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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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We stand face to face, mine burning red
Our breath soft on each others cheeks
My hands cuffed high and tight, above my head
I never thought a moment could be so sweet

Her soft hands trail down my sides
Dancing lightly over my skin
As the flogging grows, intensified
My head slowly does a spiral like spin

The delicious shockwaves over my back
As her hands lightly sooth me
Every nerve ending under attack
My body slowly sways with movement

My eyes are closing, my body taking flight
She continues to remind me she is there
His blows continue, sending me to new heights
The passion between us so intimate to share

He stands behind me, soothing the welts
She holds me up with her gentle compassion
Our trinity complete, as I begin to melt
I never knew I could have such an interaction

Her soft gentleness, so soothing and warm
His passion and intensity, things to behold
The whole journey has taken me by storm
The smoldering eroticism has completely taken hold

Copyright © 2006

Author: His Dezire

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