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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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He stepped out to dash across the street, yanking at my wrist, pulling me after him it seemed as a recalcitrant child. It seemed one long jump to where I stumbled on the far curb and I scrambled to keep my feet under me as we flew down the sidewalk past pedestrians and old parked cars. Some of which looked abandoned if I could have slowed down enough to check.

It seemed as though hours passed this way, miles slipped under our feet. But the sky never hinted at dawn, it was still midnight black. Had we passed through some time warp then? Or had time stopped for us? Certainly none of the people we passed even seemed to notice us. How many nights had I dreamed of just once being able to hold back the morning till I had sated myself on the night. Or was this a dream?

His yanking of me across intersections, pulling me down back streets and alleys was really pissing me off but couldn.t catch my breath long enough to bitch at him. He held my wrist tight enough to direct my movements but it didn.t really hurt. Several times I tried jerking my hand away and pushing at his hand with my free one but found that was like trying to yank off a steel cuff. His head would whip round as we ran and those dark brows would swoop together over that aquiline nose in a frown then he.d tighten his grip to the point I could feel the bones rubbing together. .Okay, what is his problem?.

A short pause at an unmarked alley and I doubled over trying to catch my breath, gasping between coughing fits. He looked up as though to chart our location from the streetlamps then I felt his gaze burning my exposed skin and the nape of my neck. He switched his grip to my hand and we crept down the alley, brushing against slime encrusted walls, stepping over malodorous puddles and avoiding the piles of unidentifiable garbage. .I say we crept but did it just seem that way after that mad dash across the city?.

At the end of this stinking alley he made as though to yank me again. As I felt the pull I lengthened my stride so as to make the leap. Before I landed he had turned and caught me up to his chest. The thought that it was like hitting a velvet covered granite wall flew through my brain.
...Have you ever danced?... he asked in a lazy, soft voice.

There we stood on that quiet sidewalk at the opening to yet another alley. With our faces scant inches away from one another phosphorous glow from the streetlamp just steps away. He held me easily with one hand across my back under my shoulder blades, my feet several inches off the ground. As I hung there the other hand came up and with forefinger and his thumb gently held my chin so I could focus on nothing but his eyes. His thumb caressed my lips ever so softly.
.Danced?. I thought madly..danced?. I half-remembered the embarrassment of high school. I remembered never being asked to dance, never part of the .in. crowd. The lonely nights spent sitting in bars feeling somehow ...different.... I closed my eyes, wanting to deny the memory.

As though I had actually spoken the words aloud I felt him nod at me. Still holding me he stepped several feet into the opening of this new alley. His eyes seemed to deepen and his lips softened to an almost smile, nodding to himself once he set me away from him. I guess he thought me about to run because he put a restraining hand on my shoulder. I shrugged his hand off and reached into my jacket pocket for a cigarette. I was just about to light it when he reached out and plucked the cigarette from my lips and snapping it in half he flung it away.

That was just too much! This night had become intolerable and the smug look he wore was making me crazy. Fury blossomed and I felt my throat get tight as tears welled up. I looked up at him and I think I growled as I went to scratch at his face cursing him under my breath. He easily caught both my hands in one of his and holding them above my head forced me to look up at him again. This time the fingers holding my chin bit cruelly into my soft skin.
...Poor baby... is this so difficult for you then?... he purred at me.

My head jerked back and I snapped at him sinking my teeth into his thumb. Forcing my jaws open with his fingers he put his thumb to his own lips and kissed it. It should have been a ridiculous gesture but somehow it seemed menacing. I jerked one hand free and slapped him as hard as I could across the face. As I tried to pull my other hand free his brows closed tightly in a frown and his eyes hardened his grip on my wrist like a vise. I felt a rush of fear and tried to back away from the intensity of that glare. I felt a flash of what could almost be termed regret for my hasty actions. He dropped my hand and pulled me to him almost before I could blink. Again I was held above the ground our faces level. His eyes were hard and glittering in the dim light of the far away street lamp. Just as the thought to kick him or drive my knee up started his left hand caught in my hair and pulled me to him in a punishing kiss. His lips slashed across mine, I felt his tongue probe my mouth as my lips parted at the barely restrained anger I felt emanating from him.

Frightened at the ferocity of his kiss I struggled to turn my head away, to push at him. I had to get free! I was felt trapped as though with a wild beast. I felt a knot in my chest. Fear reared its ugly head. Terrified now, I tried to scream. I clawed at his face. He took no notice of my struggles; he savaged my mouth while the arm across my back tightened to a steel bar, cutting off my breath. The hand in my hair gripped tighter, further drawing me in. I felt him swallow and for a moment thought he.d swallowed me whole. I felt like Jonah, forsaken in the belly of the whale... I recognized the metallic taste of my blood from where his teeth had pierced my lip. At that taste I felt that knot inside my chest let go. Then my tears started in earnest.

