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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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when i first see You at the train station my heart gets so happy... i watch You walking towards me, You are smiling and i cant help but smile to see You. walking upstairs we would go catch a cab to our hotel. once we were checked in and we had gone up to our room i would put our bags aside and hang up our jackets. You would then be sitting on the bed. i would kneel in front of You at your feet and i would gently kiss the tops of Your shoes... i would be sooo happy to be with You i would feel my nipples harden and my pussy get wet. when You choose to allow me i would stand at Your request.then i would undress for You... slowly taking off my shirt and putting it in a neat pile off to the side of the desk.then i would take my bra off and place it on top of the pile. i would unzip my jeans and slide them and my panties off as well and place them on the same pile... then i would kneel back down in front of You and kiss the tops of Your shoes. i would sit with my knees spread and my head down until You would kiss me and gently pull on my hair so You could kiss me even eaiser.. i would feel You grab my breasts tightly and squeeze them and slap them back and forth...pulling hard on my nipples.You would tell me then to go to Your bag and get Your ropes and the nipple clamps from my bag. You have me stand in front of you with my arms clasped behind my neck and You tie my breasts tightly but not too tight... so they are just right. You grab my nipples and pull on them hard and suck on them and bite them... when You feel they are ready You put the clover clamps on them and You pull them hard... You then tell me to undress You.standing in front of You i gently take Your shirt off of You and i gently kiss Your chest all over.i would fold Your shirt and put it with the pile of clothes already on the desk. then You sit down on the bed and i kneel and gently remove your shoes setting them aside... i unbutton Your pants and pull them off slowly and then Your boxers and i put them with the rest of the clothes. i would then kneel in front of You again and kiss the tops of Your knees. grabbing my hair You pull it hard and push my head down inYour lap and tell me to suck Your cock. taking Your cock in my mouth and in my hands i suck and rub Your cock exactly as You tell me to do. i stroke and lick Your cock all over until Your cock is harder than i have ever felt it before. You pull my head back and You grab the chain on the clamps hard and You tell me to stand up. as i stand You tell me to get on the bed on my back.... looking up at You i can feel Your cock rubbing up and down along my pussy lips and i feel You tease me with just the head of Your cock...i feel Your cock slide all the way in my pussy just two times... and You pull out and tell me to get the lube from my bag.You tell me to get back on the bed on my hands and knees and i feel Your fingers gently putting lube on my ass.i feel You push Your cock into me slowly at first and then harder and harder . both of us moaning i feel You reach and pull on the nipple clamps hard... i cry loudly and i feel

You cum inside me..as You pull Your cock out i can feel my pussy throbbing and wanting to be filled.You order me to stay still and i do... i can feel Your cum dripping out of my ass and i can feel my pussy get even wetter...i hear You go into the bathroom and come back out and i can hear You looking in my bag i wonder what You are doing... then You return to the bed and You take the lube again and i feel something pressing into my ass again... as you push it in i can tell its the largest plug that i have... i moan a little as You put it right in place and You give me a kiss gently...You tell me to kneel up and You remove the clamps from my nipples and i cry quietly as You rub and pull on them....You tell me i will be wearing the plug when we go out that evening and that i had better get ready so we could leave.i get dressed as You like.... my knee high boots a nice black skirt and a pretty shirt and i try to cover myself a little so that everyone cant see the ropes still on me as a bra that night....i help You pack the toy bag making sure everything we need is with us and in its proper place...then we leave the hotel and catch a cab to the club. as we arrive at the club i walk slightly behind You letting You go first.we go downstairs and i wait with You at the coat check... once we check our coats You look at me and we look around to find an area to play...finding our usual corner is open we go to that corner. there You tell me to undress.... i do... slowly and neatly removing my clothing and putting them in a pile like You like.standing in front of You looking down i get down on my knees and kiss Your boots...already feeling different than any other night at the club... with the large plug in my ass reminding me that i am Yours...reminding me of the torture my pussy is going through...

