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Erotic Literature

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Kahlua Part V -
A Study in Wax

Nearly two weeks had passed since Donna had spent the evening with the woman who had changed her life. Thirteen days. Wasn't that supposed to be an unlucky number? Well… lucky or unlucky they had still been thirteen very long and very confusing days.

She sat at the table and pondered the changes that had taken place in her life. No, that is not true. She didn't ponder them because she couldn't. She hadn't had enough time to distance herself from the events of the evening to simply ponder them. She was still wondering about them, marveling about them and astonished by them. If anyone had told her beforehand that so many life altering events could take place in one twelve-hour period she would have looked them straight in the face and called them a liar. She might have done that the day before she received the dinner invitation but if she ever tried to do it now she'd choke on the words.

Donna lit a cigarette and smiled as her thoughts drifted back over all that had taken place. Two weeks ago she was a typical heterosexual divorced female with a job, a mortgage, a car and 2.3 children. She laughed. How did they do that in those stupid surveys? How in the world could you have 2.3 children? She had a son and a daughter but what the hell was .3? Well… whatever it was she must have one because all those surveys in the woman's magazines she read said so. And if you couldn't trust Cosmo, Women's Week or McCalls, what could you trust?

Trust… an odd word. Before she had received that invitation she'd have trusted her instincts. She'd have trusted herself when she said that a woman's body held no fascination for her. She'd have believed it when she heard herself say that she could not possibly yearn for a woman's touch, or the feel of a woman's breast in her mouth. Yes, she would have believed it then. But she didn't believe it now.

She shook her head to clear it. Even now, the events still had an effect on her. She could still feel her mystery lover's tongue. She still felt Sasha's finger inside her. She still tasted Sasha's nipple in her mouth. The memory of Samantha's kiss and the way the sponge had touched her still had an effect. But, she had been alone these last two weeks and the effects were becoming frustrating.

It was this frustration that finally helped her come to terms with everything. If it had been a passing fantasy then why did she miss it so? If it meant nothing to her then why did the very thought of what had happened make her ache so? As she mulled these thoughts over in her head, she came to a conclusion. Perhaps she was not a lesbian. Perhaps she was? She doubted it as she still yearned to feel a man fill her and she still needed to feel his weight on her breasts. But now, well… now she needed to feel her weight riding Sasha's hand! So where did that leave her? She didn't know but she guessed that there was a name for it. Was she bisexual? Yes… that would be it but even as she spoke the word she knew that whatever she was, she missed the women who had touched her that night.

The shrill chirp of a cordless phone interrupted her thoughts. Donna hated the thing. Phones were not supposed to sound like that. Phones were supposed to ring not chirp like some demented bird and every time it went off it scared the hell out of her.

She grabbed for the phone. "Hello?"

The voice at the other end was clear but very soft. It took Donna a few seconds to realize who that it was Sasha. "Your presence is required Miss Donna. A car will arrive for you at seven this evening." She said nothing further. The line went dead and Donna sat there with the phone in her hand, its dial tone the only sound in the room.


It had been an eventful thirteen days for Amanda Marie as well. On the other hand, the term means different things to different people.

She had been left in the chair until eight o'clock in the morning. What her hostesses failed to tell her before she left however was that the little probe had an automatic setting. As a result, it came as quite a shock (if the reader will forgive the pun) when it activated without anyone else in the room. As the powerful stimulus struck, Amanda Marie felt herself slipping away. The agony was intense but the fear pushed her almost beyond the bounds of sanity. No one had turned it on! This meant that no one would be there to turn it off. The terrible possibilities this suggested were almost more than she could bear. But stop it did and when it did, her breathing slowly became regular and she was able to stop shaking.

Her eyes opened slowly. Had she been able to think clearly, she might have asked herself why the nerve endings hadn't simply become numb with over-stimulation. It was something she had taken great care to guard against with her own lovers but somehow the irony of her error failed to leave any impression on her now.

When the probe activated again, its setting had been changed. As a result, her body, which had prepared itself for another onslaught, melted into the ecstasies the stimulation instantly created.

There was no one else in the room but you could not have proved it by what happened next. A split second before the first waves of orgasm overcame her, the stimulation simply stopped. If she hadn't known better, she'd have sworn that the sadistic bitch holding her prisoner had timed the damned thing herself.

It was hard to base anything on the evidence of two occurrences only but when the probe activated a third time, she was prepared to feel nothing but pain. Once again however, her instincts failed her. She resisted the urge but quickly found herself falling into the sheer ecstasy of the probe. The closer she came to the edge, the more she feared that it would suddenly stop. This being the case, she found herself totally unprepared when the probe suddenly switched to full power. Ecstasy turned to agony as her screams filled the room.

