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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Orgy

Michael and Diane had been married less than a year when their sexual quirks began to emerge. Blessed, or some might say cursed, with voracious appetites for sex, their experimentation sometimes lasted for days. Their games invariably included liberal doses of bondage and discipline. Quite by accident, they discovered that they achieved the greatest sexual gratification when Michael was the master and Diane was the obedient slave.

To test his power over his young, docile wife, Michael bundled her into the back of his van and drove to a bar. After stripping her naked, blindfolding her, and tying her hands behind her back, he "forced" her to suck the seed out of six roughnecks from the bar. He took numerous photos to masturbate with later. Several other "experiments" along the same lines followed.

But all of their outrageous conduct pales by comparison to what was to come. While browsing in an adult bookstore, Michael came across a kinky B&D contact magazine. B&D means bondage and discipline, something that the adventurous couple had become addicted to.

As Michael carefully studied the ads, one caught his eye. It went something like this: "B&D swinger club seeks attractive couples with a dominant husband and submissive wife. We also train women to serve their husbands." Michael immediately sat down at his desk and penned a reply. He attached a photo of himself fucking Diane in the ass while she was helpless in bondage.

Within a few weeks, Michael received a reply. His contact invited him to attend one of the orgies as an observer. He enthusiastically accepted. Although he was not permitted to participate in the depraved orgy, he was allowed to remove his clothing and masturbate to his heart's content while he watched. The debauchery he witnessed so inflamed his lust that he had to jack off five times to rid himself of his hard-on.

The members recognized a kindred spirit and invited Michael to join their club. He was told that he could not have sex with any of the wives until his own wife had been initiated. Although disappointed that the initiation would delay his participation in the depravity, Michael agreed to the terms.

Michael and Diane were deep in thought as they drove to the mansion where the orgies were held. He wondered if she could take what the club members would soon be dishing out. She wondered the same thing. She didn't want to let her husband down and was determined to pass with flying colors. Just the thought of being a slave to twenty-five masters was enough to make her wet her panties.

Following their instructions to the letter, Michael and Diane stripped off every article of clothing. He cinched a dog collar around her pretty neck and attached a leash to it. "Come on, bitch," he said as he led her to the front door. "And don't forget to address the men as "Master".

The members were already gathered. The naked men applauded as Michael led his beautiful wife down the gauntlet as solemnly as a bride parades down the aisle. The eager men were lined up in two rows facing each other and as Diane passed slowly in front of them, they reached out to grope her tits, cunt and ass. She shrieked and jumped into the air when a greasy finger slid up her ass. Countless fingers invaded her salivating cunt. By the time she reached the end of the gauntlet, fifty hands had ravished her. The crude treatment made her pussy so wet that the juice trickled down her thighs. Seeing his wife treated in such a salacious manner gave Michael a raging eight-inch ramrod.

Michael had a general idea of what was ahead for his wife, but he had not been given the details. Mark, the wealthy owner of the mansion and the leader of the club, came forward to shake his hand. He squeezed Diane's tits and looked her up and down. "Don't worry, my friend," he said. "We'll make a proper slave out of this slut." Michael's cock lurched upward when he heard another man refer to his wife as a slut.

Two of the slave-wives were called forward to nurse on her tits. When her nipples had been sucked hard, two men attached nipple clamps and screwed them down until she whimpered. The chain connecting the clamps could be shortened to draw her tits together for fucking, but, for the time being, it was left dangling.

Two other men came forward and attached weighted clamps to the lips of her cunt. The weights hung halfway to her knees and stretched the labia like rubber bands. Two slaves came forward and placed pads on Diane's knees. "You must always wear your kneepads to our orgies, bitch," Mark warned. "It's for your own comfort. We may order you to your knees at any time and any place." He ordered Diane to bend forward and then he screwed a well-greased butt plug into her ass. "This will prepare your ass-hole for our cocks," he said.

Mark turned to Michael and explained what Diane's first ordeal would be. "Your wife is going to suck our cocks. Because there are so many of us, each of us will take only two minutes. We will try our best to cum in her mouth, but most of us will fail. Two minutes isn't enough time for a proper blow job, but we will have time for that later. It will be your job to time us. Each of us will grade her cock-sucking ability on a scale of one to ten. She will automatically earn a ten if we cum in her mouth, providing that she drinks every drop. If we do not cum in her mouth, the highest score she will get is a nine. A perfect score would be two hundred and fifty, but she will not get a perfect score. For every point that she falls short, her ass will feel the sting of a riding crop."

As his wife went to her knees, Mark handed Michael a stopwatch. Following his instructions, Michael took a handful of his wife's blond hair and said, "Open your mouth, bitch." As Mark shoved his fat cock into Diane's mouth, Michael snapped the button on the watch. "She shows promise," Mark praised. "She'll be an even better cock-sucker after our slaves teach her a few new tricks." Diane wanted desperately to suck off all of the masters to make a good first impression, but she got off to a bad start. Mark made it through his two minutes without giving her anything more than copious quantities of slippery pre-cum.

Michael was so horny that the urge to masturbate was almost overwhelming, but he had been warned not to touch his own cock. Deprivation from all sexual pleasure except voyeurism was his initiation. His neglected cock demanded attention as it lurched nearly to his belly. "Open your mouth, cunt," he said, and a second cock filled the warm, wet cavern. One hot cock after another penetrated the slut's mouth. The fifth cock vomited a load of sticky cum down her throat. She swallowed every savory drop. The sucking continued on schedule, and, out of the twenty-five men who allowed Diane to suck their cocks, only five treated her to a mouthful of dick juice.

