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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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There were tears upon my leathers,
Tears upon his face
Tears of anger and denial
Of shame and loss and disgrace
The lie in which I had caught him
He knew would cost him dear
He knew what I now had to do
The words even I could not bear to hear

The collar, worn around his neck
He wore with joy so well
He knew his neck would soon be bare
By my eyes alone, could he tell.

The begging and the pleading
Which I had heard and believed before
Were answered with but my silence
As I gestured towards the door

I loved him with a passion that
Yet defies my ability to say
This man who knelt in tears before me
As I took his collar...and turned away.

For of all the laws of the D/s world
Be they carved in steel or written in dust
The one above all that is most enshrined
Is but a simple word...called trust.

For without trust there can be naught else
Love, honor, respect...they have no sway
And as I felt my heart near break in half
I took his collar...and walked away

Tonight, I sat upon a hill side
Where once before we used to play
And looked into the starry sky
And thought back upon the day

And as I sat there in the moonlight
Thinking how like diamonds they do shine
These tears upon my leathers...
These tears...both his...and mine

Author: SirWolfr1@aol.com

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