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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Summer Night

The hot moist air covered us as we walked the tree lined street. Uneven cobble stones beneath My feet. A typical Philadelphia summer nite. she walked to My right. her hips swaying her long brown hair hanging about her waist. Our scene tonight would be different..and deliciously so...I had allowed her to bring her current gf who is a vanilla wanna be a Domme...our plan to introduce her to our private world.

The food was wonderful..after dinner we walked to the river. Hot jazz streamed down thru the sounds of people and the smell of food. The feel of her hand in Mine..her body pressing into Me as she sidled up to Me. The man playing polka tunes smiled
widely as Wwe danced to his music. As always Wwe had become consumed with each other and the rest of the world faded into the background...gf included. I did catch the gf's eye a few times...she watched us intently...somewhat disconcerted at times that Wwe were so "alone" in the world. The jazz concert beckoned and we waded into the crush of bodies. Wwe found a place for the 3 of us to sit along the river's concrete ledge wedged amidst a mix of people. her body again pressing into Mine...her eyes averted to My gaze...I reach for her face.

Dragging My finger slowly along the line of her cheekbone down to her chin grasping her into My fingers and pulling her near. My lips meeting hers, brushing them ever so tenderly with My tongue. I feel her body bend to My touch....our tongues entwine and the sound of the music drifts away and all I can hear is her breathing. My stomach drops as I hear her moan and I am lost in the taste of her mouth and the scent of her skin and her hair.

As I open My eyes I see her gf is frozen. her face belies her shock, her eyes as wide as saucers. I cannot help the evil chuckle that escapes from My gut. I take "r"s face and push her away. her brown eyes are stark and fixed upon Mine. her body rocks back and bounces against gf. she turns to her and sheepishly smiles..."I tried to tell you how this is...i belong to Her." gf is trapped in her uncertainty and simply stares shifting her eyes from Me to "r" and back again. "i know what you said..." was all she could muster.

Wwe sat for a while listening, touching, laughing...Wwe walked back up from the river to the car and off to the dyke bar for the next leg of the evening. The bar was crowded. The ground level had the usual couples gathered around the live music. The dance beat pounded above. Wwe saw friends and said our hellos and made introductions. Wwe sat and sang and drank and finally went upstairs. Lots of femmes in "little black numbers" were all over. I left "r' and gf for a dance with a femme. "r" and I have a game Wwe play in the bar. Wwe pretend we don't know each other and I pick her up for a cheap one nite stand. Tonight was no different and the game began.

There we other butch/femme couples upstairs...the kinks were in force tonight so the dance floor took on an unusual air. I asked for a dance and she came to the floor with Me. Wwe danced and ground. I told her I wanted her to come home with Me after sometime had passed. she told Me she was with someone and did I mind if she watched. she pointed out gf.Wwe invited her to dance...bought her a drink or two...she began to relax and the game opened up.

One the way back to the car "r" said to gf..."I want a threesome..are you in the mood to join us???" "r" pushed the button for the elevator. In unison gf and I pushed her hard onto the wall. gf went to kiss her hard...I reached for her cunt. I pressed My fingers into the cloth of her shorts and then up the leg to her wet pussy.The elevator door opened and we tumbled into the car and fell onto the back wall. gf began to open "r"s shirt as I resumed My probing into her wet open lips. her head went back "this feels so fucking good" she hissed. The car stopped where Wwe had parked.

Wwe managed to get to the car. gf came from behind and held "r"s arms securely behind her. I came from the front and opened her zipper. she fought and protested loudly. her shorts fell to the ground revealing her leather thong. I pulled it away, exposing her close trimmed pussy. she began to kick at Me. I pressed into her as gf held her tight. I unzipped My pants and pulled out My long thick cock. I stroked it slow and full. "r" eyes met Mine..."you belong to Me bitch" I slapped her hard across the face leaving My hand print on her cheek. "Now spread your fucking legs" her thighs parted slightly. gf said" you heard her you lousy slut spread your fucking legs"

gf put her foot in between "r"s feet and kicked them apart. I took the opportunity to slide My cock into her wet slippery slit. I watched the vixen ease into her inch by inch. I began to take her slow and deliberate...sliding in and out grabbing her long hair pulling her head back forcing My tongue into her mouth. In and out fucking her in the parking garage.gf began to roughly pull at her nipples while keeping one arm securely behind her. Wwe rocked together in the heat of the summer nite. then the familiar tension in her body...her eyes wide open looking directly at Me....Sir, Sir, may i cum...may i cum??? NO you MAY not you fucking pig... I pulled Myself out of her and slapped her across the face again. I stood there with My hard cock hanging out..."suck Me off" gf forced her to her knees and pushed her head down to My cock.

"suck her off pig" gf forced "r"'s mouth over My waiting cock. "suck" she demanded.

"r" complied half naked kneeling in front of Me as gf pushed her head down further and further down My shaft. I pushed her away. "you pig...grunt like the pig you are".

gf pulled the long hair and "r" began to grunt and snort. Wwe picked her up and tossed her belly first into the front seat. her knees on the dirty concrete floor her ass was exposed. "you fuck her". gf readily took her ass...pounding her fingers into "r" opening her darkness. I made her continue to grunt like a pig with each thrust...I wanted her more than I think I ever have. The vision of gf taking her drove the craving I have for "r"over the edge. I moved gf to the side and began to work My fist into "r"s soaking cunt. she opened so easily and accepted My thick wide hand into her cunt. she rode My fist bucking back onto it. "grunt you whore" The sound of her grunting filled the garage. "may i cum Sir...please please may i cum???" Cum you bitch....

her muscles tightened around My hand making My fist tight. My name echoed off the cars and the stone and in the alley as she orgasmed time after time. A kitchen worker from the restaurant across the street was out on the fire escape smoking...watching her and us...I jerked her head up and gf turned her face toward the man..."tell what a slut you are...show him what a pig you are" she grunted and continued to cum. her juice running down My arm...she collapsed back down onto the seat and pushed My hand from within her... her blood and cum covered it...her limp body beneath Me...I covered her with My body and began to gently kiss her neck and back..."you belong to Me My love...you belong to Me..." she suckled My finger and whimpered. I rocked her softly wrapping her in My arms...she is My soulmate...she is My love....

Author: Sir Cynthia

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