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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Kahlua Part I -
Kahlua & Cream

She is nude. A book lies open on her lap, a pen in her hand. A diary perhaps? The chair is overstuffed and comfortable. She smiles at a pleasant memory or moment's passing fancy.

The diary laid aside, she reaches for a tiny snifter of iced Sambucca. As she sips, a rivulet of ice water drips from the stem to her finger. She absent-mindedly caresses her left nipple with the water. Her eyes close as she savors the sensation.

The room is lit with candles, a three tier candelabra in each corner and another on the table near her chair. The candles are long and red, they are scented with a mix that defies description. Some detect jasmine, others, myrrh or even black opium. They are all right, the candles are all this and more.

A breeze ruffles the silk curtains, they shiver in their displeasure. As the breeze caresses her skin, her nipples respond. The candles flicker, throwing shadows across her skin. The soft light from the flames brings out the highlights in her hair. She closes her eyes. Her breathing shallow. She listens to her own heartbeat. She is beautiful and secure in her knowledge of herself and as well as her desires. Suddenly, she hears a soft moan from the bed. She smiles... it is time.

Placing the tiny glass on the table, she rises. As the bed comes into view her smile broadens, her lover is just as she left her. So soft, so beautiful and vulnerable. The girl moans again and struggles gently against her restraints. The satin ribbons at her wrists and ankles each tied securely to the posts of the bed. The woman thinks for a second that they might need checking but dismisses the thought. They have never failed her before.

There are two more ribbons, one at each of the girl's knees, tied off to rings in the frame. These are an addition she is particularly pleased with. With ankle restraints alone, some were able to roll their legs to the point where access between their thighs was limited. The knee restraints prevent this. The woman smiles at her own creativity.

As she does, her lover's eyes open. Even now, the woman is overcome by her beauty. An almost oriental complexion. Unusually large but firm breasts, thick dark hair, gorgeous eyes the shape of almonds. She softly brushes the girl's cheek with her nails. Her eyes are wide open now. She smiles softly and kisses her mistress' fingertips.

The woman softly caresses the girl's lips with the tip of a single silver nail. So beautiful... "What is it about you which compels me to own you...?" She asks, half out loud. Their eyes meet, the girl's gaze imploring her Mistress to touch her, to hold and caress her.

She reaches for a tiny bell and rings it once. Seconds later a maid, silently enters, bows and offers a tray. The woman takes it as the maid is dismissed. On other occasions she might have shared her treasure with her servant. A reward for pleasures given and duties performed but not tonight. Tonight, she will savior this one alone.

The tray contains a small hammered silver bowl and ladle. The bowl contains Kaluhah, fresh cream and slivers of freshly cut strawberries. The bowl has been iced. So much so that frost and ice coat the edges. She dips her finger into the mixture and tastes it. She approves. She dips a second time and caresses the girls lips with the mixture... her lips part as her mistress explores the soft moistness...so much like wet velvet and so reminiscent of other things...

She takes the ladle from the bowl. The candle light flickers and dances on it. The girl sees, but does not yet understand. As the ladle moves to the girl's left breast, the truth dawns on her and her eyes widen.

She cries out when the frozen ladle touches her nipple. The cream softens and one small drip, slides silently toward her cleavage. The woman bends over her, savoring the moment wanting to relish the expectation as long as she can.

She softly licks the cream from her lover's breast. The girl moans as her nipple hardens. The woman's tongue follows the tiny river of cream down the mound of her breast, capturing every bit of it.

Before she teases the other nipple, she licks it then softly blows on it to make it even more sensitive. The girl groans in agony as the woman presses the ladle to her skin. She holds it there, savoring her lover's reaction.

As she licks the cream from the girls breast, one hand travels towards her tummy. She draws tiny circles with her nail above the girl's bikini line. The muscles tighten and relax... the rhythm building.

She dips the ladle into the cream and pours it quickly between the girl's breasts. A stifled scream is met with a kiss. Her tongue probing and seducing as the cream warms. The heat of the girl's body brings the intoxicating scent of Kaluhah to the woman's nostrils. She moves to softly lick the girl's skin clean. A puddle of cream forms in the hollow of her throat, the woman bends close, softly sucking and nibbling until it is no more.

The ladle is full... where will it go? The girl's eyes follow each movement, watching in terror, knowing the shock she will feel...but not knowing where. She is in agony but it is heaven. She knows that no harm will come to her. She has read this promise in the woman's eyes.

The ladle tips and the contents land on her navel. She screams as the cold mass slams into her hot, sensitive skin. Her mistress teases her bikini line slowly extending the circles farther and farther down.

The girl moans and tries to position herself so her Mistress' hand will hit its mark but that is not to be... at least not yet. She feels a single nail caressing the outer edge of her labia, so close... so maddeningly close. Her Mistress' tongue enters her navel, she drinks and enjoys the cream. Picking up a strawberry slice with her teeth, she puts it in the girl's mouth as she kisses her.

The bowl is nearly empty and its contents warm... should she continue? The girl is excited beyond reason and her scent is intoxicating. Although she has trained herself to exercise great self control, the woman is after all, only human. She nearly succumbs but forces her mind to focus. She must not rush this. Every second of this one is to be savored and enjoyed.

The girl's eyes widen, she does not understand? If not now, when? If this was not the climax, what will be? What will her Mistress do next...? As if reading her mind, the woman understands and responds... what is next? Why after cold... heat of course. She smiles, reaches for a candle and tips it, a single drop of hot red wax hits the girl's inner thigh. It stings but not unpleasantly. She gasps as the heat mixes with her own warmth to bring her to heights she had not thought possible.

A second drop? No... enough or now. The woman rings the bell, in another room she hears the bath being run for her. She will relax and soak. She will be bathed, dried, powdered and perfumed and then... we'll she will have to give that some thought...

Author: Victoria Lynn

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