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Limits QuestionaireLimits Questionaire

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Limits Questionaire

This will provide a "head-start" to identifying limits and determining interests.
Fill in the form completely by clicking in the appropriate circles.
After pressing submit, your responses will appears as an X in a printer-friendly version. Use your browser's print feature to print out the form results.
If you enter in an email address, the form will be emailed to you as well.
There is intentionally some overlap between categories.
Unless otherwise stated, the Sub is the recipient of the activity.

First select YES or NO for each item to indicate if you have ever done that activity. Next, indicate those activities which you are willing to do only with your current sex partner or partners only (P), or with both (B) your current partners and casual play-partners. Then indicate for each item how you FEEL about that activity by rating it on the scale.
Mark N/A if it does not apply to your gender. Mark ? if you do not know what the item is, or need more information before making a willingness determination.
0. (Zero) means you will NOT do that item under any circumstances (a hard limit).
1. Indicates you have utterly no desire to do that activity and don't like doing it (in fact, may loath it) and would ordinarily object to doing it, but you would be willing to do it to please the Dominant if it they really wanted it (sometimes called a "Soft Limit").
2. Means you don't want to do or like to do this activity, but wouldn't object if it was asked of you.
3. Means you are willing to do this activity, but it has no special appeal for you.
4. Means you usually like doing this activity, at least on an irregular/occasional basis.
5. Means you like doing this activity, and would like to experience it on a regular basis.
6. Means the activity is a wild turn-on for you, and you would like it as often as possible.

