowly between her teeth and begins to suck it like a nipple increasing her tempo, her enthusiasm increasing as the clit swells and hardens. My crop that has seemed to come out of nowhere strokes the side of her face and she stops with another snap of my fingers. She moves her head aside so that those who are watching can see the swollen cunt and clit. It is then that you see the camera for the first time and realize that a close up of your pussy is being shown about the room.

I watch your head spin for just a moment and then the crop comes down like a bolt of lightening that explodes on your clit with its strike. And then tempting fate lightening strikes at the same spot again and yet again. You watch the slow graceful movements of my arms and hands as the crop then caresses your nipples and the girl begins to suck your clit with soothing ministrations.

The tapping on your right nipple is firm but not painful when it begins but as she sucks harder the tapping increases its frequency and then begins to alternate between your left and right nipple. Her mouth working you so gently on the pussy and the crop working your nipples so cruelly on the top.

I snap my fingers and the crop takes the place of the mouth tapping incessantly on your clit. The submissive bowing her head beneath your suspended body. The tongue sliding over your swollen pussy, soothing and teasing it into pleasure mixed with pain.

When I sense your ecstasy is close, I move her head away and finger your clit roughly. Squeeze it tight and whisper, "You may cum now, like the little slut that you are, my beautiful, precious slut."

things grow very quiet... a calmness overtakes my exhausted body....and when the beautiful young sub begins to lap at my pussy, i laugh softly...the pure pleasure of it absolutely delightful....ohhhhhh sweet sweet darling girl....i close my eyes with contentment and gently fall into the steady rhythm of her tongue....when she stops for a moment, at Your command, a huge ache runs through me..and then ohhhhh heavenly! Her delicate lips enfold my clit and she begins to suck gently, like baby with a nipple....ecstasy washes over me.........

i can feel my clit swelling..and i know it has hardened when her talented tongue flicks it, nudges it and presses into it more insistently...calling my orgasm from the shadows....where it dances like flickering firelight waiting to engulf the next piece of wood...ohhhhhhhhh i hear myself moan softly and groan with pleasure and when she stops, i cry out in frustration, No!...my eyes flying open to see why and there You are, standing with Your crop,,,smiling..and there's a camera..oh god!! a camera!!!!!! and the noise in the room has risen to murmurs and whispers and soft moans......and before i can think, Your crop lands a smack on the very spot that has been pulsating with pleasure!!!!!

Aieeeeeee....ohhhhhhhhhh.......ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...my pussy is on fire and i cannot hold back the tears.........and when my rescuer - the beautiful girl with the most wonderful tongue - begins again, i sob with relief and pleasure as the pain mingles within me

i may die from joy........... she is so good, so skilful...my hips rotate with her, my body straining for every lick, every suck......Your crop deliciously tormenting my nipples.......the irresistible combination of pain and pleasure...i hear myself thanking You.....and i hear soft laughter from somewhere......

when Your crop replaces her mouth on my clit and taps a steady command ,i feel the orgasm quickly rushing toward me....i will it back...oh no no no no no don't come yet...no no no......but her mouth is driving me crazy, licking my hole and tasting my juices...and Your crop so steadily tapping, egging me on..ohhhhhhhhhh please please please...i cannot hold it back...and the orgasm creeps toward my very center

and then...ultimately...there is no holding it back when Your finger roughly fondles me and You squeeze my pussy tight, saying cum now....i explode!!!!!!!!!!!!...sure that the juices that surge from deep inside me will burst Your hand open......a rocking orgasm that wracks my body with absolute joy....shaking me with spasms... simple shameless freedom.........i sit there, sprawl there, bound into the contraption cumming with abandon....blonde head tossing from side to side, eyes closed...the whole world shut out except for Your hand clenching me there, Your voice commanding me...

the waves roll one by one through me and slowly subside...i daren't clench my pussy...clit soooooo extremely sensitive and swollen....i am held there...trembling in my sweat and pleasure..... finally it is finished......i begin to breathe normally again...i open my eyes, eyes filled with love and gratitude and i fix them upon You....my Tormenter, my Benefactor.....and i whisper thank You....

You lift Your hand to my face...i smell my own cunt on it...and with Your middle finger You trace my lips in the shape of an "O"....You slide Your finger
into my mouth...smiling and saying, "Now that you are satisfied slave, I want this mouth put to good use...."

Gently, I bring you to your knees and re-attach your blindfold. I part your legs as far as they will comfortably spread and then a little bit more. You are completely naked except for the blindfold and your skin can feel the heat of what must be a powerful spot light. I notice a tiny drizzle of perspiration forming over your temples and on your upper lip. I take an ice cube and gently massage your lips and your temples with it. Slowly rubbing the ice cube just in front of your ears, like invisible lipstick coating your lips over and over again.

Then, silently, I place the ice cube into your mouth and take your blindfold off. It is only then that you realize that you surrounded encircled by the naked male submissives in the room who have been commanded to stare at you and stimulate their each others cocks. They stand mostly with a cock in their right hand and a cock in their left hand rubbing gently smoothly while they are rubbed. I watch your eyes and your lips suck on the ice as you take in the panorama of erect members. There must be a dozen.

