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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Chamber

Sasha's mind took in the room in quick gulps. Dark, a wood and leather smell, sweat, female juices, semen. She could see the wall holding whips, paddles, small items she could not fathom a use for. Each gleaming silver buckle she spied made her stomach jump, the shine of the leather laughing at her desire. She could taste the others who had been here on her tongue, their passion now in the pores of the chamber. She had heard of this club in whispers, vague references at clubs, online. It had taken her months to track them down, another to gain their trust and be accepted. Now she was here finally, her secret dreams of submission and carnality made flesh.

The woman who entered took her clothes away, the neat pile of her outside self. Naked Sasha trembled a little, unsure of the next move, the wait exciting her, her nipples now stiff in the cool breeze that wafted in. The woman returned now, another slave in tow. Sasha's eyes went wide, looking at the vision that knelt down at her Mistress's feet. She was at best five feet tall, perhaps only 4'11"? Sasha would tower over her. But her skin was a flawless olive, her features delicate and sharp. She was naked like Sasha, but wore a collar that held her head up, the rings around the neck so bright, inviting the leash that was attached. Her breasts were small, nipples erect. Sasha wanted to lick them, the throbbing She held a case, leather about the size of a briefcase.

"You may address me as Mistress Karen.... Sasha... or simply Mistress. You chose to come here. Final chance, back out or open to me, to us. If you choose to stay you will be changed. If you leave, don't ask to come back."

Sasha thought hard, her mind going back to the times she had imagined a room like this, her fingers surrogates for the tongues, cocks, hands of strangers. Strangers who used her, turned her over and back as they wanted, her opening filled and wet. It took seconds. Sasha knelt on the floor, her forehead on the cool surface, her hands crossed at the wrist in the small of her back. She felt her nipples scrape the floor, she pressed lower, to increase the pressure.

" Please Mistress...I am...yours"

Simple words, a single want, but as she said it Sasha felt her sex wet again, her core now burning, the anticipation of crossing over FINALLY making her dizzy. She had played with boys, girls in the outside, but none had ever had the courage to push her, afraid that she was not serious in the lascivious cravings she whispered in lover's ears. Karen crossed to her, pulling the unknown slave with her. Sasha never looked up, but felt the girl push her ass up, the exposure to them causing her to again blush. Without further instructions the girl leaned in, her tongue riming Sasha. As always, the feeling of a cool wet tongue on her tight anus thrilled her, the small hands pulling her open further. Sasha relaxed, her muscles opening to the invading fingers, as they alternated with the tongue. She felt herself sucking on them, her ass trying to draw them in, as if kissing them. Then as quickly as it began she stopped, Sasha did not move still, but could here her new friend move away.

The clink as her wrists were shackled was swift, almost as fast at the action to complete her bondage. Her head pulled up by the roots of her hair, painful and sweet. The collar like the others, attached quietly, expertly.. Her head again resting on the floor, a willing supplicant.


So quiet, but not a question, a command that she so wanted to obey. Sasha waited for the welcome tongue again, smiling inside. The first blow on her ass erased the smile, her cry of pain bringing a quick smile to the whip hand. "Count Sasha, tell me thank you..." Mistress said in a maddeningly even neutral tone.

"One...Thank You."

Again the blow stinging, tears now springing to her eyes.

"Two, thank you"

Again, then again, then again...on till 20 had been reached each blow welcomed as a penitent receiving communion. She started cumming on 3, was unable to tell where they began or ended by 10. Then the tongue again, now causing her to scream as the change was too swift, the heat on her ass like fire. She was sure she was ripped open, raw. Sasha knew that her pristine ass was now swollen; surely the flesh hanging off in strips so cruel the punishment? The pink cheeks were massaged as the tongue dipped in farther and farther, the skin unmarked except to show the glow of the spanking.

A new sensation, cool jell, pushed into the now open asshole. The anal plug that followed to large! her mind whipped around. 'I can't take it, it's too big!' she screamed inside. Silently she opened, larger, open, filling with the cone shaped plastic, the fake prick that they wanted her to wear now. Sasha came as she felt the head pop! her muscles greedy to swallow it in, caress it. Sasha was pulled, her feet unsteady after the orgasms, her ass still red. She found it hard to stay still; each movement brought delicious tingles as the plug shifted inside. A chain attached Sasha was led to the others, her first trial over. Two.