I am Male Female
My orientation is: Dominant Submissive Switch
   - A - Experience Who Willingness
Abrasion (sandpaper, etc.)
Age play
Anal Linctus (Anal intercourse)
Anal Lingus (Anal rimming)
Anal plug (public, under clothes)
Anal plugs (large)
Anal plugs (small)
Anal beads
Anal fingering
Anal fisting
Anal fucking
Anal licking
Anal rimming
Anal sex
Anal speculums
Animal roles
Arabian Nipple Techniques (twists, pulls, or tugs)
Arm and Leg sleeves (arm binders)
Armpit sex
Asphyxiation (light)
Asphyxiation (heavy)
Ass-cheek sex
Auctioned for charity
Auctioned for a scene at an event
Autoerotic Asphyxiation (self-inflicted)
   - B - Experience Who Willingness
Ball Stretching
Bastinado (foot sole torture)
Bathing (by your Dom/me)
Bathing (your Dom/me)
Bathroom use control
Beating (hard)
Beating (soft)
Behavior Restrictive Rules
Being made to service others (sexually)
Being made to service others (non-sexually)
Being serviced (sexually)
Ben Wa Balls
Bestiality (name your pet)
Bisexual activities (Being involved in)
Bisexual activities (Observing - Specify M/M F/F or Multiples)
Bisexual activity (Observing member of opposite sex with your Dom/me)
Biting (give)
Biting (get)
Body bags
Body hair removed by waxing (legs, pubic, etc.)
Body hair removed by pulling (legs, pubic, etc.)
Body Worship
Bondage (heavy)
Bondage (light)
Bondage (hog-tie)
Bondage (intricate rope)
Bondage (mental)
Bondage (outdoors)
Bondage (overnight)
Bondage (all day)
Bondage (full-body)
Bondage (multi-day)
Bondage (public, under clothing)
Bondage (public, visible)
Boot worship
Breast torture
Breast whipping
Breast/chest bondage
Breath control A.E.A.
Breeding sub (impregnation being used to make children)
Brown showers (scat)
   - C - Experience Who Willingness
Cages (locked inside of)
Candle wax
Carotid Pressure (not choking)
Castration Fantasy
Cattle prod (electrical toy)
Cock & Ball Biting
Cock & Ball Clamps
Cock & Ball Clips
Cock & Ball Licking
Cock & Ball Sucking
Cock & Ball Torture (CBT)
Cock & Ball Weights
Cells/closets/boxes (locked inside of)
Chamber-pot use
Chastity belts
Chastity devices
Chores ( Domestic Service)
Cling film
Clothing selection (Dom chooses)
Cock rings/straps
Cock worship
Cock bondage
Coffin play
Collar and leash
Collar and lead
Collars (worn in private)
Collars (worn in public)
Competitions (with other Subs)
Contract Slave (state length of time)
Corsets (trained waist reduction)
Corsets (wearing over clothes)
Corsets (wearing under clothes)
Criminal conviction or indictment
Cross Dressing ( covert - underwear)
Cross Dressing ( Overt-public gender display)
Cuffs (leather)
Cuffs (metal)
Cunnilingus (pussy licking, giving)
Cunnilingus (pussy licking, receiving)
   - D - Experience Who Willingness
Daily Diary (re BDSM activities and desires)
Diapers (soiling)
Diapers (wearing)
Diapers (wetting)
Dilation (anal)
Dilation (cervical)
Dilation (penile)
Dilation (vaginal)
Dildos (anal)
Dildos (oral)
Dildos (vaginal)
Dominatrix Training
Douching / Enema
Double penetration
Dressage whips
Duct tape
   - E - Experience Who Willingness
Edge play (non blood sport)
Electric Toys
Electrical Tape
Enemas (golden)
Enemas (wine)
Enemas (for pleasure)
Enemas (for cleansing)
Enemas (for retention/punishment)
Enforced chastity
Erotic Art
Erotic Dance (private)
Erotic Dance (public)
Erotic Posing
Erotic Power Exchange EPE (denotes limits)
Escort Work
Examinations (physical)
Exercise (forced/required)
Exhibitionism (friends)
Exhibitionism (strangers)
Exposure to a STD
Eye contact restrictions
   - F - Experience Who Willingness
Face slapping
Face sitting
Fantasy abandonment
Fantasy gang rape
Fantasy rape (not actual rape)
Fear (being scared)
Feet Fucking
Feet Worship
Fellatio (blow job, giving)
Fellatio (blow job, receiving)
Fetish Clothing
Fetish Shoes
Figging (anal ginger insertion)
Finger sex (anal, as giver)
Finger sex (anal, as receiver)
Finger sex (oral, as giver)
Finger sex (oral, as receiver)
Finger sex (vaginal, as giver)
Finger sex (vaginal, as receiver)
Fire play
Fisting (anal, as giver)
Fisting (anal, as receiver)
Fisting (vaginal, as giver)
Fisting (vaginal, as receiver)
Fleching (licking semen from an orifice)
Following orders
Foot worship
Food selction/directed eating
Food Play
Forced Bed wetting
Forced dressing
Forced eating
Forced exercise
Forced homosexuality
Forced masturbation
Forced nudity (around others)
Forced nudity (private)
Forced servitude
Forced smoking
   - G - Experience Who Willingness
Gags (cloth)
Gags (hollow)
Gags (inflatable)
Gags (phallic)
Gags (rubber ball)
Gags (tape)
Gas masks
Gates of Hell (male)
Genital sex (a la vache/ Doggie style )
Genital sex (Kaman Sutra)
Genital sex (supine/ missionary)
GG Rubbing (genito-genital)
Given away to another Dom/me (perm)
Given away to another Dom/me (temp)
Golden showers
Gorean (kajira)
Gun play
   - H - Experience Who Willingness
Hair pulling
Hairbrush spankings
Hand cuffs / shackles
Hand jobs (giving)
Hand jobs (receiving)
Harems (serving w/other subs)
Harnessing (leather)
Harnessing (rope)
Having clothing chosen for you
Having food chosen for you
Head (giving fellatio/cunnilingus)
Head (receiving fellatio/cunnilingus)
High heel wearing
High heel worship
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)
Hood (full-head)
Hood (partial)
Hot oils (on genitals)
Hot creams
Hot candle wax
Hot waxing
Housework (doing)
Human puppy dog
Human toilet
Humiliation (private)
Humiliation (public)
Hypnotism (deep trance)
Hypnotism (light trance)
   - I - Experience Who Willingness
Ice cubes
Incest (parent or sibling)
Including others
Inducing lactation (breast pumping, herbs, etc.)
