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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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.... we met her on the dance floor. She, dancing by herself, lost in the music, you and I moving in tandem, intimate areas often crashing hot against each other. We all seemed to pause to head to the bar for a drink at the same time, eyes meeting and holding for that fraction of a second before traveling off to other places. Conversation began simply enough- the reverberations of the bass and how it felt so erotic. The topic evolved into the act of dancing and not needing a partner-- something I have found true. It is easy to dance alone on a crowded floor, the music so loud that it sends tremors through your body to the point where you feel it more than hear it. We laughed and I told her to come dance with us. She accepts and we walk back to the floor each cradling the bottled water. The music continues and the three of us form a connection. Together yet separate, each focused on the rhythm, but in synch with each other as well. Wordlessly we move closer to one another, bodies first grazing, then pressing. Hands linking, spinning and colliding, laughing, the joy of the like-minded, carelessly free.

All too soon the lights signal the close of the dancing and we stand almost awkwardly. "We're staying at the Sheraton," I comment. You add, "Want to come back with us?" She laughs and agrees to follow us back in her own car. A good sign, I think. Shortly we are pushing our door open and the three of us are in the quiet of the room. Her eyes scan the room, taking in the assorted toys left out from earlier play. I begin to laugh and ask her if she wants to see what the rope was for. She grins at me and nods. Ahh! A kindred spirit, I think. "Jule, hang up our coats," I tell you, a grin pulling up the corners of my lips. Good slut that you are, it is quickly done. She sits at the edge of the king sized bed, watching as I walk about lighting all the candles and setting the electric lights low. I take up the rope and set it on the bed beside her, then pull the standard cushioned and wooden armed chair to the foot of the bed, a few feet away. You have that grin on your face, and I wonder if you have read my mind. You probably have.

I grin back and look at our guest. "Come help me remove his clothes," I tell her, and then add, "You start at his feet and work your way up." Because, after all, I am the Queen. And I also want to see how she reacts to doing this. We are all quite pleased to note she enjoys both the act and the directive quite well. Soon your nearly hairless naked self stands shivering before the two of us. I send her over to adjust the heat a bit. She is such a good obedient slut, too, it appears, and complies readily. I take you by the hand and lead you to the chair, pressing you down into it. I brace my hands on the arm rests and lean forward to kiss you deeply, whispering as I break the kiss, "This is going to be such fun!" Then I tell her to bring the rope as I place your hands on the arm rests where mine had just been. The electric blue rope against your skin looks beautiful, she even comments on the aesthetics of it. Together we bind you at the wrists and ankles to the wood of the chair. The rest of your body is left free to move and squirm as you might desire. Once you have been secured, she and I seem to move in tandem to sit at the edge of the bed and look at you. You are already growing hard in anticipation. I look at her and smile then stand up, pulling her up by her hand until we are standing close enough to touch- if you could move a hand. Deliberately, I cup her face in my hands and kiss her softly on the lips meeting no resistance, just a soft sigh and the return of her lips pressed to mine. We turn to glance at you, knowing that this must be having an effect. It is, and we laugh. She and I undress one another and are soon as naked as you. We explore one another's bodies with caressing hands as our lips hungrily kiss. I look at you and murmur, "Poor Jule, he looks like he's feeling left out." She agrees and we turn to you. I kneel between your feet and pull her down next to me.

She intuitively knows what we are going to do. We feast on your cock, taking turns licking and sucking, often meeting mouth to mouth to pause and kiss deeply. When you are fully hard, I rise and take up a condom, slipping it over your shaft, letting the rolled edge snap against your skin as I drawn it to the base. Then I take the red Godiva ribbon and fashion it around the base, wrapping it tight enough to press firmly, and using the remainder to wrap around your balls with equal firmness. Next nipple clamps are fastened to your hard little nubs. ..we use yours, mine are still too new. She is enjoying this, we can tell by the way she watches and reaches out her hands to stroke your face, your chest, your cock. "Does this make you hot?" I ask her. "Oh, yes!" is her quick reply. I point to the bed and say, "Sit!" She does. She is facing you and I kneel between her knees, one hand slides up the inside of each calf then just above each knee. I spread her legs wide and shift my body so you can see what I can see. I glance back over my shoulder at you and grin, this is my first pussy to eat. Slowly I kiss the insides of her thighs, inching my way to the glistening pink slit. Her scent is musky. It arouses me. Tentatively at first I press my mouth to her nether lips, kissing her as if it were her other mouth. She moans and I feel her hands on my head pressing me tighter to her. I lick her, tasting her juices- a mix of tang and salt, creamy and wet. My tongue circles the small bud of her clit and she arches her hips into my face. I press my tongue into her, sucking the clit as I do.