We will leave her to her fate for the time being but not before we indulge ourselves in a little test of the reader's imagination. By concentrating very hard, the reader can retain a vision of the woman writhing in agony on the chair. Now, concentrate even harder and superimpose on this vision, a picture of the woman's hostess, seated in the chair at her desk. Focus the concentration a little more and you can almost see her staring intently at a video monitor, her fingers manipulate a dial and press a button. If you are very good at concentrating, you can even see her smile…


The day Donna received her phone call would also prove to be an eventful day in the life of Amanda Marie. As previously noted, she had been forced to endure her ordeal until after daybreak. We left her early though since she passed out long before she was released.

Thirteen days later, all the evidence suggested that she had come to terms with her fate. Her days were filled with the mundane duties of servitude. She had been charged with keeping her Mistress' leather polished and supple. It was a chore she loathed but it was nothing compared to the rancor caused by having to curtsy before addressing Samantha or Sasha.

What of her nights? She had no nights. When her duties were complete, she reported to Sasha who took her to the basement. She slept naked, her bed a mattress on the stone. Her movements limited only by the leash she had worn since her arrival. It was always firmly affixed to a ring imbedded in the floor.

They thought she was broken. They thought they had won but they were wrong. Ten days into her training, Amanda Marie had taken a knife from the kitchen. Twenty-four hours before Donna had received her phone call, Amanda Marie resolved to kill the woman whom she was now forced to call her Mistress.

The deciding factor had not been the servitude. This she was certain she could endure. For that matter it wasn't the pain the woman had caused her. Although she certainly had not welcomed it, she could at least understand it. To be honest, she even found herself admiring the woman's almost supernatural ability to know when to apply pain and when to use pleasure. She was good. She was too good, which was why she hated her.

It had begun a week before when she found herself actually wanting the probe to activate. At that moment she realized that she was becoming addicted to the pleasurable sensations it caused. She had even begun to force herself to endure the probe on its highest setting due to the nearly certain knowledge that the next one would bring her the sensations she craved. She was beginning to welcome the feelings, to dream of them, to need them! And that was unacceptable.

Amanda Marie saw any need, from a need for affection to a craving for alcohol, to be a sign of weakness. And weak was the one thing she would not, could not ever allow her self to be. Whenever she found herself falling prey to a weakness, she sought out its source and removed it, just as she would remove this one.

She had reasoned it out, as she reasoned everything out. The woman had laid a trap for her from which she could not escape. Even if she were to leave the house and demand her day in court, there was no doubt that the information revealed at a trial would destroy her. Granted, she would not survive. Her previous encounters with that monstrosity named Sasha told her that much. But once she had come to terms with this, the rest became easy. All she had to do was hide the knife in her uniform and wait. The opportunity would eventually present itself. If not before dinner, then certainly once dinner had been served.

Amanda Marie had lost herself in thought to the point where she finished her duties without even really realizing it. This was also the reason why the fact that she was not alone in the room came as such a shock to her.

"Have you finished?" She heard her Mistress ask. She spun on her heel and stared wordlessly when she saw the woman standing in the doorway.

Stunned into silence, it took her a second to respond. "Yes… Yes Ma'am. I have only just finished everything. A split second after she finished speaking, she remembered to curtsy.

Her Mistress smiled. "Very well then. You may assist Samantha. We will be eating early this evening." She turned and walked away, the tap of her heels echoing down the hallway.

"Eating early?" Amanda Marie asked no one in particular. She wondered why. This woman did nothing without a good reason so there had to be one. The question was what was it?

Amanda Marie busied herself putting away the materials used to polish and treat the woman's leather then sought out Samantha who was equally busy setting the dinner dishes on to a serving cart. Amanda Marie was momentarily taken aback by the fact that dinner was apparently not being served in the dining room. She asked Samantha where they would be eating but the other woman smiled and said nothing. Amanda Marie dismissed it as being of no consequence and began polishing the silverware before handing it to Samantha. True to her word, their Mistress rang the tiny silver bell less than half an hour later.

She pushed the serving cart and followed Samantha down a hallway. It took her some time to realize that she had never been in this part of the house before. Samantha stopped before what appeared to be the door to a small elevator. This suspicion was confirmed when she opened a portion of the paneled wall and revealed two small buttons. Neither button was marked but Samantha pressed the lower of the two. Marked or not, this always seemed to mean that the elevator would be going down. The door slide silently open, Samantha stepped inside and Amanda Marie followed her with the serving cart. It was a tight fit but not uncomfortable.

