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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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I never really knew I had much of a voyeuristic side until last summer when a young couple moved in to the house behind mine. I live in a fairly conservative Midwestern neighborhood. The homes are fairly close together - close enough to have a ready view of the neighbors behind you from your decks while privacy fences shield your decks from the side view, giving a little more privacy.

I'm in my mid-thirties, bisexual, and have a steady female companion but we don't live together. We have a great sexlife. She knows about my bisexuality and is OK with it. I'm private about my sexlife and definitely don't whore around but enjoy the sites of nice specimens of both genders. Two summers ago the house behind me was rented out to a young couple in their mid-twenties. It had sat empty for a couple of months when the owner was transferred to another state. The housing market was slow so it didn't surprise me when the house was rented out. On moving day, I spied a beautiful Latino girl and her boy-next-door type husband. She was a beauty in short denim cutoffs that barely covered the cheeks of her firm melon ass. Her tight white T-shirt was almost transparent from the sweat of the move making her braless state obvious as her nipples were clearly visible, topping incredibly round perky breasts. He was about 6 foot 2 and built,dressed only in silky navy gym shorts that came down to the middle of his knees, clinging tight with sweat to his muscular butt. He had sandy blonde hair and a muscular physique, with rockhard pecs topped with small brown nipples, washboard abs tanned dark, and strong muscular legs covered with a sprinkling of light blond hair.

I enjoyed the view from my deck all afternoon as they labored in the sun. I'm the shy type and didn't really rush to introduce myself. I sometimes waved to one or the other of them from my deck and they waved back. Eventually I did meet the guy whose name was Jeff when he was mowing along the fence line by my property. I found his wife was a nurse and he was a mechanic and that they had been married for only a year. The two were very open with their affection for one another and often she would sit in his lap on the deck and I would see him openly fondle her breasts and sometimes it even looked like when he stroked her thigh his hand would be up inside her shorts with one or two long fingers stroking her pussy. I even saw her grind her ass on his crotch a few times and lean over and lick his nipples while he threw his head back, obviously enjoying the attention. They never seemed to mind when I was out on the deck and usually after a wave just totally ignored my presence.

One early evening, they were drinking margaritas and were obviously slightly drunk. Jeff was at the grill tending some burgers when Celia cameout with fresh drinks. She had been sunning on the deck all afternoon and was still in a very brief turquoise string bikini. Jeff always had a tendency to be in as little clothing as possible every time I saw him. This night he was in a short pair of red nylon running shorts. As Celia set the drinks down she slid in behind him and pushed her hips up against his ass, cupping his pecs and sliding her hands down his muscled stomach while she kissed his broad shoulders. As he tilted his head back and kissed her on the lips, she slid one of her hands down the front of his shorts, cupping his crotch while the other hand toyed with his left nipple. I could see her swaying, grinding her crotch against his bubble butt and, before I knew it, she had slipped his shorts down in front letting them catch under his fat balls.

I knew I shouldn't be staring but I couldn't help myself as she closed her small hand around his fat 8 inch cock and started to jack it right out in the open, pulling the foreskin back from the head while he thrust his hips forward. The whole time he kept turning the burgers while he drunkenly swayed his hips in time to her pumping while she licked across his shoulder and up his neck. They seemed oblivious to the fact that I was watching the whole time. After a few minutes of this, Jeff reached his hand down and stopped her, pulling his shorts back up over his cock. I could tell from his expression that he must have felt close to cumming and wanted to hold off. Celia staggered backwards a bit, then returned and pulled his shorts down,exposing his perfectly chiseled ass, which was pale white in comparison to his deeply tanned muscular back.

She leaned down and playfully bit onenaked cheek before running her tongue in a long swipe deep along his asscrack then letting the shorts snap back in place, hiding his muscular cheeks again. She grabbed her margarita and fell drunkenly back on the chaise lounge while he scooped the burgers onto a plate and carried them inside. Finally she looked across my lawn and noticed me, giving a very sexy grin and wave, then giggled and ran inside, her perfect butt completely bare with the thin string hidden in her crack.

I was pretty breathless from the whole thing and went inside to cool down. As the weeks went on through the summer, I got to watch the two of them in many amorous embraces in varying stages of undress out on the deck. I had told my girlfriend Karen about the couple and she enjoyed the view as much as I did when she visited although she accused me of becoming obsessed with the couple. I noticed that they never closed the blinds which covered the patio windows so anytime I sat out on the deck after dark, their livingroom and kitchen were in full view. And it seemed that inside the house,the two were more often than not completely nude. In the mornings, Jeff would come to the window completely naked, often with a morning semi, and lazily scratch his balls looking out over the grass.

