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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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My first night with Master

At about 4:45 or so on Saturday. I started to get dressed. Having taken my shower earlier during the day, trying to get my body relaxed enough (yeah right), my body started shaking, my mind races off wondering if I really can do as I am told, wondering if my outfit will be found pleasing enough. I try and think good things that He will find myself and my outfit pleasing.. I had gone through my closet earlier that day to figure out what I was going to wear and had it put aside. I took my outfit out of the closet and took a look at it while it was on the hanger. I smile softly looking at it as I slowly got undressed only to get redress in this lovely out fit. I first slid on my black velvet bra, usually I slide my panties on but I was told I was not allowed to wear them so, I did as I was told and left them home. Next I slid on my white tank top, letting fall over my breast and adjusting them so they looked just right under my shirt, next I went and slid on my skirt, pulling it up over my bottom, tucking in my shirt and pulled the zipper up in the back. I dabbed a little perfume on myself, sat on my bed and started thinking again, can I really do this. I told myself yes I can and I will. Sitting back on the bed, I took my black thigh high stockings and my black shoes with the 2" heal I sat down on the bed and proceeded to slide my stockings on over my soft creamy white calves, I slid my shoes over my feet and buckled them closed. Having myself dressed, I went over to my little boy, and bent down a little bit and then realized I didn.t have panties on and you could notice if you were standing behind me, so instead I squatted down and wrapped my arms around Him and gave him a kiss good night and told him if mama has to behave tonight so does he. On that note my sister took him and left for the night as she was going out also. I went into the bathroom and touched up my hair a little bit, and I was out the door myself.

From walking around a little bit I noticed that my stockings were not staying up so I headed over to the nearby CVS and bought some new stockings, not being able to make up my mind which color to get I got 2 different ones paid for them and left for my journey to CT. Driving down the highway I noticed that my time was off a lil bit and I was afraid I was going to be a lil late, so I sped up a lil bit. Thinking of how wonderful this night was going to be that no matter what I was going to enjoy my time out with him. My mind racing off wondering again if I could really do as I was told I decided that I could and would do it. As I turned off the highway I pulled over and slid on my new stockings and then proceeded to my designated spot. Here is wear my heart started pounding, praying that He was not some grotesque, huge and fat man, but still I said to myself, I will enjoy my night and see wear things go from there. I pulled into the lot and looked around a lil bit. Seeing his truck exactly as he described it I smiled, and my heart started racing some more, thinking to myself this is now or never. As I pulled into the spot next to him I looked over and smiled. Thought to myself .he looks nice. I opened my door and stuck my legs out a lil bit and finished fixing my shoes. Later being told that there was a guy getting out of His car and all he did was stare at me, I found this hard to believe but I blushed with just the thought that someone would stare at me like that. I stepped out of my car grabbing my back, and took the clip out of my hair shaking it free so that it fell over my shoulders and down over my back. I locked my doors and went over to his truck and hopped it. I smiled at him whispering .hello Sir, I.m sorry I.m late. as I climbed in. He sat there looking at me and me looking back, with my body shaking even more, not being able to move. He said in a very stern voice .now girl.. I took a deep breath and whispered .yes Sir.. I slid my skirt up a lil bit and slid a finger into my pussy, letting my eyes close. I could hear soft moans escaping my lips as I moved my fingers over my pussy. I thought to myself, I cant believe I am actually doing this but I kept going. I could hear his voice in the background whispering to me, telling me to spread my legs wider for his viewing pleasure. I slowly spreded my legs wide open for him. I moaned and whimpered a lil bit. He kept slowly teasing my. Teasing me just to the point of my closesness and then making me stop. While we sat there talking softly, he had me lean over and pull his rock hard cock out and start sucking it off. Right then and there my pussy started burning I could feel the juices slide out of me. His cock tasted so sweet. I smiled as I looked down at his cock, it being exactly the way he told me it would look like. I sucked his cock, tasting him, whimpering and moaning softly as I wrapped my tongue around it, like I do to lolli pops. I pouted when he told me I had to stop, but then I smiled big and was squirming in my seat when he told me I would get to taste his cock again later that night.

