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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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sweet submission

why does my body respond to one simple word,
why does my heart pound each time He's around,
why does my breath catch whenever He is near,
why is it only with Him, that i have no fear,
what is that flutter that comes from deep within,
each time i hear words whispered and carried upon the wind;
"you are My slave, My love, My slut, My whore,
always a Lady on My arm until We hit the bedroom door.
It is there that I will teach you the joy of soft, Loving caresses,
My lips pressed against your throat, fingers entangled in your tresses.
your silken thighs and velvet lips will part only for Me,
gift Me with yourself and I shall set your soul free."
His Strength and Dominance to this one, beckons and calls,
His Love and Respect breaking down the last remaining walls;
i now know the reasons behind each intense feeling,
with undeniable and incredible urge, i find myself kneeling;
silken thighs spread nice and wide,
my soul visible within eyes i cannot hide;
for every thought and desire and need,
is mirrored within blue eyes for Him to plainly see;
His smile warming me to the very core,
my juices rush to greet Him begging for more;
open and honest, not one bit of past hidden by omission,
i kneel and give myself to Him in sweet loving submission.

Author: pleasure

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