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Erotic Literature

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Kahlua Part IV -
Battery Not Included

Fear was an emotion totally alien to Sasha. This was why it had taken her some time to identify the cause of the uncomfortable knot growing in her stomach. But identify it she did, she was afraid.

Her first thought was that she would have saved a great deal of trouble if she had waited for the woman to turn around and simply put the dart in her eye. Although the anesthetic was rarely fatal there were ways…

She'd dismissed the thought almost as soon as she had it. Not that she had any qualms about taking a life. Had it been necessary, the young woman's life would not have been the first she had taken. It was rather a case of wondering which would cause more trouble. Killing the woman and ending this before it started or bringing her back to the house and running the risk of her Mistress taking the woman's life herself. The deciding factor was simply that her Mistress had not given her specific permission to take this woman's life. Nor had she given her the discretion to make that decision on her own. Which brought her back to the problem at hand. She would have gladly laid down her own life for her Mistress. This of course meant that she would also take every measure short of that to protect the woman to whom she owed her life.

Sasha sighed. She had yet to meet the other woman, the one's whose name she knew to be Donna and she wasn't entirely sure how this new addition would figure in whatever might happen next.

The woman she had brought back to her Mistress' home was another matter entirely. Sasha had taken an instant dislike to her. If called upon to subdue her she would do so with more than her normal amount of enjoyment.

There was however still the matter of keeping her alive while at the same time keeping her from enraging Sasha's Mistress. Sasha clearly recalled the woman's temper from her last visit and this was the primary reason why Sasha had taken it upon herself to put the woman where she was.

Only two people in the entire household were aware of the fact that there existed a second level of tunnels and rooms below the house's vaulted basement and Sasha was one of them. It was an area of the building, which was seldom visited and Sasha was not even certain of its original use although she suspected that it might have been part of the system used to bring water to and from the brewery when it had been operated solely by water wheels.

Its original use not withstanding however, Sasha found it useful as a … She tried to find a euphemism for dungeon but nothing came to her. No matter. Perhaps if some of the fight were taken out of the bitch she might yet save her life.


As Sasha pondered the fate of the woman, the subject of her concerns found herself regaining consciousness under decidedly uncomfortable circumstances.

The first thing she noticed was that she was cold, the second that she was wet. The third did not occur to her until she tried to sit up. She could not move.

She opened her eyes but and saw nothing. Panic welled inside her then subsided slowly as her eyes grew more accustomed to the darkness. She was not certain of where she was but she had an idea and her anger intensified. She had always been the type of person who could take advantage of anger by focusing it wherever she thought it might be needed.

She tried to sit up again and realized that she could indeed, not move. She could see little but by curling her fingers she felt the shackle around her wrist. She reached out and found the iron ring stapled into the stone floor. She didn't bother to check the other hand it would be secured precisely the same way as would both her feet. She laid her head back on the floor and looked toward the ceiling somewhere in the darkness above her. There was now no question as to where she was.

Since she was not going anywhere anytime soon, she tried to take stock of her situation and found that there was very little to take stock of. Ever since she could remember she had focused on being in control. As a result, she quickly became uncomfortable when she was not in control and this was certainly the case now. She tried again to concentrate and focus her anger on that bitch that had nearly destroyed her life. That vile slut who had tried to take everything she had away from here. Very well… She was in control now but there would come a time when someone would let her out of here. Then they would see what control really looked like.

It was working. She shut down every part of her that could feel, every part that could be hurt or afraid. She withdrew into herself and became numb. She would remain so for as long as it took.

She lay there motionless, totally oblivious to the fact that although she was completely dressed, she was cold. The woman also failed to notice the drops of water that fell from the stone ceiling to land softly, silently between her breasts. Had she noticed, she might have wondered if they landed there by accident. They didn't.


Donna found herself enjoying much more comfortable accommodations. So much so that she was sound asleep. The fact that she was still naked except for the mink coat made little difference to her.

Although the events and exertions of the evening had certainly taken their toll, they could not entirely be blamed for the fact that she slept soundly now. That was due for the most part to her Hostess having put a mild sedative in the brandy the maid had served to her shortly after their arrival.

She turned in her sleep wrapping the mink closely around her. Perhaps she was dreaming of what had happened earlier in the evening. A smile graced her lips then faded as quickly as it had come. Yes, perhaps that was what she dreamed of.

If she had been awake, she might have thought back to how they had driven quickly from the neighborhood. She might have pondered why, or rather how the windows of the massive car had darkened to the point where she could no longer see where she was going. She might have reflected on how her hostess spent the trip staring off into space as she absent-mindedly caressed her guest's thigh. Donna did not know what effect these caresses had had on her hostess but they had certainly captured her attention. She had fully anticipated that they would continue once they had left the car and entered the sumptuous home. But this was not to be. Her hostess told the maid to serve her guest. She would have nothing. Then she made her apologies for having to leave and left the room without another word.

All in all however, it had been an eventful night so for the time being, we will let her sleep… and dream…


Of the four principal dramatis persona in our tale, the only one who seemed to have anything important to do was the woman who's home Donna had been brought to and she seemed busy indeed.

The room she now occupied was part of a private suite of rooms only two other living souls had ever seen. One of course was Sasha who slept in the same suite as her Mistress. The other was Samantha who served them both.

While candle light alone generally served the needs of the remainder of the house, this portion not only boasted ample electric light but also an astonishing array of electronics. From a home entertainment system that would have done justice to a recording studio, to the most advance wide screen television playback system available in the world, everything needed was here.

It was not the television or any other entertainment system component that held the woman's attention now however but the screen of a state of the art computer system. The machine was capable of taking on many tasks at once, which was quite important as she had much for it to do. She reviewed the information on the screen one final time then hit ENTER. She smiled to herself. It was done.

Finished with the computer, she turned her attention to the telephone on the desk. She did not pick up the receiver but pushed a single button. This signal to Sasha would put the rest of the evening in motion.
This final task completed, she fitted a cigarette to her holder, lit it and watched illustrations of DaVinci's drawings float silently across the computer screen as its screen-saver activated. Why DaVinci? No particular reason other than the fact that he had once painted a woman whose smile had captivated people for nearly five centuries. Just as it had captivated her. Her thoughts strayed from the Mona Lisa back to what she intended to do to the woman who had dared to challenge her. As she thought about this, she smiled. Had anyone else been in the room they would have seen how truly enigmatic a smile could be.


After instructing Samantha to wake and prepare their Mistress' guest, Sasha left the main house and began to somewhat time consuming decent to the lowest level where she had left the woman she had brought back with her.

She began to hear the screams as soon as she approached the lower hallway. When she heard them, she smiled. Her Mistress had not ordered her to take the measures she had taken, but she doubted that she would mind. In fact, her Mistress had often complimented her on her ability to take the initiative in such cases.

The screams became louder as she approached the door and they did not stop when Sasha opened it. Had she cared, Sasha might have felt some concern lest the woman damage her highly trained voice but she did not so the thought never even entered her head.

Sasha stood silently over the figure chained to the floor. She was sorely tempted to quiet her with a kick but she resisted that temptation. The water had puddled around the girl who was now soaked. She still wore her blouse but that would have offered little protection. What had begun as a steady but inherently harmless drip had quickly become as painful and agonizing as the blow from a sledgehammer. Each drop striking the same sensitive spot until it became unbearable. Sasha looked down at the screaming woman writhing desperately as she attempted to get out from under the relentless dripping. In a way, she was fortunate, had Sasha placed her so that the drops landed on the center of her forehead she'd have been dead by now.

