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Erotic Literature

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Kahlua Part II -
A Pound of Flesh

The bath had become tepid and she had become impatient. She was not a woman accustomed to waiting. "Where is that stupid bitch?" she said half out-loud to no one in particular. She waited a few moments more. "Enough." She barked and stepped out of the now uncomfortably cool water. No towel… No robe… No slippers. Someone would pay dearly for this and she knew precisely who that someone would be.

As she reached for the bathroom doorknob she heard a sound. Not a moan, not really even a whimper but something indescribably in between. Her first thought was that her maid had taken it upon herself to take advantage of the delicious girl still tied to the bed. The maid had never done such a thing before but this was a woman quite accustomed to assuming that people who could take advantage of her, would most certainly do so. As a result, she was totally unprepared for what met her eyes as she walked, or rather stormed into the bedroom.

The maid was there all right but not in the position one might have reasonably expected her to be. Although she'd have been loathe to admit it, this woman who was always in control and never at a loss for words found herself in just that predicament. What bothered her most however was not that the maid was there, but that the girl wasn't. Instead of the lovely and unspoiled young thing she had left behind, her maid was now tied to the bed in precisely the same position. Something was horribly wrong.

Although she disliked them, she turned the lights on to banish the dancing candle light shadows she normally found so appealing. As she turned she gasped softly in spite of herself. Her maid was indeed tied to the bed but her uniform had been neatly cut up the center and peeled, much as one would open the shell of a lobster. As she approached she first noticed the look of terror in the girl's eyes. A second later she saw the cause. The girl's lips had been sealed shut with candle wax. Accustomed as she was to causing such discomfort, she winced at the thought of the agony such treatment had caused.

There was no question that she would need to take action so she walked to the ice bucket near her chair, took a few of the chips that had not melted and returned to the bed. The girl's eye's widened in terror but a smile from her Mistress made her relax.

The woman placed the ice on the wax and the relief on the maid's face was both profound and immediate. As the sting was taken out, the wax hardened and began to crack. It wasn't long before she was able to remove it comfortably. Although she did care for the girl, she still had no explanation for what had happened and once the wax was gone, she reacted accordingly. "What happened in here? Answer me you bitch or I'll…" She never finished the sentence; the girl burst into tears and shook as though she had been struck by lightning. She tried to speak but her mouth simply opened and closed noiselessly as the words failed her. She sat up and reached for her Mistress. It was then that the silk sheet covering her breasts fell away and for the second time that night, the woman found herself utterly unable to comprehend precisely what had happened. She looked down and she saw that her maid's abdomen had been oiled (or so it appeared). In the oil she could see a series of extremely thin angry, red welts. It took her a few seconds to realize that the welts formed patterns and the patterns formed words. Someone had carved a message onto the girl's skin! She tore the rest of the sheet away and turned the girl so that the light struck her skin. Yes… it was there. Fading but still legible,

You have taken something that belongs to me. I have taken it back. You may apologize in person. A car will call for you in one hour. I dislike being kept waiting.

There was no further explanation. The maid could offer no additional information except that when she had walked past the room on her way to the kitchen, she had heard a noise and, assuming the girl was trying to remove her bindings, went in to investigate. She had been grabbed from behind and her mouth covered. She was forced onto the bed and her mouth literally clamped shut by two of the most powerful hands she had ever felt in her life. She was tied into the bed and her mouth waxed while it was held shut. Then she felt a sharp sting on her tummy. It was not painful but uncomfortable. Certainly something she had never experienced before and she had been at a loss to explain it until she saw the words that had been carved on to her.

She looked up at her Mistress half expecting a slap or some other expression of the woman's displeasure but to her amazement this did not happen. Although she might have under any other circumstance, the woman did not move. She simply sat, staring at the message and wondering…

Lest the reader think it was mercy or kindness that prevented the retribution, understand that these were emotions completely alien to her. On the contrary, she was angry. She was far angrier than she herself would have ever admitted. Her sanctuary and property had been violated. No one had the right… never mind, no one should have ever had the unmitigated audacity to even consider such a thing. A car would call for her…? Indeed it would! It had damn well better. She was going to get some answers and she would have them right now! It was only then, that she looked down and realized that she was squeezing her own palm so tightly that the nails had nearly pierced the skin. She was angry… angrier than she had ever been before in her life. It filled her and focused her… The spell was broken only by the glare of automobile headlights through her window. The car stopped and waited.

Oh yes! She would accept the ride. She would dress (her favorite informal clothing) tight jeans that showed off her curves, a black cashmere sweater which showed off even more of them and three inch black heels, her only concession to subconscious vanity as she was more than a little annoyed at her lack of physical height. She made up for this however as she made up for everything else by being certain that wherever she was, she was the center of attention. She had long ago found that although heels helped insure this, her forceful personality inevitably did the rest.

She did not even consider requiring that her maid dress her. She was dressed, minimal make-up and her hair brushed, with a brief leather jacket in her hand almost before she herself realized it. She took one final look around the room, checked for her keys (a nervous habit she deeply disliked) and walked out the door. After it slammed behind her, the only sound a casual observer might have heard in the hallway was the staccato tap of her heels as she marched towards the front foyer of her home. Oh yes, she would have answers all right. An apology? She'd be damned if she'd be the one to apologize but by God someone was going too. Of this she was certain.


As she left the building, she glanced toward the driveway. There was indeed a car but one such as she had never seen before. At first she thought it might have been a Rolls Royce but no, it did not have the distinctive radiator cap and grill of a Rolls. A person better acquainted with classic automobiles would have immediately recognized the distinctive profile of a Bentley but she did not. In any case the thought passed quickly out of her mind as the rear door of the car silently opened. She hesitated for a moment but only for a moment. In no time at all she was ensconced in what she had to admit was perhaps the most luxuriously upholstered car she had ever ridden in. Her enjoyment of the interior was interrupted however, as the door closed on its own.

The car pulled noiselessly out of the drive and she could hear the engine gain power as it picked up speed. The ride was flawless and there was no way to even tell how fast the car was going. It was so smooth it was hard to even be sure that the car was moving. It was quite a vehicle and as angry as she was at the owner, she had to admire his taste.

The car slowed as it reached the corner. She glanced out the window to see which way she was traveling but as she did so (perhaps because she did so?) she witnessed another of the car's tricks as the glass darkened on its own. Within a few seconds all the windows in the back of the car were virtually opaque. Although still translucent, the window separating her from the drive was too dark to see any detail through. She could for example see the driver through the car's rear-view mirror but she couldn't make out any details other than the fact that he apparently wore a chauffeur's cap. Beyond that, she could tell nothing.

It frustrated her to no end that she could neither gauge the speed of the car, nor look out a window to catch glimpses of familiar landmarks. It was a feeling of powerlessness she was quite unaccustomed to and she disliked it very much. As with most feelings she disliked, it was soon translated into a growing anger. It was an anger she would thoroughly enjoy venting on her "host".

She was able to determine that the car made several turns but before she could begin to even guess where they were, the car slowed and made a hard turn to the left. A second or two later, the car rolled to a smooth stop and once again, the door simply opened. The driver did not seem to move a muscle. She left the rear seat and the door closed. The car did not move, instead it just sat in the driveway with the engine still running. She stood in the drive, momentarily at a loss.

