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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Ride

"Lay back precious, enjoy the ride".
"If you think this is good wait until its inside"
Lying back on my back my eyes open wide
I want to feel it way deep down inside.
Parting my legs I look up at you
You tell me don't worry I feel one then two
"It's too tight" I say "I don't think it'll fit"
"It will precious" you say as you pull on my tit
My woman hood stretches my body is on fire
I beg you to keep going I want to go higher
I feel three than four you're almost done
I feel for your wrist and wait for your thumb
It squeezes your hand as it curls into a fist
I never imagined it could feel quite like this
The waves overtake me...I can't hold it inside
You tell me not yet...wait and enjoy the ride.
I feel my hips widen to accommodate your fist
I'm holding my breath and squeezing your wrist.
I arch my back as the pain starts to increase.
I can't hold it in I am begging for release.
Riding the wave and enjoying the ride...
"Cum for Daddy" now my orgasm can't hide.
This experience for me has opened me to you more.
I am your bitch, your slut and indeed your whore.

Copyright © 2004

Author: ChocletRn

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