She contemplated the woman a moment longer before speaking. "You are wanted." Was all she said.

The woman on the floor had not realized that Sasha was in the room. The sound of another voice caught her completely by surprise as she stopped screaming. Her mouth hung open, this time in shock.

Sasha walked towards the far wall of the room. Seconds later a single candle, imbedded in the stonewall, was casting a feeble but welcome light. Satisfied that it would remain lit, Sasha lifted an item off the hook next to the candle. The woman on the floor could not see what it was. As Sasha turned and walked towards her however, she instantly identified the collar and leash Sasha carried with her. "I'm not wearing that." She managed to whisper, her throat raw from screaming.

Sasha stopped. "Very well, you need not wear it." She turned and walked back towards the wall. "On the other hand, you may change your mind after you have heard your other options. You can wear this and come with me. Or you can refuse to wear this and remain where you are." Sasha smiled and looked down at the woman on the floor. Just as she did another drop of water hit the woman's chest. It seemed impossible for a single drop of water to hit anything or anyone with all the force of a speeding freight train but somehow that is exactly what this one did. Sasha said nothing… She just waited.

"OH GOD!" The woman screamed as the water struck her.

"You have roughly thirty seconds to make up your mind before the next one arrives. I suggest that you not waste them."

"Damn you." The woman hissed. "And damn that bitch you serve." She looked up at the ceiling, trying to see the next drop of water form. "Alright, alright. Anything to get out of here so I can give that whore a piece of my mind."

The water had subdued her but not to the extent Sasha had hoped. This would either make the remainder of the evening very enjoyable, or very unpleasant. It depended entirely on her Mistress' mood. Normally she was quite good at gauging this but she had not seen her Mistress for hours so her present mood was open to question.

Sasha kneeled near the woman's head and placed the black leather collar around her throat. The woman turned her face away so she did not notice Sasha step on the leash with her right foot. Once the collar was secured, Sasha reached over and began removing the manacles.

Her hands free, the woman on the floor instinctively began massaging her wrists. Suddenly she balled up her fist and swung towards Sasha. Halfway through the punch, she tried to sit up and realized what Sasha had done. The collar and leash restrained her so the punch passed harmlessly through the air.

"You missed." Sasha said as she smiled. She cinched the leash further under her foot and undid the second wrist manacle. As it released, she placed one massive hand in the middle of the woman's chest just below her throat. In the same fluid motion, she made a loop in the leash, slid it over the woman's head then pulled it tight. "I am going to release the other shackles. If you move I will lift the leash over my head and hang you right here in this room. Do you understand me?"

It was obvious that the woman had been planning to try something. Sasha could tell this by the look on her face. She said nothing but nodded in agreement. Her eyes, filled with hatred, never left Sasha's face.

Sasha removed the ankle manacles and stepped away to allow the woman room to stand. She sat up, tried to stand but fell on the floor. Sasha bent to help but the woman pulled away from her and hissed. "Don't you touch me you bitch!" With a great deal of effort, she sat up again, got her feet underneath her and slowly stood up.

"If you can stand, you can walk. Do so." Sasha commanded.

The woman took a tentative, wobbly step. She faltered a bit but would not fall, At least she wouldn't as long as this freak of nature was in the room to witness it. Gaining stability, she took several steps towards the door. Should she run? She honestly doubted that she could, her chest felt like she had been kicked by a mule but that was not the point. No… she probably shouldn't. She was not at her best, far from it in fact. And she was already painfully well acquainted with her companion's abilities. Her thoughts, as well as her steps, were brought up short as she felt the leash tighten. "Where are we going?" She asked.

"She wishes to see you." Sasha said.

They walked out of the room. The woman's running shoes made no sound at all. The only sound was the staccato tapping of Sasha's heels on the stones. As this became a tumble of echoes and faded in the distance a second, softer sound took over. The muted drip…drip…drip of water landing in a tiny hollow on the stone floor.


Donna turned in her sleep. She was still dreaming but now her dreams included someone gently shaking her as they softly whispered her name. "Miss Donna…? Please, wake up. Miss Donna, wake up." Unfortunately it was not a dream. As her eyes opened she pulled the mink around her bare skin. "Miss Donna. Please, wake up." She turned her head and saw the girl who had been introduced to her as Samantha bending over her.

"Miss Donna, I've brought coffee for you then you are to be bathed." The girl said.

"Bathed?" Donna asked as the final cobwebs of sleep faded away.

"Yes Miss. Then you are to be brought to Her. She wishes to see you."

Coffee was poured and prepared. As Donna took a sip, Samantha handed her a cigarette. Donna noticed that it had already been lit. "Thank you." She said as she took it from the maid.

"You are welcome Miss."

"Why do you call me that?" Donna asked as she sipped her coffee.

"We are expected to refer to all of our Mistress' guests in that manner… Unless otherwise instructed." The she added. "May I take your coffee to the bath? It had been drawn and I mustn't allow the water to cool."

Donna nodded and handed her cup to the maid. She sat up and pulled the mink around her, but not to hide her nakedness. For some inexplicable reason, she had become comfortable with that. Truth be told, she was not completely awake and rather chilly.

For her part, Samantha could not help notice the fact that the woman's nipples had hardened. Her Mistress was right; the woman did have unusually sensuous breasts.

Samantha carried the cup and strode ahead of Donna towards a door perhaps a dozen feet from the bed. As they walked, Donna could not help but notice that candles seem to provide the only source of light.

As they entered the bathroom, Donna let out a gasp of surprise. She had thought the candles in the bedroom impressive enough but they were nothing compared to this. Each wall of the room held dozens of them. Donna looked up and saw an enormous iron chandelier containing perhaps three or four dozens candles, hanging from the center of the high arched ceiling. It was an impressive effect, no doubt about it. And she was not done being impressed. It stood to reason that the largest bathroom she had ever seen would also contain the largest bathtub she had ever seen. This one did and she almost whistled out loud when she saw the sunken marble tub, a basin that could have easily fit a half dozen people, in the center of the room. She could see the steam rising from the water and noticed the rose petals floating on the surface. The scent rising from the water was exquisite. She stepped into the tub. It was hot but not too hot. As she settled in she let out a sigh of relaxation that was probably heard throughout the house.

"Shall I bathe you immediately Miss, or would you prefer to soak for a while?" Samantha asked.

Donna had never been in a tub this large before in her life. With that thought in mind she could think of no reason to rush or waste a second of the opportunity. "Would it be alright if I just relaxed for a while?" She looked up at Samantha, smiled then added. "It has been a strenuous day."

Samantha smiled back. "Indeed it has Miss. Take all the time you wish. You will find a small button on the panel. Over they're near the edge of the tub. Simply press it when you wish to be bathed and I will return immediately." She placed Donna's coffee on a built-in marble tray where she could easily reach it. Excuse me please Miss, I will be back."

Samantha curtsied and left the room, returning less than thirty seconds later with a silver tray. She put that on the marble tray as well. Donna saw that it contained the coffee carafe, cream and sugar, her cigarettes a lighter and a small silver ashtray. "Enjoy your bath Miss and remember, press the button when you wish me to return. Will there be anything else?"

Donna had never had a maid, nor anyone else for that matter, ask her that question before and she could think of nothing to say. She sat in the tub thinking but no answers came so she just looked up at Samantha and shook her head.

