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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Angel of The Night

My wings are black
My heart is morning
I feel lost with out your love
My wings begin to crumble as I plummet to the earth
You said you would be there to catch me
But the black feathers fall to the soil without a sign of you
No one there that cares, that this dark angel is dying
Tears runs down my checks
Tears of crimson only from this angel
I tumble to the ground hoping for your loving hand
But no sign of my man
Not a care or tear, that his angel is dying
Not a worry or concern that he is the one crying
My wings are now stained scarlet
The cruel world is coming near its end for me
Goodbye my dark knight
This is the end you wished for
My heart broken and my soul leave my falling body
I find that your love was black from the start
A cruel game played on this heart of mine
Now you have killed an angel of the night

Author: Holly

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