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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Chill Blade

A brazen moon hangs low, in a starlit sky, and filters its glow across the length of my form. You turn in its shadow, I see you smile, and I shiver, knowing your style so well. The slab of stone on which I lay was created for rituals, and pagan play. And as my thoughts drift back to those centuries long past, my bonds tighten as I struggle to shift from the cold.

The night air is cool, a whisper of wind causing nipples to peak in response to it's kiss. The flame which heats a sacrificial stone bowl nearby flickers wildly. Your hand drifts down. caressing an ankle. Fingers teasing around the ropes which you have bound me with. A single finger. The touch of the briefest hint of nail drifts slowly up the inner thigh, and I moan with pleasure. A brief glance bades me not to speak, your countenance shadowed by night almost invisible within its darkness, except for the flicker of the flame which glows above my head.

The flame of the fire catches your attention, and you towards it, as I wonder what awaits. Before my mind can contemplate it's leavings, the searing heat of wax encased by the soft bristles of the paintbrush you hold in your hand is felt sharply, as you draw your pictures on my breast. I breathe sharply, wanting to cry out, yet knowing you have forbade it.

The wax cools quickly in this evening chill, yet each place you touch and each picture you create burns anew. "What image did you feel me draw here," you ask, as your finger traces it's pattern. I jump as the tender flesh is touched upon, my mind seeking to concentrate upon the question. I shiver. "A star, Sir." I answer, and sense your smile. "And here, my dear?" I jump, as the finger I was expecting is replaced with the sharp end of the paintbrush in your hand. My thoughts vanish, I am unable to focus on the still stinging flesh, the crispness of the air upon my skin, and the image upon which you require me to guess at. I feel you smile as you read my thoughts. "Perhaps if I draw a similar one elsewhere," you say. I draw a deep breath as I feel you reach over, and draw a perfect flower upon my newly shaven mound. This time the picture is quite clear, while the heat still burns brightly, and I respond immediately with the correct answer. I feel your kiss upon my brow before you turn away.

The night silence is broken by the sound of metal slid over stone. My breath quickens, knowing what you have in store for me next. The chill of your blade slides sensuously along my flesh, peeling off layers of wax with ease, opening the now red flesh to the coolness of the air. I moan as your blade finds its way along my inner thigh, before coming to rest against the newly created flower that was your final achievement before it too, is shaved. A few pieces of wax drift into the crevice between my legs, and I force myself to lay quiet as the tip of your blade seeks to remove them as they lie hidden within my lips, knowing just a wiggle could have me writhing in pain. I feel your blade searching softly, your fingers light upon my flesh before triumphantly finding the final piece. I realize that I had been holding my breath, and suck great gulps of fresh air.

Again, you step away. I hear your footsteps rustle in the grass outside the stone slabs, farther and father away, and I know a moment of panic at your leaving, before hearing them return. Your voice whispers into my ear. "Were you worried I'd leave you here helpless, my dear? " "For a moment, Sir," I answer. Your hand brushes back my hair that the wind had chosen to wind around my face. "Never fear me", you answer. "I was hunting for something. Would you like to know what it was?"
"Yes, Sir" I answer.

I feel the the touch of soft grass, sliding slowly from ankle to thigh, leaving behind droplets of dew, upon which the night moisture had gifted them with. Multiple sensations surround me, as the water droplets meander their way along my flesh downward, as you continue your onslaught upwards with more sheaths of chilled grass, leisurely stroking them upon my now taunt nipples. One single drop collects at its peek. I watch your eyes as your head dips, your hot tongue and breath warm against my skin before flicking out to slowly suck it's moisture from my nipple. I groan. "Patience, dear one" you reply.

Your fingers tease my chilled flesh, followed by the comfort of your tongue as it winds its way between the valley of my breasts before stopping to suck deeply upon them while your fingers stroke hard at my clit. I struggle against the onslaught.. wanting to feel you deep inside of me, but I am denied. Your mouth moves to meet your fingers, and you spread my lips wide as your teeth nip sharply on my now swollen skin. I gasp in the instant before your lips encase it, sucking hard, your tongue creating havoc within my mind, as my breathing quickens. I scream to the night air, as the pressure builds, and just when I do not think that I can bear any more, your fingers slide hard, deep inside me at the same instant that my muscles contract around you, crushing your fingers, now slickened with my moisture, as the spasms continue to roll within me. I am left drained and breathless and barely feel your blade as it neatly slices through the ropes at my feet.

"Are you thirsty, love?" you ask. I come back to earth, to answer you. "A bit, Sir" I see you smile in the light of the flame, still flickering above me. You step back into the shadows, and slowly remove your clothes. Your cock is fully erect upon walking up to me, and I watch, wanting it as you stroke it just barely beyond my lips, occasionally brushing its tip upon them. My tongue slides out.. wanting to taste.. feel.. drink. "Do you want it?" you ask. "Very much, Sir." I answer. "Ask me nicely," you say. I lick my lips. "Please, Sir.. may I have the pleasure of feeling your hard cock slide slowly and deeply into my awaiting throat so that I may feast upon it?" I reply. "Well, done," you tell me, before sliding it closer, as my lips encase your shaft.

My tongue roams freely around you, lightly teasing while you control the depth of your strokes within my throat. I want so much to have you untie my hands, so that I may freely have my way, but I am unable to speak. I suck deeply upon your tip, feeling it throbbing against the roof of my mouth. Your cock glistens in the firelight with my saliva, each and every time you pull away. The minutes turn to hours within my mind, as your hands demand response from my body once again, roaming here.. there.. while you drive deep into my throat. I taste your essence., wanting more... all at the same time trying to regain sanity as your fingers slide their way once again into my wet pussy, driving in tandem and as deeply as your shaft does.

In one single fluid moment, you break away, before driving your cock deep, and fast within my ready and more than willing pussy. I scream in pleasure, my bonds holding me firmly in place as you drive hard within me. Your hands reach back to grab my legs, before sliding them over your shoulders for deeper penetration. In that instant, my orgasm rocks me fiercely. "So soon, my love," you tease. I cannot answer you.

Your cock rubs hard against now wet walls, and you feel my moisture dripping over your tight balls, as my muscles engulf you in waves of ecstasy. You can stand it no longer. I feel you tense, a groan escaping from your lips to meld with mine, as you shoot hot and heavy within my awaiting well.

You reach up, to untie the bonds that hold my hands tight, now raw from the struggle of passion. Your heart beats against my chest. slowing with each passing moment. I gain enough strength to whisper against the night.. "thank you, Sir," before curling up into your arms..as they enfold me within them. and we rest.. to await the dawn.

Author: silken_mystery

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