"Very well then I will leave you now Miss." She curtsied again then turned to walk away but suddenly stopped. When she turned back towards Donna she had an odd look on her face. Miss…? Please do not think me impertinent but may I tell you something?"

"Of course you can." Donna was caught off guard and really couldn't think of anything this girl could say to her that could possibly be taken as impertinent. "By all means Samantha, feel free. Is something bothering you?"

"Bothering me…? Well, no, at least not in the sense that you mean it. I just wanted you to know that I think my Mistress is quite taken with you."

Donna hadn't had the time (or for that matter the nerve) to sort through all the things that had happened to her since she first laid eyes on this woman whom Samantha referred to as her Mistress. That fact not withstanding however, she couldn't imagine how a compliment like that could be possibly be construed as impertinent. She was about to point this out when Samantha added. "And so am I." Before Donna could react, the girl bent towards her and kissed her softly and gently on the lips.

For reasons that she could never have expressed in words, Donna kissed her back. As their lips touched, Donna felt her nipples hardening again. They shouldn't have. This was no robed figure hiding under a table. There was no doubt in Donna's mind that Samantha was female. And yet, harden they did. For that matter, there was no reason for Donna to have responded to the girl's kiss at all. Except of course for the obvious fact that she was responding. Not only was she returning Samantha's kiss, her breasts (and, truth be told, her entire body) were responding in ways she'd have never expected.

Their lips parted and Samantha stood. She said nothing to Donna. She just smiled, curtsied and walked silently out of the room.

Donna was at a loss for words. She was totally unprepared for the way events seemed to be unfolding. All she knew was that she had enjoyed the kiss more than any other she'd experienced in a very long time. She closed her eyes and settled deeper into the steaming water. As her mind drifted so did her hand and suddenly it dawned on her that she was caressing her own breasts. Instead of moving her hand away, she smiled softly to herself and put her other hand between her thighs. As the lips parted and the hot water touched her she moaned. When her own fingers found the spots they had been trained to find she moaned again, this time a little louder.


Although the woman had not actually seen very much of the house, she somehow sensed that Sasha was taking her in somewhere other than where she'd expected to be taken. "I thought you said she wanted to see me." She said. Her voice, particularly the manner in which she said the word she carried a tone and inflection that would have easily cut glass.

"She does and you will see her presently. First there is something I wish to show you. I think you will find it instructive." Sasha's voice carried no emotion what so ever. Although the woman could not have known it, this lack of emotion meant that Sasha was at her most dangerous.

The walked through the corridors for another two or three minutes then they stopped before a set of heavy curtains. Sasha said nothing. She just reached up and pulled the drawstring that opened them. As they opened, the woman realized that they had reached the end of the house. The curtains had hid an enormous bay widow that looked out over the grounds. She did a little mental figuring and realized that since she could see the river to her right, they were facing north.

Sasha pointed towards an area beyond the carriage house near the river. "Do you see that?"

"See what?" The woman answered sharply.

"The square of concrete just to the left of the carriage house."

The woman leaned closer to the window. "Yes, I see it. So what? I have seen concrete before."

"That is where the tunnels under the grounds end. Several years ago, we discovered that frost had damaged the stonework. It was decided that six feet of the tunnel would be sealed off and the portion behind the new wall would be filled with concrete to protect the rest of the tunnel as well as the carriage house foundation. It may interest you to know that there is slightly less than four cubic yards of concrete there.

She waited for Sasha to continue but she didn't. "What is your point?" The woman snapped.

Sasha's grip on the leash tightened. She turned towards the woman and glared down at her. "My point?" She asked. "Well… You did notice that I said slightly less than four yards?" She lifted the woman to her tiptoes with the leash. "It would have been four yards exactly except for the fact that the space also contains what little remains of the last person who angered her as much as you have…" She let the sentence trail off then lowered the woman to the floor. "Shall we go then? I am sure she will want to see you soon."

The woman said nothing. Had the giantess been bluffing, trying to frighten her? She couldn't say. All she could say was that in addition to the throbbing ach in the center of her chest, now she was beginning to notice a small knot in her stomach. For once in her life, it was beginning to appear that she had perhaps bitten off more than she could chew. She was a good enough actress to hide this fact from this aberration who called herself Sasha. For that matter, she was good enough to hide it from the woman she was on her way to meet. What she couldn't do though was hide it from herself.

As they walked, the woman found herself once again in familiar surroundings and it didn't take long before they entered the dining room where she had first laid eyes on the woman who had come so close to ruining her life. When she saw her, she started walked faster. As she approached, her mouth opened to tell the woman just what she thought of her. Before she could speak however, her breath was cut off by the collar and leash.

"Do not say a word." Sasha whispered as she lifted the woman nearly off her feet. "If you value your life you troublesome little bitch, do not say a word."

"Welcome back darling." The woman said and smiled." I had rather hoped I would see you again."

The other woman opened her mouth to comment. Whatever she was going to say disappeared in her throat as Sasha gave another slight tug on the leash. Without warning she reached up, grabbed the leash and temporarily at least, released the pressure. "Welcome back? You vile bitch! How dare you!" Before she could finish, her breath was cut off by a vicious yank.

"Vile bitch…? My but you do have a way with words. Not a way I am particularly impressed with but I suppose there is even something to be said for gutter language. To a point that is." She smiled and began tapping a single nail on the table. As she looked at the table the other woman's gaze was naturally drawn to it as well. It took a second but she finally notice that the woman was tapping her nail right over one of the nail holes she had seen during her first visit. The point was not lost on her.

She continued smiling as she stood and walked towards the woman held fast by Sasha. "Darling, I do not doubt that you are angry but you have no right to be angry with me. You brought this upon yourself. The results were inevitable the moment you stepped foot in my parking lot. At that very second you assumed all responsibility for whatever followed." She waved away the woman's effort to protest. "No, do not speak. There is nothing you can say. I did not invite you. I did not take you from your home. All I did was catch you trespassing on my property. I could just as easily have called the police. Instead, I brought you to my home.

"Only after this Neanderthal drugged me!"

"Would you have come if she hadn't?"


"Well then, there you have it. You left me no choice. But enough of that, time grows short and we have much to do. Do you recall what happened the last time I asked you to remove your clothing?"

The woman glared at her with a look of abject hatred on her face. "Yes." She hissed.

"So do I. That is why I am not going to bother asking you this time." She took the leash from Sasha and began to slowly wind it around her own wrist. "And besides, it has been some time since I allowed Sasha to indulge in her flare for the dramatic." She pulled up slightly on the leash and nodded to Sasha, who smiled.

As the woman raised he leash, Sasha walked around to stand in front of her. She looked at her Mistress who nodded again. Without warning she placed a massive hand in the middle of the other woman's chest, grabbing a handful of her blouse as well as the front of her bra. She did not pull or lift; she merely kept wadding the material in her hand. As the seams began to give way and open, the material began to part. Sasha kept going and in short order, she had torn both blouse and bra completely off the woman's body. She said nothing. She just dropped it on the floor.

Without a word, she bent and put the fingers of both hands deep in the waistband of the woman's jeans. Not only were they naturally tight, they had gotten wet then dried on her so the were even tighter than normal. This did not stop Sasha however, who pushed down despite the woman's obvious discomfort. When she had slide them in as far as they would go, she gripped the waistband with both hands and began to pull her hands farther apart. First the button pooped and flew across the room. Then the zipper failed. As it opened, Sasha pulled even harder. The zipper reached the point where it was fully opened but somehow it managed to keep going as the material tore away from it. The seam continued to rip and at some point the woman's panties tore away. Soon there was nothing left but shreds, a section of the waistband, something vaguely resembling a pair of silk panties and two, semi-intact denim pant-legs. Sasha released her grip and everything fell around the woman's knees.