If he saw me at my window or on the deck, he'd wave without a thought to his nudity. I was all too happy to check out his incredible uncut cock which, when soft, still hung about 5 or 6 inches down over an incredible set of low hanging bullnuts. All this attached to a perfectly muscled body. Celia was a vision naked -- 5 foot 4 with a set of 34D's, large dark brown nipples, and one of those Brazilian asses that looked like you could set a drink on it. Her skin was very brown from the sun and further set off by the tanlines from her skimpy swimsuits while her tight pussy had just a downy covering of wispy dark hair.

I never grew tired of watching and loved when he'd come up behind her at the patio door and put his arms around her, sliding his large hand down to finger the lips of her cunt, while he pressed his hard cock between the firm globes of her ass. When she pulled away to finish breakfast or answer a phone call, he'd stand in glory with a full hardup boner and I could swear he'd linger at the door just to give me a longer view.

One afternoon Jeff had just mowed the lawn and came over to my fence and yelled my name. When I came out he asked if I'd be able to help him with a loose portion of the deck railing. When I got over to his lawn, I got a much closer look at the guy I'd spied on for so long. He smiled and thanked me for helping and I noticed that he had perfect white teeth and was amazingly handsome although his hair was somewhat shaggy and he had a day's growth of beard - rough looking but sexy beyond belief. I think he knew the effect he had on me.

He was dressed only in denim cutoffs, cut short enough to accentuate his powerful muscled thighs. I got a good look at his chiseled chest with only a small patch of thin blonde hair between his pecs and a line of darker hair running from his navel and fanning out toward his crotch. He was sweaty from the mowing and a ripe fragrant male odor emanated from him, a mixture of his armpits and a slightly ripe crotch, like maybe he had just fucked before he came out to mow.

I took adeep breath and got into position to hold the railing where he wanted it. As he squatted to replace the loose screws, I noticed the thick skin of his uncut dick and two bare nuts squeezing partially out the leg of his shorts. At one point he laid on his back to look under the railing and the shorts raised enough to give a full view of his thick manmeat laying soft and loose, hanging along his thigh.

I think I must have gazed too long and been found out because as he got up he had a slight knowing smile on his face. After the work was done, he was pleased with the results. He invited me to sit and have a cold one with him. His wife had gone out shopping for the afternoon. He said he had to take a leak and when he came out and tossed me a cold Bud I noticed he had changed into a very brief pair of white running shorts. As we downed the beer, he stood at the railing while I sat in one of the deck chairs. The shorts he had on had no lining and his cock and balls were clearly visible. On top of that the shorts were so brief that I could see the head of his dick, pouting out the end of his thickforeskin, and balls the size of walnuts hanging even lower in plain view. We talked sports and work and occasionally, he would idly rearrange hispackage, tugging at his dick and lifting it away from his sweaty balls.

I tried to follow the conversation. I could tell that this kid knew exactly what he was doing and exactly what he was showing. He asked if I had time for another and went back in to grab a couple. In a few minutes, he came out with a small cooler with a few beers in it. As he handed me another beer, I almost gasped. He must have gone in and stroked himself a few times because his foreskin was fully pulled back and his semihard cock was sticking about three inches past the hem of his shorts and slightly tenting the front of them.

He pretended not to notice my stare as I took in the thick fat head with about a half inch pouting cockslit which was wet with precum. I took my beer and took a big swig then changed subjects to movies I had seen. Jeff jumped up and perched his ass on the deck railing, making sure that his half hard cock fell completely out of the shorts. Now as I tried to converse I felt my eyes barely leaving the sight of his thickened cockmeat. Jeff casually talked as he lifted one of his feet up, saying he thought he had a splinter from the deck. His crotch was at eye level with my chair and the action fully opened the legs of the shorts, giving me a clear view of the hairy trail leading behind his balls to his spread asscheeks. I inhaled deeply and was rewarded with the sweet smell of his sweaty asshole, totally intoxicating and filling me with the need to dive in and eat his sweet butt.