The moment the door opened Amanda Marie realized where she was. The elevator served the rooms in the house where the woman did her… Entertaining. She had noticed the odd niche in the wall when she'd had dinner… her mind trailed off for a second as she recalled the screams of the girl being impaled on the hot glass dildo… NO! She nearly said out loud. Now was not the time. Now she had to focus her thoughts and energies on the task at hand. But… It was interesting to note that the woman had lied. There was another way out of the basement.

Samantha wheeled the cart into the room and Amanda Marie followed behind her. They were alone but that was not surprising since dinner would not be served for some time yet. The table was in the same position it had been during Amanda Marie's last visit. She looked around but saw no sign of the dais the girl had been on, or the glass dildo with which she'd been tortured. For that matter, the room had a different look to it. Something was wrong but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.

Then she realized what was wrong. Half the room was missing! Well… couldn't be seen anyway. As she walked closer, she saw the heavy black velvet drape that had been closed. It cut the room nearly in half. The second her fingers touched the curtain she heard Samantha.

"If I were you I would concern myself with having the table set before she comes down to dinner and not with whatever might be behind that curtain." Samantha said with a note of rapprochement in her voice.

Snotty little bitch, Amanda thought to herself. She walked away from the curtain and began setting the table. When they were finished, Samantha nodded her approval and pushed the cart back into the elevator. Once Amanda Marie joined her, she pushed the button for the main level then looked at her watch. "It is nearly time. We will have to hurry." She said as the elevator door closed behind them.


They had been gone less than twenty minutes but if Amanda Marie had learned nothing, she had most certainly learned that a great deal could happen in this house in less than twenty minutes.

Amanda Marie was surprised to see three women waiting for them as they left the elevator. She said nothing as she pushed the cart towards the table. Samantha curtsied to her Mistress who simply smiled and nodded. The two hurried to get everything ready.

It might have been the rush. It might have been the fact that she was lost in her own thoughts. Whatever it was that took Amanda Marie's attention away from the other three women, it proved to be a fatal error. As she completed her final dinner preparations, she turned to see if Samantha was ready. She felt the temperature drop when she noticed Samantha standing behind her Mistress' chair. She felt the color drained from her face when she looked at the woman and say the knife she held in her hand. It was the knife she had hidden under her mattress...

"You have excellent taste in cutlery, I'll give you that." She held the knife up to the candlelight. "A Henckel boning knife. Did you know that Henckel has been making knives like this for over two hundred and fifty years? Well… no matter." She smiled. "Yes indeed my dear and excellent choice. This would have slid between my ribs with very little effort on your part. I can easily see why you picked it." She set the knife down on the table. "Unfortunately, you are not the only one with an eye for quality. As it happens you had the misfortune to pick my chef's favorite boning knife. Had you picked almost anything else she might not have noticed, but this…?" She picked it up again. "The absence of this one was noticed within an hour of your having taken it." The woman held the knife between the tips of her index fingers and slowly almost absent-mindedly spun it with her thumbs. "Given its nature, I have no doubt as to the method of delivery Amanda Marie. But I must admit I am curious as to when you planned to do it."

Amanda Marie froze. She looked at the woman but saw nothing. Her face was an emotionless mask. She hesitated then turned her head. She didn't need to turn all the way around to understand the meaning of the shadow the candlelight cast over her. Sasha would be standing directly behind her and she involuntarily winced in anticipation of the giantess' touch. "Tonight." The other woman whispered. "During dinner if I had the chance. Later this evening, if I had to wait."

"Indeed? Well then it seems I acted just in time then, doesn't it?" She turned her gaze towards Samantha. "Are dinner preparations complete?"

"Yes Ma'am." The girl said as she curtsied. Although Samantha knew that her Mistress was not angry with her. Tonight was not the night to test her patience with lengthy responses. "It is ready Ma'am."

The woman laid the knife on the table. "Very well then, shall we?" She gestured to Donna who had stood silently throughout the conversation. "Donna my dear please be seated. Samantha? See to our guest then you may serve."

Donna had stood quietly in the background primarily because she had been totally unprepared for what had taken place. The car had arrived at her home at precisely seven o'clock. The windows had darkened, as she'd expected them to, and they had arrived at the house without incident. When they came to a stop, Donna had checked her watch. She had no real idea of where the house was but she had timed the trip and it had taken exactly sixteen minutes from the time they left her driveway to the second the car had come to a final stop. She had been congratulating herself on her cleverness while Sasha escorted her to the lower level where they were to have dinner. She had just reached the conclusion that her timing the trip was an idea worthy of James Bond or that guy who's name she could never remember from Mission Impossible, when the woman revealed the knife Amanda Marie had intended to kill her with. Somehow this seemed to lessen the impact of timing a sixteen-minute drive.