You will now be bathed and prepared for dinner. You may remove your clothing or not as you prefer. My advice however is that you do so since you will be hard pressed to walk with that mess wrapped around your ankles." She handed the leash back to Sasha as two people a young man and a particularly pretty young woman, came into the room. At first she did not recognize them but then it dawned on her that the boy had a rather nasty scar on each palm and the girl had a lovely gold ring in her clitoris. It shouldn't have surprised her that she had not recognized them since the last time she had seem them, both were hanging upside down. "You will be bathed and prepared then you will be brought back to me." She turned and looked at the woman. In a flash, she drove the nail of her left thumb up underneath the soft flesh just behind the center of the woman's jaw. The pain was instant and excruciating. Tears came to the woman eyes as she struggled to free herself. "And one more thing. They have been given their instructions and I expect these instructions to be followed to the letter. If you cause them any trouble, interfere with them in any way, strike them, or so much as give either of them one of the nasty looks you seem to think so effective, I will kill you. Do you understand me? I will kill you in the most exquisitely painful and agonizingly slow manner I can devise. Do I make myself clear you troublesome little slut? Is there anything I have said that you did not understand?" She pressed up harder and the woman cried out. "I will take that as a yes. Now, go." She handed the leash to the boy and gave all three a wave of dismissal.

When they were gone, the woman sat down and raised her hand. Sasha prepared a cigarette and lit it for her. She sat for a moment then looked up at her companion. "Sasha my dear, I am beginning to truly detest that young lady."

Sasha kneeled at her Mistress' side. One hand rested on the woman's thigh. The woman gently caressed Sasha's cheek then kissed her. "Have no fear my love. My plans for her do not concluded any additional orders for concrete."

Sasha said nothing. She simply laid her cheek on her Mistress' thigh and smiled. Her mistress continued to stroke her cheek. She smiled too.


Donna had taken full advantage of her solitude in the tub. She blushed as she recalled just how many times she taken advantage of it. But you could as they say, have too much of a good thing. She put out her cigarette and pushed the button. Samantha entered the room less than fifteen seconds later. "Did you enjoy your bath Miss?"

"Very much, yes." Donna smiled and Samantha smiled back. Her lips parted slightly and suddenly Donna was not only remembering their kiss, she was also beginning to question the old adage that had just popped into her head. She reached for a bath sponge but Samantha quickly reached out to put her hand on her arm.

"That will not be necessary Miss. Please, just relax and leave everything to me." She poured a lightly scented soap into the sponge then began gently scrubbing Donna's body. The feeling was delicious and Donna closed her eyes. "Hasn't anyone ever bathed you before Miss?" Samantha asked as the scent of the soap filled the room.

"No. Well… My mother but that was quite a while ago." Donna smiled.

Samantha bent and kissed her again. It was hardly a kiss as they're lips only barely touched but it was enough. Samantha smiled and moved the sponge. As she began to gently wash under Donna's breasts she smiled. "In that case I will have to do a very thorough job." Just then the sponge moved directly across Donna's nipples. She arched her back and moaned at the sensation. Samantha bent to kiss her again but this time, her tongue slid deeply into Donna's mouth. Probing and teasing as Donna eagerly reacted. Their tongues danced as the sponge continued to create sensation after sensation. After what seemed an eternity, Samantha pulled away but only an inch or so. She began teasing the center of Donna's upper lip with the tip of her tongue. As she flicked it lightly back and forth, Donna's mouth opened to form a perfect inviting "O". She moaned softly and tried to kiss her. "Keep still Miss… Let me please you." Samantha played with her lips, licking all the way around and teasing the delicate inner flesh. As Donna's mouth opened even farther, Samantha moved the sponge across her tummy. She moaned again. Louder now but the sponge did not stay. Her legs parted and her back arched as Donna slid the sponge between her thighs. The pressure was perfect as was the rhythm. A woman was bringing her to an orgasm but Donna did not care. She pressed against the sponge and Samantha continued to tease her mouth. As the first waves of the orgasm washed over her, Samantha took her upper lip in her mouth and bit it softly. The orgasm gained in intensity as the sponge moved faster and faster. As she lost control, Donna said the one thing she had never before said to any other woman. As the most powerful spasms of the orgasm began to hit she whispered. "I love you."


They were in nearly adjoining rooms but neither woman saw or heard the other while they were being bathed.

Amanda Marie had grudgingly taken the woman's advice and removed what was left of her clothing. Without a word, she kicked off her running shoes, shook what little was left of her pants onto the floor and walked away. If someone wanted to dispose of them later, that was their problem.

The bathroom she entered was virtually identical to the one Donna was enjoying. The bath water was the same temperature and there were an identical number of rose petals floating on its surface. But this woman, unlike her counterpart, would not allow herself to enjoy it. She didn't even sit down she just stood in the tub, glared at her companions and snapped. "Well… That bitch is bound and determined to have her own way. Lets get this over with."

Her companions said nothing. The young woman stood near the edge of the tub. Her gaze fixed on the others, her finger poised over the button that would instantly summon help, if it were necessary.

The task of bathing the woman fell to the young man but even this was no accident. His Mistress was well aware of her "guest's" sexual preference and it satisfied her sense of poetic justice that the woman be bathed by a man instead of any one of the very charming young women who could have bathed her. In retrospect it was a small matter, perhaps even a petty cruelty but we are all guilty of such thoughts, aren't we?

The woman said nothing as she was dutifully washed and rinsed. She even refused to relax and enjoy it when the young man washed her back and then her hair. As he put away the sponge she assumed he was finished and began to step out of the tub.

"Please remain where you are." He said firmly but politely. "You are to be shaved."

"Shaved?" She said.

"Yes. Raise your arms please."

She did so and the young man expertly lathered and shaved her armpits. When they were rinsed he reached for the shaving soap and began lathering the soft triangle of hair between her thighs.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" She demanded.

He set the shaving soap and brush on the edge of the tub and looked up at her. "Please forgive me Ma'am. Perhaps I did not make myself properly understood. My Mistress instructed that you were to be shaved."

"Yes I heard you but… There?"

Yes Ma'am. There in particular." He smiled and picked up the mug of shaving soap. As he lathered her, she thought to back away but looked over at the girl whose finger remained poised over the button. The girl did not say a word. She just looked back at the woman and smiled.

The sensation of an incredibly sharp razor being drawn across her skin refocused the woman's attention and with good reason. Now was not the time for any sudden moves on her part.

It was obvious that the young man was an expert at what he was doing as it took him very little time to perfectly shave one of the body's most difficult and sensitive areas. She looked down at herself. Under other circumstances she would have enjoyed what had just taken place and she was tempted to reach down and part the newly exposed lips, as it was a view that she found particularly exciting. She resisted the urge however and refocused her impatience on the young man. "Are you finished yet?" She hissed.

"I am nearly finished Ma'am." He said as he applied a mild astringent to her armpits and pubis. It did not sting but it was cold and the woman's nipples hardened in response.

Her attention was fixed on the sensation so she never heard the maid enter the room. Samantha had literally begged to be entrusted with this small task. She hated this woman with every fiber of her being for what she had done to her and it was payback time, as they said on the street. More properly they said, payback's a bitch. And sometimes it was a bitch by several orders of magnitude.

