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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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The Hotel Room

Just another hot steamy day in paradise as Amy and I lay by the pool, with just a few of the hotel guests , none that caught the interest of my sexy lady. "I'm horny." Amy moaned to me rolling over on her deck chair. God she looked great, her body could always conjure up lustful thoughts in my head.

"What do you want?" I whispered to her.

"Well a third would be nice but no one here I want to play with," she pouted looking at me disappointingly.

"Well I have an idea!" With that I grabbed her hand and we ran back to the room.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked her eyes lighting up, she always enjoys my little games. I didn't speak, but pulled her to me, kissing her passionately, our tongues finding their way into each others mouth. I love the taste of her, and it was several moments before our lips parted. "That was so nice". she purred, as I started to remove her bikini.

Standing there naked before me, her body already making me hard, I pulled her close to me kissing her once again. As we kissed I moved her over to the window then pulled the cord opening the curtain. We had a room on the ground floor that opened out on to the swimming pool. I pushed gently on Amy so using both hands she leaned up against the window, as I went down, breathing in an already wet slit. Opening her gently, I immediately sucked upon the clit, nibbling on it causing it to become erect.
She moaned out loud as her eyes looked out and she noticed a man staring at her, lust filling his eye's as he came closer, his hand travelling to the crotch of his swimming trunks, rubbing his growing hardness through the material. As Amy watched this man, my tongue, licked up and down her slit, she was so wet, so sweet, my tongue, sought out every drop.

Amy's breathing became deep as I covered her with my mouth sucking deep. Another man appeared, this one a little over weight, but like the other man he too started rubbing his growing shaft through his swimming trunks. Amy moaned even louder as she made eye contact, staring at him, seeing the lust, the wanting in his eyes.

Standing I noticed a woman appear as Amy knelt pulling my swimming trunks down releasing my hardness from it's confines. As she saw my hard shaft spring into view, I could see the woman visibly groan then start to pinch her nipples through her bikini top, I moved so that Amy could watch the two men who now had pulled their hard shafts free and were stroking them, but at the same time the woman could see mine as Amy started licking the head, before taking it into her mouth.

It felt so good as her tongue flicked over the head, no one can suck me like Amy And she didn't just suck it she made love to it. The woman who was pinching her nipples now had her hand down her bikini bottoms, and I could see her working her fingers in and out of her.

Pulling Amy to her feet, I turned and pushed her against the window, I
teased her with my hardness.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked

"Oh please baby, please give me your hard cock, I need it so bad, fill my pussy with it while I watch these two jack off." I pushed my raging hard shaft within her. Inch by inch I slid it in as Amy moaned and swayed, then pushed back against me. She was so tight, so wet as I pushed all the way in.

Her eyes stayed open as she watched our audience, the men still stroking themselves the woman still playing with her slit, as she moved to get a better view of me sliding in and out of Denia. She was gripping me, milking me as I pumped her hard. The men were now stroking to my rhythm, as if they were somehow a part of our fucking. For indeed they were, a part of it in every sense.

I pounded Amy harder, her moans and cries were getting louder as our guests, where keeping pace. I could feel my balls tightening as the first man to watch visibly screamed as his cum started to spurt, splashing the window, leaving a coating of cum dripping off the glass.

This set off the second man as he too yelled and spurted his sperm up
against the window. Amy seeing this screamed aloud "God I'm cumming!" as she shuddered to an orgasm which in turn set me off roaring I shot my seed deep into her. I kept pumping so hard, for so long Amy reached between her legs to squeeze my balls making sure she got all of it. Looking over to the woman, I saw a look of desperation in her eyes, as she was aware we had all cum but her.

She was pumping furious at her slit, but I looked her in the eyes, and smiled, reassuring her as I dropped down to my knees, going between Amy's thigh with my mouth, I sucked in deep, taking all of our cum. Amy gasped, as I sucked she shuddered to yet another orgasm. Then moving up began to feed her our cum, I could see the woman who had such a look of lust in her eyes, watching as I fed my love drop by drop. Amy gulping down savoring every drop.

Then we kissed our tongues entwined as the woman at last screamed out in orgasm, bucking against her hand until she was calm.

All five stood looking at each other, except Amy who was holding on to me. My hand grabbed the cord, and slowly pulled the curtain shut, my last view was of the woman looking at me smiling before mouthing the words, "Thank you". I blew her a kiss as the curtains closed.

Author: A-L.T.

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