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Name:Richard W.
Message:I'm very interested in the group. I am a novice and hope someday to find a partner. I'll continue to view your web page and maybe I can attend one of your parties. I live in Moorestown, Burlington County, about 30 miles south of Trenton. I've enjoyed you site so far, and will now complete my tour. Thank you for being.
Entry added:Sat May 27 19:55:15 GMT 2006

Name:David Tezer
Message:Daddy Bear for 15+ years, looking for a safe, sane, and consensual place to play with other present
Entry added:Tue Jun 19 07:59:51 GMT 2007

Entry added:Wed Dec 27 20:31:56 GMT 2006

Name:Peter S. Jr.
Message:P luver seeking like minded adults.
Entry added:Sat Jun 18 20:28:08 GMT 2005

Name:Melanie Kay
Message:I looooved those pics of the dungeons!! Put those restraints on me - NOW!!
Entry added:Sun May 22 19:21:27 GMT 2005

Name:vienna tope
Message:Hi,i need to party soon,I am going crazy...
Entry added:Sun May 15 10:46:57 GMT 2005

Name:carmen DECICCO
Entry added:Fri Apr 29 08:32:41 GMT 2005

Message:I don't know to do or not to do piercing. I find some links in
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Your Italian Mary.
Entry added:Sun Mar 6 16:46:12 GMT 2005

Message:Great site you have prepared...have read many of your articles in here, all being very informative and detailed...knows I will be coming back again and again...and feels it is an asset to the lifestyle...Thank You for sharing it with us...

Entry added:Mon Feb 7 05:52:45 GMT 2005

Name:Canadian Adult Sex Toys Canada
Message:I love your site - specially the poetry, I think its important to promote healthy sexuality in our lifestyle and to show that we infact reflect happiness by sharing.
Well done
Entry added:Fri Dec 31 17:25:42 GMT 2004

Name:The Adventurers' Guild
Message:Ultimate Bard's Tale Resource!
Entry added:Mon Nov 29 14:45:05 GMT 2004

Entry added:Thu Oct 21 13:08:32 GMT 2004

Message:excellent site
Entry added:Mon Aug 16 13:38:11 GMT 2004

Name:pleasure, slave of Master
Message:a most wonderful site. *smiles brightly* stumbled across it during a search and was astounded to see one of my poems posted here. am truly honored the C/creators thought my poem worthy of posting upon this incredible site. thank Y/you for posting it and thank Y/you for providing an wonderful site such as this. ~pleasure, slave of Master Decadent~
Entry added:Thu Aug 5 12:00:16 GMT 2004

Name:Anna Dracula
Message:I surfed in and i was amazed on the literature. What a wonderful site:)
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Entry added:Mon Apr 26 07:15:38 GMT 2004

Name:Shakespeare Couple
Message:We are a novice couple just beginning to explore this world of excitement and fulfillment. We find your site fascinating; you seem to provide exactly the sort of nurturing environment that can guarantee that my partner is comfortable, and that is immensely important to us both. We intend to learn more about you hope ultimately to join you.
Entry added:Mon Apr 19 17:07:23 GMT 2004

Name:michelle aka "soul"
Message:This webpage was on a friend's webpage. I found this to be informative and eye opening, especially the Contracts page. There will ocme a day when i wil besigning one with my future Master, and will do so with pride. In the meantime, write some stories and poetry, which are posted on One day, will use that love of writing, to make up poems or stories to please my One, if He wished it. Thank Y/you for this site. Blessed be always. Respectfully,
Entry added:Sun Apr 18 08:55:50 GMT 2004

Name:Master Mike
Message:Great site, extremely well done and it is a credit to you...
Entry added:Sat Mar 27 16:58:35 GMT 2004

Message:Well done, very nice website....
Entry added:Sat Jan 31 13:21:58 GMT 2004

Name:Brett young
Entry added:Fri Jan 9 12:05:40 GMT 2004

Name:Norman Peniston III
Message:Fantastic site!!!!! Made me feel comfortable just looking around!! BRAVO!!!
Entry added:Fri Dec 5 06:27:37 GMT 2003

Name:Tony and his kitten
Message:Just loved the site, do visit ours when you have the chance..:)
Entry added:Mon Nov 10 13:50:30 GMT 2003

Name:slaveboy for Goddess Mist sub_4_Madar
Message:Really enjoy this site!
Entry added:Wed Oct 8 09:17:57 EDT 2003

Entry added:Thu Oct 2 18:25:22 EDT 2003

Name:slave sherry property of SIR EDWARD
Message:Enjoyed the site tremendously! Can't wait till my MASTER reviews it!
Entry added:Sat Sep 27 08:35:19 EDT 2003

Message:I am still relatively new to "the scene" and thoroughly enjoy your website finding it educational and informative. Thank you for such a wonderful site, I know how much work goes into a sit like this.
Entry added:Fri Jul 18 15:09:36 EDT 2003

