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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Golf Course

You came out to the house where I am staying for the next three weeks while mine is being repaired. We deiced to go out for a late evening walk. Going out the back door, we cross the railroad tracks and go down the trail onto the golf course. Heading for the springy turf around the flag area. I spread out a blanket. We sit down and begin to kiss..
Your hand slides under my shirt to gently cup one breast. Softly you stroke your thumb over my nipples teasing them into twin peaks of desire.
Moaning softly against your mouth, I press closer against you. One hand stroking your back, scratching lightly with my nails. The other running through your hair.
You kiss along my jaw line to my ear and nibble, gently sucking then nipping a bit harder. You kiss down my neck nibbling lightly.
Your hands fumble at the buttons of my blouse, but you manage to open them.
Half sitting up between the two of us we manage to get it off. Your strong firm hands unsnaps the back of my bra and peal it off.
Your mouth is drawn to my breasts and you begin to bite and tease at one nipple. The other hand pinches pulls and rolls the other nipple between thumb and finger.
I moan with desire and rub my body against you.
"Is my bitch getting hot?" Your voice sounds amused.
Arching up against you I whisper. "Yes Master."
Reaching down you slide a hand down the front of my jeans and slide two fingers between my pussy lips rubbing at my clit. "Mmmm you are getting wet, but not wet enough." With that you proceed to have me stand up. We both slide out of our jeans with you shedding your shirt in the process.
We lie back down. You bury your face into my cunt, your mouth seeking and finding my clit. I gasp and moan in pleasure as your mouth proceeds to lick suck and chew on my clit. Two of your fingers buried deep inside my wet pussy stroking me.
My tongue and mouth are busy also licking and sucking on that wonderful cock of yours. Mmm that warm salty taste is so good.
My mouth is so wet and hot as I slide my tongue up and down the shaft. Swirling my tongue around the head I tease gently at the hole with my tongue. I scrape my teeth lightly over the head taking just the tip into my mouth. I suck gently at first then harder. Causing you just a little discomfort then proceed to swallow your cock a little at a time. I have all of you deep within my throat sucking away.
God the pleasure for me is so intense. I want more. I want to feel your hot hard cock deep within my pussy,
Grinding my pussy into your face, my moans are passion filled. "Please Master!" I groan. "Please!"
"Please what slave?"
"Please Master please fuck me!" I beg in a voice that's filled with need.
Deciding to oblige me you position yourself between my legs. You thrust forward burying your cock deep within my hot, wet cunt.
I arch upwards, locking my legs around your waist pulling you even deeper into me. Moaning in hunger I rub against you. I scratch your shoulders with my long nails. My hands slide down to cup your ass pulling you closer.
"God you are one hot fucking bitch!" You whisper against my mouth. You kiss me deeply. Our tongue's entwining you bury your tongue deep inside my hot wet mouth eagerly. I seize on your tongue and start sucking it.
Your cock slides in and out of my pussy as you ram it deep. "Oh God, oh God, MMMaster!" I whimper as I feel myself cumming. My pussy is so wet and hot making sloppy sucking sounds as you continue to slide in and out of me.
With a tigerish growl, I roll over on top of you taking the dominate position. My titties are dangling in your face as I slide myself up and down your cock now. Throughly bathed with my love juice, you grab for them and start pulling and playing with the nipples. Teasing them into taut erectness.
Your tongue flicks out and licks one reddened nipple. It hardens still further, eagerly your mouth fastens on that one nipple. You begin to nuzzle and nurse on it driving me even more insane with erotic pleasure.
We are so into each other that we fail to hear the sounds of a golf cart approaching, We are outlined in the headlights.
Right now I feel like a cat in heat and I'm not stopping for nobody or nothing. I continue to ride you. My ass bouncing up and down as I ride your hard cock feeling it pressing deep inside of me
"Oh fuck!" A male voice exclaims from the cart, from the pitch and tenor we can tell it's a young mans voice. "Oh fuck, this is great!"
Whispering against your mouth I say. "Should we give him a show?"
"Sure why not." You whisper back. "Probably be the thrill of his lifetime," With that you urge me into getting on my hands and knees. Your cock slides into me from behind.
Holding onto my long hair and pulling on it, you fuck me deeply.
"I should have put your collar on you you bitch. Why didn't you remind me to?" With that you slap me on my ass. Once, twice, three times. Hard! If anything this makes my pussy get even wetter and certainly hotter.
Reaching forward to grab my huge titties you slam into me over and over again. I scream and moan deeply as I feel myself cumming. Again you groan deeply as you shoot a load of hot cum deep inside of my pussy. We both clasped forward exhausted.
We hear a groan from the cart and the words. "Oh God! Oh shit! Oh man what a mess."
With a soft giggle I whisper. "I bet I know what he was doing."
You just laughed and handed me my clothes. We dressed quickly gathered up the blanket and went home.

Author: SshiiaCat

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