By now I was almost shaking. A part of me wanted to reach out, grab his cock and offer to suck him off. But I had no idea of his sexuality and was afraid to jeopardize my good neighbor status. He eventually rested his feet on a small stool in front of him as he reached in the cooler and grabbed another cold one. We continued to talk about the neighborhood as Jeff continued his display. He stretched his arms out behind him, exposing his sweaty hairy armpits, then looked down at his legs and rubbed the tight muscles in his thighs. As I talked about the cost of the homes and prospects for resell, his hand settled right over the thick meaty shaft ofhis long cock.

He looked straight in my eyes as if nothing was unusual as his hand peeled the sweaty foreskin back from his dickhead and he slowly hunched his hip in barely perceptible movements, but large enough to slowly fuck his tight fist. When I gathered the courage to look down again, his slit was oozing cocksnot all over his muscled thigh, and his dick was fully hard. For God's sake, the guy was basically jerking off right in front of me. I know most of you think you'd just dive in and ask if he wanted to fuck or something.

I guess for me I was afraid he'd stop and put it away and I really liked what was happening. It was one of the most exciting things I had ever experienced. It seemed like it was the showing off that was everything to him so I just kept talking while I didn't even pretend not to stare at his JO show. Probably the most exciting part to me was when he quit rubbing his cock, pulled his white shorts back over as much of the raging hardon as he could cover, then brought his cum covered hand up under his nose and took a big whiff of his own dick odor. I noticed he glanced down at my crotch as my own hardon had soaked through my khaki shorts andleft a wet spot.

He smiled as he changed the subject to NASCAR. It seemed his show was over as he stood up, stretched, and looked at his deck handiwork. Just then, Celia drove up and I excused myself, not wanting to have to explain my shorts to her. I went up to my bedroom and with only about 4 strokes spewed a massive load of cum all over the bedspread. After that day, I think Jeff knew he had ready and willing prey for his exhibitionistic tendencies. Our neighborhood is very conservative, but the deck and his backyard were almost entirely shielded from view from anywhere but my yard and the upstairs windows of my neighbors.

As time went on, he'd invite me over just for a beer without a guise of needing help. He didn't expose himself every time but often he did, much like our first encounter. He had a lot of skimpy clothes which provided plenty of opportunity for full exposure but still gave him the sense of being dressed. He also would use any excuse to provide me with a view of himself and his wife. She wasa small woman and a couple of drinks would leave her very uninhibited so that Jeff could persuade her to play on the deck. I wondered if my other neighbors ever checked out the action on the deck. One evening I remember well, Celia had been sunning in another barely there string bikini when Jeff came home from an afternoon at the track with his buddies. He had already stripped down to only a pair of workout shorts and brought out a couple of rum and Cokes. As he sat by her on the lounge chair and she downed her drink he was lightly rubbing her stomach and nibbling on her neck.

As I watched, he slipped his hand down the front of her bikini and began to finger her moist cunt as the two began to kiss passionately. Jeff repositioned her, as he straddled the lounge chair with her legs wrapped around his waist facing him. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass and moved the thin material to the side, catching it under his fingers on one side. I was treated to an incredible view as she arched her back slightly and he worked his fingers deeper spreading her until her tight pink pussy was totally open and exposed from the rear. As she became more and more excited, she began to grind her wet twat against the hard pole tenting his shorts, pussy and dick separated by only thin nylon.

I couldn't believe it was happening in the open as he slid her bikini bottom down her shapely legs leaving her bottom bare to my eyes. With a quick movement, he slid his shorts to the side and his fully hard 8 inch cock popped out. His strong hands continued to grip her ass as she pushed her round tits against his chest and the two continued to kiss wildly. His cock was nestled along her asscrack and I watched as he humped it slowly and sensuously between the melon globes of her tight ass. By now, she had both knees on either side of his hips, and by raising her hips up he slid her hot pussy down, embedding his thick cock fully in her throbbing cunt. I couldn't believe they were fucking right out in the open!

Jeff's biceps bulged as he lifted his wife's lithe body easily in the air until only the bulging head of his cock was embedded in her flesh, then he moaned as he slowly lowered the hot flesh of her tight hole down, relishing the feel ofher cuntlips massaging his thick rod on the way down. By now Celia was so lost in lust and clouded by the alcohol that she had no inhibitions about being so fully exposed. She began to quietly moan as she began to ride Jeff's hard uncut cock, several times lifting completely offso that I saw his leaking piss slit and hot wet cockhead before she plunged her lover's incredibly thick dick balls deep in her slit. As she poised her steamy cunt over Jeff's massive rod, their combined juices dripped from her gaping hole and trickled down the shaft, wetting his nuts with nasty fuckjuice.

