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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Cage

The thick carpet felt rough under my newly pedicured feet. I looked down at them...red nails, blood red. He likes them that way. I stood in front of the door that would open any minute, shivering in my nudity - partially because of the chill in the air, and partially because I knew He was coming. After hours of preparation, I was ready. Scrubbed until my skin glowed, hair brushed until it shone long down my back, manicure, pedicure, gold body dust applied, and body jewelry adorned . I looked precisely as He would want. God, I hoped it was what He wanted...

Hearing His footsteps, I dropped to my knees, spreading them wide, toes touching. I clasped each hand around each wrist behind my back, straightened my posture, and tilted my head to the floor at the precise angle. My heart raced with the adrenaline boost I always get when He is near. The doorknob clicked and I heard his soft footsteps in the carpet. He walked directly in front of me and stopped. I felt His hand on the top of my head and it slowly caressed my hair, following the stream it created down my back. Knowing that I was allowed, I leaned in toward his legs slowly rubbing my head against them like some stray cat finally shown affection. I was His...and I knew it only because of the feeling in my heart and the wetness between my legs. not because he ever told me.

"Enough," he said in the usually, dry tone, "Stand up." I quickly rose to my feet, straightening even more for my inspection. He walked around me, slowly, eyeing me up and down. He cupped my breast in His hand and gently thumbed the rosy, hard nub that peaked from the smooth skin. "Very nice...keep them this way tonight" He stated. His hands felt like those of the artist when He examines the smoothness of His own sculpture. He stopped behind me and slid one hand between my legs, burying His fingers in the heat that lied there. I could hear the sound of the slippery wetness as He dug His fingers deeper. I gasped and steadied myself. His voice was calm and warm in my ear when He said, "very good, slut. You do please me today."
Elation...nothing but pure joy radiated from me as I stood still in front of Him, never averting my eyes from the ground. "Thank You, Sir" is all I managed to whisper in all of my breath. He took His hand from between my legs, slid it around my waist, and kissed the back of my right shoulder softly. He then patted me on the ass and said, "Come on, we will be late."

I walked in front of Him as always, leading the way and showing Him that this was where I wanted to be. He didn't like submissives that hid behind their Masters, cowering from what they might have to do next. I was to walk proud in who I was, His property, His whore. The hardwood floors were cold in my long walk to the party room. The house had been scrubbed clean . like me - for this party, Master's annual bash for all of His friends. He always enjoyed Himself so much, and had agreed to allow me to attend, but only as His slave. I really didn't mind, since I had almost forgotten what it was like to play the "hostess" of a party, to be normal, to have the stress of this huge responsibility. I get to be myself here. Besides, He said He had a surprise for me if I did as I was told.

He was comfortable and confident in His wealth, not showy or pretentious. He knew exactly what He wanted and got it....that was all. I was a part of all that, really. Not something he cherished- I was more of something he possessed. He did love all of the things that were difficult for Him to acquire, but not in a conventional way. I was a living, breathing object that He treasured, as a man would prize artwork, or an expensive sportscar. Each thing means much more that just the amount paid for them, for they are all a part of who He is...what He represents.

We stopped outside the closed door to His private entertaining room. He told me to close my eyes before entering; of course I did as I was told. I heard the doors open wide and the soft sound of Miles Davis being piped into the party area. He took my elbow and guided me forward. The hardwood floor turned to marble and then to carpet as He led me across the room. The music grew slightly louder as we moved deeper within. He stopped near what should be the center of the room. "Open", he said.

I saw it as soon as my eyes focused. It was beautiful! An iron birdcage, seven feet high and six feet wide hung a foot off of the ground. It was large and strikingly elegant. The bottom was covered in beautiful fabrics, all in rich jewel tones. Tears creeped into my eyes as I looked at Him. He smirked and walked around to the other side, watching me through the bars. I could barely make out His expression through the lights that shone down through the cage, but His eyes gleamed . like a child. He inhaled deep, blinked the gleam away, and began to explain, "This is where you will enjoy the party. It raises, " he pointed, indicating the chains above that disappeared into the ceiling, "and you will be lifted up for everyone to admire, like the rest of the artwork in this room." I had seen the room before. Sand colored marble tile outlining burgundy carpet. Paintings hung evenly on the walls under track lighting, their warm colors glowing in the soft light. It always looked more inviting when He entertained. Candles glowed in large candelabras in each dark corner of the room....it smelled of amber, though I am not sure where the scent was coming from....probably my imagination.

He walked back around the cage, stunned; I looked directly into His eyes. He allowed it this time, and I suddenly realised I had not looked at Him yet. He was even more beautiful than usual. His hair was pulled tightly back in a low ponytail. His clothes were all black, expensive, he looked rested, His eyes gleaming. "You may speak" he said seeing that I had something on my mind. "I feel honoured...You did this for me?" I asked.

"you are entertainment" he replied, then He opened the door to the cage.
"Come here." I walked slowly toward Him, shaking...looking down at the carpet. He stood still. What is He thinking? He just stared at me. I was scared, and it was showing. "You wanted this, too, remember, girl?" He said reading my mind. I nodded. Immediately his hand smacked the outside of my thigh.

"Yes...yes, Sir" I cringed without looking up. He smirked again . I could hear it. He put one hand on the back of my neck and smoothed my forehead back so that my eyes looked up at Him. He gave me a look of reassurance before He closed in on me, kissing me hard. I melted into Him, letting my body fall limp into stillness. The handprint on my thigh blazed, as did the rest of me. He gently pushed me away, and I was left looking at the carpet...feeling the flush that came over my whole body. He pulled something out of His pocket.