She turned to look at the house. It was indeed very impressive and obviously in one of the older, better neighborhoods of the city. Although she did not recall having seen it, she could tell by the scent carried on the night air that she was somewhere near the river.

Since the car was not moving and its doors were not opening, there was no alternative but to stand there or approach the house. This fact helped refocus her thoughts as well as her anger and she strode up the steps mindful of the powerful (and reassuring) sound of her own heels on the massive stones.

Odd…? There was a knocker but there seemed to be no door handle. She stood there for a second, reached for the heavy brass knocker but before she could touch it, this door also opened on its own. Or so it seemed.

She walked through the door and it took her a second before her eyes focused. The foyer was decorated in excellent taste. It was the kind of decor one usually found in Europe and rarely found in the United States. What struck her though was that all of the lighting fixtures, wall sconces, candelabra, chandeliers, everything really were filled with candles. There did not seem to be any electric lights in the place. Or if there was, she couldn't see them.

As she turned to survey the room, her breath caught in her throat and she nearly screamed in spite of herself. Standing directly behind her and softly closing the massive front door, was the tallest woman she had ever seen. If that were not enough, except for a pair of gorgeous gold stiletto heels and a pair of matching silk thong panties this Amazon was entirely and completely nude!

In this case, the word Amazon was neither broadly nor incorrectly applied. Due to the heels she was wearing, it was hard to really determine just how tall she was but with them on she had to be at least seven feet tall. Everything else being equal, her height alone would have made her unique but there was much more to her than that. Her figure and skin were flawless. Her breasts were large but perfectly formed and not out of proportion to her size. She had azure green eyes of the sort people dream of falling into. Her blonde hair was thick, luxurious and fell to her waist. She was by any and every standard an astonishingly beautiful woman.

The blonde said nothing. She just stood there smiling down at her. Under any other circumstance it would have been an awkward moment but so far, the night had been filled with one moment after another that made this one seem perfectly reasonable.

Just as the shorter woman was about to speak, the blonde smiled (it was the kind of smile people dream of) and pointed down the hallway. Without another word she started walking and after only a second's hesitation, the other woman simply followed her.

It was indeed a beautiful home. Stunningly appointed with excellent taste and the evidence of old world breeding. Walking along the hall, one had the impression of being in a centuries old chateau in Europe, not a relatively new home in an insignificant city in New York. It was quite clear that the owner, whoever he might be, had not made his money in dot-com stocks. No, this money had aged and matured. The fortune might not be old by European standards but it certainly was by any other.

They had nearly reached the end of the hall when the blonde stopped and tapped gently on a heavy wooden door. Without waiting for a reply, she opened it noiselessly and waved the shorter woman in first. After they had both entered, the door closed softly behind them.

The room seemed immense. At first glance it had to be twice as large as the house it was in! Surely the result of some optical illusion, or failing that some genius of design. The walls were dark, heavy paneling. Three were windowless and covered with heavy brocaded tapestries. The fourth was interrupted by a series of large French windows. The window treatments matched the other tapestries but were tied back just enough to admit a trace of moonlight. One curtain fluttered as a slight breeze caught it by the hem.

In the center of the room, she saw a dining table that could have comfortably sat twenty people. It appeared to be made of the same wood as that which lined the walls. At each end, she noticed a heavy candelabrum (silver or pewter, she could not tell which). In each corner, taller but otherwise matching candelabra shed a soft, warm glow throughout the room.

It wasn't until she had completely surveyed the room that she noticed they were not alone. At one end of the table she saw a heavy overstuffed chair. She dimly recalled that in years past, these "library chairs" had been the favorite of exclusive men's clubs. She assumed there would be another one at the other end of the table and she was right. This chair however, was occupied. Its occupant said nothing but gestured. The huge blonde (whom the other woman had nearly forgotten about) walked further into the room. The shorter woman however, did not move.

"Sasha… do not forget our guest." Said the figure at the table. The second this figure spoke, the blonde stopped dead in her tracks, turned and looked at the woman behind her. For her part, she had been momentarily taken aback by the fact that, her initial assumption not withstand, this was the voice of a woman!

Curiosity fought equally with anger as she approached the table. She did not notice Sasha taking a position in the shadows behind and somewhat to the left of the empty chair.

"Please, sit down. Welcome to my home. Can Sasha get you anything?" There was a moment's pause before she continued. "I am told you have a fondness for Kaluha and Sambucca…"

This comment immediately rekindled the other woman's anger and as she sat, she clenched her fists. Before she could speak however, the other woman did. "Can I assume you are here to apologize?" She said quietly and evenly.

This did it. She jumped to her feet and fairly screamed… "Apologize? For What! You broke into my home and took what was mine you…" before the word 'bitch' was even half formed she heard a sound that stopped her. The woman at the end of the table sat up straight and said one word. "Silence." It was not what she said that mattered so much as how she said it. Not a hiss, not a bark. Not even in anger. But a voice as hard as iron and utterly devoid of warmth. Perhaps devoid of any humanity. This voice had developed the ability of chilling people to the marrow, to an art.

"You are a guest in my home. You will not raise your voice to me. Do I make myself clear? Before you answer that question, look at the table directly in front of you. Do you see the three holes? They are there, look for them, one near each side and one nearly in the center." The woman leaned towards her and continued. "Less than three weeks ago a young man visited me and inquired as to the current whereabouts of his girlfriend. When I did not answer, he raised his voice in a manner nearly identical to the manner in which you just raised yours. I asked him, quite politely I think not to do so but he continued. At that point, Sasha nailed his hands and then his tongue to the table… With this thought uppermost in your mind young lady, feel free to continue with what you were saying."

The other woman looked down and for some reason it really did not surprise her to find three small holes in the table's otherwise immaculate finish. Were they put there as she had been told? Were they pre-drilled "props" designed to intimidate? There was really only one way to tell for sure and that was not a risk she was prepared to take. She did however turn and look towards Sasha who simply smiled at her.

"Oh… where are my manners? I failed to properly introduce the two of you." The other woman continued as though nothing had happened. "This is Sasha, my maid, personal secretary and my dearest sweetest possession on earth." She waived at the tall blonde who immediately moved to her side, kneeled and placed her head on the other woman's thigh. She in turn softly stroked the blonde's cheek as she continued. "Sasha Darling, this is Miss ------. Please treat her as my guest and give her anything she desires… within reason." The blonde did not move a muscle, she simply purred, "Yes Maam."

"Oh and by the way, before I forget. As you can see, Sasha is somewhat unique. Her physical strength is proportionate to her height. In short, should I indicate a desire for her to do so, she could easily crush your skull as quickly as you or I could squeeze a grape. Granted there is certainly no need for you to know this, I just pass it along to you as an item of curiosity." She smiled and continued to stroke the girl's hair.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, you were going to apologize. But before you do, may I offer you anything?" She picked up a small silver bell and gave it the slightest shake with her wrist. Less than fifteen seconds later, a maid approached. See to our guest's needs." As she spoke, she fitted a hand made Sherman's cigarette to a silver and black onyx holder. When she was satisfied, the maid held a lighter to it. "She smiled and turned to the woman at the end of the table. "May I offer you one? They are made especially for me and really are delightful."