She groans. "Do you want more?" I ask as I look up at her. She simply licks her lips and nods her answer. I rise and take a dildo and cover it with a condom. On the way back to her, I stop to kiss you deeply and see how well you are maintaining that erection. I tug gently on the chain of the clamps then bend to lick and suck your nipples. I dip my head to tease the tip of your shaft, licking it with a quick flicking of my tongue. Then I rise and turn back to her. I push her backwards until she is lying down, legs still hanging over the edge. First I thoroughly lavish her sweet heat with my tongue, making her very wet. The I press the dildo slowly inside her little by little. "Don't move or I'll stop," I tell her softly. When it is deeply inside her, I leave it there and crawl to lie beside her on the bed, my hands running teasing circles over her body. Across her mons, up over her belly and across her breasts. My fingers toy with her nipples, rolling and pinching them. Pulling them taut and releasing them. I take one into my mouth using my tongue to flick it back and forth, then suckle on her. Her breasts are large and firm- her own. I rise higher still to wrap myself around her in a sweet embrace, kissing her deeply, sliding a leg between hers to press the dildo in short strokes with my knee. She moans and presses back against me. "Oh! No....you moved." I pull away from her and sit up, then slowly draw the dildo from her. I walk around behind you and lean down, my face next to your ear, my hands sliding down your chest to toy with you. "I guess I'll have to punish her," I say to you. To her I say, "Come and kneel in front of Julien." Which of course she does. "Untie the ribbon very slowly from his cock," I tell her. I lick your ear. It is quite hot and red. "Now suck him until I tell you to stop." I whisper in your ear as I lick and kiss it, "Tell me when you almost can't hold out any more, I don't want you to cum yet." She sets to her task with great enthusiasm. I can tell from your reaction she is skilled.

As she keeps you moaning with pleasure, I lean and unclamp your nipples. The sensations must be incredible. Your voice is a gasp when you say, "Mistress, make her stop." I walk around to pull her up from her kneel and kiss her for doing so well. "I think it's time for my two sluts to trade places," I suggest. She nods eagerly and we set to task untying you. We rub your ankles and your wrists, smoothing your skin and enjoy releasing you from the chair. Then I watch as you secure her with the ropes the same way I had tied you. "Please her with your tongue, Jule," I command you, " but don't let her cum." You get on your knees and give her a serious tongue lashing. She loves it, tossing her head back and arching her hips forward. I fasten the clamps to her nipples. She moans and murmurs, "Yessss!" I caress her cheek and tell her what a lovely little slut she is and kiss her. Then I slip behind you and begin rubbing your raised ass with the fur side of my paddle. I can see your balls twitch with the anticipation of the other side. I do not disappoint you. I slap your cheeks several times, stinging them to a nice red. Then lower my lips to lick and kiss them, my tongue trailing between your cheeks to tease the puckered hole. Her breathing is getting faster and faster.

You are doing well so I paddle you a few more sharp slaps. I reach and hand you the dildo for her. "Use this and your mouth to make her cum, Jule," I tell you. Then I slip to the toy bag and find a nice butt plug for you. You begin teasing her with the dildo and she squirms and moans. I lubricate the plug and wait. Once you have the dildo deep inside her you lean to lick her clit. I begin paddling you once more~ hard then soft, fur then stinging side. Then I slip the plug into you in a slow rocking motion until it is secure. I tease your cock and balls with my other hand as I work the plug in and out of you. "Cum for me, my sluts," I say to you both. And because you are such good obedient sluts, you both soon comply! I watch, satisfied that I did this for you both. The plug keeps stroking your ass until you spurt your last stream of thick cream. You suck her clit as you stroke her until she sighs with the last spasm of her climax. Then both intrusive toys are slowly slid out. You rest you head on her lap as you catch your breath. I move behind her and unclamp her nipples and rub them gently. Then you and I untie her. I take you each by a hand and lead you to the bed. I snuggle between the two of you and say, "Now, my sluts, you will please the Queen!"

Author: Lace

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