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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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It is only a single grain of cayenne almost indistinguishable to the eye, but it is enough. i am naked, cuffed at the wrists and ankles, and literally staked into the ground, staring up into the green canopy overhead, my nude body dappled with warm sunlight, and my nipples responding to the wisp of a breeze.

We have been backpacking for a week, and we've been at the lake for two days. This mossy creekbank shoulders the trickling rivulet that seems to be the main inlet for the lake -- we've decided it must be spring-fed, since the banks are so green and soft while the surrounding forest bakes in the summer heat. Six foot ferns surround us and the carpet of wildflowers is a rainbow of unsurpassed beauty. The earthy musk fills our nostrils as we breathe the magical air here.

You had to make your own stakes out of long, stripped branches because the ground was so soft here. But in the end managed four little but very sturdy tabs sticking up at just the right places, their bases sunk deep and immoveable.

You've been making love to me gently for over an hour already, suckling my nipples, kissing my lips, and spending a lot of time crouched between my legs, lapping at my puffy pussy, which is now quite drenched. You haven't let me cum -- you almost slipped up a number of times, especially when you worked over each of my outer and inner labia one at a time. As you held my tender flesh in your mouth and sucked at it you could feel my body vibrate towards its crescendo, and you had to stop and wait for me to calm.

During those times my cunt would leak its drippy musk so powerfully that you could lap it up and feed on it -- but then you'd have to stop again, since my clit would threaten to explode once more. It was a wonderful time, feeling you work over my whole body with your mouth and hands and eyes -- my feet and legs, the sides of my ass and hips, my beautiful belly, my ribs and succulent breasts, my tender armpits, my shoulders and arms and hands and fingers....mmmm.... my throat, my hair and neck, my forehead and temples, my ears, my eyes and cheeks, my nose, my soft lips.... my tongue.

You wanted me relaxed and open for what was coming, and occasionally you would test my level of submission by pressing a finger against my asshole, so lubricated by my oozing pussy. At first you would just stroke the little puckers awhile until i sighed, and then go back to what you were doing. But gradually your finger would find more of an opening, until at last you could easily slip up into my rectum, the rim of my anus smooth and relaxed. As a reward, you finger-fucked me there for awhile and cooed at me, until i writhed with pleasure.

It was time. You reached behind me and took a clean, rolled-up pair of your socks, and gently fitted it into my mouth. "We don't want to scare the critters, pet", you smile. i watch you without moving. "This", you say, holding up a small vial, "is cayenne pepper".

You tell me how cayenne has the curious property of directly stimulating pain nerves, without burning, scarring, or leaving any trace after a short while. Used often, it actually tends to stimulate endorphins, reversing its effect and bringing relief to pain, which is why it is found in so many of the cuisines of brutally hot countries.

"But you don't have to worry about endorphins" you tell me. "Not the way we're going to use it here". My eyes are big now, my breathing a little constricted. But i am so soothed and aroused from how you've worked me over i have a hard time feeling any anxiety.

With an exacto blade from the medical kit, (which you duly linger casually in front of my eyes until I start to tense just a little), you move down between my legs until you are crouched in front of my pink red wet pussy displayed in all of its incredible beauty, topped by my erect and very displayed clitoris.

Carefully, so carefully... i strain my neck up to see what you're doing... you use the very tip of the blade... to take a single dust-mote grain of red fire from the container. Holding the blade away from my body, you put away the container and look at me. "Cayenne is activated by moisture", you say.

"Where are you moist, pet" i let out a little cry, and with your finger you wipe the flat of the blade, and put the blade over with the container, away from my body. i burst into a sweat with relief, but now you are crouched over my pussy again, concentrating intently. "Right on the very tip, don't you think" you ask, and with extreme care you slip the tip of your finger - with the grain of cayenne, directly onto the very top of the head of my dark red clit. i jump with the contact,straining in my bindings and then you sit up, watching me.

You see i have a deeply introspective look on my face, almost puzzled. You laugh out loud -- "don't worry, baby, it's coming!" you say gleefully, almost giggling. You take a swig of water and sit back on your haunches. We don't wait long. In less than a minute, my eyes suddenly grow huge, and my neck tenses, followed quickly by my body. i start to pant through my nose and then i am screaming into the sock, wiggling my ass to try and dislodge the fire. i am drenched in sweat and crying, the deep burning vanishing while i stress against it, and redoubling itself as soon as i relax.

i squirm but find no peace, the pain relentless and throbbing, and directly in the center of my most tender spot. My nose starts to run and you worry a little about my breathing, so you remove the sock and grip my hair until i focus on you "no screaming -- understand" you say. i cannot answer through my gasping and only nod.. i thrash over and over against my bonds, my entire pussy now throbbing with burning pain. i grind myself into the ground, moaning, my hair matting, curling my feet and gripping aimlessly with my hands.

The pain is steady and pure, not too much, but nowhere near being able to ignore. In only a few minutes i realize my inability to fight it back, and in that moment let go completely into the fire. i am barely aware of your tongue on my nipples and your sweet caresses that dance on my skin as i burn.

You sit back again, sip your water and watch me, your cock like steel in your pants, your breathing ragged. i am so beautiful like this, you think, that you can barely stand it, and you watch me as if transfixed, unable to tear your eyes away. Time dissolves for me. There is nothing but the pain -- no forest, no You, no body or mind. i don't even know i am thrashing, it's all just a bundle of steady, unrelenting sensation, a sea of fire i float in, drenched with pulsing intensity. "Feel my love Master..feel me burn for you!! " i say over and over in my delirium.

You check my face - my eyes are glazed, my expression slack, and you know i am where I want to be. You smooth my hair and kiss my face, and wait beside me, watching me tenderly, as an entire hour crawls by. "Give it to me, my precious gem...give your Master your pain.." At the end of the hour you know it is time. i am completely exhausted, drenched with sweat, my legs covered with wetness, and my body covered with fine mud and torn moss and grass. i spasm limply against the steady onslaught, crying continuously.

You take out a soft towel and dip it in water, and gently, gently, lay it on my pussy. "Come for me my jewel! Cum now!!!! " i let out a strangled cry and instantly cum, and while i shake, you squirt a steady stream of water onto my clit to wash off the dissolved cayenne. i am sobbing and cumming continuously now, my pussy exploding in waves of orgasms, the next coming before the last is finished. You steady yourself, intoxicated by my blazing sexuality.

While the heavy coolness settles on my pussy, you cradle my head and give me water to sip, wiping my nose with a kleenex, and washing my face with a cool washcloth. i keep crying softly, my orgasms finally abated, and you kiss me again and again, telling me how beautiful i am, and that it's over now, baby...it's okay...

Author: Linda AKA BlkleatherSporty

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