"I do not smoke and I dislike it. I would prefer that you not smoke." The other woman snapped.

"Indeed…? Well… I was not aware that your preferences were even at issue here. Be that as it may, this is after all my home and you are a guest. I dislike the scent of the cheap bath oil you used this evening but I have not taken any steps to have it removed from you."

"How DARE You!" the other woman stood abruptly. "How dare you practically kidnap me, treat me this way and then demand an apology? It is you who should apologize to me and God Damn it you are going to this instant." She was beet red and angrier than even she realized.

The other woman brushed the ash absentmindedly from the tip of her cigarette and smiled. "So we seem to be at an impasse. Understand this my dear… You most certainly will apologize. You took something that belonged to me. You may not have been aware of it but you took no steps to find out and I am a woman with a deep-seated attachment to what I consider to be mine. So, you have two choices, you may either apologize for your behavior and we will part on good terms, or…"

Or what? You'll have that freak beat me until I do apologize? You can kiss my ass, bitch!

The other woman smiled. "I cannot, in all fairness, tell you that I am disappointed. I had rather hoped you would live up to my expectations of you. Sasha?" The other woman stepped back as Sasha instantly stood. "Oh, have no fear darling, she will not harm you. But understand this. Since you refuse to apologize you have left me with no choice. If you had done so… well, that is of no importance since you will not. But we are left with a dilemma. The scales are out of balance and rest assured young lady… the scales will be balanced. You took something that was very precious to be and you violated it. I have returned the favor by taking and violating your privacy. I will now take your dignity. Remove your clothing please."

"Remove my…? You must be out of your mind! I will do no such thing."

"Oh but you will. Not only that my dear but you will beg me for permission to do so." She flicked her wrist and Sasha instantly grasped the woman by her shoulders forcing her back into the chair. The bell was rung again but this time, the maid came bearing a large silver bowl with a ladle in it. The woman nodded and pointed towards her "guest". The maid walked to the end of the table, put the bowl on it and began stirring the contents.

"My dear young lady? Do you like honey? Did you know that warm honey actually evaporates very quickly? Just like sugar water as a matter of fact. As it does it leaved a sticky residue on the skin. Have you ever spilled anything sweet and sticky on your skin? After a few minutes, you simply have to wash it off. It must be one of the itchiest, most uncomfortable feelings there is… especially in a Cashmere sweater." At this she waived her hand and the maid poured a ladle full of the hot honey down the woman's back. She struggled but to absolutely no avail as she was held firmly in place. Next, the maid pulled the collar of the sweater away from her throat and poured a ladle full down her front, thoroughly covering her bra and cleavage. The last ladle full covered the front of her blue jeans as well as inner thighs.

The other woman smiled and fitted a fresh cigarette to her holder. "Now, you seem to enjoy giving people the impression that you are a strong willed woman. Let us see how strong you are." She waived the maid away. When she returned she brought her mistress a cup of tea.

"Drat that girl. She knows I take honey with my tea. Oh well… Never mind, I will get it." She stood and walked toward the other woman. She smiled and slowly drew a silver teaspoon up the center of her throat. "May I trouble you for some honey…darling?" She asked. When the spoon was full she stirred it into her tea. When she was comfortably seated, she sipped it. "Ahh… that's much better. Thank you."


Only one person in the room had really taken any care to note the passage of time and to her, this had been the longest hour of her life. As for the others, one had stood motionless, as she had been instructed. The other two had simply taken the opportunity to enjoy them selves.

The maid moaned softly as she climaxed. Her mistress' expert hand, teasing and tickling in just the right places. But a casual observer would have had to strain to hear her. That is not to say that her pleasure was not audible, it was just hard to hear over the whimpering coming from the other end of the table.

She had been very quiet at first. Stoic in her insistence that no matter what, she would not bend to this woman's will. Her intentions were as genuine as they were short-lived.

Within fifteen minutes, she was squirming in the seat. Her breath had become uneven and a sheen had broken out on her forehead. Sasha remained behind her, a massive, silent statue pinning her to her chair.

By the time thirty minutes had elapsed, she was gasping and struggling against Sasha's inexorable grip. Moments later she gave up all pretenses of restraint and her screams filled the room.

"You vile bitch! If I scream loud enough someone will hear me! You outsmarted yourself you cunt, those windows are open!" She squirmed and fought. Suddenly her hands came up and she dug her nails viciously into the back of Sasha's hands. She on the other hand (if the pun may be permitted) did not show any reaction what so ever. All she did was softly clench her massive hands. Within seconds, the other woman's hands fell to her side as her arms went completely numb.

"My dear, please do not make Sasha angry… If you do I will most certainly do what I can to keep her from harming you, but really darling, you must realize that even my influence has its limits and she could easily kill you. So I ask you again, do not upset her." The woman smiled as she fitted another cigarette to her holder and lit it from the candle. "And by the way darling, I believe you may be mistaken. This room is exactly in the center of the house and I assure you, each wall is thoroughly sound proofed. As to the windows, I am so pleased you like the effect. An acquaintance made them for me. The moonlight and even the breeze are man made." She chuckled softly and continued. "Forgive me dear, I do enjoy moonlit nights and soft breezes but as I am sure you can appreciate I am something of a fanatic when it comes to my privacy…" She smiled and gestured to the maid who instantly approached. "Kitten, our guest's predicament has proven far more enjoyable than I had anticipated." She softly caressed the girl's breast as she spoke. "You may touch me." At this the maid instantly dropped to her knees and began kissing her mistress' thighs. The woman let them part, just a touch, and absent- mindedly teased the center of her upper lip with the cigarette holder as her eyes closed. It was hard to determine just what she was enjoying more, the ministrations of her charming playmate, or the screams of the woman still being held at the other end of the table.

By the time forty-five minutes had elapsed, the other woman was screaming again. This time however they were screams of desperation. She had gone beyond discomfort; the honey was now sheer agony. The other woman smiled and continued to watch her through half closed eyes. The efforts of the girl between her thighs were beginning to have their anticipated effect as she began to shudder. One hand moved to stroke the girl's hair and press her gently to where her touch was desired. Suddenly, the woman at the other end of the table screamed in agony. This was enough to bring her to climax and she moaned softly, relishing the other's exquisite agony.

The maid gently tongued her Mistress clean. When she was done, she looked up and gazed into the woman's eyes, hoping for a sign that she had pleased her. The woman smiled, cupped her hand softly under the girl's chin and caressed her cheek with her fingertips. "Why thank you that was lovely kitten… You may stand." The girl did so instantly and suddenly felt her Mistress's fingertips probing and toying between her own thighs. "One good turn deserves another…" The woman said as she slide her thumb deep inside the girl's ass and several fingers simultaneously disappeared into her luscious womanhood. The girl gasped and settled on her Mistress's hand as the other woman curled her fingers together deep inside her. She rode the woman's hand gasping and moaning but suddenly her reverie was interrupted.

"My GOD… PLEASE Take them off" The woman at the end of the table sobbed. Please, please, I'll do anything… please, take them off. I can't stand it…" She was sobbing uncontrollably and the tears ran down her cheeks.

