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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Dance

I reveal my flesh to you bit by bit,
I dance making you lick your dry lips,
Your excitement is clearly to be seen,
Once done, naked I kneel before you,
My eyes downcast,
But still I glance as you stand,
Watching his robe fall,
Revealing my body, your hungry,
You grab me kissing me deeply,
Before pushing me to my knees,
Kneeling behind me rubbing me with your hardness.
Up and down against my wetness,
I whimper pushing back against you,
Before begging you to take me, to make me yours,
You push forward,
Engulfed by my soft sweet warmth,
Sliding in,
Hearing me scream out your name,
Our rhythm increases,
Your hand raises then lands,
With a resounding kiss,
Red imprints again and again,
And our passion mounts,
Then screaming our bodies convulse in spasms of pleasure,
Ecstasy washes over us as we become one,
Then sated we fall into each others arms,
Our lips touch,
Then you hear the word you long for,
As I look into your eyes and whisper,

Author: A-L.T.

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