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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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AmyLynne's Birthday

AmyLynne had finally made it to England on her birthday of all days, I had arranged for her to be picked up at the airport, I knew she would be disappointed that I hadn't gone myself but I had something planned. She was dropped off where I had stipulated, it looked like an old closed caf.

She hesitantly knocked on the door and it swung open. Stepping through into complete blackness she called out "Master?"

"Come in love." I called back. She had no idea where the voice came from. "Step in and close the door." AmyLynne obeyed and turning everything into darkness.

"I can't see Master!" she cried out. A small circle of light appeared in the middle of the room.

"Walk into the light." I ordered and slowly AmyLynne did just that. Her hand went up shading her eyes as she tried to peer into the complete darkness outside the circle, and tell where the voice was coming from. "Now love remove all your clothing.

"But Master."

"Remove you clothing." I ordered again.

"Yes sir." She capitulated. It wasn't long before she stood in the floodlight completely naked, shivering, not knowing what to expect. The silence spoke volumes, as she waited for her next command. Her body lean and pale, her nipples already pointed with the combination of cold and fear, her legs long and slender, ending up between her thighs that had been shaved smooth as I had ordered.

"Nice." I murmured. "Now follow the light." The floodlight slowly moved forward and

AmyLynne stepped along with it, frightened to lose it and be left in the darkness. Then it stopped, she squinted trying to peer beyond the light again but could see nothing. Footsteps came from the dark, as she looked in the general direction of the noise frightened. Into the circle of light stepped 2 men, well built and completely naked except each wore a black leather hood that covered their eyes down to the tip of their noses.

Slowly the men, not saying a word walked around AmyLynne, each appreciating her beauty.

"M-Master?" AmyLynne said questionably.

"Do you trust me?" I asked.

"I do Master, but who are these men?"

"Do you trust me completely?"

"Yes Master."

"Touch her!" I ordered. One man approached from her back the other from the front. Hands reached out from behind taking her nipples between thumb and forefinger and pinching and pulling hard. AmyLynne's face turned to one of pain, a scream escaped her lips, but her nipples hardened and stayed hard. Her fear was slowly turning to longing, as the man behind lightly bit into her shoulder. AmyLynne slowly surrendered herself to her feelings. The one in front knelt before her, his tongue taking long slow licks up and down her wet slit causing her to moan as the one behind reached round and continued pinching and pulling her nipples. I could see AmyLynne was close to cumming, so I called a halt and told them to take her to the cross. Another circle of light switched on, a St. Andrews cross stood in the middle of it.

The men led her over and awaited my next command. "Put on the nipple clamps." One of them produced a large pair, that I knew produced great pressure, and attached them to each of her nipples. AmyLynne groaned trying not to scream as the clamps bit deep. Then they pushed her into place by the cross as I commanded them to manacle her to it. Helpless, she stood, the pressure of the clamps bringing tears to hers eyes, I ordered them to attach weights to the clamps.

She screamed as one pound weights were placed on them. Then they produced a blindfold, as I told them to put it on her, then one fell to his knees his tongue sliding into her wetness deep. She raised onto the balls of her feet, calling out as the other man pulled and twisted the weights, now she was lost, into that place subs find between pleasure and pain. Her head spun, her body on fire as they undid the manacles turned her around and reattached her. Then with a crop in the hand of one man a flogger the others they took, one stroke each as they took AmyLynne beyond reality.

The red welts appeared across her back and arse, I knew the how much heat would be emitting from it. I watched the tell signs of her body twitching before her legs gave way, the only thing holding her up was the manacles attached to her wrists upon the cross. "Release her!" I called out. One held her while the other released her. She slumped limply into his arms, and gently, they laid her down upon the floor, allowing her to recover. She looked up, returning to herself, then sat up still unable to penetrate the gloom. "Now" I yelled. Both men put on their condoms as one laid down, the other picked her up and guided AmyLynne over and lowered her on to his hard shaft.

"Master!" She called out to me as she felt herself being filled. Her body still ablaze with sensations. Then the other one pushed her forward and having put baby oil all over his shaft slowly pushed up her arse. She screamed, the pleasure over taking her in wave upon wave.

"Do not cum!" I ordered.

"Yes Master I am trying but it is so hard." The two men got into rhythm, as AmyLynne's mind went to another plain again fighting hard not to cum.

"Release her!" I ordered and both men withdrew and stood as AmyLynne lay still her body on fire. "Cum on her." I ordered and the men removed their condoms and slowly stroked their shafts.

"Oh yes!" she cried, rolling on to her back watching them, getting really turned on. Faster they pumped until at the same time both came, hot cum spurting over AmyLynne's body. Then they turned and walked out of the light. AmyLynne started to rub the cum over her body moaning when she heard more footsteps, this time 2 naked women stepped into the light. Both were garbed like the men thin, athletic, all body hair shaved. They stood awaiting their orders.

"Clean her." I commanded. Both knelt and stated to lick all over her body, one went between her thighs licking AmyLynne's dripping slit as the other licked off all the cum. Then she started paying attention to AmyLynne's nipples. Again AmyLynne started to moan, so close to cumming trying to draw herself back. "Enough now leave her!" I ordered as the girls got up standing still.

Then AmyLynne heard more footsteps as into the light I walked, naked, my excitement clearly to be seen.

"Master!" AmyLynne called getting up running to me, kissing me deep. I pushed her back then knelt her down.

"Hold her!" I demanded as I went behind her, rubbing the head of my hard shaft up and down her slit. One girl grabbed her arms pinning theme to the floor, the other one removing the weights much to AmyLynne's relief, and she started squeezing and manipulating the clamps causing her to moan out loud again.

"Please Master fuck me, please I have waited so long!" she pleaded as I grabbed her hair pulling her back onto me. She screamed with the force of it and I plunged hard and deep. My hand rubbed the welts along her back and arse, I could still feel the heat coming form it. The manipulating the clamps squeezed them tighter and twisted, and the girl pinning her arms kissed AmyLynne deeply their tounge's dancing together. Then I raised my hand and it came down spanking her arse as I took her. She screamed out the pain, the pleasure intense. "Please Master may I cum?" she pleaded.

"No!" I yelled as my hard shaft slide in and out vigorously, giving her no respite. A high pitched scream escaped from AmyLynne, tears streaming down her cheeks as she fought so hard not to cum, wanting to please me her master. "Now! Cum for me!" I yelled as I fucked her harder and faster, my hand slapping in time to my shafted AmyLynne screamed again, as the sub pulled off the nipple clamps with force, the other biting into her neck. AmyLynne, her body on fire, her nerve ends exploding, released herself on my shaft. AmyLynne pushed back her body no longer under her control, she could stop herself from cumming, forcing me to ride her hard and fast.

AmyLynne looked up at me and yelled.

"Please Master cum for me cum in my pussy." She called weakly and reached back squeezing my balls desperately as I yelled sending my hot cum deep into her. She collapsed onto the floor her body twitching and shaking, her breathing deep and a long moan escaping her lips. The two subs stood, and I looked down, to see this quivering mass on her knees head touching the floor, her hands outstretched. I leaned forward tracing my finger lightly down her spine as she screamed out in orgasm again her body shaking to the convulsions. I laid down next to her, whispering sweet thing into her ear, as she came back, her body, slowly returning to her control.

"Clean me." I ordered when she looked up at me and smile. She turned reaching out for my shaft and started sucking and licking me. Then when she had finished the lights came on, a small group of people started applauding, she gasped looking at me. "Love it was too beautiful not to share,"

I said "Happy birthday." And pulled her into my arms again.

Author: A-L.T.

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