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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Art Lesson

He was beginning to put away the charcoal and chamois when she approached him, and he smiled inwardly as he had seen her glancing his way throughout the last few classes. The warehouse-like studio had emptied of all the students save for them. Its airy space echoed as she walked past the dias on which the nudes had been posed. The white drapery over boxes and chairs still in place looked a little forlorn without the naked man and woman who had graced them earlier. He smiled at her as she stood in front of him, expecting her to ask him out for coffee or a drink. Returning the smile, she looked him over from head to toe and then back to his blue eyes.
"Do you think you could help me with my sketch?" Her voice was soft and low, a lovely rich musical voice, "I'm having some difficulty with light and shadow."

It was not what he had expected and the surprise must have shown in his eyes, but he nodded and smiled. She leaned in and looked critcally at his sketch- the woman reclining, head pillowed on one arm bent at the elbow and hidden behind her head, one knee drawn up and bent. His use of charcoal giving soft swell to belly and breasts, the heavily shaded cleft between her legs drawing the eye to the velvet darkness there. She looked back to him, holding his eyes with her own.
"You are very good."
"Thank you," he answered as simply as she had complimented him.

Then he broke her gaze and stepped past her to where she had set her easel and pad. Her choice had been the nude male. He stood with one hand extended as if reaching or calling out to someone departing, one foot forward, head straight as if looking into the distance. She had taken his standing pose a step further and had added an erection to his well-endowed shaft. It was this which remained obviously unfinished. He did not hear her step behind him. In the platform sandals she wore, she stood tall enough to look over his shoulder. Regarding her work, her hand in a familiar way on his back, her breath made a soft current at his cheek as she spoke,
"You see? That's the part I can't quite get right." Then she grinned and turned her head to evaluate his expression.
" Mmm...yes. Using your imagination can be tricky, " he grinned back. "How can I help?"
"Well, I suppose the best way would be to model for me," the challenge in her eyes was unmistakeable despite the shy way she bit her bottom lip and looked at him.
"I can do that," he smiled back, his voice disappearing into the empty space around them. His hands reached to unbutton his shirt, but she stepped in front of him and began to do it herself.
He closed his eyes and let her hands divest him of his shirt, then felt the tug at his belt. His arousal was near complete by the time his pants dropped to the floor. Kicking off his deck shoes, he then stepped out of the tight jeans and stood naked and erect before her.

"Well?" He looked at her with a grin.

"Is that as hard as it gets?" Her hand was reaching to touch him as she spoke, her eyes locking his, her lips turned upwards at the corners. She was a skilled ball buster, no doubt.
" You could give me a hand with it and see," was his reply.

Her hand was cool and dry against his hot, firm flesh. It surprised him how she took him right away in a tight fist and simply held him tight. In a quick movement he reached his hand behind her head and took her hair in his own fist, sharply pulling it back, turning her face upwards to him. Now his eyes held the challenge and hers the bit of surprise. He bent and kissed her hard on her mouth, his lips and teeth ravenging her bottom lip until she parted them, allowing his tongue entrance. In her tight hold, she felt him harden further. Her thumb caressed the head of his shaft and found it silky and slick with anticipation. She felt her own response deep inside and knew she, too, would soon become swollen with similar need. Then he stopped and let her go, lifting his mouth from hers. Her eyes opened to find him grinning at her. Taking her hand gently, he removed it from his rigid cock and pointed to her sketch.

"Get to work," he said, then assumed the pose that she had drawn.
"Of course," she answered picking up the stick and beginning to work.

She worked silently for sometime, looking up and then back to her work. Catching the light and shadows intrigued her. The light and dark, the thickness of his shaft as it sprang from a well trimmed thatch of sandy hair, all of it apearing on her pad, line by line, soft rub of finger or thumb changing it to shadow and light. It was as she rubbed at a line to soften the edge that he spoke to her.
"Come here," he pointed to a place in front of him. "...on your knees."
She set the stick on the edge of the easel and moved to kneel where he pointed. A toss of her head sent her honey colored hair back over her shoulder.
"This time use your mouth."

Her hands were braced on his hips and she leaned to take his half-masted cock between her lips. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, savouring the sensation of hot tongue against him. Slowly rocking on her knees, she slid his cock in short strokes, in and out...hot then cool. Then she pressed forward and remained still, his cock deep, fully encased in her hungry mouth. Her tongue pressed the underside, playing with the base, a hand lifted to squeeze his balls, nails grazing the soft skin behind them. She heard him sigh with pleasure and it made her ache. His hands grasped her head, one on either side and began directing her movements- drawing her back and forth, using her mouth to stroke his cock, fucking her mouth, his juices building and oozing precum onto her tongue. When he reached the edge of the precipice, his balls tight and ready, the liquid pearls ready to shoot into her mouth, he stopped and slid himself from her.
"Mmmm...you are good," he murmured, "now back to work."
His cock again hard and proud rising up against his belly, he assumed the pose and grinned at her. She returned to the easle in silence, a hand rubbed across her lips, mouth still tasting his salty tang. She was surprised at the way her hand shook as she lifted the charcoal and began finishing the sketch. Focusing her concentration was difficult. She could feel how wet her panties had become, the slight draft rising up under her skirt accentuated it, and she thought she could smell her own arousal. Finally, interminable minutes later, she stepped back and nodded.
"It is finished."
He crossed to stand behind her, this time his hand on her back and regarded it over her shoulder. He nodded silent approval and then bent to nip her neck, holding her fast with his teeth for a few moments. She felt herself weaken in the knees, her cunt was slick and swollen and she knew he knew it.
He whispered in her ear, "Time to pay for my services..."
Still behind her, one hand reached around to slip under the tank top she wore, the other reached up under her skirt in the back and tore the wet panties from her. He pressed his cock against the well rounded cheeks of her ass and rocked against her, one hand playing with taut nipple, the other creeping around to insinuate fingers into the wet cleft between her legs. A moan rose in her throat as her body responded with hungry desire. His mouth lowered to her shoulder kissing and biting, licking and sucking, as he pinched and pulled at clit and nipple. His cock rubbed her ass in lazy stokes leaving a slick trail where it touched. When he decided he wanted more than teasing play, he roughly pulled away his teasing fingers. One hand wrapped around her waist as his knee shifted to press between her thighs, opening her to him, his other hand to her shoulder grasping it a moment as he breathed hot and low in her ear, "Do you want it?"
Her moan was his answer and he bent her forward, his hard shaft probing for her slick tunnel between spread thighs. He entered her quickly, thrust hard and deep, then stopped and ground himself against her. She pressed back against him, pressing him even deeper, then he drew him self from her and probed at the tightly puckered opening.
A half-hearted, "...no...I never..." whispered from her, but her actions defied her words as she pressed back, pushing the head of his slick cock into the virgin space. He held still, the tightness maddening, yet allowing her to take him at her own pace, slipping slowly into her ass. He groaned and felt himself entering deeper and deeper, the tightness incredible.
"ohhh...yesss....," she was beyond more than desire, lost to animal lust, pleasure beyond thought.
He began stroking himself in and out, her body responding with counter strokes...they rocked and thrust in a dance of passion until the bursting of waves shattered them both, body slick with the sweat of passion, his chest clinging to her shirt as he clutched her to him from behind. Spent and panting, she leaned back against him, mind swirling, blood singing in her ears.

Author: Lace

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