A heat spread out from my core and I began sobbing into his kiss. I no longer struggled, my hands rested on his shoulders not pushing any more, just accepting. I was his, to do with me as he would. As soon as I stopped fighting him the embrace gentled. The kiss no longer a wild beast trying bent on devouring me but a soft, warm haven. Tears streaming down my cheek to mix with the blood where he had bitten through my lips gently kissed away. My sobbing was uncontrolled now, heartbroken hiccoughs and more tears than I had shed in a lifetime.

After awhile I became aware of my surroundings and looked out from under my tear swollen lids to find that we were sitting on a dirty doorstep in that filthy alley. The late night noises of the city seemed softened in our little alcove. He had leaned back against the doorjamb with me sprawled across his lap, with my shirt unbuttoned to the navel exposing my pale skin to the soft kiss of the night. He was holding me in his arms gently yet firmly, rocking me and stroking me with his free hand. My arms had found their way around his neck and his shirt was sheer from where my tears had soaked it.

...Shh, baby, shh... It.s alright now... . he crooned to me under his breath. Still in shock I looked up at his face to find his eyes warm now and looking down into my eyes with a quiet hunger. It seemed he saw right through me, knew every secret, every shame I had ever felt. He saw it and took it into himself to make it his own. Almost as though he had been looking for something and found it now in my eyes. My breath caught in my throat and I desperately tried sort out this strange feeling.

Lying back in his embrace, body still trembling from the aftereffects of adrenaline and the catharsis of the tears I closed my eyes to try to hide. He kissed me again, this one of unchecked passion and I felt my traitorous body responding to his unspoken question. His hands slid over my body, to cup my full breasts and tease one taut nipple, over my jeans to rest on the heat between my thighs. I felt my hips rise to meet his touch and a low moan came from my throat. He gentled me with quiet words spoken under his breath, the tone and caresses more important than the words.

Suddenly, realized the enormity of what I had done hit me. Never had I felt so vulnerable. White hot embarrassment shot through me and I tried to pull away, to get loose of his embrace. Who the hell did he think he was anyway? Where does he get off kissing me like that? Sputtering like a wet cat I fought to free myself and put some distance both mental and physical between us. The blush started to burn its way up my throat and face like a flame as I clutched my shirt closed.

After a momentary tightening of his arms he let me scramble away to the other side of the alley. I scooted across the rough ground on my hands and knees tearing a long rip in one knee of my jeans and scraping the skin beneath. I sat with my back pressed tightly against the wall huddled opposite him with my arms wrapped around my knees as though to deny him the sight of my body. My frantic glance to each side seemed to amuse him as he turned himself slightly towards me drawing one long leg up and draping his laced fingers around his upright knee. His teeth gleaming brightly even in the dim light.

Pride gamely tried to reassert itself and defiantly I yanked my cigarettes out of my jacket and shakily lit another one. My breath caught as I took a deep drag and flicked my hair back behind my shoulders. I stared at him angrily daring him to say or do anything. I tried to hide the shaking of my hands by tucking my elbows in tight to my body. I wanted to rail at him. Call him every nasty thing I could think of but I found myself unable to. My vocal chords seemed locked. His smile faded. I wanted to disappear. I sure as hell never wanted to see him again. I would have given anything at that moment to blink and find myself alone in this dim alley to put the pieces of myself back in some semblance of order. I tried buttoning my shirt just so I wouldn.t have to see him staring at me, to shut him out at least for a moment. More tears sprang to my eyes making it difficult to see. Would I never stop crying?

When I finally had got all the buttons done I looked up to see him standing right in front of me, his hand out as if to help me up. I hadn't even heard him move. I crossed me free hand across my belly and turned my head away. Sighing he reached down to grasp my wrist and pull me to my feet, back still braced against the wall. Cupping my chin with his hand he turned me to face him.
...Come on baby, you've already given in to me, why continue to fight? Haven't you figured it out yet? You're mine now... he whispered as he kissed my cheek.

My entire being screamed at me to run, instead I looked into his face, trying to stare him down. The look I gave him made him smile lopsidedly and he took me gently into his arms and kissed me again. Now I'd heard people talk about melting at a kiss, but I never figured it would happen to me and yet that's just what it felt like. Heat flooded through my belly and left my legs trembling. I had dropped my cigarette and was clutching at him as though I were drowning.
...Now do you understand?... he asked as he leaned back to watch the play of emotions across my face. Blushing furiously I looked down at the space between us unseeingly and nodded my head. Yes? Was I nuts? Why did I get myself into?

Stepping away from me he went back to sit on that filthy doorstep as though it were a throne.
...Alright baby, we can do this the easy way or the hard way...which will it be?...
I'm sure my eyes were like saucers as I raised my head and stared at him. My mouth opened and shut a few times trying to get out the question racing through my mind. Do what? What easy? What hard way?

