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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Ebony's Sisterly Love

Ebony was fast realizing that friendship and love were not the only benefits of having sub sisters. Daddy had given them permission to play and both were very excited. Both got off on the fact that he would be watching there every move. Like kids in a candy store for the first time this promised to be an experience for all. They took showers one at a time. Washing carefully the places that would soon be licked, stroked, sucked and touched. This was their first time all together and no body wanted anyone to leave unsatisfied. They didn't know where to start. As one climbed out of the shower another would climb in and the other would help the wet one dry off. Ebony's and her sisters Nina and Jazzy wanted this to be special as Daddy was watching them all. When it came down to it the pleasure of Daddy was also in pleasing each other.

Ebony lay on her stomach shivering as the cool air hit her open legs and her exposed pussy. She was spread eagle and could feel all eyes on her. The cool air ran between her ass and played with her throbbing hole. She was nervous about her sub sisters seeing this much of her. But she was seeing the same of them and that took away some of the fear. She felt them rubbing the oil up her legs and then between them. She felt many hands on her back and on her but cheeks. She quivered as she felt fingers rub her twitching pussy lips. Every inch of Ebony was enjoying this. She could feel Nina watching how she responded under her touch. Nina's hands slid under Ebony to cup her large breast and squeeze her nipples as hard as she knew Ebony enjoyed. Nina covered Ebony's naked body with hers and slid her hand between her thighs slowly stroking Ebony's already swollen clit. While she stroked Ebony's wet clit she rode her own wet pussy over Ebony's ass. Ebony tried to hold back her moans almost forgetting that her Daddy's eyes were on them.

Nina's strokes between Ebony's legs came faster as her clit throbbed and twitched. Ebony's nipples were standing on edge as Nina slid one hand under her to pull on her breast. The beauty of their bodies in motion was a sight to see. Ebony was moving her hips back and forth and didn't realize Jazz slid into position in front of Ebony's awaiting mouth. The wet feel of Jazz's pussy in her mouth between her lips as she was being worked by Nina was more than she could stand. She managed to move her hands to play with Jazz's large clit as she worked her tongue feverishly around it. Jazz was grabbing her own breast as she moaned and felt herself growing wet inside Ebony's mouth. In between sucking and licking Ebony squeezed Jazz's clit between her fingers. It was all she could bear herself as Nina moved her fingers from her pussy to her warm awaiting ass.

Nina reached for the lube and ran her slippery fingers across Ebony's ass. Ebony knew what was next and could hardy stand the wait. Ebony was on all fours now hungrily eating every inch of Jazz's pussy as she wrapped her arms around Jazz's waist. Nina was on all fours about to fist fuck Ebony in the ass. No one was paying attention to Daddy get up and find his way behind Nina's open and waiting ass. Nina ran one finger inside Ebony's ass while slowly working in another. Ebony tried to shift her body to rush Nina's hand inside she wanted and needed to feel it completely inside her. She felt Nina's body stiffen as Daddy made his way to the tip of her ass and slide his cock between her cheeks. Ebony loved to watch Daddy ass fuck the others that was one of her nasty ways. The more Nina got the more she gave Ebony. Daddy was pounding Nina's ass as Nina pounded Ebony's. Ebony could feel Nina's arm deep inside her and she could barely hold back the cum beginning to drip down her legs. Jazz's and Nina's moans became louder it was like a song. The moans of all three began to grow as one. Jazz was in ecstasy and beginning to cum. Ebony and Nina were also cuming as one. The pound of Daddy was more than any could take. They all came as one and knew this was a family even they would not soon forget.

Copyright © 2005

Author: ChocletRn

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