Her head was down as she entered the main room. In the corners of her eyes she saw THEM, the ones who were here to use her, tease her, fill her need to be submissive, a slut, whore, all the secret words she had giggled as a girl with friends, her hands wanting to caress them but to shy to start. Now a sea of flesh swam in front of her. The largest man Sasha had ever seen in her life approached her. He held a bridle in his left hand. With sure practice she was harnessed, the bit forcing her mouth open, her teeth biting into the leather. Her hands still bound, her ass so wonderfully full her started her paces, leading her in a trot around the circus that was the main hall. Sasha breathed hard through her nose, a sheen of sweat now gleaming on her skin. Hands caressed her as she went by, slapping her ass, her breasts. The blows stung her nipples, puffing them out. She was pulled to a stop. The bit removed now her rider stepped in front, pushing her to her knees, his paw wrapped around her ponytail, her head still in his reins as he pushed into her open mouth. She tried to relax, let him fuck her face. He pushed deeper though, wanting her throat. She pushed, wanting to please, to show him her submission. In....innnn...deep...finally in.

Sasha sucked him deeply, gasping through her nose as her throat was blocked by the slab inside. He fucked her ruthlessly, her head whipping back and forth. God! the tension she felt as her bound hands wanted to rub her cunt........so often she had cum that way, drinking what her lover offered, her hands busy inside to quell the bees that swam inside her cunt. Sasha was sure he was feeling the plug in her ass; he went so deep in her gullet. He was grunting, howling out his pleasure when someone stepped behind her, twisted the anal plug casually, pulling it out without thought for her relaxation. Sasha would never know what she thought at that moment; only see the colors that danced in her eyes. As the cock in her throat throbbed, pulsed, her ass gaped open wider than she had ever felt. The plug gone now she was still open, wide. A child could have placed her hand inside so easily.

Before the muscled winked back a man placed himself in her ass, the sensation of her ass closing AROUND the invader, rather than being forced open, coupled with the semen filling her mouth was too much, too much. What was Sasha fell away, burned up like a magician's flash paper. Something in Sasha broke, her mind tumbling down in pieces around her a she became animal in pleasures, drooling her moans out as she came in a manner that made the past seem quaint, prosaic. This was the fulfillment she had wanted when she begged entrance, the raw carnality of flesh and contact, unseen demands and unspoken lies and promises mixed in a morass of fucking and pleasurable pain, painful wanting that melted your heart as it was given the air to breathe.

Her lover left her mouth now, Sasha's chin wet with the evidence as it fell down to her breasts, liquid and white. The cock in her ass drove on. She had not even seen him, unable to turn as her took his pleasure in the beautiful that Sasha was, her passion making her glow. Another stepped up, her mouth greedy for another treat. She finished him in what seemed seconds, her mouth full again, tongue swiping to reach what spilled out. They began to notice her then, the ones who had become jaded, used to the flaccid passivity of the ones who were regulars. Sasha bucked harder, her need to be filled bright in that poorly lit room. They filled her then, lowered her down on one, her cunt opened by the women first with fingers, pulling her wide as they spit in her to lube it for the shafts to come. One hand held the cock she rode as Sasha went down on it, grunting as he filled her.

She bent down then, wiggling her ass in invitation, the slap of his hand as he went in...in....in....his balls now touching the bottom companion, the tubes of her flesh almost overflowing with their stiffness, the thrusting a frenzy now. Sasha drove them on, a slave to their wants, yes, but her beauty and skill pushing them into her like none they had experienced in so long. Women grabbed her head, riding her tongue as they screamed out the names to her that Sasha wanted to hear, 'cunt', 'whore','bitch'...'slut'...names that thrilled her as they came, spent on her suckling lips. Sasha drank what she could, the rest coating her like oil.

She did not know how long it went on, the muscles in her belly, legs a burning fire from the spasms of pleasure now. Sasha did not think...did not want...did not need. She felt, nothing more. Every fiber of her was alive like she had never experienced, her holes raw from use as she finally lay on her side. Her leash attached to the other girls, a chain of legs and arms, mouths slack with semen coated chins, female juices in slicked back hair. The sleep that came as she slept with her sisters was deeper than the slumber in her crib; her only desire a new day, and a repeat of the night.

Author: Budnging2000

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