It had all happened so fast. Sasha had walked her to the lower dining room. As they walked along, Sasha explained that they would be eating in this room since it was a special occasion. Donna did not ask what made the occasion so special. She knew better. Samantha, who curtsied and motioned her toward the table, interrupted her thoughts. As Samantha held her chair she smiled and said. "Miss Donna… Welcome back." Donna smiled back, the two exchanged looks and each knew in an instant what the other was thinking.

Samantha darling. Please forgive the extra burden but as you can see, we seemed to have suddenly lost a staff member…" She smiled and turned her gaze toward Amanda Marie who had not moved a muscle. "Under the circumstances dear, I'm going to have to ask that you serve dinner unassisted."

Samantha smiled and said. "Yes Ma'am." She curtsied then added. "May I serve now Ma'am?"

The woman smiled back and nodded. "Indeed you may. And thank you for your patience dear… I will make it up to you…" Her eyes remained fixed on Amanda Marie as she spoke.

"As for you darling. I believe I would prefer to have you undressed. Who knows what you might have hidden in the folds of your uniform." She smiled.

Amanda Marie began to protest but the woman cut her off. "Undress Amanda Marie. Now."

All was now lost and she had nothing left to risk by losing her temper. "And if I don't? What happens? More honey or will she tear more clothing off me?" Amanda Marie balled her fists and prepared to hold her ground.

The woman laughed softly. "Neither dear. You uniform was tailor made for you and the seamstress put a great deal of time and effort into making it. Everything else being equal then, you can see why I'd hate to see it ruined or even damaged. But you have given me an idea. I'd hate to see anything happen to the uniform so I will give you exactly thirty seconds to remove it. If you cannot manage to do so, Sasha will break the little finger on your left hand. Then I will give you thirty more seconds. Lets see… thirty seconds, times ten fingers, that's three hundred seconds. Divided by sixty." She smiled sweetly at Amanda Marie. "Forgive me kitten, long division was never my strong suit… Five minutes. That gives you a full five minutes to get undressed. Although I'd hate to see you have to do so with ten broken fingers. Those buttons and little hooks are cumbersome enough, aren't they?" She looked at her watch. "You have thirty seconds Amanda, I suggest you not waste a single one of them."

It took less than a second for Amanda Marie to realize that she was not kidding. She began pulling off her uniform. "Take care not to damage it darling. You are expendable. The uniform is not." Twenty-five seconds later, she stood naked before the woman.

"Well done Amanda Marie, well done indeed. But then, I am not really surprised. I had nothing but faith in your ability to accomplish something once you put your mind to it." She turned away from the woman and smiled at Donna.

"Heavens, where are my manners? Forgive me dear I completely failed to welcome you back. Tell me. Do you like lobster?"

Donna smiled. "Yes, very much."

"Good. I am told that these are particularly succulent. I haven't had lobster in I do not know how long so I am looking forward to mine." She smiled at Samantha. "You may serve dinner kitten." Samantha curtsied and began serving Donna her lobster.

"I am absent minded tonight aren't I? Well… having someone planning to kill you can do that." She looked at Amanda Marie who stood before her, naked and shivering. "You look cold my dear. I'm sorry for neglecting you. Can you ever forgive me?" She nodded to Sasha who walked to the heavy black curtains Amanda Marie had seen earlier.

"Amanda Marie? The last time we had dinner together you did not seem at all impressed with my efforts to simplify. Can I gather that you are one of those people who enjoy technology for its own sake? If that is the case, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this."

The curtains parted and she waved her hand towards the area behind them. The first thing Amanda Marie saw was a slightly raised platform, on either side of which sat a candelabrum. Above the center of the platform she saw a pair of manacles hanging from the ceiling. A second set of manacles, with a steel bar between them, was attached to the floor. At waist level, suspended in mid air, she saw a belt with what appeared to be a complicated series of steel cables attached to it. The cables led off on either side and seemed to be anchored to the walls. Amanda Marie saw it all but could not comprehend its meaning.

The woman stood and walked towards the platform. "I see you are puzzled. Let's see what we can do to make you a bit more comfortable and then I will explain. I think you will find this quite interesting." She smiled, took Amanda Marie's hand and escorted her slowly to the platform. Sasha moved to assist her but she waved her away. "No my dear. I prefer to do this…myself." She smiled sweetly at Amanda Marie. "Raise your arms over your head please."