Without interrupting the rhythm her hand had settled into, the other woman spoke. "No… I think not." She said as she smiled. "I might however allow you to remove them yourself. If you ask properly of course."

Oh please… PLEASE, let me take them off. God, I can't stand the itching…."

"Please who darling? Whom, are you referring to?"

"You… Please, please…."

"And who am I…Kitten?"

She hesitated but only for a moment, the agony was too intense, she had never felt such indescribably misery in her life. "Miss…Mistress." She whimpered softly.

"I'm sorry lover, I did not hear you?

"Mistress… may I please remove my clothing…?

The woman smiled. Why of course kitten, I thought you'd never ask." At this, Sasha's grip relaxed. The other woman immediately jumped to her feet and began tearing at her clothing. She was nude in seconds. "Sasha darling, bathe our guest and see that she is made comfortable. I will join her presently. As the two turned to leave the table, the woman spoke again…. "Oh, darling… by the way… You forgot to thank me for my kindness in allowing you to undress yourself."

The woman turned and met her gaze but it was obvious that she had had enough. "Yes… Thank you…Mistress." She mumbled softly just before Sasha escorted her out of the room.

The woman smiled and took another cigarette from the case. She fitted it to her holder lit it with the candle then leaned back on the chair. As she stretched luxuriantly, she smiled to her maid. "Darling, please resume your attentions. I am feeling self indulgent tonight." The girl instantly knelt between her Mistress' thighs. The other woman stretched again and rested one calf on the table. As the maid began to focus her efforts, she took a candle from the candelabra and began dripping wax on the girl's back. Each drop caused the girl to probe even deeper.

The woman took a sip of brandy, inhaled deeply through the holder and began blowing tiny smoke rings as the red wax slowly pooled at the base of the girl's neck. It was a moment to savor and she did.


When she'd entered this house she was as mad as she could ever remember being. She'd come in bound and determined to exact her 'pound of flesh' but things had not worked out as she had anticipated. At this thought, she laughed quietly in spite of herself. No indeed, they most certainly had not! Instead of venting her anger, she was now naked in a strange room being bathed by the tallest woman she had ever laid eyes on! No…this was a development she had never expected.

Dried and toweled, she was seated at a perfectly lovely table as the giantess named Sasha brushed her hair. For all her size, the woman had a delicate touch. Under any other circumstances it would have been a wonderful feeling and try as she might, she could not feel as uncomfortable about it as she would have liked.

Her hair did look lovely. As she admired it in the mirror, the door opened and her "hostess" entered. Given the position of the mirror, she had an opportunity to get a closer look at the woman and she could not help but admire what she saw.

Although nowhere near the size of the other, she was considerably taller than she had first appeared to be. Probably six feet tall in her heels, her hair was dark and quite long. She was a good-looking woman. Not pretty in the classic sense but still there was something. An intriguing somewhat exotic look the woman could not help but admire. (And envy?)

As she studied her face in the mirror, she could not help but notice the woman's eyes, which were unusual to say the least. Not oriental but not "Caucasian" either. A curious mix that she couldn't quite place. Spanish…? Egyptian…? Something near the Mediterranean. The shape was enticing enough but it was their color that made them so unusual. They were dark brown… No. They seemed to be black. Whatever shade they were there was no questioning that they were the darkest, most hypnotic eyes she had ever seen.

She was dressed, if you could call it that, in black heels and what appeared to be leather panties. The only other item of clothing was a gorgeous full-length cape. It too was black. The outside appeared to be velvet. The lining shimmered as the light caught it so she could only assume it was silk. Although she could not see it, the way the cape fell around the woman's shoulders suggested that it had a full hood as well. Although the cape was lovely, it was the panties that intrigued her. They seemed too thin and delicate to be leather.

"Doeskin." The woman said as she smiled and caught her eyes. "You were wondering what my panties are made of… they are doeskin. I have them made for me. Do you like them?"

"How did you…?" She never finished the statement.

"I saw you looking my dear. Since I am wearing nothing else, I had to assume you were looking at them." She smiled and continued. "Are you feeling better? Excellent. Sasha dear, would you be good enough to get our guest a robe. I think she has earned a tour and she will need something to keep the chill away."

Sasha immediately did as she was told. The white satin robe was indeed the most luxurious thing the woman had ever felt against her skin. It was indescribably delicious.

"Shall we?" The other woman asked as she gestured to the door. "Oh… forgive me. Sasha, slippers please." Sasha reached down and came back with a lovely pair of white satin slippers that matched the robe perfectly. It did not really occur to her until much later to wonder how the woman had known her size. As she put them on Sasha took a candelabrum from the table and walked toward the door. "I think you will enjoy this. Sasha darling, do not walk so fast, we will lose you." She smiled and gestured to her guest. "After you my dear."

They left the room and entered yet another hallway. At its end, they stopped at what appeared to be a blank wall. The other woman slid her index finger into a tiny hole in the wall. "It is a fingerprint identifier." She said as a light blinked on in a cleverly disguised panel. "I am the only person on Earth who can open this door… well the only person who can open it without a truly amazing amount of Dynamite."

The wooden panel silently slid open to reveal a barred gate of the sort one might see at the entrance to a bank vault. At the center of the gate there was another panel but this time, the woman did not slide her finger into it. Instead, she made a fist and placed the signet on the ring she was wearing directly into the center of the panel. A split second later there was an audible click and the gate swung silently open. "Do you like my ring?" She held it in the glow of the candle. "It is an heirloom."

It was beautiful. It appeared to be black onyx set in a very heavy, almost masculine silver setting. It was plain except for the initials VL carved in a French script. "It is interesting when you think about it. Given the way the door and gate work, if anything were to happen to me while I was down there everyone with me would be buried alive. There is no way out without me…" She smiled as she let the thought hang in the air.

Before the other woman had time to respond, Sasha was walking ahead of them with the candelabra. As they passed the gate, she noticed that the floor changed from polished hardwood to stone. A few feet beyond the gate the candlelight revealed a set of steps leading down to what was most probably the basement. It didn't take long for her to realize however that whatever this was, it was not the basement of a standard house. Not even one as old as this house appeared to be.

Halfway down they reached a large landing. As incongruous as it was, in the middle of this stone staircase was what appeared to be a state of the art computer monitoring station.

"This will interest you I am sure. The house and grounds are fully alarmed and monitored twenty-four hours a day. On the other hand." She paused and caught the other woman's eye." There is much to be said for privacy, so all the signals are processed by this computer before the alarm company sees them. Every so often it tells the alarm company computer than a motion sensor on the grounds has picked something up or perhaps an employee of the lawn care service has tripped the alarm on the main gate. After all, no incidents of any kind would be nearly as suspicious as an open window at three in the morning. But as I said, I am a person who values her privacy and it is occasionally convenient for me to how would you put it? Tell the alarm company computer exactly what it wants to hear. For example, as you can see by the monitor, no one entered or left this house tonight. No one at all…" Her lips smiled but her eyes did not. For a split second, hers were the most dangerous eyes the other woman had ever seen. A moment later however, the twinkle returned and they continued their descent.

