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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Phone

His morning began as it always had. He was bored with the same old routine of things. It never seemed to change except when he was with her. There was a perpetual ringing of the telephones that was endless and it was beginning to grate on his nerves. He just sat down to check his e-mail when he was again interrupted by the shrill of the ringing telephone. He was annoyed that he had to answer it yet again. He wanted to see if she was online. He picked up the receiver but before he could say anything, he listened to her seductive voice against his ear "Hello, Baby."

"I need to hear you cum for me this morning, Lover, she cooed."

Instinctively, his fingers groped the hardness of his cock and his body began to burn with desire.

In that luxurious place between unconsciousness and euphoria he let himself be seduced by her words. It was a dream place all its own. He loved the sound of her voice, the things she said, the way she whispered in his ear until his body ached for her.

She told him how her hands began that slow downward journey over her belly searching for the moisture between her thighs. Her fingers brushed the top of her freshly shaven pussy. As she made a path across her sensitive lips to the top of her clit, she sighed and spoke his name.

She massaged her swollen bud in tiny circles, murmuring words of passion...of lust. Lost in his breathing, she tried to control her own. If she could do this, she would be able to hear him stroke his cock. She always imagined all sorts of decadent thoughts. His hand, moving up and down, spreading her wetness along his shaft. Him standing in front of her pumping wildly, wanting to spill his very essence on her face and breasts.

She spoke of her mouth against his supple flesh, her tongue licking over every intimate place she could find. He whispered words of devotion, of how he wanted to please her in every way possible. Of how he wanted his cock buried deep inside her slick wet pussy. She slipped two fingers inside, then brought them to her mouth and sucked them, knowing he heard every little sound.

"Your a nasty little girl. I know exactly what you're doing. I can see you, feel you, smell your fingers. Tell me...I want to hear you say it. Do you like to touch yourself for me? "

"Yes, just for you baby, " she purred, " I love to make myself wet. I love the way it makes me feel." She wanted to lay here all day. She was so high now she could barely stand it.

"You love to cum for me, to scream my name. Admit it, you have to fuck me. Say It...Say it." His passionate plea echoed in her ears.

She had a voice that was made for phone sex, slow and sensual, commanding him to do what she willed. It never ceased to amaze him how sexual she really was.

He loved the way she cried out when she came and his cock grew harder in his hand. He heard her groan as she lifted her hips to meet her searching fingers.

"I want to hear you come. I need to hear you. I'm stroking my cock hard for you."

She had him right where she wanted him. She made him wait, listening to the incredible noises he was making.

"Say it. Tell me you need it. That you're addicted," he screamed.

"I'm addicted...I'm addicted to your voice and the sound of you pumping your cock for me. I like knowing I invade your every thought, and that I can make you come with just a whisper. I like the power I hold over your cock, " she spoke out in a breathless rush.

She was getting closer to orgasm; her body trembled with a force of unbelievable lust. She knew that he was desperate to come. They took turns, controlling the pace that propelled them to the edge of ecstasy.

Her fingers pumped her pussy, making an incredible squishy, slippery, wet, sexy sound. She fucked her cunt, knowing he heard her moans. She knew the power of those sounds. This was the part she liked best.
It never failed to send her beyond the point of no return, raw nerves mixed with the smell of sweet sex.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna come, " he moaned.

"Yessssssssss, Yessssssssss! Come for me, Lover."

He expelled her name between short gasps for air. At this moment, they belonged to each other as they exploded into a fiery blaze of passion.

They basked in the sweet silence that remained between them. In his mind, he held her close. No other woman had been able to seduce him so completely.

Author: Linda AKA BlkleatherSporty

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