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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Fate Favors The Fearless

Fate Favors The Fearless
From: "anna"

The room is ready.......my favorite suite with the giant
jacuzzi.....drapes drawn and candles lit......nora jones playing in
the far corner..the tub full of hot, musk scented water...the bed
covered with a back satin sheet and another laying folded at its
edge...i told you that you would be the first to put satin on my body
so I am wearing long black velvet..my hair is all over the place...i
am shaved and already swollen in anticipation..you knock.

I open the door and allow you to slowly move into the room..but block
you from moving too far..as your eyes get used to the dimness our
gaze meets each other..but only briefly...that is the last you will
see of my eyes for a long time.

I take you by the arms and turn you towards the closed door...pushing
you against it .hard....jarring your senses a little with the
unexpected roughness..as I lean into you I push my knee up between
your legs, my body pressing into your back..locking you against the
door...I press my face into your back and get my first really deep
breath of you.....i can see your eyes are closed, and your mouth is
open...just a little..my hands place your hands up against the door
and I run them down your sides to your hips....then I slam them
against the door on either side of your head...getting your
attention....i have a long black satin glove in each hand..i take one
and pull it against your open mouth till you take it in.....leaning
your head back against me with my face next to yours......I put the
other in your hands and motion for you to put it on my left
hand...you are pretty shaky and fumble a bit as you struggle to pull
it on over my hand and up my arm...then I push your body tighter
against the door...that gloved hand caresses your face for a
moment..then is over your mouth with the glove still between your
teeth...pulling your head back.i whisper in your ear..."Are you

Evidently you are.

And from around my neck I pull my black satin scarf..and use it to
blindfold you.whispering in your ear.."Now you can start to go inside
the dark place".

Nothing from you but a little grunt.slowly I start removing your
jacket, tossing it aside..then your shirt......i press your head back
up against the door and grab my cuffs...roughly I take one arm behind
you at a time and place the cuffs onto your wrists..then lock your
arms behind you.... ...pulling your head back again with my gloved
hand I lead you to a chair very close to us..and push you down
abruptly into it...leaning you against me..your head right at my
breasts.....pulling your head back by your hair I pull the glove
slowly from your mouth....and you feel the coolness of a small glass
at your lips....your mouth is open and I slowly pour the chocolatey,
gingery, ginseng liquor down your throat....you notice a little
powdery bitterness in the last drops...some of which are trickling
out of your lips..I lick them up slowly with my own tongue.lingering
for just a second against your lower lip.

One word whispered in your ear... "Soon"

You know you have been drugged...you know you are becoming more and
more vulnerable..helpless...you know you should be afraid..you don't
know this woman.you don't know what the plan is...you don't know if
there is someone in the other room of the suite...you don't know how
long you have even been here already.but you cant stop.

In the beginning this was an internet game.safe fun..distraction...a
little fantasy to jerk off to.

Now its real.

You are pushed head first onto the bed..your chest and face hits the
musk scented satin..cool on your skin..I am behind you and on
you..heavy..once again you aren't going anywhere...your hands are
cuffed behind you....you see nothing..you don't even hear the
music...you are listening closely for the next whisper..the satin
glove is back in your mouth and soaked..you don't even remember it
going back in after that drink from the glass...your shoes and socks
are coming off....your hands are uncuffed and raised up above your
head...quickly attatched to the ropes I set up for you....my hands
are on your ass...feeling..planning..i flip you over on your back so
I can get at you better and get those pants off..slowing
down...gazing at you and your helplessness....we haven't even started
yet....your vulnerability is making me so wet..I place my gloved hand
on your belly...making circles..heading down.....slowly unzipping you
and sliding your pants and underwear over your hips...releasing you..
pulling them all the way off..back up on the bed between your legs..
tying your ankles apart with rope on either side..pulling you as wide
as I can...opening you to me.

I come around to the side and take a mouthful of liquor...holding it
in my mouth..warming it....leaning over you I push your mouth open
with my gloved hand on your chin and pull the glove out.....your
mouth is open just enough to let the liquor empty from my mouth to
yours..finishing it with your first kiss...my gloved hand traveling
down to your cock...just brushing it...teasing..straying to your
thigh..you finally hear me whisper.."Almost there".

I am back at the bottom of the bed...opening and throwing the second
black satin sheet over your entire body....you feel it settle on your
skin...covering you..safety...the shroud..the black veil I told you
would take you deeper....closer to the edge..closer to me.

