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Fetish Hanky CodeFetish Hanky Code

The Fetish Hanky Code

Worn On Left
Color, Pattern,
Fabric, or Item
Worn On Right
Two Tons O' Fun Apricot Chubby Chaser
Coach Baseball Cap Jock
Likes White Bottoms Beige Lace Likes White Tops
Rimmer Beige Rimmee
Vampire Black And Red Stripes Victim
Safe SM Top Black And White Checked Safe SM Bottom
Likes African/American Bottoms Black And White Stripes Likes African/American Tops
Heavy SM Top Black Heavy SM Bottom
Voyeur Blue And White Checked Exhibitionist
Butt Fucker Blue (Dark) Butt Fuckee
Wants Oral Sex Blue (Light) Expert At Oral Sex
Cop Blue (Medium) CopSucker
Genital Torturer Blue (Teal) Genital Torturee
Is Cut Brown Satin Likes Cut
Likes Hispanic Bottoms Brown And White Stripes Likes Hispanic Tops
Is Uncut Brown Lace Likes Uncut
Scat Top Brown Scat Bottom
Looking For Slave Chain Collar Looking For Master
Rides A Motorcycle Chamois Biker Groupie
Latex/Rubber Top Charcoal Latex/Rubber Bottom
Bartender Cocktail Napkin Bar Fly
Foot Fetish Top Coral Shrimper
Into Scum Bags Cream Eats Scum Bags
Wears A Dirty One Dirty Jockstrap Likes 'Em Dirty
Dog Trainer Dog Collar Dog
Tearoom Top Doily Tearoom Bottom
Enema Top Enema Nozzle Enema Bottom
Bestiality Top Fur Bestiality Bottom
Spanker Fuschia Spankee
Likes Bodybuilder Bottoms Gold Lamé Likes Bodybuilder Tops
Involved But Available Top Gold Lace Involved But Available Bottom
Two Looking For One Gold One Looking For Two
Hustler Green (Kelly) John
Humiliator Green (Light) Humiliation/Verbal Abuse Bottom
Mother Green Lace Daughter
Daddy Green (Hunter) Son
Owns A Suit Grey Flannel Likes Men In Suits
Bondage Top Grey Bondage Bottom
Gives Hot Motor Oil Massages Handywipe Wears It Well
Wears One Jockstrap Likes Jockstraps
Chicken Kewpie Doll Chicken Hawk
Stinks Kleenex Sniffs
Likes Drag Queens Lavender Drag Queen
Has Tattoos Leopard Print Likes Tattoos
Dines Off Tricks Lime Green Dinner Plate
Pit Lickee Magenta Pit Licker
Likes Menstruating Women Maroon Menstruating Woman
Likes Navel Worship Mauve Navel Worshipper
Outdoor Sex Top Mosquito Netting Outdoor Sex Bottom
Has 8" or More Mustard Wants 8" or More
Military/Uniform Top Olive Drab/Camouflage Military/Uniform Bottom
Anything Goes, Top Orange Anything Goes, Bottom
Rapist (Nonconsensuality Top) Orange And Black Stripes Rape Victim (Nonconsensuality Bottom)
Wears Boxer Shorts Paisley Likes Boxer Shorts
Spitter Pale Yellow Spittoon
Bear Peach Cub
Dildo Top Pink (Light) Dildo Bottom
Likes American Indian Bottoms Pink And White Stripes Likes American Indian Tops
Tit Torturer Pink (Dark) Tit Torturee
Piercer Purple Piercee
Fights To Be Top Rebel Flag Fights To Be Bottom
Two-Handed Fister Red (Dark) Two-Handed Fistee
Brander Or Cutter Red And White Checked Brandee Or Cuttee
Shaver Red And White Stripes Shavee
Group Sex Red Lace Group Sex Bottom
Fister Red Fistee
Sixty-Niner Robin's Egg Blue Sixty-Niner
Ritual Scenes, Top Rosary Ritual Scenes, Bottom
Cowboy Rust Horse
Mummifier Saran Wrap Mummy
Electrician Silver Shock Absorber
Star Fucker Silver Lamé Star
Pirate Skull And Crossbones Treasure Chest
Sash Queen (Titleholder) Studded Leather Looking For A Sash Queen
Smokes Cigars Tan Likes Cigar Smokers
Cuddler Teddy Bear Cuddlee
My Lover's Out; My Place Okay Toothbrush Your Place Only
Catheterizer Turquoise Catheterizee
Victorian Scenes, Top White Lace Victorian Scenes, Bottom
Likes Novices Or Masturbate Me White Novice Or Will Masturbate Both
Likes White Bottoms White Lace Likes White Tops
Rubber/Mud Top Wine Rubber/Mud Bottom
Water Sports Top Yellow Water Sports Bottom
Likes Oriental Bottoms Yellow And White Stripes Likes Oriental Tops
Has Drugs Ziplok Bag Wants Drugs
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