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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Set the Fire

Set the fire, consume my soul.
To you I give all control.
A slap when bad..a pinch when good.
We're adults it's understood.
Safe..sane..and consentual
Give my hair another pull.
Treat me wrong..it feels so right.
These sensations I won't fight.
Set me o'er your bended knee,
Spank the innocence from me.
Drag your whip across my flesh,
soothe it with a feather's caress.
Bind my wrist's ..though there's no need.
From this ache I'd never flee.
Bring me to the next plateu...
with a rod thats hot or cold,
shivering so deep in me.
All this do I beg of thee.

Author: D.M.D.

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