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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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All Day Long

It was a cold evening yet I promised we'd get together on Monday. Walking up to the door with my red dress on, lacey black bra and matching thong in tow I shiver with anticipation. Ringing the doorbell I fiddle with my nails waiting. Feeling something strange knowing some how things will be different tonight.

I see you approaching the door, opening it up quickly allowing me to get inside. Hmm, smelling your cologne I inhale deeply as we embrace for the first time kissing one another quickly ...Tonight different then all others we don't speak, grabbing my hand you lead me down the narrow basement stairs where the lights are dim and there is music playing. Noticing how nice the room looks candle lit, warm and cozy.

You first look at me, blushing to high heaven I look down unable to meet your gaze. Feeling your hands upon me, running over me, I feel you hands starting to remove my garment slowly. The shudder engulfs me as I stand before you raw and exposed in my bra and thong. Slipping my eyes closed starting to escape I feel you putting a blindfold over my sultry and needing eyes.

Gasping my hands you guide me to where you need and want me to be. Moving my hands over my head attaching my wrists to the hooks in your ceiling. Slowly I feel you move around me, can feel your eyes penetrating through me. Shivering slightly I moan softly as I feel you unhooking my bra allowing my aching breasts to spring forward instantly my nipples getting erect with longing.

The softness of the rope as you begin to entwine it over my breasts, harshly tightening the rope winding it around my bodice. Then down through my thighs, rubbing my most private area as you tighten and continue. Squirming ever so slightly feeling the rope engulfing my breasts and womanhood.

Then your mouth molesting my mouth and tits, bringing me to a quiver that one can't describe in words. Kisses and bites all over my body fingers prying and pinching all over. Feeling you stepping away expecting the feel of a soft flogger to entangle my thoughts shocked feeling the prying of fingers on my ass opening me up exposing my tight hole to you. Gasping feeling the humiliation of the exposure the damp cold yet hard feel of something filling my ass ever so quickly.

Moaning your name as you work the plastic item to lodge deep into my ass. To my utter shock I felt your hardness on my ass taunting me ever so sadistic like.. you body moving around me your throbbing never leaving my skin setting it on fire. Feeling you loosen the cuffs and telling me in a ever so commanding voice to kneel and service your cock.

Doing so quickly my body humming with need. I suck and slurp my clit erect and slick as I filter my need with my mouth. Stepping away you walk around me tell me to get on all fours. You start then heating up my body, spanking me, flogging and whipping taking me higher then you ever have before. Taking my ass with the plastic device hard and fast, then eating my cunt, the positioning the exposure and orgasmic need taking over .feeling your beard against my cunt.. your one hand in my hair and the movement every so often of the device lodged in my ass.

Moaning and growling in need I beg you to take me to fuck me. Feeling you lay down your face buried still in my pussy, yet now your legs and cock are at my face not seeing by sensing your hardness near my hungered mouth I lean over taking you deeply into my mouth .. sucking and slurping you once again as you lick and nibble on my burning snatch.

Wantonly squirming against you as I take your shaft deeply in and out of my mouth. Feeling you pulling away from me I complain and whimper. No Sir .. please don't stop ohh Sir please!!!!! Taking a vibrator shoving it deeply into my cunt you put the rope there to keep it secure. Getting out from under me you paddle my ass hard.

Moaning as the my cunt pours juices I cant control ... seeing me wrath and squirm uncontrollably. Slowly you begin to untie me still toying and playing with my body as you do. Releasing me thinking things were done I pout but squirm moving . Grabbing my hair you tell me to lay spread wide on my back. I do so yet start to try and ramble. Silencing me quickly I do as you say .

Removing the vibrator you take a crop to my aching cunt striking and beating it swollen .. fingering it between strokes making my body sing in pleasure. Seeing me rattled and ready - you take your cock and finally thrust it home knowing I've been aching for the feel of it for months. Holding my legs over my head you pound yourself deep with in me making me beg for it to be harder or slower. Slipping your hands slowly tenderly around my neck.

Applying pressure as you continue to fuck me sending me soaring to the place of no return. After you cum deeply into my snatch you see I'm not yet spent.. knowing I need it bad you slip your powerful hand deep into my cunt and fist me till I cum over and over uncontrollably. Seeing me almost faint from pleasure you slip your hand out and lay next to me on the floor ..cuddling and kissing me till I come around ...

Thank you Sir .... This is what I thought of all day long ....

Author: A-L.T.

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