Initiation rites
Intercourse (anal)
Intercourse (vaginal)
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage
Irrumatio (face fucking)
   - K - Experience Who Willingness
Knife Play (not blood sports)
Kundalini practices (scene yoga)
   - L - Experience Who Willingness
Labial clips
Leather clothes
Leather restraints
Lectures for misbehavior
Leg restraint
Licking (non-sexual)
Lingerie wearing
Lingham worship (AKA cock worship)
   - M - Experience Who Willingness
Manacles and Irons
Manicures (giving)
Manicures (getting)
Mask wearing
Massage (giving)
Massage (receiving)
Medical scenes
Modeling for erotic photos (private)
Modeling for erotic photos (public)
Mouth bits
Mouth gag
   - N - Experience Who Willingness
Name change (legal, permanent)
Name change for Scene
Nipple Biting
Nipple clamps
Nipple clips
Nipple licking
Nipple play/torture
Nipple rings (piercing)
Nipple sucking
Nipple weights
Nudism (club)
Nudity (in public)
Nudity (in private)
   - O - Experience Who Willingness
Oral Fixation
Oral sex
Oral/anal play (rimming giving)
Oral/anal play (rimming receiving)
Orgasm control
Orgasm denial
Outdoor scenes
Outdoor sex
Over-the-knee spanking
   - P - Experience Who Willingness
Pain (mild)
Pain (severe)
Pain (moderate)
Pearl shower/cum bath (breasts / belly)
Pearl shower/cum bath (facial)
Pedicures and foot massage (giving)
Pedicures and foot massage (receiving)
Persona training (in scene)
Personality modification (RL)
Phone sex (commercial provider)
Phone sex (serving Dom/me)
Phone sex (serving Dom/mes friends)
Photo shoot
Physical exams
Physical humiliation
Piercing (permanent)
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)
Plastic surgery
Plastic wrapping
Pony play
Pony slave
Power Exchange
Pregnancy (aborted)
Pregnancy (full term)
Prison scenes
Prostitution (actual, for profit)
Prostitution (pretend)
Prostitution (public pretense)
Public exposure
Public scening as sub (vanilla location)
Public scening as Dom (vanilla location)
Public scening as sub (private club)
Public scening as Dom (private club)
Punishment scenes
Puppy play
Puppy slave
Pussy worship (cf Yoni worship, below)
Pussy/cock whipping
   - R - Experience Who Willingness
Religious scenes
Restraints (Leather)
Restraints (Rope)
Restraints (Steel/iron)
Restrictive rules on behavior
Riding crops
Riding the horse (crotch torture)
Role Play (Boss / Secretary)
Role Play (Doctor / Patient)
Role Play (Master / Slave)
Role Play (Parent / Child)
Role Play (Brother / Sister)
Role Play (Father / Mother)
Role Play (Nurse / Patient)
Role Play (Rapist / Victim)
Role Play (Cop / Prisoner)
Role Play (Hooker / John)
Role Play (Owner / Pet)
Role Play (Teacher / Student)
Role Play (Cyber)
Role Play (Phone)
Role Play (RT in scene)
Rope body harness
Rubber/latex clothes
   - S - Experience Who Willingness
Safe Word
Scratching (getting)
Scratching (giving)
Sensory deprivation
Serving as a maid
Serving as art
Serving as ashtray
Serving as furniture
Serving as toilet (feces)
Serving as toilet (Urine)
Serving as waitress/waiter
Serving orally (Dom/me Only )
Serving other Dommes/Doms (supervised)
Serving other Dommes/Doms (unsupervised)
Sex in public
Sex with animals
Sexual deprivation (long term)
Sexual deprivation (short term)
Sleep deprivation
Shaving ( pubic hair)
Shaving (body hair)
Shaving (head hair)
Shibari (Japanese rope bondage)
Shoe worship
Silk scarves
Slapping the face
Slave Training
Sleep deprivation
Sleep sacks
Slutty clothing (private)
Slutty clothing (public)
Snowflaking (passing Doms semen to another subs mouth)
Spandex clothes
Spanking (bench)
Spanking (OTK)
Speculums (Anal)
Speculums (vaginal)
Speech restrictions (when, what)
Spitting semen
Spreader bars
Standing in corner
Straight jackets
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)
Strap-on-dildos (wearing)
Strapping (full body beating)
Submissive training
Subspace experience (early levels)
Subspace experience (high levels)
Subspace experience (mid levels)
Supplying new partners for Dom
Suspension (horizontal)
Suspension (inverted)
Suspension (upright)
Swallowing feces
Swallowing semen
Swallowing urine
Swapping (with one other couple)
Swinging (multiple couples)
Switching Roles
   - T - Experience Who Willingness
Talking dirty
Tampon Training (in ass)
Tantric sex
Tens Unit (electricity)
Texture stimulation
Thumb cuffs (metal)
Tit fucking
Toe licking
Tongue fetish
Total Power Exchange ( denotes no limits)
Training to be A Pro-Dom/me
Triple penetration
   - U - Experience Who Willingness
Urethral sounds (metal rods)
Use of a Safe Word
   - V - Experience Who Willingness
Vaginal Biting
Vaginal Clamps
Vaginal Fisting
Vaginal Fucking
Vaginal Licking
Vaginal Shaving
Vaginal Speculums
Vaginal Sucking
Vaginal Torture
Vaginal Toys
Vaginal Weights
Vaginal Whipping
Vaginal Worship
Vaginal Fingering
Vaginal Clips
Vacuum (cervix play)
Vacuum (clitoral play)
Vacuum (nipple play)
Verbal humiliation
Vibrator on genitals
Vibrator insertion (anal)
Vibrator insertion (vaginal)
Video (recordings of you)
Video (watching others)
Violet Wand (electricity)
Voyeurism (watching others)
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)
   - W - Experience Who Willingness
Water Torture
Water Sports
Waxing (hair removal)
Wearing symbolic jewelry
Weight gain (forced)
Weight loss (forced)
Whipping (bullwhip)
Whipping (cat)
Whipping (cock)
Whipping (knotted whip)
Whipping (pussy)
Whipping (single tail)
Whipping (switch)
Whipping (tawse)
Wooden paddles
Wrist restraint
   - Y - Experience Who Willingness
Yoni worship (AKA pussy worship)

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