...The easy way is for you to take off your jeans and panties right here, right now, and give them to me. Afterwards I will take you home... he said in a pleasant voice.

...The hard way is if I have to make you give them to me, then the trip home won't be nearly as pleasant... came out harshly enough that I jumped.

...What do you mean?... I stuttered.

...I mean what I said baby... Take them off now, I will even let you keep your belt so that you can belt it over your shirt to look like a dress.. His voice was pleasant again, the absolute pinnacle of reasonableness.

...Why?... I asked, laughing nervously, stalling for time and frantically looking around for a way to escape.

At my hesitation he stood up and began counting as he walked over. ...Because I said so...one...two....

.Ok! Ok! I'll do it. I was almost crying again. I'm a regular Niagara Falls tonight

My fingers clumsily found my belt buckle and the button on my fly. The zipper seemed to be fighting me but at his huff of impatience it flew to the bottom. I stopped to pull off my cowboy boots and let my jeans slide down to puddle at my stocking feet. I stood there then, unable to go any further.

...Look at me baby... his voice soft and gentle.

When I looked up at him he stepped close to me and knelt down on one knee, taking my panties down with him. I leaned one hand on his shoulder as I stepped out of them one foot at a time and obediently held out my foot for him as he slid my boots back on for me. Sliding the belt out of the loops he put it around my waist and cinched in my shirt. I felt like a doll being dressed, my shirt hung halfway to my knees and the silver buckle shimmered.

...Say my name, baby... he asked while still looking up from his kneeling position. I looked down at him and another furious blush crept up my face.
...Michael... I whispered closing my eyes.
Standing up he put my panties in his jacket pocket and hung my jeans over his arm.
...No baby... he said, my eyes flew open at his tone to find him towering over me adjusting the drape of cloth over his arm. The look he gave me had my heart leaping in my chest.
...Michael, Sir?... I managed to get out.
He smiled and hugged me as though I were a pet and had done a remarkably difficult trick.

...Good girl, now come here so we can get this over with and get home... he said taking my hand and leading me back to the doorstep where this all began. At this I dug in my heels and pulled back.
...Get what over with?... I had found my voice after all. ...Michael, what are you talking about?...

...Your punishment of course, you earned it... he said pulling me over to the step as he sat down. His fingers locked tightly, painfully around my wrist. Standing there in my boots, shirt and jean jacket I felt suddenly naked. I had a pretty good idea of what he had in mind and there was no way I was going across his knee. He chuckled as the dawning of comprehension crossed my features.
...Being punished? For what?... I was so surprised it didn.t occur to me to protest.

...Yes baby, punished. Now over you go... and with that I found myself over his lap, one of his long legs locked over mine and both my hands held firmly behind my back. It took a moment for me to even struggle and by that time it was too late. His free hand slid up the back of my thighs lifting my shirt to tuck it into my belt, exposing my already tensing haunches to his questing fingers and eyes. He dipped his fingers between my thighs and delicately probed, his fingers finding the wetness there and sliding easily into me. I squirmed trying to dislodge his hand but was unable to move.
...If you wish to scream I will gag you with your already soaked panties.do you want that?... He asked in that same reasonable tone, as though he were asking if I liked cream in my coffee. At my silence he continued on,
...Now as for why you are being punished, I think you already know but if you insist I will list the reasons for you. 1. for trying to scratch me. 2. for biting me. 3. for slapping me and not answering me immediately. Hmm, that.s 4 as well. 5. for trying to hide yourself from me. 6 and 7 would be you arguing with me and making me have to undress you after all.8 being you trying to squirm away from my fingers. If you like I'll round it up to an even 10?... I heard the smile in his voice and shuddered.

...Are you ready baby?... Oh, it hurt! It felt as though the back of my thighs were on fire and just when I thought I would scream with the pain of it he slipped his fingers between my thighs again and rubbed and probed until I felt a different heat. How long he alternated I don't know. I know I did begin crying again, begging him to stop. Trying to free my hands to cover myself, at that point he took my panties out of his jacket pocket and put them in my mouth. When I tried to spit them out he smacked hard on the sweet spot just where the thighs meet the buttocks. One small yelp escaped before the tears spilled down my cheeks and I opened my mouth to accept the panties and was overwhelmed by the taste and aroma of my own arousal.

After a time he shifted me slightly so his leg was no longer locked over mine but nudging my feet apart and holding them that way, he let go of my hands and while he kept spanking me the angle had changed and his free hand now plunged between my spread thighs to pinch and rub my clitoris. Two long, elegant fingers plumbed my depths. I know I cried out as I climaxed to that mix of pleasure and pain but the sound was well muffled.

Author: Mireagaich

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