"Turn around", he said. He placed a mask . a blindfold over my eyes. He remembered! Blindfolds always made me feel safer to be what was on the inside. He wanted me to be . me. Not worrying about the leering, lustful eyes of the men, and sometimes jealous or scornful looks given to me by the women. He wanted me to enjoy it as much as He would. And I would . for Him.

He helped me step into the cage, and of course I fell. He chuckled...God I love His laugh, I never hear it enough. Red with embarrassment, I pulled myself up into the kneeling position as the cage door clinked shut. A wave of panic came over me and I crawled to where I heard the door close, wrapping my hands around the bars. He was still there, and He touched my hand briefly before kissing my quivering lips. "Be good and I will help you through this," he said. I inhaled deeply and let it out. The doorbell rang.

I heard Him walk out of the room, a click, and the grind of the mechanism that lifted my cage higher off of the floor. He was off to greet His guests, and I was alone to ready myself....i kneeled, as I always do when I know not what to do. Voices were carrying down the hallway, barely audible against my racing pulse. I fluffed my hair around my shoulders, pinched my nipples to keep them hard, and tilted my head to the floor again. "Okay, here goes", I told myself.
Shoes and chatting and laughter were coming closer. Of course it stopped the minute they reached the room. A woman gasped, and a man cleared his throat. I froze.

"It is okay, that is what you all think it is," He said, as He strode across the room, "Come inside, have a drink!" He was magnificent. That is all that had to be said about me. No one asked, He didn't have to explain. He walked over to the side door and snapped. Someone, probably Greta, was told to get moving. She was serving tonight. Heh - SHE was serving tonight!

More people entered and conversations of "long time no see" and "you look stunning" were heard across the now slightly louder music. I felt a hand touch my knee, it was Him. He took my hands and placed a wineglass in them. "This will get you going," he said. I never drank red wine so fast in my life! But He was right . as usual- it helped. "Now don't spend all your time kneeling in there, you are supposed to be showing off my property, alright, girl?" He pinched my nipple sending waves of pain through me.

"Yes, Sir", I whispered as I moved closer to the side of the cage. I was up on my knees, pressing one of the cold bars between my breasts. My eyes relaxed under the blindfold . feeling the red wine haze wash over me.

For the next hour or so, I pranced around the cage. Danced and pranced like the bird I must have looked like, and basically let go. The feeling of absolute freedom from choice and responsibility was like a drug. Not to mention the sexual energy was rising in the room. Men stroked me through the cage, even some of the women stroked my hair or patted my arms and legs. I was becoming more primal in my movements, my hips thrusting out when I reached the side of the cage. I rolled against the bars just to get relief from the heat building inside me. I heard fingers snap on the other side of the cage. I literally snapped to attention and scurried in the dangling cage to where it came from. He was there, and He stroked the side of my face. I leaned into it, rubbing my face against His palm. "Well, .lo there girl, are we having fun, bitch?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir", I replied, ashamed, my cheeks burned a bright red.

He whispered closer, "Don't be ashamed....they love you. Understand, girl?".

"Yes, Sir" I said again.

"Good, now I have a few friends here that would like to look at you. Show them what a slut you are for me." I hesitated. "Now." He said.

I slid my legs around to the front and out of the cage, straddling two of the bars. My cunt lay exposed to the room. It was open and swollen...dripping from the excitement of the night. They laughed...some of them nervously, some deep and raunchy and ready to take what He would give them.

"Fuck yourself, girl", he said. I lay frozen for a second or two, then realized how much trouble it would cause not to do as I was told. I reached between my legs and rolled my fingers over my clit.......i moaned loudly. Some strange male voice hissed "that's it, girl".

The room quieted, some conversation went on . those who didn't care....others came closer. I inserted two fingers into my cunt . now their cunt . and started fucking. My hips rocked, my back arched...the fabrics feeling smooth under my shoulder blades. I was sweating....pulling at my nipples with the other hand, gasping...

"Not yet" . His voice. I knew He would make me wait...it was more of a show that way...but I hoped He would hurry, I couldn't hold out much longer. He stayed silent; I started moaning louder...on the edge. His hand slapped my thigh hard "not yet!" he yelled. I slowed my hands and took deeper breaths; I heard silent praise from the watchers.

"Good girl", a woman cooed in her husky voice. I smiled for her.

"You want to come, don'tcha girl?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir" I gasped.

"Louder." He commanded.

"Yes, Sir!" I moaned.

"Then beg for it, cunt." he said. And I did, believe me! Better than I ever had before...crying and swearing, and shoving my cunt out as far as I could before He finally said, "now...come now". My screams crashed down like glass on the marble floor, I bucked wildly...my skin flushed....the colors came from behind the mask...I went higher, higher...

I lay limp and quivering in the bottom of the cage when I came to and heard the applause. The music was turned up louder . His music, the crowd started milling about. He was getting praise from a deep voice. I pulled my knees inside the cage and rolled on my side. A cold hand patted my knee "good job, honey"; it was the woman with the husky voice again. I smiled weakly. Someone else was saying "magnificent" when I felt Him near. He grabbed my hand. "you will most definitely be rewarded for this one, girl.....i wish you could have seen how beautiful you looked. Do you have anything to say, my little kitten?" he asked.

"I love You, Sir" I whispered...drifting back into the colors.

Author: kittypye

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