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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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A Christmas Poem

Life can be so bittersweet,
Full of blood and mystery.
I want to take this time to say,
I value you in every way.

I should have said it to your face,
At some very special time and place.
But I never know just what to say.
I feel so awkward and I look away.

So here's to us and to our feelings,
And to our lows and to our ceilings.
And here's advice on all next year,
So we can communicate without fear:

We're lucky that our hearts are beating!
Allowing us some overeating.
It's holiday time within your life.
Let go of all that silly strife!

Relax with a glass held in your hand,
And listen to a jammin' band.
Forget the past and all your losses,
Like the stuff they sweep up after horses.

Kiss all the cute ones--use your noodle!
Then take an extra piece of strudel.
Always look forward and rarely back,
Unless it's to learn a different tack.

Don't betray those that trust
And never leave your heart to rust.
But don't expect TOO much from friends,
You'll get frustration--it never ends.

Loved ones get your best of all,
Because they catch you if you fall.
Sadly, if you love in vain,
Be thankful that you feel the pain.

.Cause numbness is the dangerous thing,
You all know what that will bring.
And when you've had thorns enough,
Dive right back in--in the buff.

Listen to that inner voice,
Telling you that you've got a choice.
Even though you never know
What's the right way you should go.

Don't waste anything, don't want.
Don't borrow, lend, steal or taunt.
Strive to be happy, drink some Bass,
But don't get drunk and bust your ass.

I admit all is not right,
I'm older and my pants are tight.
But at least I'm still hangin' .round,
Makin' a cacophonous sound.

The moral of this message is
Take hearty joy in what there IS.
Laugh and sing whene'er you can,
You might not get the chance again.

Now, make a toast and act the fool,
Don't be afraid to be called a tool.
Agree to love, for love and with LOVE,
And you will always, consistently, surely, frequently and without question, rise high ABOVE.

Author: Solstice

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