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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Here i sit waiting for You,,,, sitting on my knees with my cuffs and ankle cuffs on with my head bent down.... i hear You come in the room and You stand right in front of me.... i can feel You looking down at me and You call me a bad girl.... grabbing the back of my hair i feel You pull my hair back so i am looking up at You.... You tell me that i must be punished.... i should beg You to be good to me and not punish me too much...i look up at You and i do beg You.... please Sir i will never behave like that again... i will always try to be a good girl for You..... You pull my hair forcing me to stand up and You bend me over the bed.... taking the largest plug from the toy box... You tell me to suck on it and get it as wet as i can... i do exactly as i am told getting as much on it as i can... You take it from my mouth and slap my ass hard with Your hand.... You put the plug in my ass quickly giving me no time to relax.... i cry a little and i feel You put the ball gag in my mouth.... attached to the gag dangle two nipple clamps on chains.... i feel You clasp the two cuffs together behind me and i feel You attach rope to my cuffs and attach that to a hook in the wall...then You place a blindfold over my eyes.... next i feel You place ear muffs over my ears and i cant hear anything going on around me any more.... i feel You slap my nipples hard and then squeeze them tightly.... i feel the clamps bite into them and i cry a little... i feel You turn me around and you slap my thighs til i spread them far enough for You... i feel You hook a spreader between my ankles... You smack my ass hard... with just Your hand and then your wooden paddles.... harder and harder over and over.... You lift an earmuff and tell me to count.... i must count correctly.... harder and harder You paddle me.... i try to lift my head all the way up and the gag pulls on my nipple clamps harder and i cry a little through the gag.... i feel You turn me so You have easy access to my nipples.... i feel leather whip at my nipples and my breasts.... i feel tears fall beneath the blindfold.... and i feel You gently kiss my cheek and forehead.... i feel You undo the spreader and you lift the ear muff and whisper to me.... that i am a good girl and that was a warm up... You take my arm and walk me to the bed.... You lay me back and i feel You take my ankles and again feel them tied.... this time each to the sides of the bed.... You tie my arms the same way...i feel You rubbing my pussy... gently and then pinching it... i moan through the gag and i feel You spread my lips and put little clamps on my clit and above my clit... they are not very tight but i can feel they are there... i feel a little tingle... and then it gets sharper and i realize You put the TENS on my clit.... i moan and i feel a sharp slap on my inner thigh.... You lift my ear muff and tell me i am not allowed to cum....i nod that i understand..... i feel You go back to slapping my thighs hard with the cane and then the leather slapper.....then i feel the tingle get sharper and change to a pulsing feeling on my clit....it feels like a sharp little needle poking me.....i struggle and i feel You hit me harder.... i feel the pulsing getting more and more intense and i struggle against the ropes harder... You slapping my thighs harder and then i feel the leather small flogger hit my breasts..... i scream through the gag and i feel the throbbing in my clit stop and You take the clamps off.... You kiss my cheek and my breast and i feel the clamps come off my nipples... You lick them and bite them sending shocks of pain through my breasts.... You take the ear muffs off me and tell me i was such a good girl... there is just a few more things left to be done.... You roughly slap my pussy with Your hand and then i feel the leather flogger rub against my pussy.... gently You hit me then getting harder and harder....i cry again beneath the blindfold....i feel You start to use a harder rubber feeling flogger and i cry even more.... i count ten strokes and then i feel You stop..... You gently remove the blindfold and the gag.... gently You kiss me ..... i beg You to fuck me.... You remind me i am being punished..... You untie the ropes keeping my arms and legs to the bed.... You tell me to get on my hands and knees .... i do exactly as i am told... You grab my by the hair and lead me to a cage.... gentlyYou slap my ass getting me to go in.... You tell me that in here You will give me time to think about what i did.... and You will be back for me... i think about being a good girl for You all the time and i think about never begging for sex.... unless You ask me too...it feels like forever before You return... smiling You open the cage for me and i crawl out... leaning my head down i gently kiss the tops of Your feet.... sitting on my knees i thank You ...You tell me to follow You to the bed and i do.... You gently pull the plug out and...... then we fuck ;)

Author: Krystal

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