Name:Terri Vogt
Message:Great site.
Entry added:Mon Jul 7 13:23:22 EDT 2003

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Entry added:Tue Sep 27 02:39:54 GMT 2005

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Entry added:Tue Sep 27 02:39:55 GMT 2005

Message:This is great!
Entry added:Tue May 27 00:26:30 EDT 2003

Name:Claudia L
Message:On your site I have found that for what I was looking for.
Entry added:Sun May 4 10:29:02 EDT 2003

Message:Very nice and useful website. :)
Entry added:Fri Jun 20 03:06:47 EDT 2003

Name:James& Patricia
Message:To the coolest and sweetest people I know another party like last night's ......Well I will be dam old...J.R.
Entry added:Sun Mar 9 12:28:20 EST 2003

Name:jane joe
Message:Interesting lit.
Entry added:Sat Mar 1 22:15:34 EST 2003

Name:Electro Jack
Message:Great site keep up the good work.
Entry added:Mon Feb 17 17:56:43 EST 2003

Name:Betty K.
Message:Great Website, spent a houlf hour here!! Betty K.
Entry added:Thu Jan 30 04:47:08 EST 2003

Name:lilly carre
Message:i love the erotic literature. I have often visited and read the literature. Thank you for including it.
Entry added:Tue Jun 17 17:27:09 EDT 2003

Message:Thank You for an enjoyable and enlightening site on BDSM. I will be back to read here again and I will show Your link to my Master as well for His enjoyment. He already has some questions about Your web which W/we heard of thru some F/friends (Roper and whisper) and which He is considering installing Himself in O/our home .. Thank You again
Entry added:Tue Jan 7 13:04:00 EST 2003

Thanks very much for answering my question so rapidly and for posting one of my suggestions. ;-) Too bad we live waaaaaaaaay out here in Flat Sac, otherwise my girlfriend and I would love to join the group. We've been exploring bdsm on our own for the past 2-3 years and I imagine that the support and encouragement of other like minds would be very helpful. Cheers!
Entry added:Wed Jan 1 18:13:04 EST 2003

Name:Jason Tee
Message:Looking good! Miss yous bad.
Entry added:Mon Dec 16 23:07:45 EST 2002

Message:nice site - be well.
Entry added:Mon Oct 21 22:50:39 EDT 2002

Name:Madame Kitty
Message:Loved your site, its very well done...:)
Entry added:Sat Jul 3 16:42:03 GMT 2004

Name:HoneyDewMelons the Ultima
Message:come check out my vintage dancer auctions
Entry added:Thu Sep 26 23:29:22 EDT 2002

Message:Eric and Cassandra..Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your site..good work..and I especially enjoyed meeting the two of you and thank you for your hospitality...Your home is lovely and I cannot wait to attend a party in the near future..again..thanks for a great day!bobbi
Entry added:Mon Aug 5 19:53:20 EDT 2002

Message:This is one of the best sites and very well done. Would be interested in joining the group.
Entry added:Sat May 11 23:47:51 2002

Name:Michelle Davis
Message:Great inormative site, keep up the good work.
Entry added:Tue May 7 06:53:17 2002

Name:Silvio Pennello orsilviopenn@hotmail
Message:Vey nice web site an org its close and would like to get possibly involved with the group .I'm willing to volunteer some time if thats helpful.Have a nice day I'm a switch Male recently divorced.Talk to you soon
Entry added:Fri Apr 26 16:41:37 2002

Name:Holly's Dark Knight Mike Jensen
Entry added:Wed Apr 3 12:00:33 2002

Message:TAL Brother,
I am pleased that your site is up and as its creator, it is a work of talent and vision. I look forward to the completion of the many pages of interest that are currently in production.
On another note, I want to thank you for making my visit to your home and dungeon such a pleasure. I will look forward to the next visit with my kajira in tow...My best to your submissive..cassandra..truly a very enjoyable day my friend..
Be Well
Entry added:Mon Feb 25 12:44:47 2002

Message:Promising site. Referred by a friend. I would like to see more erotic literature posted.
Entry added:Thu Feb 14 17:21:05 2002

Name:Dungeon Master
Message:Hi Everyone!
Entry added:Fri Dec 21 00:37:40 2001

Name:~AmyLynne 30yr old NJ submissive
Message:Wonderful site ... will look forward to seeing how it develops in the next few months ...
Entry added:Mon Nov 19 19:16:35 2001

Name:Donna Duell
Message:Wonderful site..very informative and user friendly. Thank you for the skillful and concise answers to my questions.
Entry added:Sun Oct 28 01:43:27 2001

Name:Eric Stone
Message:This is my site - I hope you like it!
Entry added:Wed Oct 24 20:43:03 2001


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