We talked a lil bit and he had already decided that we go eat and play at the casino a lil bit. I smiled and sat back in my seat, thinking to myself .this is going to be a wonderful night.. He made me sit there in the middle of the truck with my legs spread wide and continue fingering myself as we drove over to the casino. He also played with my pussy as we drove down the rode. He had to pull over for a min. He got out of the truck and when He came back in he made me take his cock out of his pants and start sucking Him again. I looked at him and smiled whispering .yes Sir. I eagerly went down on him and started sucking Him, he played with my hair a lil bit, between the hair playing and me sucking on his cock I couldn.t help but whimper and moan some. I thought more to myself not beleiving I was doing this but omg I was so much enjoying it. He made me offer my ass to Him so he could spank me because I was a bad slut, and because he wanted to. As he spanked me I thought to myself, like he needs a reason, He is the Dom and I am just a mere slut sub, His slut sub to do with as he pleased. We played back n forth for a lil bit until He decided that he was going to fuck me, He made me sit on His cock so he could pump himself in and out of my sweet hole, my pussy I could feel it swallowed his cock welcoming it, covering it in my sweet pussy juices. He fucked me for a lil bit but decided that neither of us would cum, so I pouted a lil bit. But I survived.

We gathered ourselves together and drove over to the casino, finding a spot we went inside. I don.t know if it was me being self conscience or what but I could feel people staring at me. I couldn.t help but try and hide my face. I.m not use to people staring at me, I just don.t think of myself as a girl who would catch the eyes of others, but through out the night, I caught the eyes of many. I was beaming on the inside, here I was being escorted around the casino my this handsome man I just met, having my hand in his I felt as if I was dreaming that I was going to wake up any second. But no it was real, we went over to the buffet and ate dinner. We sat and talked while we ate, I felt like a lil school girl. I just havent felt like this in a long time and it felt so good. It felt right, even though it made me turn red a few times.

We finished dinner and went off and walked around some more, He showed me around the new part of the casino, did a lil talking, took in the sites of the people around us the makings of the casino, just enjoying our time together. We went over and played some slots for a lil bit, I kicked but on this one machine, wells not really but for me it was. After a lil bit we took another walk and went back to the truck for a few minutes, while we were in the elevator, He slid a finger over my bare pussy, I was so nervous that some one was going to catch us, but it felt so good to have his fingers over me like that. To be made an object for the night, as the elevator doors opened to the 5th floor he still had his fingers inside me, the was a couple standing there as I was trying to slide my skirt back down where it belonged, not knowing whether or not they actually saw, I burried my face in his shoulder and started to giggle. I still even now as I write this cant believe that I did that, actually that he did that. We hopped into the truck for a few minutes and played a lil more he looked at the check list a lil bit but I actually don.t think he really read it think he was enjoying taking over physical control over me to actually want to sit there and read it.

After a lil bit we went back into the casino and played some more. We went back to the same area as we were in before. We were both up and down playing enjoying the time, chatting and getting to now each other some more. After a lil while we left and went back to that spot we were at before and played some more. He made me beg to fuck him. Made me slide his cock only a lil bit in and out of my pusy and over my pussy lips. He had me begging, whimpering and moaning before he let me fuck him. He let me ride Him for a lil bit before He made me stop and change positions so that I was sitting on his lap facing away from Him, letting His cock slide in from behind me. He pumped his cock in and out of me that I lost myself in it. He let me take his balls into my fingers and squeeze and massage them, gwds they were so soft. After I don.t know how long, he came inside of me, my hand and his balls became soaked in pussy juices. We sat there for a lil bit resting, trying to regain our breath. After we cleaned up a lil bit, he got back into the driver seat and I layed my head down against his leg, we sat there talking, trying to relax and catch ourselves.

I sit here now Sunday night, happy, extremely happy that I went and met him.. I had such a wonderful time getting to know him. He was funny, demanding, caring, loving. He was just great to me last night, it will be one night that will be in my mind for a long time if not forever. I can still feel his arms carressing me holding me tight, making me feel special. I hope that every time we meet it will be like this, that each time will only get better, but only time will tell I guess.

Author: SirDashings lys

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