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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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My Bondage Fantasy

We talked about meeting at our usual place; upon getting there I got into His vehicle and whispered hello to Him. He just took my hands and cuffed them behind my back, slid a blindfold over my eyes. Not even saying a word to me not even .hello girl.. He pulled my legs apart and roughly grabbed my pussy, sliding a finger deep inside my dry hole making it wet. He moved His other hand up to my breasts and pinched them roughly. He handled me rough for a few minutes before he sat back and whispered .hello girl.. He leaned forward again and grabbed my hair pulling me to His cock, telling me to .suck it. he gripped my hair tight and held my face there while I sucked on His cock, till He was satisfied that I had sucked it enough. He let go of my hair and told me to sit back against the door and keep my legs spread. I did as I was told and scooted back into the seat. I could hear Him rumble through some stuff in the back but I was unsure of what He was doing. Then He whispered for me to lift up a little bit. He held something to my ass, I wasn't sure what it was at this point, and told me to sit down on it. I slowly lowered myself onto it realizing that it was a butt plug. He told me that if I let it fall out He.d give me a spanking I wouldn't believe. I sat there shivering knowing what He says He means. I heard Him moving around again. Then he whispered .are you ready for this evening.. I just sat there and nodded my head not knowing whether or not to open my mouth and actually speak. With that response he took it as a yes. He said .till I say so you will be quiet and just so that you do as your told you will keep this gag in your mouth.. As He was saying that He fastened the gag tight around my head, leaving me totally vulnerable to Him.

With this all being said and done all I could do is shake my head or nod to His questions. He drove off, to where I don't know. Occasionally He would reach over and play with my clit, pinching and tugging at it, making me groan through the gag. At one point He pinched it so hard that I screamed or tried to scream from behind the gag. He just sat there and laughed.

We got to our destination; I wasn't sure where we were. He got out and told me to wait here, like I could go anywhere. He came back a few minutes later and let me out of the truck and took me inside a building and led me down a hall. He opened a door for me and told me to take a couple of steps and go inside and kneel. I did as I was told and slid to my knees upon entering the room. He stood there I could feel Him standing over me, I could feel His eyes on me. I slowly lowered my head and as I did I felt His foot slide between my legs and push them open more as He spoke sternly .open your legs slut NOW.. I shivered so much but I did as I was told and shifted so that I could spread my legs wide for Him. With that He walked behind me and uncuffed me. I brought my hands to the front of my body and rubbed my wrists a little. He walked away, I could feel this, as he walked away He said .crawl slut crawl, follow me. I did the best I could as I was still blindfolded and could not see. He shouted .lift that ass in the air as you crawl, and lower you head to the floor. I responded and nodded my head as I lowered it and pressed my ass up. By this time the dildo that was in my ass fell out and He had noticed this, I could hear him .tisk. as in being disappointed that I let it fall out. He told me to stop crawling and kneel up, as I did, he took my arm and pushed me over an object, what felt like a table. He moved around to the front of me and grabbed my arms fastening them down so that I could not move. He ran a hand over my ass. I could feel it as He raised His hand; my body just tensed knowing that He was about to bring it down over my ass. He shouted .that's for letting the plug fall out.. As he was shouting he brought His hand down across my ass again. I could feel the stinging on my ass. I just bit down harder on the gag. Trying not to scream. He brought His hand down again and again; I couldn't count how many times. I was just was glad when he was done. He took my legs and fastened them to the legs of the table. I could feel His hand roam over my ass some more, He slowly slid His finger into my tight little whole, though at this time it was no longer tight, the dildo had made it lose. He roughly slid a finger deep inside my ass. My ass clenched and gripped at His finger. I groaned loud through the gag. He let another finger slide down over my pussy, shoving it deep inside my whole. My pussy was soaked at this time. It felt as though my body was betraying me. He roughly played with my pussy and ass for a bit, sliding His fingers in and out. He suddenly pulled them out. Leaving me standing like that open and exposed to Him. I could hear what sounded like Him unzipping His jeans, and then all of a sudden His cock slide deep inside my pussy; He just rammed Himself into me with out even caring. He just used me like a little fuck toy that my feelings didn't even matter at this point. He rammed His cock in and out of me. He took the dildo and shoved it back into my ass, not even caring if it hurt me or not. My body just betrayed me, I could feel myself pushing back against His thrusts, as I did He gripped my hair and pulled my head up, growling at me to stop moving or He.d make it more unbearable for me. I did so I could feel my body shivering as he growled at me. He pulled out of me. Leaving me there bent over the table.

He came back to me after a few minutes laughed at me as my body heaved trying to catch my breath. I started shivering again, knowing that when he laughs like that something is going to happen. All of a sudden I felt this warmness on my back, felt like little drops of water, but it wasn't. The drops got warmer and warmer. I finally realized that it was wax that He was dripping over my back, I could feel warm stinging drops over my ass, feeling it slide down. I could feel more drops running down to the crack of my ass, down over my pussy. I just shivered I couldn't believe what I was feeling. As soon as I felt the hot drops on my pussy they were gone, like little stings. He walked away again for a few minutes this time I heard the door open and close and heard someone walk in, I had no clue who it was. There were no words exchanged any sounds.