"Prepare her for cropping," Mark ordered. The slave wives came forward and led Diane to the stocks. After her ankles were placed in one set of stocks, she was bent forward onto a second set of stocks that clamped around her narrow waist. Her neck and wrists were secured in a third set of stocks. The combination of stocks held her securely in place and prevented her from dodging blows. They also left her front and rear orifices vulnerable.

Mark announced Diane's cock-sucking score. "The slut achieved an excellent score of two-hundred, therefore she will feel the sting of the crop only twenty-five times." One of the wives came forward and took aim on Diane's ass. "I remind you sluts that if I decide that the blow you deliver is too light, I will teach you what a proper stroke is by laying three on your own ass," Mark said. Diane shrieked as the crop bit into the tender skin of her buttocks. She understood at that instant why a racehorse runs faster when the jockey goes to the whip. "You should be proud of the little cock-sucker," Mark said to Michael. "This is one of the lightest beatings we've ever given."

The wives went forward one at a time to play their part in Diane's initiation. The tears began flowing from her blue eyes at the fifth blow. They suddenly stopped after fifteen blows as the pain evolved into perverse pleasure. Her cunt juiced on every blow that followed. "PLEASE FUCK ME!" she wailed. "SOMEONE PLEASE FUCK ME!"

When the last blow had been delivered, Mark stepped forward and speared her sopping fuck-hole with his formidable cock. After delivering a dozen deep thrusts, he made way for the next man. As all twenty-five men probed Diane's snatch, her howls of joy rattled the windows. Many of the fuckers left their gravy inside of her. After the last man had taken his turn, Mark gave his own wife June the pleasure of eating the sap out of Diane's pussy. As June's long, tapered tongue scrubbed her pussy, Diane came so hard that she fainted.

"Strap the bitch to the Lazy Susan," Mark ordered. He had designed the clever device especially for initiations. It allowed eight men to use a woman at the same time. After splashing cold water on Diane's face to bring her around, the slave wives strapped her so securely to the circular instrument that she could not move. Her legs were tied up out of the way. The butt-plug was removed from her ass to make that orifice available to anyone who chose to make use of it. Oil was poured on her tits and the chain connecting the nipple clamps was shortened until her nipples almost touched. The men would make good use of the cleavage. A blindfold was placed over her eyes to prevent her from seeing who was molesting her. Eight men who hadn't yet spilled their broth went forward and, after having their cocks oiled by the slaves, formed a tight circle around Diane and gave her a spin. When she came to a stop, the man at her head drove his cock into her mouth while the man at her ass sodomized her.

The two men used Diane's mouth and ass for no more than a minute before they withdrew their cocks and gave her another spin. The second pair of men chose to fuck her tits and cunt. Diane howled as the turgid cock in her cunt found and pulled her cum-trigger. The circle of flesh around his wife was so tight that Michael couldn't see what was being done to her. To get a better view, he went up the circular staircase to a second floor landing where he could see every detail of his wife's molestation.

The orgy was in full progress with the slaves catering to every perverted whim of their masters. Michael watched with envy as Mark had his cock sucked by two slaves while a third tongued his ass-hole. Back at the Lazy Susan, two men shot their loads onto Diane's body. As soon as they stepped away, two fresh men took their places. Those who were not fucking Diane groped her without any regard for her dignity. Her nipples and clitoris were abused by relentless fingering. She discovered a new way to cum when rough tugs on her pubic hairs sent her over the edge. The tormented woman yodeled through one orgasm after another. She had never known such intense, almost unbearable ecstasy. As Diane lost control of the muscles in her groin, her bladder boiled over. Her fucker boasted of his accomplishment. "Look everybody, I fucked her so good I made her pee." He pulled his cock out and held it in the golden stream until he ejaculated.

Mark, who had been the first man to use Diane, was also the last to use her. Holding her firmly by her blond hair, he fucked her mouth with short strokes. After feeding the slut one spurt of cum, he pulled out and shot the remainder of his load against the tip of her perky nose. As he decorated her face with the biggest load yet, he grinned up at her husband who became so aroused by the spectacle that he shot off without touching his cock. His spunk sailed through the air to join dozens of other loads on his wife's soiled body. As soon as Mark stepped away, a horde of wife-slaves descended like vultures on Diane and licked every drop of jism from her body. Even the drippings on the table were lapped up. Not a drop of the precious fluid went to waste.

"Congratulations, Michael," Mark said as he reached out for a handshake. "We have made your wife our slut slave. At the end of a three-month probationary period, we will decide if we want you as permanent members. Our decision will be based on how willing the slut is to indulge our perversions. From what I've seen so far, that shouldn't be a problem. Now take your pick of these whores and have a good time. I suggest that you start with my slut-wife June. Give her a good, hard spanking and then fuck her in the ass." Michael did exactly that. By the time the orgy ended, he had managed to work his way through half of the women.

Diane eventually passed out from dozens of ovary-popping orgasms. The slaves carried the exhausted slut to the back seat of Michael's car. As he drove home, he could think of nothing else but the depraved things he would do at the next orgy.

Author: Linda AKA BlkleatherSporty

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