Samantha hesitated as the woman turned but the girl by the button made a noise to distract her. Samantha was behind her in seconds and when she turned back, the first thing she saw was the look of abject hatred etched on the maid's face. "This is for me!" Samantha hissed as she slapped her hand onto the side of the woman's neck.

Given the amount of pain caused by the hard slap on her wet skin, the woman never even noticed the slight pricking sensation caused by the needle in the ring Samantha wore. It has been said that this method of deployment had was the one favored by Lucretia Borgia, but its history is unimportant here. What is important is the fact that the effects of the drug were nearly instantaneous. The woman collapsed into unconsciousness. Samantha and the young man caught her before she had fallen more than a few inches. They removed her from the bath and laid her limp body on a massage table near the tub.

"Dry her completely and bring her." Samantha instructed. The young man nodded and began vigorously drying the woman with a towel. The young girl left her station by the button, walked toward the massage table and reached for a blow dryer. As the young man continued to dry the woman's body, the girl began to expertly dry and style the woman's hair. It was difficult, given her uncooperative state, but the girl was very good at what she did.

Samantha watched for a moment to insure that all was well. She nodded to the others and left the room. She did not know what her Mistress had planned for the woman but she suspected that it would be… What was the word she was looking for? Unique? Her choice of words turned out to be something of an understatement.


When she regained consciousness (for the second time that evening) and her eyes slowly opened, the first thing she noticed was the fact that all of the principal characters in the drama that had been unfolding around her were now standing or sitting in the same room. The second was that each had their eyes fixed on her. The third was that she could not move a muscle. Although this in and of itself was not an unusual circumstance, particularly for those persons who found them selves to be unwanted guests in this house, the details of her predicament were unusual enough to warrant further description.

She was more or less sitting. More or less because her position was something just short of sitting up but not quite laying down. The bed (or chair…?) she was in bore more than a passing resemblance to the type found in the office of an obstetrician or gynecologist. There were however, a few alterations a physician would have found unnecessary. A doctor would have recognized the stirrups but he or she might not have understood why they were upholstered in black glove leather. A doctor might have also raised an eyebrow at the leather straps and heavy buckles that secured each leg firmly into the stirrup just below the knee. There was also no question that the strap around each ankle attached to chains running back toward the chair's headrest would have been the subject of comment.

Had the doctor's curiosity been sufficiently aroused, he or she might have followed the chains to where they terminated at two heavy rings. Each of these rings was firmly affixed to the back of a narrow collar around the woman's throat.

On either side of the headrest the doctor would have seen a familiar sight. Padded temporal screws of the sort that once graced the tables used for electro-shock therapy held the woman's head firmly in place.

The woman's arms were held in place by straps around each wrist. Her arms had been passed through stainless steel U shaped bolts that surrounded but did not impede the area around her elbows. They allowed access to the skin but prevented the occupant from swinging a punch if the wrist-strap somehow came loose.

The only additional items a doctor might have found unfamiliar were two narrow leather straps, one around each thigh, an inch or so below the pubic area. Each in turn attached to rings in the table. A doctor might not have recognized them but the woman certainly did as they had come from the bed in her apartment.

As frightening as the implications of that were however, the realization did not really capture her attention. What did capture her attention was an odd sensation between her thighs. She couldn't see the area, nor could she fathom the cause and her confusion was obvious to everyone in the room.

She turned her head slightly and noticed the others. The woman was sitting in a large heavily padded high back chair. Sasha was kneeling at her feet and the woman absentmindedly petted the giantess' cheek. Her gaze however was fixed on the woman strapped to the table. Next to her sat a lovely woman she did not recognize. She did however recognize the deceitful bitch known as Samantha who stood silently next to her. Before she could say anything, the woman in the first chair held up her hand. Samantha put a cigarette in her holder and placed it between her fingers. After it was lit the woman spoke. "I see you are awake. Tell me dear. Are you comfortable? I must admit your comfort is not in and of itself a priority to me but you will be here for some time and I wouldn't want you distracted." She smiled.

"What are you going to do to me?" the woman whispered.

"Oh but that would take far to much time to explain and besides, it would ruin the surprise." She paused then added. "And I know how much you appreciate a good surprise. I will however satisfy your curiosity on two small points. You are in that chair because you have proven to me that you cannot be trusted. With that in mind, the simplest and most direct course of action seemed to be to place you in position where trusting you was no longer an issue. As to the second point, can I assume you are wondering about that odd sensation you are experiencing between your thighs?" She waited. The woman said nothing but nodded. That is to say, she nodded to the extent she was able to nod.

"I thought you might be. Samantha…?" She waved to the maid who walked behind the woman on the table. Seconds later, she wheeled a large surgical observation mirror into place between the stirrups. "It should already be adjusted so that you can see everything but if it isn't by all means tell me." She smiled sweetly.

It was and the woman suddenly understood the cause of the odd feeling as well as the reasons behind why she had been so carefully and completely shaved. Her labia had been spread wide and the outer surface glued to the skin on either side. The skin of her mons had also been pulled up and glued. The slight tension pulled the clitoral hood out of the way and exposed everything.

It looked, for all the world, like a swollen naked red butterfly. She had never felt more exposed, naked or helpless in her life.

"You can thank Sasha for the fact that an adhesive was used." The woman said as her tone suddenly turned icy. "My first choice was surgical hooks." She glared at the woman then continued. "But Sasha correctly pointed out that hooks would have added an unnecessary element of pain. Not that I object to your being in pain but it might have kept you from appreciating and thoroughly enjoying everything else that was happening to you. Knowing how concerned you are with the feelings of others I'm sure you feel it necessary to thank Sasha now but rest assured that is not the case… There will be ample time for you to show your gratitude to Sasha later." She paused to let this sink in before changing the subject completely. "And while I think of it, I wanted to insure you felt at home so I took the liberty of borrowing your thigh restraints. I hope you don't mind."

"You broke into my apartment?" The woman on the table snapped.

"Oh my heavens no. I didn't need to." She held up a large ring of keys. "Why would I need to break in? It is perfectly legal for the owner of an apartment complex to enter an apartment. Especially if the tenant has been evicted for nonpayment of rent." She smiled and dropped the keys on the floor.

"WHAT?" The woman screamed and strained against her bindings.

"But my dear… surely you knew." She reached toward the table again. This time she retrieved a thin manila folder and held it towards the woman. "I can't imagine that the private detective you hired didn't bother to tell you." She opened the file and quickly reviewed its contents before closing it. "Well… That is a surprise. Such incompetence…if I were you dear, I would demand a refund. This kind of sloppy work should not be allowed to go unchallenged. There is nothing in here that you could not have learned simply by asking me during your last visit. But then, I suppose that avenue of approach would never have occurred to you.

"But… How did you…?" She stammered.

"As I told you once before, I am a person who values her privacy. No one asks questions about me without my quickly becoming aware of it." She smiled and gestured to Samantha who bent down and picked something up from the floor next to the table. She handed what appeared to be a thick computer printout to her Mistress.

"Now in my case, I am a firm believer in the old adage that if you want something done properly, you should do it yourself." She opened the heavy file and fanned its pages. "And I am pleased to tell you that this belief has been justified. I now know more about you than you do." She brushed Sasha away from her lap, put the file down and opened it. "I know how much you enjoy games. Shall we play a little game? I will tell you your past and then I will predict your future. I make no claims to being a clairvoyant but then again…" She smiled and tapped the folder. "Supernatural powers are hardly necessary in this case."

