Model/Actor Release Form


1. Permission and Copyrights

For valuable consideration of my engagement as model/actor by DungeonMagic, on the terms stated herein, I hereby give DungeonMagic the right and permission to copyright and use and/or publish my image in pictures and/or video taken by DungeonMagic through any media (photos, scanned photos, video tapes, computer video clips), for any purpose without further compensation to me. I release all copyrights or dramatic rights to any photos or videos taken during this session.

2. Inspection Rights

These photos and/or videos are taken by DungeonMagic for their purposes, and may use all, some or none of them at their discretion, depending on quality. I, as a model/actor for hire, waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product. I understand that I am welcome to view the final product after publication or by appointment.

3. Liability Release

I hereby release, discharge and agree to save harmless DungeonMagic and it's representatives, assigns or employees or any entity acting under it's permission or authority, or for whom DungeonMagic might be acting, including any entity publishing and/or distributing the finished product, from and against any liability as a result of any distortion or optical illusion that may be produced in the taking, processing or reproduction of the finished product. Any alterations by DunegonMagic are limited to improving picture quality and will not paste your face on someone else's body or vice versa.

4. Legal Age

I warrant that I am of legal age and competent to contract in my own name insofar as the above is concerned for posing as a model/actor.

5. Understand

I have read the above release, authorization and agreement, before signing my name below, and warrant that I fully understand the terms above. Additional terms and agreements may be written below and signed by both parties.

Legal Name: ______________________________

Stage Name: ______________________________

Model's address: _________________________


Phone: ___________________________________

Age and Birthdate: _______________________

Social Security #: _______________________

Signature: _______________________________

Date: ____________________________________

Amount paid: _____________________________


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