"Quite gothic, isn't it?" Her hostess said as they reached the bottom of the staircase. "This house has a very curious history. The home itself was built just before the First World War by my great grandfather. He had as you plainly saw, a decidedly European taste. As for this… well this is much older. I'm sure you noticed how close we are to the river? A century ago it was much closer. In fact, it literally washed right up to the foundations. The building that originally stood here was built in the 1850's as a brewery. The river was used to power the grain mills and other machinery. There was also access directly to the shore so boats could deliver supplies and take the kegs." They had reached the floor and she looked up. It was hard to see in the candlelight but the ceiling appeared to be at least twenty feet above them. She assumed they were roughly in the center of the basement as tunnels, complete with stone arch supports, led off in both directions parallel to where she recalled the riverbank would be.

"Several months before my ancestor came to this city, the brewery was destroyed by fire. The owners went bankrupt, as the property was hard to sell in its ruined condition. My ancestor however, found the basements and vaults intriguing. He purchased the property, had the remains of the brewery demolished then had this area completely cleaned. By the time it was ready, he had designed the house above us and construction began. I'm sure you can appreciate that it took a considerable amount of time to build a house as large as the one above us but in this case it took nearly twice as long as it should have. For some odd reason, my great grandfather had three different contractors work on the house. As a result, no single contractor knew the layout of the entire structure, nor has the city any plans that give complete details of the house or the brewery catacombs he used as a foundation."

"In addition to the central hallway, there are smaller halls and very large rooms where the kegs were stored and the beer aged. Although I have never actually measured it, I am told that there is roughly twelve hundred feet of hallway down here not to mention at least six rooms as large as my dining room. The atmosphere is quite… intriguing but as you can easily imagine it gets quite cold here, particularly in the winter."

They walked along the hallway and the woman did some mental calculations and guessed they were heading east along the north bank of the river. She had rarely been in this neighborhood but knew that it was an expensive one. They walked another twenty feet or so and came to a third gate. It too had a fingerprint identifier panel. As she put her index finger in (the other one this time? She couldn't be sure) she said. "Yes, I have a … fetish for privacy but rest assured, this is the last gate." There was a soft but audible hiss and the gates swung open.

As they passed through the gate, the woman noticed two things that should have been distinct and separate. As it turned out however, they weren't. The first was the obvious fact that the hall from this point on had it own source of light. The candelabrum was apparently no longer necessary. The other was an odd smile of anticipation that seemed to slowly spread across her hostess' face. The reason for both became apparent as they entered the first real pool of light. There were sconces on the wall of the tunnel.

"My dear, I gather yours is something of a dominant personality. If that is case, I think you will enjoy my wall sconces." As the came closer she suddenly realized why. Chained to the wall upside down she saw the figure of a young woman. It wasn't until they were in front of the "wall sconce" that she heard it moan softly. It was a woman. It was a human being chained to the wall! She was completely nude. Her legs were spread open by the shackles from which she hung. The candle was a large red taper, at least sixteen inches long. At least that was the amount he could see. The remainder had been inserted deep in her vagina. It was held firmly in place by the pool of wax that had run down the candle and filled her. The woman noticed this and smiled. "My poor baby. Why, the wax has covered up your jewelry. Don't you want our guest to see how pretty it is?" With that, she slowly dug her nail into the wax. She peeled away a piece to reveal a very delicate silver ring that had been inserted into the girl's clitoris. "You see? Now our guest can see how pretty your body jewelry is." She spread the girl's labia and softly caressed them. The girl responded and her clitoris began to swell. "You see how she responds to my attention?" The woman's fingertip teased the swollen skin and the girl began moaning softly. "It is a great pity she had the piercing done without my permission… Isn't it kitten?" She leaned toward the wall and teased the girl with her tongue. She was beginning to rattle the chains that bound her when the woman suddenly stopped and smiled. "But I forget my guest. Come, there is more to see." As they walked, they passed a second "wall sconce" this time it was a young man with the candle inserted deep into his ass. She could see the molten wax had pooled behind his scrotum. They stopped for a moment. The woman said nothing but used her nail to push the skin down. This allowed the wax to run out of the pool and down the underside of the man's penis. As it dripped off the tip and onto the floor, he tried to scream but it came out as a moan of agony. The other woman said nothing but as she passed him, she could not help but notice the angry wound in each of the young man's palms. She could not see his tongue but then again… she was almost certain she did not want to.

Ahh… here we are. I thought perhaps you might join me for dinner. If memory serves you have not eaten lately."

Much to her surprise, there was indeed a very elegant table set with what was obviously very expensive china, right in the middle of a wide area in the tunnel. The table was much smaller than the one she had been seated at earlier but it seemed as old and as solidly built. The surface was covered with a gorgeous Damask tablecloth. A girl stood behind each chair and as they approached, the chairs were simultaneously pulled out for them. The woman sat first, leaving her guest no choice as to where she would sit. When they were seated, the woman put her elbow on the table with her hand up. Her cigarette holder, with a cigarette already fitted to it and lit, was instantly placed between her fingers.

At this point the other woman again saw what she could only assume to be a curious habit. The woman sat almost absentmindedly teasing the center of her upper lip with the holder. As much as she found smoking distasteful, she had to admit it was an astonishingly arousing gesture to watch.

"Did you know that a Walachian nobleman named Vlad Tepstch once had a banquet set out for himself on the grounds of his estate where he ate a sumptuous dinner surrounded by nearly a thousand men and woman impaled on stakes the size of telephone poles?" She took a drag on the cigarette and blew a cloud of smoke towards the ceiling before continuing. "You may wonder how they died? Well… gravity killed them. By the time he finished his meal and began his first glass of wine, the weight of their bodies had forced most of them down the poles to the point where they were fully impaled. In one end and out the other, so to speak. It may interest you to know that this nobleman had two nicknames. One was Vlad the Impaler. The other was "Son of the Devil", which in the language of his country is "Dracula." She smiled and gestured towards the room. "Obviously we can not enjoy the same experience here but I thought you might enjoy a more intimate version." When she finished speaking, the maids moved two large candelabra into place and lit the candles. The light flicked and cast shadows on the walls but as the flames caught and the light grew, the woman saw what she was talking about. A few feet away from them she saw a truly beautiful woman hanging from chains attached to the vaulted arch of the tunnel. She was completely nude and her body was phenomenal. In spite of herself, the woman was instantly aroused at the sight. Unfortunately, her hostess caught the subtle change and smiled. "I thought you would enjoy her. She is quite a sight, isn't she? Sadly though, what she has in physical beauty, she lacks in self-control. The little slut has defied me. She took a male lover without my permission. Indeed, against my wishes. Her excuse? She needed to feel filled." The woman laughed. Under any other circumstance it would have been a very musical laugh, but it made the other woman's blood run cold. "I am not entirely without a heart so I have decided to give her precisely what she has wished for." She gestured with her hand and Sasha began rolling a small platform towards the girl. It was not possible to see what was on it as the top was covered by a piece of heavy black velvet. Once it was centered under the girl, Sasha took each of her ankles and put them in shackles that also hung from the ceiling. When both had been firmly secured, she walked to the wall and pulled a cord. A clicking sound was heard from above as the girls legs were spread. She tried to fight but was no match for Sasha's almost inhuman strength.

