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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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BDSM Fairy Tale

Since all love has a bit of the fairy tale to it, this story is like that.

A nightingale that found its way into the dream of a girl with an out to sea look in her eyes. In that place, where it didn't matter that he was a bird and she was a beautiful lady of the north Country where the nightingale had never been.

The bird wasn't even sure how it was that it found its way into the land of dreams, but once he saw her there he knew it was his fate to never wish to leave.

The music of her laughter caused the beating of his heart to throb so hard in his chest! The way that she held her head when she spoke caused song to explode from his breast. Not so long in this impossible land, the bird told the girl of his love. He said that his life was now in her hands and delighted her with the dance that drew them into a sun-drenched sky. Their beauty was strong and exquisite but it hurt and tender bruises were left. The girl was enthralled by this pretty bird and encouraged him to poke her with his beak.

Again and again on her body he played, and again and again she would moan and beg. She needed the ecstasy and intimate tapping from her bird in her head. She began to know the bird as her lover, and they shared the sweet green of hope. She wanted more and more new songs and all that he could make up.

In her wake of a world there men who would laugh at the silly female fantasy of her thoughts. The one in particular, whom she had chosen as her own, tormented her about her tender feel for the bird. His problem was that she slept more and more, his fine beautiful young thing, sleeping to be with her bird and enraptured as her bird would sing. He sang to her heart that she could also fly and that there was a place where they could nest. He would tap and sing and she would moan and laugh and know the feeling of dreams at their best.

And so the bird and the girl planned her flight from the cold waking world of the north. Her man grew suspicious of her constant drowse and the faraway look in her eyes. He wanted her as his and knew he now had to deal with the bird.

At first he gave her potions designed to deaden her time of sleep. But the bird in his frantic need searched through layer after layer of darkness and flew so deep into the dream land that he could hardly have the strength to return. He found her and sang with tender love and pecked her flesh until she cried in their sweet, dark release.

The man could see that his pills had not worked for now she was even more drowsy than before. She no longer looked him him with the soft pleading eyes that said he was her god and Lord. So, he bought more pills that would keep her awake, take her away from these dreams and the stupid thoughts that she should never have had. Her life was to meet his needs.

Each night and some days the bird flew deep in the sky to find her but she wasn't there. She wanted to sleep. The harsh light was painful in her eyes and her body longed for the pecking and the sound of the songs that played for whether or not she was alone. Finally, she ran away so that she could sleep and lie with her bird. They loved each other with abandon and joy and planned again for her escape.

Now this man did not believe in the world of dreams; he was run by commerce and success. But he found those dark things that for a price would steal and smash what they'd never had. Those who could raid the land of dreams and trace the place from where the bird flew. If he could get rid of the bird, she would be sad but his. Who knew what memories a woman carried in her head, and who really needed to care if they lived?

When the dream dogs found the bird they snapped at its wings and tied it down with twine. They barked and bayed and convinced the thing that it would not even be enough for their mouthes to dine.

Where does a bird find the strength to escape dogs of dirty dreams? It only comes when the dogs themselves are awake, and the bird let go of its worldly needs, and know it would never be allowed to return from the land of impossible dreams. It used its beak to rip through the twine and accepted the night as its home. All it would need were the visits from her, until they were left alone.

The bird wandered and lived in the dark and it ate of the night of dreams. It knew it had seen the last of the sun and felt it's last sweet breeze. It welcomed the radiance that would glow from her eyes and basked in the warmth they had spun.

All girls make decisions some day to wake up and accept what they are for real. Tearful, our girl promised the bird that he would live always in her soul. Then she told him sadly that she could not travel anymore to the place that was their own.

Now the bird flies alone through sunless sky in an empty cage that he chose. He doesn't look up and he doesn't look down and he hears her laugh in his ears. She thinks quite privately to herself with a smile that he will remember her rule no matter how far or near.

Author: Ken

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