The woman did so. She did not know what was in store for her and she found herself shivering. Part of her desperately tried to convince the rest of her that this was because she was cold. But the parts that needed convincing were not listening. She was afraid.

The woman attached the manacles to Amanda Marie's wrists. "Comfortable?" She asked. Amanda Marie nodded but remained silent. "Good. Then we can continue." She attached the waist restraint, sliding her finger between the belt and the woman's skin. "We wouldn't want this to be too tight, now… Would we?" She stepped back to survey the result.

"Sasha? Be a dear and see to our guest's ankles. Would you?" Sasha attached the ankle restraints as the other woman watched. "Thank you darling."

"There. I think that takes care of everything." She sat and crossed her legs. Her chair was less than two feet from the platform. She looked up at Amanda Marie and smiled. "As I said, I think you will find this interesting my dear. "She reached up and gently tugged one of the steel cables leading off from the waist belt. "Do you recall the last thing you did to Samantha…? I mean the last thing you did to her before I brought her home."

Amanda Marie remained still. Her mind raced to think back to that evening but she could not, for the life of her, recall exactly what she had done just before deciding to take a bath.

"No? Well then, I will tell you. Just before you decided to relax and unwind from your busy day, you allowed a single drop of candle wax to land on her inner thigh. Do you remember it now?"

Amanda Marie nodded slowly. Yes, she did remember now.

"Can I assume you enjoy wax darling? Tell me, just how much do you know about wax?" She waved the response away. "No, it doesn't matter really. I think you'll find this fascinating anyway. Have you ever given any thought to just what the correct temperature is for wax?" She looked up and smiled. "Tell me? Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed?" She did not wait for the woman to respond. "Of course you have. You are as concerned about your appearance as I am." She smiled again. "Have you noticed that there seems to be a very narrow range between a warm, comfortable wax and a hot, uncomfortable wax? The margin is much less than you might think. Wax that is one hundred or so degrees is quite tolerable and works quite well. Wax that approaches one hundred and ten degrees can become uncomfortable depending on where it is applied. Above that temperature wax becomes quite uncomfortable and by the time the temperature reaches one hundred and twenty degrees, it can be quite painful. Above that, you run the risk of scalding and scarring…" She drew a single nail across the woman's thigh… "And we wouldn't want that, would we?" She stood and caressed the woman's cheek with the back of her fingertips. "No… we wouldn't want that at all."

She moved her hand away and touched one of the cables. "I am told that these are quite strong so have no fear that you might accidentally break them. The beauty of these cables though is that each does much more than simply restrain your movements. Each is attached to a small sensor mounted on the wall. These are marvelously complicated things but as far as I can tell, each will actually react to the amount of tension on the cable. I won't bore you with the details as I know how anxious you must be to continue but you really must take a moment to appreciate this. Each of these little sensors will tell a small computer just how much you are moving." She sat down again.

"And the computer? That is an equally clever little item in its own right. The computer can communicate with a small system of valves in the room directly above us. The more you move, the farther the valve opens. Isn't that amazing?"

She turned towards Donna. "I am so sorry to have neglected you dear. You must think me a terrible hostess. Please… eat before your dinner gets cold. There is nothing worse than cold lobster." She looked over her shoulder. "Sasha, please see to Amanda Marie. I would hate to think that any part of her might miss out on the sensations I want her to feel."

Sasha smiled and walked toward the platform. As she did so, she removed a small tube from her pocket. The woman smiled and looked up at Amanda Marie. "Surgical adhesive. It is not particularly uncomfortable but rest assured, regardless of how it might feel you'll forget all about it in no time at all."

Amanda Marie could not look down easily so Sasha's fingers came as something of a shock. As Sasha spread the lips, her Mistress suddenly laid a hand on her arm. "Wait dear, it seems she is not as excited about our evening together as I had hoped." The woman took a small fork and removed a portion of the lobster from her plate. She smiled at Amanda Marie as she dipped the steaming morsel into a tiny dish of melted butter. "Do you like lobster Amada Marie?" She looked up and caught the woman's eye. "I doubt you've every had it served this way. "As she spoke, she drew the buttered lobster up the inner surface of the woman's labia, stopping at her clitoris. Amanda Marie gasped and tried to pull away. As the woman continued to caress her with the warm meat, her clitoris began to swell. "Well… it looks like you do enjoy lobster, doesn't it?" She smiled and popped the lobster in her mouth. "Delicious."

