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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Night at Sirs House

Wednesday, December 6.2001 started off like any other day. I got up early with the baby just relaxing not realizing that I had made a Drs. appointment for early that morning, when I realized this I hopped into the shower to get washed up. While I was in there I figured I.d shave like Sir wanted me too. I shaved real close to my pussy lips, shaving them nice and smooth, leaving just a little bit of hair on top. Having shaved it all off earlier during the week I didn't need to do much this time. I got out of the shower and got us dressed. We took a drive down to Warwick for my appointment. On the way home we made a little stop at burger king, I know I said I.d stop going but, gezz its good food. We got back home it was about 1pm or so, my sister was home so we sat and talked to catch up on the past week since she was away. After she left for work I called Sir to see how he was doing. He was up on a roof working again, we talked for a few minutes and decided that I.d go down there to see him this evening. I got off the phone with Him and decided to take the baby outside to play with the hopes of wearing Him out so He.d go to sleep earlier.

I wish.... You happiness on a cloudy day. Blue skies to chase your cares away. A breath of fresh air when you are feeling down. Anything to get rid of that frown. A sprinkle of rain, And a life free of pain. I wish you warmth from the rays of the sun And a lifetime of joy and fun. Just keep your eyes to the sky. And know I am always nearby.

As I tried to get the baby to bed, I decided to get dressed and curl up in bed with him and wait for my sister to get home. I decided to wear a skirt because I know Sir likes me in them. This one was long down to my calves almost to my ankles, it had little flowers all over it with a black background. I left the panties at home, but slide my stockings on. I wore my black calf high clunky boots instead of my dress shoes. I slid on a white shirt, my favorite of course. And a waist level black jacket. I just like to make Sir happy in what ever I do. Things even this small seem to put a smile on His face.

She got home a few minutes late but I was ready to leave as soon as she walked in the door. I called Sir to let him know that I was leaving and I.d be there soon. I grabbed a soda out of the fridge so I didn't have to stop and waste time in getting one. I got on the highway and as usual I went a little fast driving down to meet Him. Don't know if its because I'm afraid of catching a beating for being late or if its because I miss him and like spending time with him. I think it's the later but we will not go into that now. I got off the highway and drove a little bit I thought I was going in the correct direction. Only after calling Sir did I realize that I went the wrong way off the exit. I let him know where I was and He said He.d come get me. I followed him back to the right area and got into his truck. We made a little pit stop at the store before going on our way.

We went down by the water to park for a few minutes. He made me turn over and offer Him my ass. Wasn't sure why till He brought His hand hard down across my ass cheeks. He got mad saying that I forgot to say yes Sir, when I got into the truck. That I wasn't talking to Him properly. He says I do this all the time till he spanks me. He says I do it because I like being spanked. I don't know why I do it honestly, I just do. He commented on my lack of panties saying that it was nice and my pussy being shaved nice and smooth for Him. He finished spanking me, while I whispered .yes Sir I'm sorry.. I just cant believe I did this again. I will remember next time to answer him like I am supposed to, that I promise. After he got done spanking me, He let me suck on his sweet cock. I love that cock, I love drawing the tip in between my lips and sucking on it slowly, letting my mouth move up and down on it. A few minutes had passed by and he told me to get on my hands and knees and face away from Him. I thought I had done something wrong again and he was going to spank me some more. But to my surprise he decided to fuck my to slide His cock inside of my pussy. I pressed my ass as high in the air as I could. I love feeling His balls smack against my pussy as He slams in and out of me. I guess he got close to cumming because he pulled out of me and sat back down on his seat. He had me just stay like that for a few minutes I did as I was told and then I was allowed to suck my cum off of His cock. I love tasting myself on Him. It just makes my pussy wetter. My body whimpers and moans while I'm sucking His cock. My body aches to feel His touch to lightly be caressed by him, even to feel his hand come down hard across my ass. I just love his touch. He let me lay back against the door with my pussy open to Him, I wasn't sure what He was up to, not like I am ever sure prolly why I like being with him the anticipation of His next move, it just makes my heart pound. He leaned over and let his tongue touch my pussy, I swear if he kept that up at that minute I was going to cum all over his face. Feeling a tongue and a warm breath over my pussy just drives me wild. He pulled off of me and slid a finger inside of me and finger fucked me for a little bit, I rocked my hips against his finger trying to get him further inside of me. I love it when he goes deep inside of me.. He brought his fingers to his cock and let me suck on his cock some more. I just cant get enough of his cock.

He had me lean back in my seat and let it recline, he got on top of me and slid his cock into me, I moaned and whimpered as he slid into me. I let my hips rock against his groin meeting his thrusts. He likes to hold onto my face while he fucks me, makes it so I cant look at Him. Its hard for me, I try and fight him, but am afraid I'll end up with marks on my face so I don't fight as hard. It just drives me wild, not being able to look at Him, to be restricted like that, its an internal fight not to look into his eyes while He does this. He slows His rhythm down some and I rock my hips against His faster, he tells me to stop moving I do so but I whimper out of frustration because it feels so good to press my hips into his groin to feel His cock slip in and out of me like this. He picks up the rhythm again driving me insane as he does so, letting me get close and then telling me to stop moving. We went back n forth like this for a little bit before he decided that he had, had enough and pulled out of me. He just positioned himself over me and told me to clean him off, that he wasn't going to move and I had to figure out how to move around him to clean his cock and balls off. I did so, I squirmed my self around him and cleaned him. I'm guessing I did a good job because he didn't beat me. He told me it was enough and slipped back into his seat, as he was moving, he slapped me on the ass softly. I whispered .ows. and he just laughed at me and said .oh come on that didn't hurt. I said .no it wasn't that it hurt, was the surprise of the hit that caught me. He just got into his seat and smiled at me.

