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Erotic LiteratureErotic Literature

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Erotic Literature

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Sweet Master

Walking down the steps slowly, sitting on the bottom stair. Slipping her sandals off, looking to the ocean. Standing, heading toward the water, listening intently to the crashing thunder of the waves. The wind, whipping and whistling surrounding her as she walks closer to the foamy water. Walking along the water edge, letting the water rush over her bare feet. Swinging the sandals in her left hand, as her mind begins drifting to the past, to when everything was wonderful. Inhaling the smell of salt, feeling the mist covering over her body, allowing the memories of the last time she was here with her Master flood over her.

Oh how this memory brings a smile but also brings the flood of salty tears. What a tender moment the love here on this beach that summer had been. Her Master, the one that had changed and completed her life. The way he taught her ...about respect, love and passion.

Still to this day hearing his firm voice echoing through her mind, feeling after 9 long months the tone, the love that had poured through his voice, reminding her that her mind, body and soul still was completely his. Wiping her hair from her eyes, she places it behind her ears. Her eyes fall upon the spot finally. That spot! Letting her feet go over the sand walking to the over turned boat. It's still here after so long. Touching it with her fingertips, kneeling facing the ocean shutting her eyes tightly. Letting his voice his power engulf her.

Once again, the memory so raw, yet so very sweet, rocking gently. Seeing that special day enfold, it happens all over again in her mind. His voice, speaking firmly yet the love he had for her shining through his smile. "My love I'm going to lay you down here on this blanket but first, I wish for you to remove all your clothing while I prepare a few things" he said. Looking deep into his eyes not speaking a word nodding as she began pulling the long T-shirt over her thin body. Undoing the bikini top removing it slowly as the mist sprayed over her breasts causing them to stand erect and aching. Slipping her bikini bottom over her hips kicking them aside, watching her Master as he begins to remove the tent stakes and some rope from there duffel bag. Kneeling in silence watching him work...pulling, a blindfold and a flogger from the bag ...eyes watching him. Her body shaking in anticipation.

Finally when he was done, he smiled to her reaching a hand out helping her stand and showing her where to lay. The love she felt watching him. He began spreading her shaking legs and then restraining her ankles with the rope. Shuttering as her exposed and swollen sex felt the mist fall over it. The mists making it become parted and moist. Feeling his body reaching over her grazing her aching nipples with his shirt as he restrained her arms high above her head. When he was through he paused to stare deep into her eyes. Kissing her deeply exploring her mouth with his tongue sucking her tongue. He fondled her hard nipples pinching and pulling them, making her body arch with longing.

Sitting back he smiled at her loving the response his touch brings to her silk soft body. He watches her eyes burn through him. He takes the tie holding his long hair back, slipping it seductively out of his hair. Knowing she loves his long hair, whirling it around his shoulders and down his back, leanings over her body up by her breasts. Him smiling at her for the last time into her eyes slipping the blindfold over her eyes. Kissing her softly and began trailing his long hair over her body stroking her from head to toe with it over and over as her body shook and squirmed against the restraints. Her head thrashing back as forth as her body began arching into his hair moaning low in her throat.

Getting his flogger, he held it tightly in his hands kneeling between her legs allowing the hair to still graze over her moist and now swollen sex taking his hair letting it brush over the exposed clit. Watching her pleasure coming to a peek as he watched her hands clench and unclench around the ropes pulling squirming. He brought the flogger down between her thighs watching the pleasure and pain wash together and her groans where louder and her need more desperate. Now sending the flogger over her inner thighs and sex repeatedly, smiling as he sees her sex oozing, her sweet juices dipping his fingers against her moist sex licking his fingers. Closing his eyes, loving her taste, repeatedly striking her thighs and sex. Making her sex puffy and red, rubbing the clit with his thumb as she began screaming he dropped the flogger and he bends low continuing to grind his thumb against the aching bud and slipping his tongue deep into her pussy ... darting it in and out exploring her. Licking the juices as they ooze feeling her muscles contracting against his tongue as he plunges it deeply in and out, hearing her scream thrashing begging for release.

He withdrew, getting his knife cutting the restraints on her ankles commanding for her to her on all fours, twisting obeying him. Arching her back, thrashing her hair back and forth whimpering words of passion and love. Murmuring promises in turn for the release she was dying for.

With one powerful thrust pulling her head back with his hands buried deep into her long curly hair. Tearing into her whole sex-plowing deep into her filling her completely. Letting his cock throb deep with in her, seeing her squirm, starting to ride her faster and hard using her hair to steady them, as there bodies becoming one. The passion flowed between them both quaking. Feeling her explode clenching his cock with her muscles as he pounds deep with in her.

Hearing her screams of pleasure as he pounds harder and hard. Taking one hand pushing his thumb against her ass tiny puckered hole. Rubbing and teasing it making her buck against him franticly as the cock drives deep and hard driving her insane. She reaches another climax, grabbing the flogger again, grazing it over her back and ass, over her thighs as she screamed and now oozes her juices in a continual flow. The pleasure and pain, taking her to the edge of passion. Suddenly feeling himself about ready to empty his seed, he grasped her hips harder thrust with all his might into her making her scream as she gushed in delight spilling cum over his cock.

Feeling her clenched muscles and her juices. He too exploded deep with her, emptying his seed deep with in her womb. Cutting the restraints on her wrists he quickly gathered her exhausted body into his long strong arms. Holding her kissing her gently all over her neck and face. Kissing her sweet lips whispering promises of everlasting love. Of more to come in there future as long as they were together. They snuggled closely, kissing as the sunset before their eyes over the crystal blue waters.

Hearing a load crash of waves around her as the tide began rolling in. Bringing her back to the present. Weeping, looking to the water. Tears falling for all she had lost and the sweet memory of her Master, rubbing her swollen pregnant belly, crying for her love and the gifts he gave her.

The love he so willingly gave and the gift he left behind ......

Author: A-L.T.

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