Sasha… Feel free to continue. I think you will find her more… what's the word? Accessible…? Now." Sasha pressed Amanda Marie's mons, gluing it painlessly to the skin just above it. As she pressed, the clitoral hood disappeared, leaving the woman completely exposed. Sasha's mistress teased her clit softly with a single nail and smiled. "There. That's much better I think. Now… where was I?" She looked at Amanda Marie whose face remained expressionless. "Oh yes… Wax. I know you cannot see them but if you could look up, you would notice small tubes running along the cable attached to your wrist manacles. Did you notice them earlier?" Amanda slowly shook her head. "Ahh… well. No matter. I think you'll be more than willing to take my word for it.

She took another morsel of lobster and dipped it in butter before teasing it off the fork with her tongue. "In any event, the tubes connect to a very large metal tank in the room directly above us. Would you care to guess what is in it?" She looked over at Amanda Marie.

Amanda Marie said nothing for perhaps a full ten seconds. She just held the woman's gaze. If it was a test of wills, she lost. "Wax." Was all she said.

"Indeed it is. Well done dear." She smiled and drew her nails up the woman's thigh. "I must tell you I do so enjoy having conversations such as this with people who are my intellectual equal. Your grasp of the bigger picture is a truly wonderful thing to behold." She continued to tease the sensitive skin as she continued. "It's a great pity we did not meet under other circumstances… For that matter Amanda Marie, it is a great pity that you didn't put more effort into resisting the urge to visit me while I was having dinner. Who knows? If not for that, we might have even become friends in time. Don't you think so?"

"No. I do not. Whatever the hell you think you are going to do to me get on with it. And if you think for one second you have me beaten you bitch, you have another thing coming." She stood motionless and glared defiantly at the woman in the chair next to her.

"Is that so? Well then. Perhaps you're right. Perhaps we should proceed." She turned to Donna who had sat motionless throughout the conversation. "Forgive me dear but I do tend to get carried away. I guess I'm a die-hard technophile in spite of myself."

She turned her attention to Amanda Marie. "If you will indulge me for one more brief moment darling?" The other woman said nothing.

"Very well then." She stood and held out her hand to Sasha who put the small nine-volt probe in her hand. "You see Amanda Marie, the most impressive thing about this system is that it is sensitive to the slightest movement. A fly walking on one of these cables will be noticed, I assure you. As will the tiny movements caused by your breathing. Now granted, the effects are cumulative, but to be quite honest, as much as I would enjoy leaving you in here for twelve hours, I simply haven't that kind of time to waste on you. So we must speed up the process. "She held the probe up. As she spoke, she caressed the woman's cheek with the tip. "And I think this will do the trick… Don't you?" Before Amanda Marie could respond, the woman slid it deep inside her.

"It isn't the pain you hate is it?" She did not wait for a response before continuing. "It's the pleasure. You hate me because I have given you a sensation you have begun to crave. I have taken control of your needs away from you and that's why you hate me enough to kill me. Isn't it?" Amanda Marie said nothing but the expression on her face betrayed her. The woman smiled as she acknowledged the unspoken answer. "Did you think I didn't know? Did you think for one minute that this wasn't my intention? How do you think I kept you here, willing to serve me? The pain? Of course not, that was just to get and focus your attention. You stayed for the pleasure Amanda Marie. You stayed for the orgasms my little probe gave you and you hate me because you can't admit it to yourself." She pressed the button on the remote control and Amanda Marie moaned. "You see my darling? Even now, with this…" She gestured to the equipment. "Sword of Damocles hanging over your head, you are still instantly excited. You have always struck me as the type of person who looks down on anyone addicted to anything. True? Well my dear, you can now number yourself in that category as I have addicted you to your own orgasms and I assure you Amanda Marie, there is no stronger drug on the face of this Earth." As she spoke she pressed the button again and smiled as Amanda Marie cried out.

What Amanda Marie did not see however, were the tiny rivulets of hot, red wax that began to slowly cascade down the cables above her wrists.

Do you recall what happened on your last visit? The woman asked as she pressed the button again. "Last time we met, I took everything away from you but only for a short time. This time whatever I take… I keep." Amanda Marie screamed as the first drops of wax struck her hands.

"Rest assured darling… I have calculated the temperature exactly. It is more than hot enough to suit my purpose but certainly not hot enough to cause any scarring." She ran her hand along the woman's body. "We wouldn't want to damage such perfection now, would we?" The wax had puddled a bit in the tops of Amanda Marie's hands. As it ran over and dripped down her wrists she screamed again. The woman continued to caress her but turned her attention to Donna.