"Now let me see… Where to begin? Ahh! Here we are. You were born Anna Maria Gretsky, the only child of Stanley and Maria Gretsky, at 3:45pm on July 10th 1973 in St. Agnes Hospital, Lackawanna, New York.
She stopped at looked up at the woman. "It may interest you to know that you are not related to the famous hockey player whose last name you share." She smiled then turned her attention to the file. "You graduated with honors from a local parochial high school and are a member of MENSA as well as the National Honor Society. You are an accomplished keyboard player and have, by all accounts, a beautiful singing voice. These talents won you a full scholarship to the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, from which you graduated once again with the highest honors in June of 1993. You moved to this city less than a year later and began to pursue a career as an actress using the stage name Amanda Marie Garrett. There is no doubt in your mind that you will be the next Broadway sensation but in the meantime, you have taken a position with a local music publisher and supplement this by giving singing and keyboard lessons. You prefer working with children rather than adults. As a result, you are almost pathologically discrete in your private life lest the parents of your students learn about your sexual preference and, what is the proper word… Hobbies? You have also made quite a splash in the local theatre scene auditioning for and quickly winning three important roles in three separate productions." I must say that I saw you in two of these and found you to be quite talented. I also found you quite attractive. Had things gone differently, I might have invited you to dinner rather than Donna." She smiled at the woman in the chair beside her and softly patted her thigh. "Fortunately, they didn't. But I digress. Let us return to the matter at hand."

She made a soft tisk-tisk sound and shook her head slowly. "Well… it seems as if this is where clouds begin to gather on your horizon. Your reviews were excellent but your directors and fellow cast members do not seem to have as high an opinion of you. One is quoted as saying that you have an astonishing talent but you are self centered and hard to direct. Another went so far as to say that you would be the perfect actress if he could have your talent, voice and body on stage without having to deal with the rest of you, As to your fellow thespians, they find you cold distant and unfriendly. When you are not onstage you are in your dressing room. You say it is so that you can exercise your voice but everyone feels that you just believe yourself superior and wish to have as little contact with them as possible. As talented as you are you seem to lack confidence. As a result, you are fine in staring roles where you are the center of attention but if you are cast in a supporting role you tend to spend the entire run of the show trying to upstage the principles." She paused then asked. "How am I doing? Have I missed anything so far?" She did not wait for an answer but turned a page and continued to read. You have many acquaintances but few friends. You seem unable to form close relationships. You blame this fact on others but the truth of the matter is that you are far to controlling and manipulative to allow anyone to get close to you. The only time you feel you can relax is when you are in complete control, which of course, explains your pathological need to be sexually dominant.

At this point, the woman on the table blurted out. "And what explains it in your case, you bitch?"

"I was just going to point out that you have a penchant for temper tantrums but that hardly seems necessary since I suspect everyone here is already well aware of the fact." She placed a finger in the book to keep her place then looked up. "I also do not believe it is necessary to bore everyone with your statistics. No one here really cares about the make and model of the car you drive." She looked around the room, reopened the file and continued. "Do you care about her license, phone or social security number? No…? Her income? I would give you her measurements but somehow…" She looked at the woman's breasts then her gaze strayed to her thighs. "They seem astonishing redundant at this point. Hmm… now here is an interesting item." She looked up at the woman. "Tell me… Amanda. Do you recall your last production? It seems that one of the theatre crew made quite an attempt to befriend you.

"Bullshit, all he wanted to do was sleep with me."

"Of course he did you malevolent little bitch and that it precisely how you wanted it! You made it clear to him that you were interested and available. You even went so far as to hint that you both shared some of the same…interests. Then when you were sure that you had his attention, you teased him like a cat teases a mouse."

"How is that different from what you do?" The woman now known to us as Amanda, asked.

The woman in the chair smiled. "There is a world of difference darling. No one in this room… Well no one, with one obvious exception, is held here against they're will. Each is free to leave whenever they wish. They all know that I care very deeply for them. Sasha and Samantha would both lay down they're lives for me and for my part I would move heaven and earth to protect them. And that, my dear, is the greatest difference between us. Any woman can wiggle her ass and use it as bait and that certainly has its place in the scheme of things but what it cannot do is create true loyalty. Think back to that stagehand, he befriended you at every step. He was worried when you did not feel well and even went so far as to have flowers sent to your dressing room on opening night to insure that at least one bouquet was there when you came to the theatre!

"I thanked him for those flowers."

"Yes, that is true. You did thank him. But what did you do the night he told you that he was not feeling well? Were you as concerned for his health as he was for yours? NO! Selfish little bitch that you are, you couldn't even bring yourself to tell him that you hoped he felt better. The moment you heard him say his throat was scratchy, you had the unmitigated gall to cover your nose and mouth with a cloth! Instead of showing him that you cared, you turned your back on him and walked away as fast as you could! Instead of showing him even a modicum of compassion you treated him as though he had leprosy! You didn't think twice about hurting him or betraying his friendship. Your only thought was that you might develop a sore throat! Your only concern was that you might somehow be inconvenienced and this has always been your downfall Anne. You never give others a second thought. It is always about you." She paused then added. "But I think we can change that."

"And now, I think we should move on to your future." She opened the file again. "Please be patient Amanda. This won't take long at all. As it turns out your future is somewhat…limited." She smiled. "Ahh… Here we are. You recall my telling you that you had been evicted? This was for nonpayment of rent."

"I sent a check to the manager"

"Well. Yes you did and I'm sure the check was received but there is no record of its ever having been cashed or deposited, I assure you."

"What?" The woman screamed.

"Darling… Your interruptions are only going to drag this out unnecessarily. There is a ball gag hanging from the headrest of that table. Please do not force me to use it…" She let the sentence trail off. "May I continue?" The woman did not move a muscle.

"Thank you dear, I will take that as a yes. Now, where was I? Oh yes. It may interest you to know that tomorrow will be a very eventful day in your life. At approximately ten o'clock in the morning, your employer will be notified of a discrepancy in his bank records. An hour or so after that, he will learn that a trusted employee has defrauded him of over twenty thousand dollars. If I am any judge at all, it won't take him more than a few minutes to determine that a bank transfer took place yesterday that moved the precise amount he is missing from his general account, to your checking account. After that however it gets a bit complicated as the money then moves from your checking account to an account in the Cayman Islands. It may take authorities some time to discover the fact that this account was opened in your name but discover it they will. In the meantime though, the account will have been closed. The only record the bank will have is that a certified check was sent to you at a post office box In Miami, Florida. When authorities check that box, it will be empty. Both the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service excel at uncovering paper trails. They will find yours to be something of a challenge but it won't take them long. In no time at all they will find the flight to Miami as well as your reservation. Your plan was clever but mistakes were made. They will obtain the records showing that you rented a car at the airport there and they'll find it abandoned near the post office where you picked up your certified check. The bank across the street will have a record of your having cashed it. In fact, it was such a large amount they took the time to make a copy of it as well as a copy of your driver's license. Needless to say, a woman bearing a strong resemblance to you will appear in the bank's video security tapes. Drugs are a serious problem in Florida so the bank notified the DEA of the unusually large cash transaction. At some point, the authorities will execute a search warrant. Your landlord will be very helpful but they will find your apartment empty. The manager of your building will tell the authorities that you were evicted, a van removed your belongings and you left no forwarding address. She will also request that the property manager be notified when you are found so that they can recover your back rent. But you won't be found my dear. Your trail will fade away in Florida and no one will ever really be sure where you went from there. For all intent and purpose you will disappear and interest will fade. If, on the other hand you ever do surface, you will find virtually every law enforcement agency in the country interested in having a long talk with you. Oh and you car…?" She stopped and looked at her watch. "By now I suspect it has been reduced to pieces no larger than your thumb. I am told that within a week, what's left of it will be delivered by rail to a perfectly enormous steel mill in Charlotte, South Carolina where I understand they make a great deal of steel pipe. In a month it will be part of a very large municipal gas main being built for the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. If you are sentimental you could go to Indianapolis and visit it but my guess is that it will be difficult to find." She closed the file and dropped it on the floor. "Did I leave anything out? Oh yes, there is one more item of importance. Say the word and you are free to leave Amanda. Simply say the word and Sasha will release you, escort you to the door and close it behind you. Of course in your present state you are bound to attract notice. But why am I telling you something you already know?" She smiled. "And in less than ten hours the last thing in the world you will want to do is attract notice. But as I said, the choice is yours." She smiled again.