It was a hot evening and Jeff's balls were hanging low enough to lay across the lounge chair, but swinging heavily when he thrust up withhis pelvis trying to drive his cock more fully into his hot wife. Several times, I saw him look over his shoulder, making sure I was taking in the sight of his wild outdoor fuck. He unhooked Celia's bra and was massaging her huge tits as he mercilessly thrust his hard meat as deep as he could with his powerful ass muscles. Suddenly he leaned forward and pushed Celia onto her back, with his dick still balls deep inside her. He supported his weight on his arms and his shoulder muscles bulged as he began to really fuck his wife. All I could hear from her was panting as he thrust his large fucktool into her stretched wide pussy at all angles. He had his eyes fixed on my steady gaze as he made a final deep thrust then pulled his cock out just as streams of thick milky cum shot in enormous spurts and covered his wife's breasts and face.

Her head by now was hanging off the end of the lounger and her eyes were closed, and I swear he smiled directly at me as he began to tongue his hot cum off her firm tits. He even scooped a handful that had landed in the middle of her chest and let the thick liquid trickle out of his partially closed fist onto his tongue. Finally he collapsed on her outstretched, spent body. I looked down and realized that, without even thinking, I had my dick out the side of my shorts and had shot my cum all over the deckboards at my feet. I felt like I had been in some kind of time warp. Guiltily, I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the spectacle or my own open masturbation. The neighborhood was quiet and no one was in sight.

After cleaning up, I called Karen and went to her place, needing to fuck despite my release. I didn't tell her about the extent of my interactions with the neighbors. Several uneventful weeks passed as Karen and I had weekend plans and were away. I occasionally saw either Jeff or Celia and, of course, was treated to the morning naked shows which by now were commonplace and only mildly exciting after the other things I had witnessed.

One Saturday afternoon, I was out on the deck and saw Celia saying goodbye to Jeff, dressed in heels and a tight but classy black dress. It looked like she must have been going to a luncheon or some afternoon engagement. About 20 minutes after she left, I saw Jeff out looking at a gutter on the side of the house. Before long he carried a ladder out and placed it in the grass under the spot he had been checking. He came to the fence and asked if I'd spot him on the ladder while he cleaned the gutter and fixed a leak. He was dressed surprisingly conservative in denim jeans but I noticed they were very tight, showing off his perfect round asscheeks. Of course he was shirtless as always and in sandals. As I got closer, I noticed a large mounded bulge in the front of the jeans.

He obviously had on some underwear so I was a more than a little disappointed. He flashed his great smile as I brought my gaze up from his crotch. I grabbed both sides of the ladder and steadied it in the soft grass as he climbed to the second rung from the top and began clearing leaves from the gutter. I handed him a gun loaded with a sealant which he applied to the inside of the lining. Then he squatted on the rung and began applying the sealant to the underside of the same area. As he squatted, his ass was at eye level and I was amazed to see that he had completely slit the seam in the back of the jeans. He held to the gutter with one hand and the gun with the other so that he could maintain a deep squat fully exposing his entire asscrack which was encased in a white jockstrap.

As I looked up, my face was only about 8 inches away from his beautiful bubble butt now almost completely bare and framed by the white straps of the jock. He made it a point to move from side to side to give me views from all angles. My mouth was watering as I gazed at the delicious sight. His ass was hairless but the trench was covered in light wispy dark blonde hair. Right in the center, rimmed by a small amount of darker hair, was his asshole, a perfect pink pucker that begged for a tongue. I wondered if his wife ever gave him that pleasure. He mumbled something and I took the opportunity to lean in to hear him, taking a deep whiff and smelling the musky strong odor of his tight straight butthole. It took every thing in my power not to finger the hole, lick the hole, tongue the hole, dive face first into that beautiful male fuckhole. But I refrained again, not knowing what this guy's intention was.

As I was totally engrossed in contemplation of this incredible male ass, I realized that he was saying something about his pants. He reached around and said 'Jesus, I must have torn my jeans somehow! Look at this!'. As he said it, he reached around, looking down at my face near his tight butt, and grabbed a cheek spreading it further,saying 'My whole ass is hanging out, man!'. His action exposed more of his asshole and he made it wink by contracting the muscles of his anus. I couldn't believe this guy's audacity but appreciated his effort. He came down from the ladder and asked if I wanted a beer.