One of three things is about to happen here. First of course, the pain and shock will kill her. In which case, I will owe Sasha an apology for a comment I made earlier regarding an order for concrete." She smiled. "The second is that it will drive her completely mad. I doubt this will happen but if it does, all traces of the wax will be removed and she will be found wandering the streets naked again. Given the fact that it won't be her first … offense… she will be committed and her crimes written off as the products of a nervous breakdown." She walked towards Donna as she continued. "But I do not think either of these will occur. I think she will fight to keep control but in time, she will completely abandon herself to the feelings and sensations I am giving her and once that occurs, she will be mine." She stopped before Donna's chair. "How totally unlike me. I seem to have miss-spoke. Did I say the feelings and sensations I was giving her?" She asked as she handed the remote to Donna and kissed her softly on the mouth. "I meant the feelings and sensations you were giving her."

Donna, who had watched the entire episode with a sort of clinical fascination she had never before thought herself capable of, did not know what to say. She had no argument with this woman. For that matter, she couldn't even recall her last name, although she was certain that she'd heard it.

"You are not sure what to do next, are you dear?" The woman at the other end of the table asked.

"No, I'm not." Donna admitted.

The woman fitted a cigarette to her holder and waited for Sasha to light it before she continued. "So now the question begs itself, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know."

"Yes you do." The woman smiled.

She wasn't sure which bothered her more. That this woman whom she barely knew, could look so deeply into her heart or that when she did so, she saw the truth. She did know what she wanted to do. In fact, she had wanted to do it ever since the woman known as Amanda Marie had been forced to wear the probe. Donna looked at the woman sitting at the other end of the table. Then she looked at the remote control. She turned her gaze on the woman standing before them both and pressed the button. Amanda Marie shuddered then gasped as the wax rolled silently down the inside of her arm. Donna stood and walked toward her.

She stood between the platform and the woman seated next to it and looked up at Amanda Marie. She had never felt such control and power in her life. It was intoxicating. Emotions fought with themselves inside her. She wanted this woman to suffer simply because it pleased and excited her to be able to cause the suffering. She pressed the button again and Amanda Marie moaned. Donna took the woman's nipple into her mouth and began sucking it softly. As Amanda Marie reacted, she found herself reaching between her own thighs. The woman's moans of agony were music to her. She had never heard or felt anything so intoxicating in her life. She had had lovers before but this was the first time she had "had" one in the truest sense of the term. Every fiber of this woman's being was hers to control, to enjoy and to manipulate solely for her own pleasure. She continued to tease herself as she broke away from the woman's breast, smiled and looked up at her. "Tell me you love me Amanda." She whispered as she pressed the button again.

Amanda writhed in exquisite agony as the probe activated. She could feel the hot wax on her arms but somehow it just added to the sensations. Her head fell back against her arms and she pressed her breast to Donna's mouth. "Oh God." She whispered. Yes… Yes, I love you."

The woman seated next to both of them said nothing as she watched the two delicate red lines extend themselves slowly towards Amanda Marie's neck. As the wax began to pool in the hollow above her collarbones, Amanda moaned softly. Seconds later, Donna moaned as both women shared an orgasm together. The waves subsided just as the hot wax spilled over Amanda's collarbones. The red stream began pouring down her chest following the curve to her cleavage.

The woman stood. She said nothing but took the knife Amanda Marie had stolen and held it above the candle flame. After fifteen seconds or so, she turned to Amanda Marie, smiled and kissed her again as she pressed the sharp, hot edge to her skin, just above her left breast. She held her lips tightly to the woman's mouth as Amanda Marie tried to scream.

Seconds later, Amanda Marie realized why the woman had done this. She had placed the hot blade directly across the wax to redirect its flow. She could not see the trail it followed but she felt its heat. As their lips parted she threw her head back and screamed again as the wax began dripping from her swollen nipple.

Donna opened her eyes and watched as the wax cascaded from Amanda Marie's breast. She smiled, closed her eyes again and continued concentrating on her lover's right breast. It was delicious and this new development only added to her enjoyment.

The woman holding the knife lifted it away allowing the wax to return to its original course. It didn't take long for the flow to reach Amanda Marie's tummy. It pooled a bit along the ridge caused by the restraining belt but soon overflowed it to spill down to her belly button. "I believe I shall have your navel pierced." The woman said as she stroked Amanda Marie's cheek. "Perhaps a stud with a bright red ruby. I will warm it for you ever so often. Just to remind you of this moment."

Amanda Marie whimpered as the hot wax struck the sensitive, newly shaved skin at her bikini line. The wax flowed across her skin, following the hollow as it began to run slowly down her inner thigh. The woman smiled and held the knife over the candle again. "It appears that the wax will miss the most important part. What would you think of me if I deprived you of that sensation darling?" She pressed the hot blade to Amanda Marie's skin and redirected the flow.