"What if I tell them who you are and where you are?"

The woman laughed. "I never doubted for a moment that you would hesitate to do so. Unfortunately, I am not here." She smiled and spread her hands in a gesture of mock helplessness. "You are not the only one with an identical twin who has left a paper trail. In my case, the trail clearly indicates that I left this city five hours ago and took a flight to Boston. I traveled first class to Logan Airport. I checked into a very large hotel in the center of the city and I am currently enjoying a late dinner after attending a performance of the Boston Pops Orchestra. Tomorrow I will shop and I will undoubtedly make several expensive and memorable purchased. Tomorrow evening I will fly on to Montreal where I will spend a delightful two weeks relaxing and pampering myself. Would you like the name of the hotel? I stay there frequently. I am well known and leave very large tips so I will undoubtedly be remembered." She looked up at the woman, stood and smiled. "You see darling? Earlier this evening you accused me of previously having ruined your life. I'm sure you can see now that this was patently not the case. Had you stayed away from me and gone on about your business things could have stayed as they were. As long as our paths never crossed again, I had no reason to take any interest in you. But you couldn't leave it alone could you? Once again, it was all about you. You were bound to have the last word and so you shall. Do you wish to leave now? Yes or no."

The woman said nothing. She remained perfectly still for nearly a full minute. Suddenly she closed her eyes, sighed and shook her head no.

The other woman walked toward the chair and stopped near her head. As she caressed her cheek she smiled. "Good it's settled then." She bent over the woman and kissed her passionately. The others in the room could not help but notice the intensity of the kiss and each, in her own way, reacted accordingly.

The woman stood and began caressing Amanda's breasts with the tips of her nails. "And so it begins." She said softly to herself as the other woman's nipples betrayed her by responding.


Brandy had been served. It was a special occasion so Samantha and Sasha were both allowed too indulge themselves with a glass. It was an excellent brandy and when Samantha complimented her hostess, the woman smiled and promised to send her a bottle.

As the ladies (with one notable, but obvious exception) sipped, their hostess stared intently at the woman still restrained in the chair. She sipped her brandy, swallowed and placed the glass on the table. "Amanda Marie? Indulge me if you will." She stood. Anyone close enough to see her left hand would have noticed her palm something from the shelf under the table but everyone's attention having been focused elsewhere by her question, no one saw anything of the sort. As she walked toward the chair, she fixed her gaze squarely on the woman's face.

If memory serves me correctly, you are a member of MENSA. This being the case, I assume you enjoy intellectual stimulation? The odd puzzle or a crossword perhaps?" The woman in the chair did not respond.

"Although your present circumstance would hardly suggest it, you and I do have something in common. To be more precise, we have two things in common." She drew a single nail along the underside of the woman's left breast. "We have a fondness and appreciation for the female form." She moved her nail to the right breast. "But more to the point, we both have an insatiable desire to dominate the forms we find ourselves appreciating. Wouldn't you agree that this is the case?"

The woman in the chair nodded but said nothing. There was nothing to say. Once again, her nipples were speaking for her.

Sasha and Samantha remained immobile standing precisely where their mistress had left them. They knew something was coming but they did not know what.

Donna remained in her chair, her eyes transfixed on the woman standing by the table. So much had happened to her that she had not even begun to sort any of it out. All she could do was watch the scene unfold and let the chips fall where they may. She would deal with her feelings later.

The woman by the table cupped Amanda Marie's breast in her hand and kissed the nipple delicately. She stood again but held her hand underneath it savoring the warmth as she continued. "Delightful." She smiled. "Amanda Marie? Tell me, have you ever received one of those dreadful S/M catalogs in the mail? No darling, no need to answer. It was a rhetorical question. Of course you have. But have you ever noticed that everything in those catalogs always seems so complicated and overpriced? To add insult to injury they never seem to work the way you want them to, do they? And if that isn't enough, have you noticed that anything in the catalog that requires a battery, never actually comes with a battery?" She laughed softly. "But that is the bane of every child's existence isn't it? Battery not included." She drew her nail down the center of the woman's abdomen and watched with satisfaction as the muscles reacted to her touch. "Some time ago the thought occurred to me that life was becoming far to complicated. As a result, I began to look around for simpler, less complicated ways to capture and retain a lover's attention and it was no easy task I assure you. Our society seems hell bent on the concept of bigger being automatically better and I must confess that I am, or at least was, no exception. I was having little or no success in my endeavor so I had to stop and completely reevaluate my approach." She drew the nail back up and began drawing tiny circles around the woman's left nipple. "Then I found the answer. The key was absolute simplicity! No moving parts, nothing. And it was so delightfully inexpensive that I found myself laughing at my own foolishness. Are you curious to know what I discovered Amanda Marie?"

"What difference could my answer make? You are going to tell me anyway, aren't you?" She had regained some of her composure and some of her venom.

"Why of course I am dear. For that matter I am going to give you an in depth demonstration but I thought perhaps you might care to reason the question out and tell me what you come up with." She stopped but the other woman said nothing. "No? Well… I am surprised." She turned away and looked at the women standing behind her. "Never in my life have I come across a woman more likely to talk when nobody cared to hear her and now, here I am playing the part of the gracious hostess and allowing her to exercise 'ze little gray cells' as that Belgian detective used to say and what happens? She remains as mute as the Great Sphinx. But I think we can change that."

"Gracious hostess? Why you…" The comment died in her throat as the woman held up the nine-volt battery she had been hiding in the palm of her hand.

"And you will be pleased to know that in this case at least, the battery is included." She smiled and touched the battery to the tip of her tongue. "Ouch. They do become uncomfortable quickly don't they? You know, I came across this idea quite by accident. I was changing a battery and wanted to make sure the new one was still good. "She slowly lowered the battery toward the woman's left ankle. As she moved the battery up the woman's leg, she continued. "As I understand it, the battery only produces that peculiar sensation when it touches moist tissue such as your tongue. But think about it. Your tongue is not the only moist tissue you have… Is it Amanda Marie?" Her tone became as cold as ice the moment she said the woman's name. She waited for another second or two then hissed. "Answer me you troublesome little bitch!"

"No…" The other woman snapped.

"No what damn you?"

