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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Outdoor Story

the story starts with us taking a trip.... You come to visit up here where i live and we decide to go camping... just the two of us all alone... we go to a camp ground its a little too early in the season for there to be many people and we set up our camp site.... there are not many people around so we decide to take a walk... You have Your bag that i didnt know You had packed so well... there is no other camp sites as far as we can see... You stop walking and You look at me... You order me to strip except for my shoes... i want to protest but i know i cant... i am Yours and You decide what is best for me... You tell me to remove my clothes quickly and i do folding them all and then You take them from me...You take from Your bag a collar and You put it tightly around my neck...You roughly slap my breasts back and forth til my nipples are hard and You put the clamps tightly on my nipples... taking a leash You attach it to the collar and drop it down between the chain on the clamps so when You pull the leash it gently tugs on my clamps...i moan loudly... You turn and look at me.... reaching in Your pocket You take out a gag and gently put it in my mouth, then we continue walking... You genlty pull at the leash as we continue further into the woods... we get to a heavily wooded area and You find two large trees and have me stand between them... taking ropes from Your bag You tie my breasts tightly as You always do genlty pulling on the clamps as You tie them.... removing the leash from the collar You take my hands and tie them spread wide to the trees and then You do the same with my legs... spreading me wide and nude in the woods for anyone to see.. You take the gag out of my mouth and tell me i must stay quiet... i nod.... You kiss me gently and then i feel You start to spank me... slowly and then harder and faster.. i make no sounds but i close my eyes.... then i feel You start to use the thick leather flogger on my back and my ass.... gentle at first and then harder... i cry a little and You slap my ass hard and tell me no noise.... i struggle so hard to resist the urge to cum as You beat me harder... this time with the cane.... genlty and then hard smacks.... and then gentle again over and over.... You kiss me hard and suck on my neck and i want to feel Your cock so bad..... You untie my arms and legs and tie my wrists tightly behind my back.... You push me down on my knees in front of You and You put Your cock in my mouth and order me to let You fuck me.... i close my eyes and i open my mouth as wide as i can for Your cock.... the cock that i love soo much that i love to lick and suck all over i just want to take my hands and grab it and rub it as i suck but i cant.... i have to concentrate on breathing slowly as You push Your cock as far as You can in my mouth and i gently lick it all over with my tongue... i feel Your cock get harder against my tongue and then You pull out of my mouth and You grab me by my hair and pull me up... You take me over to a large rock and You push me over so i am leaning on my breasts i cry and You take the nipple clamps off and push me back down.... i feel You rub something wet on my ass and i feel Your cock slide in me.... You fuck me soo hard and so fast over and over and i feel Your cum explode in my ass and i want to cum soo bad but i am not allowed to... You pull me back up and You kiss me hard and hold me tight and pull my head back by my hair and You smile at me... You tell me i will walk back to the camp site like this and we will hope no one sees... You attach the leash back on to the collar and we walk back to camp... i can feel my ass burning from the cane.... i know You left alot of marks this time.... we get back to camp and You order me into the tent.... i see Your cock is hard again already and You untie my hands and then You push me back on my back... Your cock gently slides in my pussy and You fuck me so hard finally giving me permission to cum.... and i do all over Your cock and i feel You cum all over in my pussy.... we lay there kissing and talking and i can feel Your cum still in me.... we fall asleep knowng that we have a whole other day to have even more fun again.....

Author: Krystal

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