He walked up to me and slides headphones over my ears, turning the music up loud so, as I couldn't hear what was going on. I.m not sure why he didn't put the head phones on before the person walked in, maybe he wanted me to know that there was another in the room. I felt hands roam over my ass, slowly sliding down over my pussy. I felt so lost not knowing what was going on. All of a sudden I felt something strike my inner thighs, and then my pussy. I cried out not knowing how loud because I couldn't hear. The strikes got softer and softer, and then all of a sudden I felt a blow across my ass. I could feel hands running through my hair, tugging softly at my hair, just before I was struck again, my hair was gripped tight and pulled back. He moved the head phones and whispered to me .you ok girl? Do you wish to stop. I shook my head no as I still had the gag in my mouth. He replaced the headphones and I could feel the strikes across my ass and thighs. My ass and thighs were on fire, from the blows. The blows came to a stop. Fingers roamed over my pussy sliding in and out of it, pinching it.

He untied me and pulled me up, pushing me onto what seemed like a bed. I fell onto my back; he shoved a knee between my legs pushing against my pussy telling me to spread them wide. I did as I was told spreading them as wide as I could. He leaned down against me pressing His cock to my pussy just teasing the outside of my clit. I pushed my hips against His trying to take his cock inside of me. The other person grabbed my hands and held them over my head. He whispered to me, fight my little slut fight me, I want you to fight me. I shook my head not wanting to fight Him. He brought His hand down across my breast and growled, .you will fight me girl.. With that I started pushing my hips up trying to toss from side to side. I tried to pull my hands away from the other person. I struggled and fought Him.. The person gripping my hands just gripped on tighter. I stopped fighting Him and started to cry. .I can.t I can.t fight you off.. He laughed at me and shoved His cock deeper into my pussy, he pulled out and slammed deep inside me. He whispered to me .I knew you couldn't win girl, I just wanted to feel you struggle. with that He brought his hand down across my breasts, slapping them hard. I cried out from behind the gag. I could feel the other person climb onto the bed, now I could tell this other person was a girl. He whispered to me as he took the gag out of my mouth .I don't want to hear a word out of your mouth, I want you to suck on her clit, make her groan.. Feeling the girl above me I reached up with my tongue, finding her clit I ran my tongue over it. Letting my tongue slide into her whole. I got lost in giving her a tongue bath that I didn't feel Him pull out of me. I could feel His eyes on me watching me lap at this girl.s cunt. She pulled away from me and left me laying they.re panting, trying to catch my breath. He leaned over and kissed me deep, tasting the sweet pussy juices on my lips.

He grabbed my hair in his hands again and shouted at me for me to turn over to get on my hands and knees. As I was moving around and getting on my hands and knees I could feel him move me guiding my face over to the girls pussy again. He pressed my face into her cunt and told me to suck, and lap at her cunt. I groaned softly and did as I was told. I pulled her clit between my lips and started sucking on it. I could feel Him behind me. He brought His hand down across my ass again. Laughing at me as He said, .girl you are having way too much fun. with that being said, He pulled my ass cheeks apart and slid his cock into my tight little ass hole. I cried out against the girl.s cunt. Almost losing myself in the pain. He shouted .I said suck girl, make her cum.. I did as I was told and I sucked hard on her clit, letting my tongue run along her clit darting it in and out of her whole. He grabbed my hair again pulling me back against His cock. He reached under me grabbing my clit and started rubbing it.. I groaned deep and load started begging Him to let me cum. He shouted at me .no girl. with that He pinched my clit saying maybe this will calm your urge to cum. I cried out, whimpering as I licked the girl.s cunt. I could feel the girl tense under my tongue, her body started shaking, and she started moaning softly. I could taste it the girl cummed on my tongue. I lapped at her juices slowly. Sucking them all up. He pulled out of my ass and slid His cock deep into my pussy; He just rammed it in and out a few times not even caring how rough He was being. He pulled out of me and grabbed my hair, pulling me off of the girl. I whimpered softly as he did, He forced me onto my back and made me spread my legs. I did as I was told and let my legs open for Him, but it was for Him. I felt a tongue down over my pussy lapping my cunt juices flowing from my pussy. He got on top of me almost sitting on my chest. He shouted and He grabbed my head pulling me to His cock .suck slut, suck my cock clean. I wrapped my tongue and lips around His cock and started sucking on Him, making sure I sucked and licked all the cum juices from His cock. He rocked my head back and forth on his cock almost gagging me with it. I tried hard pulling back from His cock, letting my eyes wander up to His, I softly begged Him to let me cum. He whispered .you have to do better than that girl. with that He shoved my head back down on His cock telling me to suck it and suck it hard. I did as I was told, but feeling the girl.s tongue on my pussy was driving me insane, to a point where I wouldn't have been able to stop if I was told to, I pulled off of him. Begged and whimpered for Him to let me cum, that I couldn't take any more of the girls probing tongue. He nodded His head and forced me back onto His cock. I sucked on his cock letting my head rock back n forth. My body started shivering and shaking, I groaned so load that it sent little vibrations through His cock and I could feel Him tense just as I was. He cock exploded deep inside my mouth, my pussy exploded all over the girl.s mouth. I lapped and sucked down His juices. He pulled away from me and whispered .good job girl, next time I wont be so easy on you.

He let me lay there for a little bit, softly stroking my hair, letting me drift off.

Author: SirDashings lys

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