Amanda Marie's screams echoed off the walls of the room as the hot wax caressed her clitoris. The sensation was maddening and it only became worse as the wax found every fold of her labia. As it filled and violated her most private spots she began crying softly. She was beaten.

The woman removed the knife, placed it on the table and sat down. As the wax resumed its course down Amanda Marie's inner thigh, she looked at her victim's face. Yes, she thought to herself. She is mine now. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sight of the wax dripping from the arch of Amanda Marie's foot to form a small red pool on the platform below her.

She looked up at Amanda Marie. "Open your eyes darling." She said softly. Amanda Marie did so and the woman stood again. You are mine now, you realize that don't you?" Amanda Marie nodded.

"Answer me. Amanda. You will tell me in your own words."

Yes Ma'am. I am."

"You are what darling?"

"I am yours."

"Understand that from this point on, you belong to me. Everything you are or ever will be from this moment on. You exist only to please and serve me."

Amanda Marie looked up and caught the woman's eye. The hatred and anger were gone. "Yes Ma'am, I understand. Thank you Mistress. Thank you for keeping me and making me yours."

The woman smiled and took a step back to look upon her new toy. "Sasha darling. We are nearly finished here. Only one thing remains to be done." She smiled and turned to Donna. "Isn't she beautiful? See how the red sets off the delicate shades of her skin?"

Donna said nothing but she agreed completely. Amanda Marie was indeed beautiful.

Both women's thoughts were interrupted when Sasha returned with a small tray. Donna could not see what was in it until the giantess placed it on the table before her Mistress. Even then, it took her a moment to realize that the tray contained a small charcoal brazier. Something was buried in it but she couldn't tell what. All she could see was its delicately carved hardwood handle.

"I have created quite a lovely work of art, don't you think?" As the woman spoke, she reached for the handle. Once she removed the item from the charcoal, Donna understood its meaning. The handle was attached to a tiny branding iron. At the end, glowing a dull red Donna could see the intertwined letters "VL" in a script that appeared to be identical to the one on the back of the invitation she had received.

The woman stepped towards Amanda Marie whose eyes were open and riveted on the hot iron. "Now all that remains is for me to name the work and sign it." She reached toward the table a pressed the button on the remote next to Donna's hand. Amanda Marie reacted instantly. The woman kissed her softly and pulled away. "I think I shall call this, "A Study in Wax". What do you think dear?"

Amanda Marie could barely speak but she managed to whisper "Thank you Mistress" as the first waves of her orgasm began to consume her. When the first real spasm hit, the woman's pressed her lips firmly to Amanda Marie's mouth. At the same instant, the branding iron seared her labia. It was the most painful thing Amanda Marie had ever experienced but that feeling was quickly dwarfed by the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Although it only took a second, it felt like an eternity.

The woman put the iron on the tray and bent slightly to inspect her work. She smiled when she saw the angry red welt, perfectly formed on the delicate inner surface of the labia. She kissed the tip of her finger and softly pressed it to the brand. "You are truly mine now darling…. Mine forever."

"Sasha… Samantha… You may now bathe and dress your new sister." She looked at both of them and smiled. "You each may also welcome her into my service… In your own way." Samantha and Sasha both looked at one another and smiled before turning to their Mistress and curtsying. "Thank you Ma'am." They said, almost in unison. Amanda Marie stood motionless as Samantha removed the probe and Sasha released her from her bindings. As the manacles were removed, she seemed to fold in upon herself. Sasha caught her and effortlessly lifted her as one might lift a sleeping child. Samantha curtsied again. Sasha bowed to the extent she was able. Then both of them left the room with their new charge.

The woman sat, fitted a cigarette to her holder and lit it with a candle. She crossed her legs, glanced down at her plate and laughed softly. "Well, it seems that an apology is in order. I'm afraid our lobster got cold after all."

Donna lit her own cigarette and smiled. "Yes… I guess it did."

"Ahh well. No matter, we will have a nice lobster salad later." She looked across the table and her gaze caught Donna's. "Tell me something dear. Did you enjoy this?"

Donna could not pull her eyes away nor could she tell this woman anything but the truth. "Yes, I did."

The woman said nothing for a few seconds. She just sat there, absent-mindedly teasing the center of her upper lip with the cigarette holder as she continued to gaze intently at Donna. "You realize what this means, don't you?"

Donna said nothing. She had started to. Her mouth actually opened a bit, but nothing came out. All she could do was shake her head slightly.

The woman smiled softly. "This means that in an odd way… you are now mine as well."

"Yes… Yes, I suppose it does." Donna said. She didn't really understand why she'd it. But she knew in her heart that it was true.

Author: Victoria Lynn

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