And now… shall we begin? My dear, you begged me to allow you to feel filled inside. So be it." At this, Sasha removed the velvet. Underneath stood the largest dildo the woman had ever seen! She had in fact never seen anything like it. This much was obvious by the way her jaw dropped. "Do you like it? I had it made especially for occasions such as this. It is solid glass." She stood and walked toward the girl whose eyes were now riveted on the dildo just below her. When she reached it, the woman stopped and began caressing the glass lovingly with her fingertips. "Isn't it lovely darling? And I promise you, it will satisfy all of your desires." As she spoke, she drew her nails up the girl's inner thigh. As her hand reached the girl's pussy, she frowned. "Darling… how thoughtless of me. You are no where near excited enough to please such a demanding lover." She slid her finger deep inside the girl. When she removed it, she put it to her lips. "Oh no, this will never do. Sasha? Be a dear and help the poor thing." Sasha walked toward her but said nothing. She grasped the girl's thighs, one in each massive hand and began slowly teasing her with her tongue. The girl struggled for a moment but soon her instincts overcame her fears. Her eyes closed and she moaned softly as Sasha's massive tongue entered her.

The woman still seated at the table took all this in with a mixture of disbelief and a sensuality she neither desired nor thought possible. Regardless of how hard she tried, she was aroused by what she saw. She could deny it, but the warmth and wetness between her own thighs most certainly betrayed her. She resisted the urge to touch herself and as she fought, the girl in the chains screamed as she orgasmed. Her spasms shook the chains as she rocked against Sasha's mouth.

The woman ran her finger up the girl's thigh. This time she took her hand away and a drop of the girl's wetness dripped from her finger. "Much better. Now I think we can properly begin." She sat down and gestured to Sasha who had resumed her position near the wall. Suddenly a quiet mechanical sound could be heard. "An idea I took from an old movie. It is a clockwork. As the pendulum swings the escapement allows the chains to drop one quarter of an inch. It is of course adjustable but I wanted to give her every possible opportunity to enjoy the gift I am giving her." She smiled as the girl's eyes widened. She caught the girl's gaze as she touched the glass with her fingertips. She ran her fingers up and down the glass until the girl's labia were nearly touching it. "May I assist you kitten?" The woman asked as she spread the girl open. The moment she touched it, she gasped. "Why darling what is it? Is the glass too cold? Forgive me kitten, I will see to it immediately." She bent and took a tea candle off a small shelf below the platform. She held it to one of the candles and after it had been lit, she put it into a small oval notch at the base of the dildo. "There… that should do the trick. I think you will find the glass warming up nicely by the time any great length of it is inside you." She sat back down and smiled at the woman seated opposite her. "Shall we eat while this delightful young thing enjoys herself?

A maid uncovered the chafing dish between them. Although it was obviously an expensive cut of meat, she couldn't quite identify it. "A delicacy and a treat, I assure you. I doubt you have tasted it before but humor me. Try and guess what it is. If you have not done so by the time we are finished, I will satisfy your curiosity." The maid served each of them a generous portion and it did smell delicious. The other woman had not really noticed how hungry she was until the scent of the meat filled her nostrils.

Neither woman spoke much as they ate but a casual observer would have noticed a few things worth mentioning. While both ate with obvious relish, one seemed far more interested in the reactions of her guest than she was in her dinner. For her part, the guest seemed to enjoy the meal. She still felt the nagging feeling that things were not as they seemed however and that, a "Sword of Damocles" hovered somewhere above her. As a maid refilled both wine glasses, her hostess spoke. "Have you discovered the nature of the meat?" She asked.

The other woman was loath to admit that she had not, but she was curious. "No." She said. "I still can't put my finger on it."

"Well then. I suppose I should satisfy your curiosity. I owe you that much at least." Before she could continue an anguished moan came from the girl hung from the ceiling. Both looked at her and her discomfort was obvious. The dildo had entered her to a depth of about six inches. As she moaned again, the woman stood. "Why darling, forgive me… I had quite forgotten about you. Are you enjoying yourself? Do you feel filled now?" She smiled as she fitted a cigarette to her holder. She stepped in front of the girl and looked up at her. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" she asked as she kissed the girl lightly on her right nipple. In spite of her discomfort, the girl's nipple instantly reacted to the touch. Her Mistress noticed this and commented. "See, I knew you were enjoying yourself." She turned to her guest and continued. "See how she reacts? Perhaps this is just what she needed." She smiled and turned back to the girl. "Darling, may I borrow your candle?" She bent slightly and held her cigarette to the candle heating the glass. "Thank you kitten. I knew you would not mind." She held the cigarette to the glass. The smoke clung to it and rose. The woman used her nails to spread the girl's labia and push back the hood of her clitoris. As the smoke reached it, she moaned softly. "You see, she is so sensitive and excited that even the slightest temperature change and the softest possible touch have a pleasant effect on her. "Feel it caress and tease you darling? Like the warm breath of a lover?" She smiled and moved the tip a bit closer. The girl reacted almost instantaneously.

The other woman reacted as well. The sight entranced her. So much so that she forgot her predicament as well as her aversion to smoking. She found herself become aroused and without even realizing it, found herself teasing her own nipple with the tip of her finger. She was brought back to reality however when her hostess commented.

"So… you find this enjoyable as well?" she asked. "I had thought you might." Suddenly she turned and walked toward the table. "But, enough of that, we really must finish our dinner." She rang a small silver bell and a maid approached the table. "It is time for your desert." She waved her hand and the girl instantly dropped to her knees. "I forgot to mention that dessert is a bit different here. In most cases, you eat your dessert. In this case, your dessert eats you." She smiled and gestured to the girl, who instantly buried her face between the other woman's thighs. She gasped but did not move away.

The girl's talent was obvious and it did not take long for the woman to reach the point where moving away would not have been an option. As she began to feel the first waves of impending orgasm, she heard her hostess speak. "No dessert for me thank you…I'm dieting." The woman smiled at the joke even as she began to lose control. In a matter of seconds her screams filled the room as she held the girl's head with both hands.

"Did you enjoy your dessert?" Her hostess asked. "Good. Now about our dinner." Before she could continue the other girl screamed as the mechanism slipped dropping her an inch farther on to the dildo. "I doubt there is any question of whether or not she is filled. In fact, I would be willing to wager she is more filled than she has ever been in her life." She turned to the girl who was now crying softly. "Tell me kitten? Are you feeling satisfied?"

The girl whimpered and nodded. "Yes Madam" Was all she managed to whisper.

"How delightful. I am so pleased I could give you this little gift." She turned back to the woman, still a bit shaky after her orgasm. She shuddered every so often as the girl between her thighs licked her clean. "Now, where was I? Oh yes. Our dinner." Her eyes riveted upon the other woman and her whole demeanor suddenly seemed to change. "The girl you took from me what quite gifted, you know. Unfortunately, you were able to take full advantage of this fact before I was which is completely unacceptable. As a result, she is no longer of any use to me. Well… almost of no use to me at any rate." "She swirled her wine and contemplated the glass for a moment before continuing. "She was quite young and a vegetarian, did you know that? I had not expected this to make any real difference but I may have been mistaken. I think her meat was quite tender don't you? And even if it was not quite to your taste, you have to admit… she made an excellent gravy…" She let this hang in the air between them.