I climb up on top of you..scissors in my ungloved hand..laying my
full length along yours...taking your breath away..pressing my lips
against the satin that is against your mouth...biting your lip thru
it....biting your neck...gently...thru satin..satin protects
you...satin keeps me from you...the scissors will fix that..I cut
thru right over your mouth....just enough to expose it to me...and
pull the satin down tight on either side of your face....i can see
your mouth now...waiting for me...knowing..I let my tongue just
lightly touch your lips...barely brushing them....my sweet breath
meeting yours.......sucking slightly on your lower lip....pulling it
..turning a little...going all the way down on your mouth...my hands
on either side of your face ..holding it for me..while I penetrate
your mouth with my tongue..even if you could move..you would not..you
cant even swallow.

When I am satisfied with the use of your mouth...i get up on my knees
between your legs...and run my fingers down your chest..across your
nipples..just barely touching them..back and forth a few times...then
traveling across the satin down your sides..across your
belly........looking for ticklish spots.tracing down your
thighs..avoiding the heat in the middle..smiling at all this...mine
to torment...mine to pleasure...mine to own.

I change positions...turning around and straddling your chest...and
lean back..my pussy finally settling over your mouth...smothering
you..just for seconds at a time...long seconds..the kind that take

I lean over..my mouth right against your cock..pressing down on
it.....blowing hot air thru the satin ..adding to your heat...moving
down your cock to your balls...blowing against the satin even
harder......tongue pressing against you...satin in my way.

The scissors are back in my hand and I know you can hear me opening
and closing them..sliding them across your cock and balls.. cringing
under the satin....i lift the satin over your balls and start
cutting...just a small hole..barely large enough to reach in and pull
your cock and balls thru..lifting it through the satin...setting it
free..free to be caught again.

I lay down between your legs...with my arm and shoulder across your
hip...coming around you from the top...settling in...holding your
cock straight up with my still satin gloved hand...my other hand has
a nice glob of cold lotion in it...and it meets the top of your
cock.....sliding around and squeezing gently....putting pressure on
top..pushing down and rotating.......making circles ...the heat of
your cock warms the lotion...my breath floats over...you know my
mouth is close..but my hands own you now..my thumb slides down your
shaft between your balls..rubbing the base of your cock..close to the
core..you know you aren't allowed to cum.you could not even if you
wanted to...the pressure and squeezing is keeping you on the
edge..this cock does not belong to you.

You finally swallow.

I leave you for a moment...time for you to relax...go deeper...come
up for a second wondering....fall back again...



for the whispers.


"Stop me now."

"Or beg me

to take you

Over the edge."

You know an answer is expected..you know what it is...you cant speak
thru blackness..



You know this is the turning point in your life..you cant go back
now...you cant think..you have been thinking for 35 years.of this
moment...nothing prepared you..nothing matters...you chose..the first
time you talked to her ..you chose..when you saw her pictures....you
knew...she had the power to give you what you dreamed of.

You finally get enough breath in your lungs. "
Please..Mistress....Take me."

The last whisper you will hear.


"For me"

You remember..it was more violent than you expected...it hurt...you
thought you would break...at some point you were released.......but
the satin always stayed between us..that black veil..there were
screams....we were both soaked..the satin was soaked...there were
tears....many tears...there was joy...it was all I asked for..it was
all you could give.

After ...I wrap us both in satin sheets....and prop you up on the
pillows.....holding you against me..giving you little sips of
water...you are still blindfolded...but soon I will take it off..and
bring you back...right now I am content to watch you...i am still
cumming...little aftershocks...that will last a while...i want to go
again but you are a mess...this is why I need a harem..one man is
never enough...you feel cold to me...i throw my satin up over your
shoulders and pull you in closer...reach up and push the blindfold
off over your head..waiting for you to come to your senses and look
at me...I don't think you want to open your eyes..you know its almost
over..you know it will never be like this again..hell I may never
even see you again...its too dangerous...for both of us.in different

Finally you open your eyes..mine pierce thru your
haze...reassuring... yet challenging you in some way... Are you
done? Have you gotten this out of your system? Or has your
addiction just been reinforced? Is your soul intact? Are you changed
forever? I want to know what you feel. Contentment? Remorse?
Disappointment? Fear? Love?

Was it worth it?

The Jacuzzi is waiting...i need it...after I expect you to give me a
massage with the satin...as you promised...you know that at any
moment I could take you down again...back to blackness...and use
you...there will always be that possibility....is there anything you
would not submit to? You thought there was..you have doubts
now....how would you say no? from the blackness...you have no power
when you are there...and you want to be there...you long to hear the
whispers...and feel the veil come over you..if you are good maybe I
will bring you back to that place....if you please me..your mind is
filled with ways you can please me...this is what you will think of
in your spare moments...pleasing me in the hopes I will take you back
to the blackness.

Author: Anna

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