"Sweet little slut, you must think that you've gone to heaven. Now drain them all while we watch. You'll entertain Us by not letting any of them go soft until they splash you. Get to work, little slut. Boys, stop rubbing. She'll take over."

With that I return to my fanback chair, sit and watch, a playful smile on my face, the blonde who had been sucking you holding my drink up above her head.

impossible! my mind screams as i hear Your instructions....too many at once!!..i almost laugh, gazing at the circle of hard cocks....turning to look at You seated so comfortably with a slave at Your feet and that smile on Your face.....and as the ice cube melts in my mouth i pause...knowing a cold mouth will make my job even harder...ohhh i mean more difficult! ...*grinning at You*...

i crawl to the first one, the one directly in front of me and in one quick move i lick the swollen purplish head with a long sure stroke...he shudders and takes his hand away giving me access to his stiff rod...i whisper "keep stroking your friend" and he begins again to smoothly rub the second sub's cock while i take the length of him into my mouth and throat...he is so ready to cum it takes only a few minutes of insistent sucking for him to spill his seed....it dribbles down my chin

the sub he is stroking groans and says he is going to cum so i quickly move to him and offer my breasts for him to cum on...he explodes over them, spurting white creamy cum on my tits

a third sub moves towards me...his erection strong, his cock already dripping and i take it and put it between my breasts...they're so slick and warm now and i urge him to slide it up and down while i squeeze my tits together, bending my face low to flick the tip of his cock each time he thrusts up.....ohhhhhhhh he cums in huge flying gobs that land on my ear and in my hair and on my shoulders......

everything is happening so quickly now...i crawl toward two subs and motion them to stand very close together, running my hands down their firm asses and grasping one cock with my right hand, the other with my left...alternating one with the other i taste them both, smacking greedily for their cum, casting my blue eyes to You seeking Your approval...You nod for me to carry on

the room becomes a blur of cocks and cum, moans and grunts, the hot spotlight relentlessly follows me, burning my back and face with its hot glow....

finally, at the end of the line stands a black sub, his body magnificently strong, his cock curved wonderfully, his body hairless...he is not as compliant or as hungry as the others were...he wants to take a little more time he says and i understand that it will not be as easy to make this one cum...

on my knees in front of him, he takes the back of my head in his hands and guides my mouth to his cock....my lips swell around it...my first black cock...and he laughs...then pulls my head into his groin, his cock pressing against the back of my throat...i choke at the size of it and he pulls my hair back allowing me to breathe...his dark eyes flash, his voice low,demanding to know..."can you or can't you suck cock slut?" my nails rake his ass and he pulls me in again...this time pressing his cock deep into my throat...my eyes glaze over...he fucks my mouth, begining with long slow choking thrusts, then faster and faster, his own excitement building as he rapes my throat... Squeeze....my...balls...he gasps and i reach for them...heavy black balls, kneading them gently with my hands as he holds my head and fucks me with abandon....aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh he moans and erupts, shotting hot jism down my throat...i gulp and gulp to swallow it all....sure i am going to die of suffocation..... and then he puts a finger in the corner of my mouth to release my lips from his cock...shuddering as he removes his sensitive rod

i sit back on my knees in exhaustion...totally spent...the last few hours in this room an overpowering assault on my senses..

Picking her up and wrapping her in a satin shawl, she is carried into the mirrored elevator and taken further upstairs to one of the suites. All the while we move I whisper into her ear. "You are beautiful and exquisite. You served me as no other has ever, and I do believe that I love you."
She is not allowed to see where she is going or see the face attached to the voice whispering into her ear as the blindfold has been reattached and all of these sensations come to her through the satiny darkness. Once into the suite, she can hear the sounds of water running and muffled voices from another room. She has been placed on the bed and finds herself completely incapable of movement. There is a luxurious lethargy that has overtaken her every muscle.

Then, from the darkness, soft footsteps and she is picked up again and transported. She can feel the heat of a brighter room and then the warm water into which she is lowered, still blindfolded. He bathes her, lovingly washing away all traces of her earlier trials. He uses a natural sponge and scented bath oils, fragrant exfoliating soap that he rubs across her skin with slightly coarse but gentle strokes. He washes her everywhere: under her arms, in back of her neck, around her ears under her breasts, between her thighs, between her toes, between the cheeks of her bottom. He probes and softly scrubs, rinses and pats her everywhere.

He takes her hand and she stands with some uncertainty and is wrapped it a huge fluffy cloud of a towel that has been powdered in advance and covers and pats her body free of moisture. Then a fresh towel to rub the fragrant powders away. This one is warm and slightly damp, but also scented. And then finally he carries her to the bed and lays her down, working one layer of skin oil after another into every secret crevice of her body. There are pillows around her everywhere. Under her arms, between her legs, under her knees, under her neck. She cannot tell for sure if she is actually touching the bed anywhere and feels herself drifting off to sweetly scented slumber.

Author: Ken

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