The other woman's reaction was not what you would have expected, especially if you knew her. She said nothing. She didn't even scream. Her mouth opened once but did not close. It just hung there as the awful implications of what she had been told began to sink it. She tried to close her mouth but nothing happened. Except for a strangled whimper, she didn't make a sound. After what seemed an eternity, her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

The woman smiled and enjoyed her cigarette. "Our guest seems to have fainted. Perhaps it was something she ate?" The woman stood and stretched. "My but there is a chill down her." She turned to the girl whose screams were becoming louder and more frequent. "Well… it seems that at least one of us is warm. Come Sasha… I feel the need for a nice hot bath." Sasha immediately picked up a candelabrum and stood, waiting for her Mistress to follow. As they left, both could hear the girl's screams.

"Oh God please Mistress… please don't leave me like this!" She struggled against the chains. "Mistress… please… it's hot… it hurts… please don't leave me."

As they walked away the girl's screams mixed with the metallic click of the clock mechanism. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, the woman wondered to herself how long it would take for the candle under the dildo to burn out. It annoyed her that this was a piece of information she did not know. "God is in the details." She said softly. Sasha hesitated for a second, assuming that her Mistress was speaking to her.

"No darling, that was not directed to you. I was thinking out loud." She followed the giantess up the staircase. Sasha dear… I have changed my mind. I believe I will have dessert after all. You can serve it in the bath…" Sasha said nothing. She just smiled.


When she regained consciousness, the first thing she noticed was that she could not move. This of course occupied her mind for the first few seconds before other more terrifying thoughts began to slowly intrude. "Where am I? What happened?" She asked as her eyes slowly focused.

Her hostess was seated about six feet away but directly in front of her. It would be simpler to answer your second question first. You fainted." She was seated in a very heavy overstuffed chair. Under other conditions it would have been appropriate to call it a throne. For that matter, the term wasn't all that out of place here. In any case, they were alone, except of course for Sasha who stood silently behind her Mistress.

As she regained her composure, the woman began to take better note of her surroundings. She was bound but only at the waist and wrists. The chair she sat in had an iron band attached to it that had in turn been securely fastened to her waist. Two more were fitted securely to the armrests. She could not figure out how either had been attached since she could see no lock or hasp. Only a heavy riveted hinge.

There was a small plain table directly in front of her but inches out of her teach. On it she saw a candle, a bottle and mug and a covered serving dish. The room was narrow roughly four feet wide and perhaps seven feet long. Her hostess sat just beyond the end of the room in what she assumed was the main tunnel under the house.

"With regard to your first question, that will require some explanation." The woman smiled and crossed her legs before continuing. As she did so, the candlelight flickered, casting shadows on her long legs. "You are as you have no doubt surmised, in one of the smaller rooms off the main tunnel under my home. If you notice a bit of dampness, it is because you are on the riverside. I apologize for this but the rooms away from the river are much bigger and… Well, to be frank, I saw no sense in wasting one." She reached up and began caressing Sasha's hand. "As to why you are here, that too is simple enough to answer. You are here because you took something that belonged to me." She hesitated for a split second then continued. "No, that is not entirely true. You are here because you took something from me and have shown absolutely no remorse since the moment you took it!" She brought her hand down with a resounding slap on the armrest. " You have not apologized, nor have you exhibited even the slightest remorse. But… I suspect you will shortly." She stood and slowly walked further into the room. She was across the table from the other woman in a matter of seconds.

"Understand this you bitch. I have very few things in common with the rest of this so called civilized world but one of them is a fierce interest in protecting what I consider to be mine. Another is a firm belief in the power of teaching by example." She sat on the corner of the table and began softly caressing the woman's breast with the tips of her nails. "Do you recall my telling you about Vlad the Impaler? He was a man with an astonishing ability to make his expectations known. For example, near the gates of his castle there was a well. The public was expected… no encouraged to use it with his blessing. Hanging at the well was a ladle of solid gold. Would it surprise you to learn that this ladle hung there for decades and no one ever thought to steal it?

Not long after he had assumed power a petty thief had been brought before him. The thief confessed to his crime fully expecting that his life would be spared and it was. He was allowed to live but as punishment the prince had the thief's hand burned off by immersing them in molten lead. From that point on, there wasn't a single instance of theft in the entire province." She smiled as she drew tiny circles on the soft flesh of the woman's breast. "So you see darling? There is a great deal to be said for making punishments fit the crimes. In your case, you took something from me. It stands to reason then that I should take something from you. The question is what? What do you have that I could possibly want? I am sure that if I had more time, I could zero in on something specific but I do not. This being the case, I have taken the Gordian knot approach. I will simply take everything."

"Before I do however, there is one final thing I owe you." She walked back to the chair and took what appeared to be a glove from the armrest. As she walked back towards the other woman, she put it on. "Are you familiar with what is called a Chinese Glove?" She asked as she pulled it to her elbow. "If not then I think you will find this interesting." The glove was elbow-length black leather. Each finger ended in a needle roughly an inch long. Across the palm and fingers there were row after row of tiny steel pins, each only an eighth of an inch long. They were a bit larger in diameter than the needles but still quite sharp. "Can you imagine the astonishing variety of sensations you can generate with this?" She held the glove up so that the candlelight shimmered on the steel. Then she drew a single needle along the curve of the woman's breast. "The softest touch can generate sensations you can not even begin to describe. But more pressure opens up even wider possibilities. "When she reached the center of the woman's nipple, she quickly pressed hard and then instantly pulled away. As a tiny droplet of blood pooled at the tip of her nipple, the woman smiled, bent and softly removed it with the tip of her tongue. "You see? Any sensation can be created in an instant." For example, if I touch the underside of your lovely breast, you will feel a sensation which is actually quite pleasant." She did so and the other woman's eyes closed as the touch. "if I lift a bit more, the sensation becomes agonizing. If I were to tease your lovely clit with a single needle… you would quickly become addicted to the peculiar sensation it causes. If I were to press the surface of my finger against it, you would be reduced to tears in less than a minute. As you can see, it is a delightful toy and one with an astonishing number of applications. I have to admit however, This one is my personal favorite."

With that she snapped her finger. Sasha appeared at her side and kneeled. "Stand" she ordered. She bent and slowly drew her tongue across the woman's abdomen. "Normally, I prefer a lubricant that lasts longer but as we are a bit pressed for time, we will make do with what we have." With this she made quick strokes with the needle on her index finger. Three vertical and one horizontal. As the welts darkened they formed the initials; "VL". "You see? I am sure you were wondering how I managed to send you my note. Granted it requires a bit of practice, but I am now quite adept at it. In one respect, you should be grateful that I did not find you in bed with her. If I had I'd have put a far shorter message on you instead of her." She looked at the glove in the candlelight. "No… I would not have used this on you darling. I'd have used a branding iron." She sat on the edge of the table again. "But, enough of this frivolity, my time is limited and it is nearly time for us to part." She caressed the woman's cheek with the needles. "I am almost sorry to leave you but leave you I must." She stood and walked towards the tunnel.

