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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The flogger strikes with a thud,
The cane strikes with a sting,
A pain, a pleasure to savor,
Except the pain of you brings.

The crop will leave a welt,
The cat it will bite deep,
But not holding you in my arms,
Is a pain that makes me weep.

A single tail hits with a crack,
A quirt will slice and tease,
But knowing your not mine,
Brings a pain that will not ease.

There are many types of pain,
To use to have for pleasure,
But knowing I have lost you,
Brings a pain that has no measure.

I live on memories and dreams,
Of hope, and wishes together,
That this pain will fade away,
And not stay with me forever.

But for now the pain burns deep,
And I want to shout and scream,
To make you feel about me as I do you,
But I know that will always be but a dream.

So I learn to live with the pain,
As I watch what you might do,
I put myself through this torture,
As forever my thoughts are of you.......

Author: A-L.T.

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