You smile down and me and You gently pat my head then grabbing my hair and pulling me til i stand in front of You.... You order me to stay. and You get from Your bag the thinner rope and You wrap my breasts tighter and tighter with the ropes... once You are done You take the red rope that You have given me and You pass it through my legs and up my pussy tightly i feel it rub my clit as i move so very little and it pulls the plug tighter inside me... i moan quietly... then You attach the meaner harder clamps to my nipples and You place my arms in the cuffs on the wall and put a pair of ankle cuffs on me...You start off slowly flogging me gently and then You work up harder and harder.... then You hand spank me and then use Your many paddles on me... over and over You spank me.... You ask me to count and i loose track a few times... You start all over again and i cry alot....You turn me around to face You and You pull on my clamps.... You take a gag from Your bag and place it in my mouth to make me quieter....You slap my breasts back and forth and i am still crying....You grab my hair and gently touch my face and kiss my tears... i calm down a little and You explain that if i stay calm it wont hurt as much and You get from Your bag.... the new metal sticks You have.You start off gently beating on my breasts with them and then build up to hitting them harder... i cry and i shake a little... and i look up at you...You take my one nipple in Your hand and You gently and slowly squeeze the clamp open and i cry harder than before as You caress my nipple and gently suck on it.... then You do the same to the other.... they hurt sooo much.You poke them with the pointed end of the metal sticks and i cry again....

then i see You get the fur glove and You gently rub my breasts and then squeeze them....i close my eyes and i feel You kiss me more... and i feel the gag come out of my mouth, and i feel Your lips on mine and we keep kissing...You take my arms down from the wall and i drop to my knees and kiss You again as i did earlier... this time too feeling even more different like You own me even more...i stand and put my skirt on the rest of my clothing stays in Your bag until it is time to leave.... we go out near the bar and get drinks.... and there we can talk to each other and other people that are around.

then again as we usually do.... it is time to play again before we leave... this time though we dont look around for a place to play.... You choose the stage.... You attach my wrists to the cuffs on the spreader bar on the stage and You then attach a spreader bar between my ankles... i am completely unable to move.... You look at me and grab my hair and kiss me deeply ....You tell me that this will be extra special... You tell me this will hurt more than before right here up on the stage for everyone to watch... You tell me i must count each stroke that You give me... and that i must continue counting until You are completely done... then You reattach the clover clamps to my nipples and give them a tug... i moan quietly.... i feel you gently smack me a few times with Your hand... then i feel Your paddle spank me. very very hard and i have counted up to 40 already... and i know i will keep counting more... knowing that everyone can see and is watching You do this to me... they can all see the plug in my ass and my ass getting red with each new spank.... then i feel Your fingers under my chin and i feel You kiss my lips and i kiss You back... i hear You tell me there is something special You have for me and i must close my eyes... i feel You return in front of me and when You allow me to open my eyes i see You in front of me with a beautiful collar... i cry and i feel You put it around my neck... You tell me i must finish earning this and i must not forget the number we were on.... You were going to cane me now... i feel the cane hit gently at first and then harder and harder.... i want to feel it keep hitting the same places over and over as i continue counting having reached 150 at that point... i feel myself crying and i still cant stop counting... i have to please You.... i feel You cane me until i bleed. You hold me and kiss me and You ask me the number it was 175.... You take my legs off the spreader and You turn me around to face the room...You reattach the spreader and You genlty slap my thigh.... and then harder..... with the leather strap You take turns hitting each side of my thigh... i cry and i just watch You.... and i feel myself getting wetter... then i feel the cane on my thighs not as hard as on my ass but enough to make me cry loudly.... when You are done you grab my hair again and we kiss i smile at You and You gently pull the clamps off my nipples gently biting then as You lick them.... You take my arms and legs out of the cuffs and we sit together.... You tell me to get dressed and put the toys in the bag and we will head back to the hotel....

Author: Krystal

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