I sat on the deck and waited while he went in for the brews. My mouth almost dropped when he came out in just his jockstrap, handed me a beer, then sat in a chair facing me, examining his 'torn' jeans. The jock was definitely ripe. I could smell it from where I sat - a combination of sweaty balls aroma, a sweet smelling ass odor, and a tinge of relatively fresh cum. I loved the way the jock was cut low in front, his tanned rippled abs contrasting starkly with the strap, and the top of his blonde pubic hair just visible over the edge. His large cock and bullnuts packed the pouch to capacity and the worn out threads strained to contain the thick meat.His hairless balls were big enough to have stretched the strap so that one fat nut was partly visible at the edge of the elastic.

After a quick look at the jeans, he dropped them on the deck floor and sat with his legs spread, cupping his jockclad crotch with one hand and chugging brew withthe other, all the time easily conversing about topics of interest. When he had downed one beer, he followed his normal pattern. I watched as he sauntered inside, giving me ample time to check out his muscled asscheeks and, after a few minutes, he returned with a couple more beers. When he turned to offer me the beer, I saw that his perfectly erect cock was straight up against his belly, his hardon held in place by the jockstrap, but with the leaky dickhead visible over the edge of the waistband. As he sat and conversed more, his thumb subtly moved his foreskin back and forth, covering and uncovering the wide open piss slit and fat red cockhead.

Once when he had lots of precum on his thumb, he looked me straight in the eye and sucked his thumb between his pouty pink lips, even going as far as to pull it out and swipe his tongue around the thick digit, resembling the best cocksucking techniques. As usual, I didn't want the experience to end so I kept trying to keep up my end of the conversation. I almost completely lost it when he said he needed to stretch his lower back. He leaned back in the chair and grabbed his ankles, pulling them up next to his head, totally exposing his hot butthole again. He said 'This is so good for your lower back. I try to stretch every day'. I didn't even try to pretend that I didn't want to watch intently.

He knew I had no interest in the stretch and he further teased me by hooking his ankles under his arms and spreading his ass wider, letting his fingertips actually graze his tiny anus, one almost penetrating it. I fully expected him to start some kind of sextalk during these displays but he didn't. I watched as he quit talking and rubbed one thick finger back and forth over his sweaty hole, at the same time grinding his hips around sensuously. Then quickly he jumped up and did some jumping jacks, followed by leaning forward with legs outstretched and his chest on the deck rail, ass spread wide open and arched in the air. I watched intently, speechless as he continued to grind his hips in circles and as he grabbed his asscheeks and exposed his tight little hole again and again.

Being totally infatuated with male butts, I didn't pretend not to be excited as I openly stroked my own thick 7 inches through my sweat shorts. I wanted to expose it to him but somehow I didn't think he was into it. So I ran my hand along the length of my cock hunching up against my open palm as I watched him display his ass until I shot spooge down the leg of myshorts and it trickled down my thigh. I made a point to scoop it off my thigh and lick it off my palm while he watched.

Amazingly, I got to see him cum closeup as he turned and , perhaps inspired by the smell of my fresh load or the sight of me licking up my sperm, he gave three long rubs to the crotch of the jock and then got an ecstatic look on his face as I saw the nylon pouch appear to pulse and thick gobs of wet cum seeped through the fabric, coating his hand. The whole time he had one finger teasing his hot butthole which he had just displayed. As quickly as it started it ended. He said he needed to get cleaned up before his wife got home. That was the last encounter I had with Jeff.

Unfortunately, Jeff and Celia moved out of their rented house near me to buy their own home at the end of that summer. I really missed the shows. All in all, I watched them fuckat least 6 times that summer. I realized that Jeff left the bedroom blinds partially open and lights bright for a reason and I took advantage of it. Their bodies were beautiful, the sex was athletic, and watching from a hidden spot made it all the more exciting. I find myself wanting, maybe needing to get to watch again but wouldn't know how to go about it. I basically fell into a very unique situation that summer. I never told my girlfriend the extent of my infatuation with voyeurism but I think she knew.

I think I'm mainly over it...for now.

Author: Linda AKA BlkleatherSporty

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