He decided to take a little drive before going back to His place, I swear He.s got to live in one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen.. I mean even at night it looks nice. He brought me into this area by the water and called the cause way it was a low road going across a marsh land, I think. It looked wonderful I.m sure in the daytime it even looks better. As we drove through a residential neighborhood we saw 3 deer, hopping across the street. It was a beautiful site, it isn't every day that you see deer roaming the streets of a neighborhood.

We got back to His place and settled in for a few minutes, he had rented a movie but come to find out the VCR was broken so we couldn't watch it. We watched TV for a few minutes. He let me curl up on His lap for a bit, and then decided to change His mind. He had me sitting on the couch in the middle almost and put on the handcuffs, my eyes just went wide when he told me to put them on, but I did as I was told and wrapped them around my legs, while He wrapped them around my wrists, of course I left mine a little loose. He got out so rope and tied me spread eagle to the couch. I felt so open to Him like this. I couldn't even hide my face he likes to make me turn red a lot. He knelt down between my legs and kissed my pussy, letting his tongue slid all around my lips. He had me whimpering and arching my back into his touch. He drove me crazy with His tongue. He let his fingers roam around my body lightly pinching and tugging at my nipples. He slid his cock into me, my pussy wasn't as drenched as normal but He managed to get His cock into me. He slid in and out of me letting me ride Him. I tried hard to press my hips into his to make his cock go deeper inside of me, but with the way He had me spread it was hard to rock my hips into his to meet his thrusts. He teased me with his cock and his mouth, pulling himself from me, making me reach for him, I tried my hardest to reach his cock to push him deeper into me, he just laughed and egged me into working harder to get Him.

He slid out of me to take a little break but left me there tied and helpless, needing and wanting His cock inside me, wanting and needing to feel him touch me. He had made me clothes my eyes while He was fucking me and wouldn't let me look at him. I could hear him moving around doing things, I wasn't sure what he was doing, kind of freaked me out a little, but I know He likes doing this to me and know he wont harm me. He whispered .lift your ass. I did as I was told and I could feel something at my hole, he told me to let him know when he had it at the whole so I helped him guide it in me. I.m not sure if he put any lube on it or not but it felt so hard going in. I could hear him saying .relax let it slide in. I tried, I tried to let my muscles relax so my ass could welcome the object he was sliding inside of me. He got it in and let me settle back down on my ass, that just pushed it further inside of me, driving me crazy.. He let me sit there for a few minutes with it inside me before He decided to touch me. I could feel him between my legs, he pressed his cock against my cunt, trying to press Himself inside of me, but my cunt had closed a little while he was trying to shove the dildo in my ass. He finally got His cock into me and started pumping, gwds it just drove me insane, my cunt was drenched feeling both inside of me. I rocked my hips against His cock, felt like I was almost slamming into Him. While he pumped his cock deep into me.. It was an unbelievable feeling, it drove me over the edge. I begged Him to let me cum I just couldn't handle it no more. Him shoving that dildo in my ass just. gwwddsss took me to a place I don.t think I could have stopped if he had told me know. My whimpering and groaning got so loud as I cummed all over his cock, my hips kept rocking as I cummed. My breath drew short as it washed over me. He slowed his pumping and just settled against me, looking at me. Whispering to me that I had did a good job. He slowly slid out of me and let me calm for a minute as he checked the ties and took a little break. He let me suck his cock clean of my cum juices. He.s so sweet like that knowing how much I love that.

He left me tied like that for a bit while we watched TV for a bit, I swear he likes to see me helpless. I can just see the grin on his face, just planted there permanently. After a little while he untied me and had me clean the butt plug off. When I got back to the couch, he let me suck him and run my hand along His cock. He let me get him hard again and decided that He was going to fuck my ass. He had me get on top of him facing away from him so he could slide his cock inside of my ass, instead his cock ended up in my pussy so I rode it for a little while, I brought myself up and down on his cock letting him drive his cock deep inside of me. He made me lean forward and get on my hands and knees, having me lift my ass high. He slowly slid his cock into my ass, rocking it in and out until he got it all the way in. I whimpered and groaned softly, loving the feel of his cock in my tight ass.. It bringing me to new heights again. I got lost in this feeling as he pumped in and out of me. I could hear Him groan softly turning into a low growl and getting louder. He was cumming deep inside of my ass. He slowly pulled Himself out of me and leaving me there on my hands and knees for a few minutes as he walked away. He settled himself back down on the couch, letting me stay like that for a few minutes as he just looked me over. After a few minutes he let me curl up in His lap and cuddle with Him.

We talked a little bit while we sat there and watched TV. I tried finding a tickle spot on his belly but couldn't find it. But I found one on the bottom of his feet. He laughed and told me to stop. I pouted and left his feet alone for a minute. I curled back up into his lap. And decided to tickle him so more, I ended up getting a spanking for that one. Not a hard one but just the same it was a spanking, enough to tell me to stop?

It came time for Him to take me back to my car so I could go home. I always hate leaving him. I loved it last Saturday night when I got to curl up with him and fall asleep next to Him. And see him wake the following morning.

I still haven't figured it out what it is about him. He is a gentle and kind man, with that firm hand when I need it. He lets me get away with a little but not much, I.m slowly learning where I stand with him. Which is good because I like being next to him. I like pleasing Him, making a smile on His face. .Find out what he wants from you, and then see that he gets it, and more. Find out what he wants you to be and then be it, beyond his wildest dreams.. I found this saying a while ago and said that if a man ever comes into my life I will do it. I will do what ever it takes to make him happy as long as I can. I love doing the little things to make Him happy. Like this night it was a simple of wearing a skirt and leaving the panties at home without Him telling me so.

Author: SirDashings lys

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