I think you will find everything you need. Since you seemed to enjoy your dinner so much, I had Sasha prepare some leftovers for you. To show you I am not entirely heartless, the wine has been drugged with a lethal dose of morphine. In the event that you can no longer tolerate your solitude. The candles should last at least twenty-four hours regardless of what you decide."

"What…? What are you going to do to me?" The woman asked as she tensed and sat upright. She rattled the ring around her waist. "How can I eat or drink like this?"

The woman had fitted a cigarette to her holder and lit it with the candle before she answered. "Oh, forgive me darling. I quite forgot to mention the restraints. As soon as I am out of reach, the rings will release. But… there is a button fifty feet from this entryway that I alone must push. Otherwise, you will starve to death right where you are." She smiled. I shall miss you darling. Under other circumstances I could have enjoyed you much more than I already have."

"But… when will you let me out of her?" The woman looked up, her panic mounting. She had few emotional issues but one of them was a slight case of claustrophobia. "When are you going to let me out of this God damned prison?"

"Oh… well the answer to that question is simple. I'm not. I am going to wall you up alive. I am not a woman who uses words unnecessarily. When I told you I was taking everything darling, I meant it. Haven't you ever read Edgar Allan Poe's "Cask of Amontillado"? I have always enjoyed that story. Look on the table. Right there, near your plate. I think you will find a copy of it in case you become bored. Goodbye darling, it has been thoroughly enjoyable but once again, I have responsibilities elsewhere."

As she walked away she addressed Sasha who stood behind the throne waiting for orders. "Be a dear and hurry with the wall. I shall need you upstairs when you are finished." She took a step away from the room but suddenly stopped. "Where are my manners?" She said as she turned and re-entered the space. "That is no way to say goodbye." She walked to the other woman and as she bent towards her she whispered. " If you make a move to threaten me, Sasha will break your back and leave you here unable to move. Do I make myself clear?" The other woman nodded. The movement caused a single tear to run down her cheek. The woman bent and kissed her softly. Her tongue silently slid between her lips and probed. She wrapped her arms around the woman and held her close. As she responded to the touch her thighs opened. The woman's finger slid deep inside her and as her thumb pressed against her swollen clitoris she moaned softly. "Tell me you love me." The other woman whispered. As her body slammed against the restraints the seated figure cried out.

"TELL ME NOW!" The woman demanded.

Oh GOD… the woman gasped. "I love you!"

"Whom do you love darling?"

"You Mistress… I love you."

The instant she said the words, the woman stood. "Good bye darling, we will not meet again." She turned on her heel and walked away.

The woman in the chair said nothing, as there was nothing to say. She simply stared after the woman in disbelief. The only noise that could be heard was the scrape of heavy stone as Sasha moved blocks into place. It was only after the alkali smell of mortar filled her nostrils that she began to scream. Sasha paid no attention to her as one by one, the heavy stones filled the entryway. As the last stone slid into place, the screams became nothing more than a muffled distant noise. Sasha smiled and walked away without so much as a glance over her shoulder.


The woman sipped her brandy and rang the tiny bell. As the girl entered, she smiled. "Welcome home kitten." She kissed the girl who immediately knelt before her.

"Thank you Mistress. I missed you so much." The gorgeous eyes that had entranced another only hours before twinkled as she laid her head on her Mistress' thigh. The woman stroked her hair but said nothing.

"Mistress?" The girl whispered.

"Yes darling, what is it?"

"She did not eat me. She did not even really touch me."

"I know my love." The woman laughed softly as she gently kissed the girl's cheek. "I know she didn't. Although… she thinks she did and unless I miss my guess, she may actually think she is doing so again."

The girl looked up at the woman, her face a mask of confusion. "Mistress?"

"Nothing darling… just a humorous thought. My compliments on the dinner by the way, it was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire meal. I have never had steamship round prepared that way and the gravy was absolutely delicious. I even complimented you to our guest as she was also quite taken with it."

"Thank you Mistress. Thank you for allowing me to please you."

Somewhere in the house a clock chimed. Three o'clock, the woman smiled. It shouldn't be long now. The other woman's actually being panic-stricken enough to drink the wine was the one element of the evening over which she had no control. She knew Sasha would be close by so if, or rather when, the bitch did drink it and fall asleep, the rest could be finished without her direct supervision.

She looked down at the table. A piece of her personal stationary sat in front of her with four words written on it in a delicate hand. They were Privacy, Dignity, Security and Sanity. Three of the four had a single line drawn through them. She reached for a silver quill pen, dipped it into an inkwell and drew a single line through the last word, Sanity. She picked the paper up and contemplated it for a moment. As she held a corner of it to the candle flame a wry smile spread across her face. When the paper was burning to her satisfaction, she dropped it into the silver ashtray.

"You have had a trying day kitten and so have I, shall we?" she stood and held out her hand to the girl who took it instantly and kissed it. Neither of them said a word as they walked toward the bedroom.


The following was extracted from the duty log for patrol car 402, City of ---------, Police Department.

0412 Hours. While patrolling North River Street officers observed a young nude Caucasian female walked in an easterly direction towards North Main St. When Officers attempted to interrogate her and ask for identification, she began screaming that she had been tortured and kidnapped. No bruises marks or obvious injuries were evident excepting for what appeared to be grass stains and a slight scrape on her left knee consistent with having kneeled or fallen on pavement. Officers attempted to continue questioning her but subject became hysterical and had to be restrained for her own safety as well as the safety of the officers involved. Her description of where the alleged incident took place was vague but she seemed to be describing the ------ estate on North River Drive. Officers proceeded to that address but found no evidence of anyone having been in the house for some time. Officers observed the interior of several rooms through the windows but the furniture appeared to be covered. All ground floor windows and doors were locked. The property has an alarm service. Officers contacted alarm- company and were informed that the owners had been away from the house for approximately six months. Except for an accidental trip by a grounds keeper several months prior to this date, there had been no activity on the property what so ever. When this was reported to the female suspect, she became hysterical and irrational. Officers proceeded to ------ City Hospital Emergency Room. Suspect was restrained and tests were done. No evidence of rape was found but preliminary tests showed high levels of opiates. Suspect began fighting with hospital staff and screaming that she had been drugged against her will. As suspect was completely nude, no identification could be made. In light of her condition it was necessary to involuntarily commit suspect for seventy-two hours psychiatric observation hold. Pending results and positive identification, no further action was taken by these officers. Officers left emergency room, at 0523 hours and proceeded to station for shift change.


Some time later in another area of the city, an upscale apartment was broken into for the second time in twelve hours. Nothing was taken but several items were left behind. A perfectly dry-cleaned sweater, a pair of tight jeans recently cleaned and lightly pressed, a leather jacket and a pair of very pretty black stiletto heels were all put into the appropriate closet. A black satin bra and matching panties were perfectly folded and placed in the appropriate dresser drawer. The last two items to be returned were a set of keys and a small wallet. Each was placed precisely where they had been seen earlier. Satisfied, the intruder closed the door behind her. No one saw or heard a thing.

Author: Victoria Lynn

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