"No it isn't…" She screamed in agony as the woman pressed the terminals of the battery to her clitoris. She held it there was less than five seconds but it seemed an eternity. The woman on the table had never felt anything so excruciating in her life.

Now… Try again dear. And this time, answer me properly or I swear to you, I will hold this to your skin until the battery loses its charge. Now. Answer me properly you little whore."

"But I answered I…" She screamed again as the battery was pressed home. A full ten seconds this time. By the time it was removed, sweat was rolling off her and tears had fallen down both cheeks.

"I said properly, didn't I?" She smiled and caressed the woman's inner thigh with the battery. "What do you imagine is the proper way to address me?"

The woman on the chair tried to glare. She really tried to come up with some way to express her hatred but to no avail. She was beaten but only for the time being. She could eat a little crow if she had to. "No Mistress… It isn't."

"Much better. See I knew a woman of your intellect would have no difficulty grasping the obvious. A marvelous concept, simplicity. On the other hand, there are times when a little additional complication becomes unavoidable. With that, she walked to the table and picked up a small black rubber cap. She clipped it to the top of the battery then plunged it deep between the woman's thighs. "The previous two times were simply to get your undivided attention darling. Now that I have it, your training will begin." She turned her back on the woman and returned to her seat.

"Oh forgive me kitten. The device I attached to the battery is nothing more than a small set of silver terminals with a radio controlled on/off switch. I wonder if it works? She pressed the button on a small black box on the table. An instant later the woman was writhing in agony on the chair. "And indeed it does. Don't you just love the thrill of scientific discovery Amanda Marie?"

She released the pressure on the button but the woman continued crying. She was broken and she knew it.

"Are you enjoying yourself kitten?" The woman asked.

"Yes… Mistress." Amanda Marie said as she choked back a sob.

"Then what do you say darling?"

"Thank… Thank You… Mistress." Amanda Marie whispered.

"Good girl. Lest you think me ungrateful, I have a gift for you." She turned a small knob on the box. If I decrease the discharge, I think you will find the sensation a little more… Agreeable." She smiled and pressed the button.

Amanda's body tensed but the pain did not come. Instead, she felt an indescribable feeling between her thighs. The effect was unlike anything she had ever encountered before. The most delicate touch and the most incredibly focused pressure combined in one exquisite sensation. In seconds she had forgotten all about the pain and was praying that the feeling would last forever.


Donna winced when she saw the battery touch the woman for the first time and she winced as it struck again. Her reaction the third time was a bit different. The initial shock had worn off and she found herself entranced by how quickly this woman had asserted herself over her… What was the word? Victim?"

To be honest she was more than entranced. She had never really thought about this kind of sexual relationship. She had heard stories of course but sadism and masochism were perversions? Weren't they? She had always thought so but she found her doubts mounting as she reacted to the woman on the table. For reasons she did not even begin to understand, the woman's helplessness and agony were exciting her. The robe she was wearing was not particularly heavy but suddenly she felt herself getting uncomfortably warm.

She looked over at Samantha and Sasha who still stood by their Mistress' chair. Sasha was as immobile as ever but Donna detected the slightest trace of a smile. Then she looked up at Samantha whose thoughts and feelings were far more obvious. The girl's gaze was riveted on the woman in the chair and she was very softly licking her upper lip.

Samantha's Mistress noticed it too. "Darling… I think you should use that where it would be more appreciated don't you?" She smiled as her thighs opened slightly. "I find myself feeling a need to relax and I think I shall do so while I enjoy watching my new slave acclimate herself." At this she pressed the button again. The woman in the chair screamed. Samantha kneeled at her Mistress' feet and the woman began softly caressing the girl's hair. "My apologies for the noise. I would use the ball gag but it seems unfair to refuse the poor dear an opportunity to express herself before such an appreciative audience. Don't you think so?" She released the button and laid her head back against the cushion of the chair. Before she closed her eyes she turned toward Donna.

"Darling…? Do you like honey?" She asked seemingly out of the blue.

Donna nodded. "Yes. As a matter of fact, I like it very much why?"

The woman said nothing she simply rang the small bell on the table. A moment later the girl who had bathed the woman known as Amanda Marie came into the room with a small silver bowl. Her Mistress dipped her finger in it and put it to her lips. "Perfect." She looked at the girl then nodded toward Sasha. "Sasha darling, would you be good enough to serve our guest a little honey?"

Sasha smiled. "Yes Ma'am it would be a pleasure." She stepped toward Donna's chair. As she walked her robe fell away. Donna had never seen a woman so beautiful and the sight took her breath away. She stood before Donna and waited. The girl with the bowl dipped a small silver ladle into the honey then reached up to drizzle it on Sasha's breast. Sasha took Donna's face gently in her hands and held her mouth below the nipple. As the honey dripped off, the giantess looked down, smiled and said. "Miss Donna… your dessert is served." A drop fell on to Donna's tongue and she savored it. As the second drop formed, Sasha effortlessly drew the woman's mouth toward her breast. Donna hesitated but only for a second. She had never felt a woman's breast in her mouth before. But then again she had done any number of things tonight that she had never done before. Her eyes closed as she took Sasha's nipple in her mouth. The honey was delicious but the texture and feel of the nipple was indescribable. She began caressing it with her tongue as she sucked harder. Sasha held her close and petted her hair. God, she thought to herself. This is heaven!

Donna put her arms around the woman's waist and held tightly. Nothing was making any sense anymore but she no longer cared. As she took Sasha's nipple deep in her mouth, she felt the woman's massive hands spread themselves across the small of her back. She moaned softly and sucked harder as the woman pulled her close, the heat of their bodies fusing them together.

When Donna no longer thought it possible that they could get any closer, she felt the woman's hands move across her body. Donna had moved slightly to the right and spread her thighs to press herself against Sasha's thigh. A louder moan escaped her lips as she felt the heat of the other woman's thigh between her legs.

Sasha felt it to and reacted. She had been attracted to this woman but had not taken any steps on her own, nor would she have ever even thought to do so. But this… This was different. Her Mistress had offered. No. She had insisted. As such, not only was Sasha bound to comply, she would have been a fool not to enjoy the act of compliance and although Sasha was many things, she was no fool. As Donna pressed herself against Sasha's thigh, She moved her hands from the small of Donna's back to her supple waist. Four fingers massaged her as two thumbs teased and tormented her nipples. Donna reacted by moving even closer, the pace of her movements increasing as she did so.

Sasha reached below Donna, cupped her ass with both hands and effortlessly lifted her. Shifting the weight onto her right hand, she searched and probed with the other. In no time at all, her left index finger found the spot it had been searching for and slid inside her. Donna screamed out as Sasha's massive finger filled her. Sasha shifted the woman's weight and soon, Donna was impaled, riding Sasha's hand. The woman held her effortlessly.

Donna lost control as the first spasms of the orgasm hit her. Sasha had shifted her weight so that Donna's thigh was pressed firmly between her legs. As she rubbed, the motion rocked Donna back and forth. Both women orgasmed together in perfect rhythm. Donna screamed again but Sasha remained silent as spasm after spasm shook her huge body. One hand still imbedded in her lover, the other pressing the woman to her breast.

Sasha's Mistress placed a single high heel on the edge of the table to give Samantha more room and the girl took full advantage of it. Seconds before the first spasm, she pressed the button on the box. As she did so, she pressed her thigh against Samantha. Although all five women orgasmed at the same time each did so in her own particular and very personal way.

Author: Victoria Lynn

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